Opeth - Deliverance Lyrics

Floating on mist
Crept up the caverns of my brain
Received no warning
From nothing to a life code
Walk with me, you'll never leave
Wait to see your spirit free
Tell me how your heart's in need
As I drown you in the sea
Unwinding snares of distrust
Your wrist in my fast grip
Look me in the eye, I'm clear
This is your time
Face down beneath the waterline
Gazing into the deep
From love to death
In a time span of seconds
Oblivious to regret
Pushed into belief
In liquid cellophane
Gasping for air
Mercy in my eyes
Is the shade of the night
The piercing sounds you make
Soaring higher, higher now
And once left in my wake
Your memory is nothing but the scars on me
All over now
Forgotten why I needed this
Standing down
Disappear into the obscure
Resting days
Waiting for new disease
Biding time
Locked inside insanity
It always burns within
The downward spiral never ends
When driven into sin
Your salvation's found in a sinner's deed
The devil guides the way
Tells me what to say
Pours himself inside
And snuffs the final light

Thrown back at me

Laughing at me

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Opeth Deliverance Comments
  1. Nyarlathotep

    That riff on 4:00. <3

  2. Mauro Maresca

    Grande pezzo , inizio micidiale ma... Ascoltiamo "Sono la bestia " del Banco ...

  3. Kalon Suszko

    Can listen to 13:36 of just the outro :) Fucking awesome!

  4. Peter Halmo

    Squeeeeel like a pig!

  5. Arjun Thimmaya

    Witnessed them perform this last week in Pune, India. I am blessed.

  6. dimitri00769

    I had no idea who these guys were when my mate took me to see them live a couple of years ago but this Outro will stay with me forever. It was unfknbelievble!

  7. Andres Marin

    Along with Mastodon´s Seabeast, the best outro in Hard Rock.


    The outro to Hearts Alive is probably closer to the Deliverance outro. Repetitive but mixes up its mixing and layering enough to keep it heavy the whole way through. Also, come on, it's a way better outro than Seabeast.

  8. Natalie

    9:38 on is the shit

  9. Hovarda06

    I listen to this song for the outro.

  10. Z. Tanrıverdi

    I was first introduced to Opeth and this song when I was 15 years old. Now, I'm 30 and I still listen to this again and again. What a strong song! It satisfies both your childish and mature tastes on music!

  11. Stelzhammer

    If you don't have at least 10 year of drumming experience don't even attempt to play that outro.

  12. Jablan

    Always felt like this song belonged on Blackwater Park, but hey it is the clear progression from it

  13. FeralGore

    Hands down favorite band

  14. Toprak

    Normally I hate reggaeton but 5:40 is my favourite part of this song along with the soft section starting at 1:12

  15. Leonardo Fernández

    Doctor: You only have 13 minutes of life.


    Nick Kohlmann

    You'd miss the last 36 seconds tho. RIP

  16. Bot w csgo

    master's apprentices is underrated af

  17. Lirian Lemos

    It reminds me so much of YYZ. Freaking love these songs.

  18. Floyd Fletcher

    Best last few percent of battery life ever

  19. Youtube Algorithm

    Who can say that their new stuff is better than old masterpieces like this? Only a fool.

  20. Karsinomal Paradigma

    for me 9:38

  21. mark stewart

    I have to hear the last note

  22. Soham Sengupta

    Goddammit those vocals are gnarly. I wish they still made shit like this. And that this was on Spotify.

  23. XERO DAV

    fu,,,,,,ck wooow

  24. sven tutt

    His growls are just as brutal live, if not more

  25. António Quarenta

    Best song Opeth ever

  26. Shrimp Nuggets Jr.

    I wish I could hear 4:44 for the first time again

  27. mark stewart

    Hunt down who disliked lol

  28. mauricio rodriguez

    Obra de arte

  29. Abhishek Singh

    My feet hurt just by listening to this ;-;

  30. Medication

    I hear this song in my head everyday

  31. Shrimp Nuggets Jr.

    0:23 holy crap

  32. Igor Zaprzała

    This outro shows that it doesn't matter how many notes you play... it's how you play them.

  33. NightFlutter

    i almost forgot to listen to this today

  34. A. Od-Reszki

    This reminds me of Sam of Belzebubs.

  35. Mag

    This is all I wanna listen to

  36. Ja i Muzyka

    Every wretched dream
    I have left behind
    Every waking hour
    I lie in wait...



  37. Ja i Muzyka

    Even on shitty phone loudspeakers it sounds great!

  38. Gargaloyd

    I played it at 1.25 speed

    Now it sounds like Cannibal Corpse.

  39. Keyser Soze

    102 dislikes, all of them disappeared into miniscule...

  40. Coolguy33

    The only thing wrong with this song is the fact that the outro ends.

  41. Hemanth Rvn

    the song delivered

  42. Ja i Muzyka


  43. ane skintveit


  44. vetchlurker

    The opening sounds like old voivod

  45. Jan Paradowski

    Probably the heaviest Opeth song. Damn impressive

  46. Iván Salvatore

    That outro is painfully boring, it's a shame because I love this song but I always have to skip that part.

    Bravo de Boer

    The outro is the best part of the song

  47. Etch. A Sketch

    9:38 onwards: just bliss.

  48. Forest Of October


  49. José Alejandro García Rojas

    5:40 Metal reggaeton xd

    Daniel Osorio

    Reggeaton? jajajajaja nada que ver. Comentario muy fuera de lugar. Esto no es comparable con el reggeaton

    Daniel Osorio

    Me imagino que lo dices por el ritmo de la batería, pero aún así, nada que ver

  50. Jotto999

    It is very, very hard to find a band that is on their level. Enslaved, Agalloch and Mastodon have IMO had similar levels of excellence in multiple albums (incoming shitheads informing me that one of those bands sucks).

  51. black star

    And on the 8th day after resting up, God summoned all his power & made OPETH.

  52. National Acrobat

    Meshuggah released Nothing in early August of 2002 and Opeth recorded this album between late July - early September. You can tell Mike was probably heavily into that album when writing this song in particular.

  53. ceiro illesca

    I fucking love this song. From this side of the world Araucanian Rainforest Chile.

  54. Mario Moreira

    the true Opeth. Masterpiece!!!

  55. Ryan Scott

    December 22, 2018 anyone?

  56. Mäkirannantörmä

    Dom där svenskarna gillar vi på här i Finland. This is quite rare, if you bother to review the history of these bleak lands.

  57. Patrick Mullen

    As a drummer, that outro is perfection. Displacement, those tasty tasty polyrhythms and the beautiful cymbal articulation aaaah it's amazing


    It's quite complex isn't it?

    Andres Marin

    Yeah, the syncopation among floor tom and ride is so beatiful.

  58. דוד מרדכי שלזינגר

    Who hates death metal now???!!!!

  59. RubixGamer

    tapatapatapat duapatapatatatatatabuuuumdabubdabumdiiiiin

  60. - callmebigray-

    hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that this song is in standard tuning. It is really heavy.


    dad of war


    God of boredom

  61. Calvin Yap

    Not even one minute in... my mind is already blown

  62. Siavash Rostami

    best song on the fucking planet

  63. theMetal973

    Then tune down to C

  64. Mahmoud Esmail

    Wish to know which kind of drugs they use when they write down their music's note

    איתמר מאור

    The name of this drag is talent

  65. Matei Popescu

    The outro is so heavy I cant believe it is in E standard tuning

  66. Ymiraku

    Pure genius

  67. Alisson Oliveira

    Why i didn't listen this before...

  68. Eduu Castañeira

    9:38 the best end

  69. Matej Kerekeš

    After Metallica the best band

    Idil Yaktubay

    U think metallica is better than opeth? Ok..

  70. Katie Stait

    One of my my faves of Opeth 💕 💕 💕

  71. Héctor Contreras

    Está mierda no supera a mi dios el conejo malo (alias box Bony), pronto lo veremos en la doctrina egoísta 123 cruz Pal cielo

  72. yotocoelbajo1


  73. Nudesoftheworld Eroticdrawings

    The Liver Ants

  74. KindredSouls

    Love the way Steven sings "Your memory's nothing but the scars OOOon me". It makes me melt


    I'm fairly sure Mikael handled all the clean vocals for this track. He certainly did during the filming of the Lamentations DVD (https://youtu.be/c1Lkc3OqtDU?t=6m16s) and that line sounded very similar. I'd say it's even more clearly Mikael if you listen to the remixed version of this song.


    I don't think so. I think the voice sounds very similar to Steven's clean parts in Bleak.


    I think it it sounds like Mikael in every other Opeth song. We'll have to agree to disagree.


    The "walk with me you'll never leave" part is unmistakably Mikael. The "deliverance thrown back at me" part is unmistakably Mikael. But the part I'm talking about is at the very least ambiguous. I could be wrong, of course.

  75. Tadeo_001

    8:34 el auge de Opeth.

  76. Idil Yaktubay

    I saw them live in 2014 and when they started playing this song I legitemately leaned on the barriers and tried to get my shit together or else I was going to faint. It was a surreal experience. I could not feel my neck near the end of the outro. Fuck this band is so good.

  77. Sylvester Charles

    Wondering how ppl can still dislike

    Sven Lima

    +Sylvester Charles By clicking on the dislike button?

  78. M. D.

    One of the best outros ever along with the one on Gojira’s Remembrance, which is pretty similar btw.

  79. MajesticDemonLord

    I remember the day when I learnt the outro on the drums - was borderline orgasmic

    Zabuza Momochi

    Hooo my Man i feel you so fun to Play!

  80. TurkeySteam

    They're exactly this good live.

  81. 채성호

    Opeth at its prime time

  82. excruciation _

    an Opeth's 1337 track

  83. rob west

    Why have i took so long to find this band?????stunning!!!!!!last 3 minutes is musical heaven 👍

  84. Re Da

    Such a cool composition. Love the tape delay

  85. Alex Liapis

    What a masterpiece...

  86. FaustLord

    My top 5 Opeth songs.

    1.Demon of the Fall
    2. Deliverance
    3. Black Water Park
    4. Ghost of Perdition
    5. Sorceress


    My top 10 would be :
    1 - Ghost of Perdition
    2 - Deliverance
    3 - Blackwater Park
    4 - Face of Melinda
    5 - Reverie/Harlequin Forest
    6 - Moonlapse Vertigo
    7 - Bleak
    8 - Hex Omega
    9 - Windowpane
    10 - Closure

    Arhaan Chettri

    1. The Moor
    2. Advent
    3. The Grand Conjuration
    4. Leper Affinity
    5. Under the Weeping Moon
    6. Windowpane
    7. Godheads Lament
    8. Heir Apparent
    9. Demon of the Fall
    10. A Fair Judgement


    Master's apprentices

    Alex s

    2:The Leper Affinity
    3:The Moor
    4:A Fair Judgement
    6:Face of Melinda
    7:Funeral Portrait
    8:Blackwater Park
    9:Ghost of Perdition

    arcanic reindeer

    1 - The Grand Conjuration
    2 - The Moor
    3 - The Drapery Falls
    4 - Serenity Painted Death
    5 - Deliverance

  87. Some One

    Yo gojira and opeth both have a song called deliverance lol


    Some One and bubba sparxxx....so what's the point x'D

    Chris Reid

    @Penitten maybe they're just tremendous bands

  88. Scream Bloody Gore

    0:25 this riff is too good

    Alex Liapis

    They did listen to Nevermore a lot, and thats always a good thing!

  89. ravnic zahl

    To anyone who misses old Opeth, check out Piah Mater. Not identical copy, but similar feeling and creativity

  90. Carolina Melisa Gonzalez

    Mark Jansen's favourite Opeth's song, genius of Epica and Mayan!

  91. paulieg1980

    That is one of the best outros I've ever heard!

  92. Daniel Aliaga


  93. Adeeb Shakhawat

    Best prog-tech-death song

  94. Stephen Bissett

    Getting ready to go see these fuckers at the Barrowlands tonight in Glasgow. Doors open in a couple of hours. I believe they will close the set with this one. I have a really good feeling about this evening.

    Chris Reid

    I was there mate, they were fuckin superb. Hope u dug it

  95. Shape Shifter

    No matter how many times I listen to it, It's never too familiar and that's the best thing a prog band can do

  96. demoon222

    4:01 damn that solo was nice!