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Opeth For Absent Friends Comments
  1. ebisumaru

    look at that stiff little lad on that divan behind the pitcher, there. or is that a bed pillow

  2. Noble 6

    Who's the man on the mirror?

    The Rock Office

    The Reaper Man?

    Joey Rejino

    Michael Jackson

    Conan The Destroyer

    Someone's hypothesis in another comment was that it's the doll from the Damnation cover and it's actually the same room :)

    Gage Mills

    your mom

  3. Rto Rto

    Really soothing and catchy instrumental. For those who know the monster riff about to come in the next song, brace yourselves! Cheers

  4. Eggers Eggers

    Very beautiful track here.

  5. James Williams

    Playing so well feels amazing, creating such lovely music must be so satisfying

  6. nope nope