Opeth - Patterns In The Ivy 2 Lyrics

Without you I cannot confide in anything
The hope is pale designed in light of dreams you bring
Summer's gone, the day is done soon comes the night
Biding time, leaving the line and out of sight

One moonlit shadow on the wall
Disrupted in its own creation
Veiled in the darkness of this fall
Is this the end - manifestation

It runs in me, your poison seething in my veins
This skin is old and stained by late September rains
A final word from me would be the first for you
The rest is long but I'll go on inside and through

One moonlit shadow on the wall
Disrupted in its own creation
Veiled in the darkness of this fall
Is this the end - manifestation

Patterns in the Ivy
Patterns in the Ivy

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Opeth Patterns In The Ivy 2 Comments
  1. Wellington Parmar

    This voice! ❤️

  2. Sarah Moss

    Oh how much i love this.. ❤️ Opeth 🙂

  3. Daniel Cannata

    This is a metal lullaby. <3

  4. Music Treasure Box

    .....so genuine sad and hence divine and beatifull

  5. ridethespiral

    Unbelievable depth and beauty.

  6. adrian jurado



    Top 3 for sure

  8. Omair Sheikh

    Mikael's acoustic guitarwork is impeccable

  9. Monica Moon

    This is the epitome of music!

  10. Atallah Anouar

    Without you i cannot confide in anything
    the hope is pale designed in light of dreams you bring
    summer's gone, the day is done soon comes the night
    biding time, leaving the line and out of sight
    One moonlit shadow on the wall
    disrupted in its own creation
    veiled in the darkness of this fall
    is this the end manifestation
    It runs in me, your poison seething in my veins
    this skin is old and stained by late september rains
    a final word from me would be the first for you
    the rest is long but i'll go on inside and through
    One moonlit shadow on the wall
    disrupted in its own creation
    veiled in the darkness of this fall
    is this the end manifestation

  11. Pedro Macário

    Where can I find this? In which special edition did this come out?

    Alan Richardson B

    Blackwater park

  12. Ciro Marcovecchio Pifano

    00:40 "destructive anus of creation"

  13. Aaron Ellis

    These are the types of songs that give you the Opeth dreamscape: A glimpse into some mystical realm where all is beautiful and peaceful

    nick squires

    Yes a bunch of songs do that

  14. lucky tyagi

    U r awesome Mike


    First of all, this is one of the best Opeth songs that they need to release as a single with Still Day Beneath the Sun. Secondly, for the crazy obsessed fans, wow this is very inspired by Nick Drake. Very cool.

  16. ShadowSlasher61

    .... You ever think a song is so perfect that you are unworthy to hear it?

    Corsaider AoC

    No, that is pretty silly, but I do feel pretty guilty that Opeth came to my country multiple times and I couldn't attend. It would have taken some sacrifices and I just didn't.

    Noyan Jawed

    Low self esteem?

  17. ____faust the mayhem

    Nobody could ever hate opeth.
    Absolute legends.

  18. Jan Hanousek

    best song of my young

  19. ahmed salama

    I have been listening to this for 10 years, and it's still beautiful 💟

  20. Douglas Filho

    É uma benesse para os meus ouvidos e para alma ter conhecido o Opeth. Uma das melhores bandas de todos os tempos!

  21. emre kuzu

    each time i try to sing this song i suck... and i realize how Mikael sounds wonderful

  22. Amanda E.

    So pissed off that this track is not on my copy of the album and therefore i never heard it until now! There shouldn't be editions of albums where an outro is excluded.

    National Acrobat

    This track was never part of Blackwater Park, it was released as a single along with Still Day Beneath the Sun.

    Farewell, good Hunter

    @National Acrobat it's on the limited edition of blackwater park, along with still day beneath the sun.

  23. Stephen Sturgis

    Listen to this high

  24. Shardul

    So beautiful that it melts your heart!

  25. Jomë

    Good song! I like the classic "O" artwork on this video.

  26. Miguel Angel Barragan

    Preciosa canción.

  27. Jason Cox


  28. Hiro

    cant believe this isnt on spotify

    Snow Lord

    @karanick016 greece Wrong, you can >:)

    karanick016 greece

    @Snow Lord You couldn't listen to tool f.e. on spotify up untill now. Spotify isn't that great

    Snow Lord

    @karanick016 greece Yes it is <3

    Corsaider AoC

    @karanick016 greece Songs on youtube have bad audio quality, it's especially noticeable with headphones, and on the other hand some people don't want to pirate. If I were to pirate this song, at least I'd search for a better sounding version, like a good mp3 or FLAC, but never youtube download ;).

    karanick016 greece

    @Corsaider AoC There's not much of a difference as for the quality. You can download in a decent quality from youtube.

  29. Khar Akuma

    my dislike is for the quality of the audio, not for the song that i love.

  30. Frauke.Teaspoon

    I wish this song was on Spotify as well. ♥

  31. Gene Bur

    I've been an ardent Opeth fan for more than a decade but this is the first time I hear this song. Which album is it on?

    Erdem Yelmenoğlu

    Gene Bur blackwater park re-release

    That OneDudeWhoKnowsMoreIronMaidenThanAnyoneElse

    @Erdem Yelmenoğlu No, it's on the Blackwater Park Special Edition from 2001, which was a limited edition to, I think, 2000 or so copies. The 2010 re-release Legacy Edition doesn't have this or Still Day Beneath The Sun.

    Erdem Yelmenoğlu

    oh sorry dude my [email protected] OneDudeWhoKnowsMoreIronMaidenThanAnyoneElse

  32. SKY666

    feels right in the hurts

  33. JW Corcoran

    chills in the outro. every time.

  34. David Parente

    Can anyone tell if Mike is playing an acoustic of a classical guitar? I think it's a classical one with bright tremble strings...

    Jacqueline Bellerose

    it sounds like a steel string., its odd because I think the sound of a steel string acoustic is very "classical" as a result of growing up playing them despite theyre only being 120 or so years old.

    David Parente

    Probably so. He is plucking the strings very lightly and I fancy how the high strings are ringing through...Not entirely nylon nor steel sound. Cool as Opeth.

  35. Uzurr69

    If you like this track, check out 'Interludium' by Iubaris, comes pretty close in terms of atmosphere.

  36. FeNsTa

    Really beautiful solo

  37. Conan the Barbarian

    I hear kings crimson court of the crimson king listen carefully hear the influnce i this song.

  38. Victoriano Ochoa

    this is beautiful

  39. Kayzad Giara

    1111 people got goosebumps listening to this, 10 were devoid of emotions.

  40. Grant Wallace

    Yet to find an Opeth track that I dislike.

    Alec Vanderheyden

    @Tyler Jacobson I like the first part of the Intro but after that it just breaks the entire atmosphere and tension. I haven't listened to the entire track because I can't get past the first heavy part. They really ruined what could have been so epic there. I love heavy stuff but on that song it ruins the atmosphere


    @Alec Vanderheyden you are retarded....

    Esteban Jordan

    Good luck bro, I don't think you'll find it

    Grimm Sleeper

    Alec Vanderheyden listen to it live on YouTube or try listening to it multiple times I love trying to do the screams but end up with a bad throat 😂

    Kevin Andres


    This one is easily my least favorite. It sounds like it was recorded by a potato.

  41. xenia delfou

    Soooo...beautiful...thank you..OPETH..!!!

  42. Forte Aspacardin

    Opeth will never make another pieces of art like this one.Period.Don`t try to come with opeth fan shit,cause it won`t work, at least not for me.

  43. Tek Narayan Chalise

    If you ever come back to this page, and made an attempt to see the comments, you will find me saying I love you, even more from the first time I said to you.

  44. Fahrenheit

    I need more music like this! (other bands, I already listen all Opeth prog songs)

    lord reyna

    Tesseract maybe

    Topus Uranus

    There is no a band too similar to Opeth, what makes them great! But I recommend Orne and their album "The tree of life" and I also recommend Anekdoten.

    Nolan Beasinger


    Tate Stuard

    Mastodon the sparrow

    adrian jurado

    ALLEY-The weed. its a great album has the same acoustic transitions..

  45. duncan fraser

    just love this, wish thy would do a compete album like this so rest full


    damnation was all like this

    Eric Cotter

    not true this is a much different style of music, that's like saying Blackwater Park is like Ghost Reveries

  46. Peter Carlson

    Opeth at their best. Just Michael's voice and two guitars.

    Carlos Sanchez

    their bassist is a beast tho, but this song is just amazing

    Peter Carlson

    He is absolutely a beast. But in the piano/guitar, or two guitars only - songs, the true, haunting beauty of Opeth really comes through. There is a fragile, melancholic atmosphere in their clean creations that I find beautiful beyond words.

  47. Sue Viola

    It is possible for a song to be too beautiful?? this one is makes me cry every time I listen to it.

  48. Opeth Jay

    this song is only on the blackwater park re-release


    that's annoying i got the re..print of the vinyl. doesn't have this on or the dvd they talk about in the sleeve text

    Opeth Jay

    I just bought the legacy edition and neither song is on it


    What edition is that - i've never seen it.

    Opeth Jay

    @orbita1 it was released in 2012 it has 2 discs live version of leper and dvd

    Turan Yaqublu

    It's not on Spotify, is it?

  49. Steven Wiersma


  50. Lazurus The Black

    what album is this off of

    Ryan Kyungsoo Cho

    This is a bonus track off of Blackwater Park Special Edition :)

  51. Sidharth Gupta


  52. Alexander Larsson

    I listen to this song like 5 times a day or more :D Just love it, and it gets me into a certain mood

  53. cool marxist lady

    opeth makes the best melancholy music ever. it's so dark yet very sad at the same time, i love how opeth deals wih conflicting emotions like that and imo the contrast between the extremely heavy stuff and the clean acoustic stuff is what makes opeth fucking godly

    E. F.

    precisely - Opeth sort of puts my mind at ease about death . . .

    Stanislav Žoldak

    Well, in a sense, this song is heavier than their heavy stuff.

    Khar Akuma

    nailed it!


    Their transitions are god like, to be able to go from heavy to a beautiful clean riff is stunning.

  54. Dahianna Sanchez

    i love this song!!!

  55. Luciano Ehijos

    in ti no puedo confiar en nada
    La esperanza es pálida diseñada la luz de los sueños que usted aporta
    veranos pasados,el dia esta hecho,pronto se hace esta noche
    ganar tiempo,dejando la línea y fuera de la vista

    Una sombra en la pared iluminada por la luna
    irrumpida en su propia creacion
    Velada en la oscuridad de este otoño
    este es el fin - manifestacion

    Se ejecuta en mí, tu veneno en mis venas hierve
    Esta piel es vieja y manchada por las lluvias a finales de septiembre
    Una última palabra de mi parte sería la primera para usted
    l resto es largo pero voy a ir en el interior y a través de

    Una sombra en la pared iluminada por la luna
    irrumpida en su propia creacion
    Velada en la oscuridad de este otoño
    este es el fin - manifestacion

    patrones en la hiedra
    patrones en la hiedra...

    Johan Ludwing Perea Pacheco

    traductor de google? malísima traducción

    Luciano Ehijos

    +Johan Ludwing Perea Pacheco Tienes razón, no encontré una traducción mejor :L

  56. Dialogue with the Stars


  57. Votre Professeur

    i have the mediator of michael and the drum sticks :)
    one love

  58. Tomé Silva

    What album was this in?


    +Tomé Silva Blackwater Park - Deluxe Edition

  59. Didier Meireis

    Nice song !
    Thanks for sharing !

  60. Valh Rivera


  61. Vicente Sivera Catalá

    Opeth has the best b-sides ever

    \m/ Mike \m/

    Katatonia also

    Vicente Sivera Catalá

    True. Unfurl and Sulfur are some of my personal favorites.

    Eric Cotter

    Fractured and No Devotion are great as well

  62. Rodrigo Barreto

    A sweet melody combined with a hauntingly beautiful voice. What else could I ever ask for?

    Taylor 123

    +Rodrigo Barreto a gf

    Jason Deschaine

    +Taylor 123 hahahahaha

    Munker Ess

    the rest of Blackwater Park?

    Rodrigo Barreto

    No,I'm not convinced yet.

    Ibrahīm al-Ameriki

    Dir En Grey "Vinushka"

  63. schpleeb

    Possibly the most beautiful outro riff ever written. Breaks my heart to hear it


    Totally agree.


    agreed. Cheers.

    Oğulcan Yolcu

    Heir Apparent, Face of Melinda, In My Time of Need have better outros, and more chilling..

    Jy-Joe Bonis

    It breaks my heart to hear it in such low quality, lol

    feel nothinh


  64. TheCrimsonBudgie

    I recommend Nick Drake`s "Day is Done" song, which "Patterns in the Ivy II" are actually based on according to Mikaels interviews (he said that Drake was their inspiration and theese two songs have very similiar guitar patterns in the begginig).

    Konni E

    TheCrimsonBudgie damn. now that you say it, I see the similarities, but would never have guessed. thanks for letting us know!

    David Wallace

    Recommending Nick drake is a great advice, Opeth-related or not :)

    Alexandre Philippe

    I'd recomment Nick Drake's Pink Moon album, "Place To Be" and "From The Morning" are in my Top 10 songs ever, no doubt about that !

    jagsjs vzhajs

    I'll listen to.
    Thanks bro.

    Comedy Is Óver

    He also mentioned that his two daughters were born while Nick Drake was playing in the background. Beautiful!

  65. pedrobntto

    Only a genius can make a song like that
    Thanks Mike.

  66. Andy Payne

    I love this song but i want to hear the full version not just Part 2

    Dio Cassidy

    Then look up part 1?

    Andy Payne

    @dak828296 Yeah i know but i remember that someone on Youtube had Part 1 and Part 2 of this song put together so you could hear the full version

    Vicente Sivera Catalá

    +Andy Payne Part I is just a short instrumental piece before Blackwater Park song.


    +Andy Payne "Patterns in the Ivy" Part one is on the Album "Blackwater Park" and it is very short (1:50)

  67. R R

    fabuloso track

  68. Matt Clark

    these should have been recycled for damnation instead of tucking them away on an obscure deluxe disc

    Alan Richardson B

    That pretty much the argument about blackwater park: ''i liked blackwater park why don't they stick to that sound?''

    Now you are saying they should copy damnation everytime theybdo a new album because they are doing music now with clean vocals? Weak argument. Their music is dark and melodic as it always has been even with the new records, häxprocess from heritage has the more heartbreaking outro, strange brew is the most obscure song they have done that sounds absolutely nothing like they have done before in their discography. The good thing about this band is that it explores genre without having limitations with albums that are completely different from one another.


    @Alan Richardson B the fuck are you babbling about? trying to pick apart a strawman with pretentious bs.


    @Alan Richardson B You completely misunderstood him and ended up writing a giant paragraph of unrelated stuff. You wasted your time.

  69. WingedStoneMartens

    Blackwater park is my favourite album by Opeth with Still life. I didn't know this existed !! A very good one !


    Yes, I discovered Still day beneath the sun a few days ago too. They could have put these titles on the classic edition !

    We Are The Empty

    Excellent tracks :D i wrote a song that's on the front page of my channel called "The Lonely Harvest" that took some inspiration from the acoustic songs on this album and damnation if you guys wanna check it out. Love this band to death :)

    Matt Clark

    @O.C. White whats the video like? harvest was the song that got me into opeth, in fact it got me into extreme metal as i bought bwp only liking harvest at the time, and i made myself listen to the others and i soon fell in love with it

    Unhoy Matrimony

    @WingedStoneMartens What's this album called. Sorry. Drunk

    Amanda E.

    I agree, they should have.

  70. Jeff steeler

    Mike has such a beautiful voice. 
    this song is what will be played at my funeral 

  71. racewiththefalcons1

    So much emotion and loneliness in this song. 

  72. Jonah

    Thanks for uploading just the second version! :D

  73. HydratedLucium

    Me* godammit

  74. HydratedLucium

    This and Still Day Beneath the Sun get my angry with Mikael, why, WHY would he cut these 2 beautiful songs from the album...