Opeth - A Fair Judgement Lyrics

Losing sleep, in too deep
Fading sun, what have I done
Came so close to what I need most
Nothing left here
Cut the ties, uncover disguise
Left behind all intertwined
Lost control, moved out of the role now
Nothing's left here
Leave it be
It was meant for me
Soul sacrifice
Forgot the advice
Lost track of time
In a flurry of smoke
Waiting anxiety
For a fair judgement deserved

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Opeth A Fair Judgement Comments
  1. onur mansiz

    İmo this song is kind of a crying wall for the ones who miss old opeth. Such poetic and dark!

  2. onur mansiz

    İmo this song is kinda crying wall for the ones who miss old opeth. Such poetic and dark!

  3. onur mansiz

    İmo this song is the crying wall for the ones who miss old opeth. Such poetic and dark!

  4. Kartikeya Pradhan

    This is the most horror a band can bring.

    Yeamin Malik

    Or any artist

  5. Arhaan Chettri

    Everyone seems to be raving over that solo, which is apparently great but no one bothers to mention that disgusting satan summoning outro -- great song!

  6. elaf oroc

    Que maldita obra de arte!!!

  7. Egehan Avci

    You guys are so good

  8. Daxton Hincher

    Imagine if Alice In Chains covered this song instead of Would.

    The Egg of Time

    "Would" is AIC's song. Opeth covered it not the other way around

  9. BFMert

    4:32 the feels button

  10. David Muñoz

    The intro chord progression reminds of Lady Fantasy by Camel

  11. Ricardo Lima

    what a beaultiful song.

  12. Estefanny Ramirez

    Quién escucha Opeth desde Costa Rica? los amoo!!!!


    Aquí estamos!!! Deleitando el tímpano ☺

  13. TheData

    5:09 that fucking solo small sweet tasty nasty , truly nam nam

  14. Gibran Ibrahem

    8:05 amazing

  15. Ercin Kacar

    From 6:58


    Song's name is "Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım"

  16. Stanciu Tudor

    You just sorted by newest first

  17. Conan The Destroyer

    The first time I heard the line "Leave it be, it was meant for me" with that soft, desolate tone of Akerfeldt's voice I was innocently working behind the computer at the office and I suddenly burst into tears. It was so embarrassing and awkward to explain the situation to my colleagues who mainly listen to radio pop as background music.

    You're tearing me apart Mikael!

    Henrik Carlsen

    We have all had those situations. A bit off topic, but still: I had my occurence when I watched "Norwegian electric shock football". The only way football will be interesting. :-)

    İbrahim AKGÜL

    You're a man of culture as well

    Troy Carlton

    That's great, and I have been there.. Haha.. a few times

  18. Guilherme Fischer

    omg i'm so addicted to opeth

  19. gbuhnoezqayusioehf

    Opeth, this is life.

  20. dead0404

    That ending.. Right into blackish Opeths roots <3

  21. Alejandro Briglia

    wow! muchas gracias! muy buena musica!

  22. Aberetschke Abertude

    Compare this to new Dignity track, you snob hipsters shits!

  23. Abdelrahman Nouraldeen

    This music is the mirror where i can see myself


    That's ok. We all deeply regret more than once.

    Abdelrahman Nouraldeen

    @WarmGoathirette and in every deep regret is a great lesson.

  24. nickDOTbloc

    this band is so fuckin good

  25. Monir Nassan

    Waiting anxiety
    For a fair judgement deserved

  26. Morfinli Zeynap

    Gerçekten yok mu hiç Türk...

    Bekir Kavlak

    ... deliverance albümünden beri buradayız biz kalabalığız da galiba... sen hoş geldin..

  27. Natti

    why is nobody talking about the 1:53 & 3:03 riff?? those two parts are beautiful af :)

  28. The Estru

    liek if u cri evrytiem

  29. Donna King

    Amazing 😍🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  30. Soumya

    Chills. Every time.

  31. Franjo Mihaljevic

    genius tactics sing about selling soul and satanism but in a friendly way so they still get the ads

  32. Jimmy Marketti

    i used to blast this shit all day in in highschool

  33. john kehoe

    brings me back

  34. Harry _Hart

    Inciden geldim ayik olun.
    cCc inci sözlük cCc

  35. Robby Dutta

    That outro puts most Doom Metal bands to shame!!

  36. Medieval Miloš

    Never realised how amazing this song was until recently. I would dare say I think it's among one of their master pieces.


    I am with you. This came out as the same time as Damnation and for whatever reason, at that time I was just into that sound, so kind of dismissed this album. Oddly, i have listened to every other album quite a bit and only recently gave Deliverance a chance. It's great and this is my favorite off of it.

  37. nenissaK

    Losing sheep, in too deep
    Fading fun, what have I done...

  38. daisy

    best opeth song

  39. Julian Hansen

    Sometimes it´s the most simple phrases you can relate to, words. "Fading sun, what have i done?" I have not been perfect in my youth and done some big messups. Suffered for years. And you can call that "A fair judgement" lol

  40. O Ᏸαgulђo É Loઝo-Anti Venarkia,Anti ADR

    4:51 porcupine tree hit hard


    morbid floyd or pink angel ??



  42. Mr. John

    Opeth is so fucking good it makes me wanna cry

  43. gbuhnoezqayusioehf

    0:00 - 0:08 All is already said.

  44. stefano pillai

    truely many Great!!!!

  45. Arhaan Chettri

    Man! That nasty riff starting at 8:07 just raised the hair on the back of my neck.


    lmfao same
    it is sooooooooooooooooooooo nostalgic

  46. Arroу Raseliant

    Is it just more or does this sound rather Orchid-y?

  47. Vig

    How come I've never listened to this masterpiece before?

  48. Thodoris Stefou

    So isn't anyone going to say something about the part that comes after 4:21? Gives me the chills every time.

  49. Ymiraku

    That riff at 8:06 is so badass its unreal

  50. VLADBOB 007

    Brutal ending.

  51. Daniel Rodrigo Gil Valladares

    I love the Doom riffs in the final part!

    Cale Toews

    Not doom at all.... Altho I do love how ridiculously over the top stupid most metal fans are... An unparalleled ability to attribute things they like to what they actually are not. Way to go


    @Cale Toews It's slow and has sense of imminent downfall. That's what he means by doom riff. Why are you so annoyed by this anyway?

  52. amine chei

    Losing sleep, in too deep
    Fading sun, what have I done
    Came so close to what I need most
    Nothing left here

    Cut the ties, uncovered disguise
    Left behind all intertwined
    Lost control, moved out of the role now
    Nothing's left here

    Leave it be
    It was meant for me
    Soul sacrifice
    Forgot the advice

    Lost track of time
    In a flurry of smoke
    Waiting anxiety
    For a fair judgement deserved

  53. Çaycı Hüseyin

    The ending of this song is so fucking heavy and melodic

  54. Berni Magraner

    One of my favourites... no doubt about it. And the end reminds me of God of Emptiness from Morbid Angel. And also to Where Dragons dwell from Gojira.

  55. Dave Geurts

    5.09 min The solo. Less is more. One of the best guitar solos ever!

  56. Gimmi Bill

    10 Motherfuxxers will be fairly judged.

  57. Mother Madness

    favorite opeth track ever, i could listen to the part 5:27 - 7:30 a billion times and it's still as good as the first time.

    Gimmi Bill

    Mother Madness Ye man. One of their best for sure. probably my favorite.

    Dave Geurts

    Also easy to play on the guitar. Goosebumps whilst playing!! Every time again..!

    Pavle Mutic


  58. Dave Geurts

    Now I know why I love this album that much: it's because of these outro's....

  59. Ram Cobain

    Lindgren's solo! Soaring, majestic, immortal.

    Fadi Nazzal

    hahahahahah XD man you are funny

    ahmed enany

    Ram Cobain a guitar crying

    Caf Pow

    i think, but i might be wrong here, that Akerfeld once stated that Lindgren normally never played Solos.

    Vishal Sagar

    Ram Cobain, perfect description mate - Lindgren adds a beautiful counterpoint to the urgency and immediacy of Akerfeldt's solo - lucid, wise, truly magisterial. God I miss Lindgren, Lopez and old opeth :(

  60. slashisreal

    really great solo!

  61. PieterSaab

    metallica is waay better. Especially Lars Ulrich.


    Are you all serious? Didn't see the joke in OP's comment?

    James Watson

    looks like the joke was missed by a mile, hoorah for dumb people on the internet.

    Just another vagabond

    I'm die hard fan of Metallica but man , does this pissing on them-yes it does .


    @James Watson please mr genius explain the joke, so dumb people can stop being dumb

    well since I think a genius wouldn't forget this part you must be one of the dumbs too :sadface:

    James Watson

    @panic how can one explain the complex intricacies of this joke, let me put it in lamens terms

    ur dumb

  62. Ahmet Topal

    7:17 wtf... amazing

  63. thatguy088

    5:45 might very well be the best guitar riff in the history of music... it was the singular reason I decided to pick up a guitar; there is just not another riff I'm aware of that capture such fury, elegance, and emotion... this is PERFECT

    Caf Pow

    Opeth has a fuckton of great riffs, but i know what you mean. You might also enjoy the Song "Burden". And of course, the whole Blackwater Park is a gigantic Masterpiece.

    Kot Timofei

    visit any famous metal song with a solo and get the same comment, lol :D


    Dude that's not even the best riff in this song...


    lool dude such hype for that...

    check the song "deliverence" more towards the end, full of sick riffs.

    Andres Marin

    Hi, that riff is great, but far from the best in Opeth´s catalogue.
    And if you want power riffs with all the meaning, please listen to Mastodon´s discography: The Czar, the last Baron, Seabeast, I am Ahab... just some proposals...

  64. Jared K

    This song rapes my soul with beauty.


    Wow! The day beauty has to rape, is the day it's no longer beautiful.

    Enclave Trooper

    Can't rape the willing.

    Victor Koehne Ramalho

    Can't rape the willing /\


    That's the most emo thing I ever heard.


    it aint rape if theyre both screaming.

  65. G. Cs. Zs.

    <3 Ghiath

  66. Paulo Bensaja

    This song is a master piece

    Rashad Al-Khuja

    @Octavio Castanedo no u

    Mohamad Ibrahim

    @Rashad Al-Khuja no u


    @Mohamad Ibrahim no u


    @guigow2004 no u


    @schimtumacher no u

  67. Yvonne Soell

    Beautiful... my heart beating ♡♡♡ Amazing ♡♡♡

  68. Ando jan

    ya tienen arto los putos anuncios de youtube
    save alguen algun truco para que no salgam los publicaciones?

    La hormiga frente al desastre

    +Ando jan ad-block

  69. Callum Cameron

    The ending is the sexiest


    @Callum Cameron The whole thing is sexy as fuck

  70. CÆsar

    Winter is coming

  71. Keymo Embryo

    sold this album a handful of years ago, 
    think it's about that time I comply with the promise I made, that I'd definitely buy it again someday, it is time. We shall meet again in the flesh 


    ma best sOnG everrrrrrrrrrr <3

  73. Raymond A.

    Hell yeah XXXavin :D
    \m/_ HAIL TRUE METAL! _\m/

  74. XXXavin


    Бобер Бобров

    22nd april 2019 , 25 dislikes , the future is now old man

    yeet !

    Here we can witness a comment from the dark ages of the internet , when the memes sucked and minecraft was still in its infancy

  75. YoGurtDale

    i got this shirt for my birthday :D

  76. SaturnineXTS


    And this is coming from someone who not longer than two weeks ago used to think that Blackwater Park is boring and sleep-inducing. Now it's one of my top albums ever. Nobody can stay indifferent facing such superior music for long :)

  77. SaturnineXTS


    Haha. Dude. I have started listening to Opeth just recently and I can already tell that the quality of their music is so superior, that getting back to my older bands after listening to Opeth is a comparable sensation to eating shit after having some 20-buck chocolate ice cream. That's just how good they are. You can't blame their fans for feeling superior, because the music plainly outclasses everything else in terms of quality (except bands like Edge of Sanity for example).

    Abhishek Chaubey

    you have written my heart

    Steve Salvador

    That's exactly how I've been feeling about Tool these days

  78. Huija

    Anther tune to a magicl moment under the name of Opeth. Arc de Triunf April BCN 2007

  79. Danny Rabbitt


  80. ChaseSmashGames

    @homanahomana if you wanted to attack Opeth fans, why come to a place where you know your going to lose? We're not all narcissistic nobodies, your just generalizing. And by the way...

    "You can always tell there's a problem with a person by how defensive they get upon criticism or wayward opinions to the contrary of theirs."

    Congratulations on just defining yourself.

    Now fuck off out of here.

  81. plarles

    Wow, an opeth fan truly butthurt homanahomana xD.

  82. bulletproofscales


    Yeah, but with every other Opeth song that's been played on the radio, they've cut the "moving" almost completely out of it. I love Opeth, but a four minute version of a nine minute song does nothing for me.

  83. thychaos

    this is one of the best opeth songs.

  84. Jamie Theberge

    I honestly love Opeth an incredible amount. Their music is just so beautiful, and I can't help but have feel great emotions everytime I listen to them.

  85. john vaughn

    WOW O_O

    haha I love opeth...

  86. Infyra

    Ending heaviest shit ever? You got to listen to some doom! Or try My Dying Bride. Awesome song!

  87. nikkirei21

    This is probably my favorite Opeth song. And likely my favorite song ever.

  88. miclam

    10:00 aaaaaaaaah.... tudu spalsh tu tududu splash


  89. Jophelerx

    Mikael's voice is too computerized on this song imo

    Johny Underhill

    Maybe thats the way he wanted it

  90. sAcRoSaNct17

    That riff is so epic. Its like an orgasm.

  91. ReturnTrip


    Satan is going to pissed that Opeth stole his shit.

  92. Artorias the Abysswalker

    this song is so beautiful. even though dreary, it's got a certain uplifting quality... and the ending is the HEAVIEST SHIT EVER

  93. eric staples

    you are right codeouch, i should not have said ever, i should have SCREAMED the best EVER!!!!!

  94. CodeOuch

    @7153eric i wouldn't say ever...

  95. Manolis Grifoman

    the end is the most amazing part of the song...

  96. Chuck Schuldiner

    the best band live as far as reproducing the sound of their cd's, they dont have the best stage show cause they cant really move around with this music, but when i saw them no one was really worried about moving around or moshing because they were all staring in amazement as what they were seeing, trust me they sound perfect live and he even had a cold and apologized to the crowd if they didnt sound good and like i said they were perfect

    Graa Blick

    But Mikael does really funny and silly stage banter.

  97. Nick Nikitopoulos

    just awesome

  98. Lleanlleawrg

    @withoutmyjoy indeed they do.

  99. Dazizgoot

    I first heard these guys a few weeks ago. Now I can't stop listening to them.

    Kostur Khrushchev

    I cant stop with years .\m/