One Direction - Vas Happenin' Boys Lyrics

There once was a group with Liam and Niall
Vas Happenin' boys? Vas Happenin' boys?
They lived with Zayn and their room was vile
Vas Happenin' boys? Vas Happenin' boys?

Did you know Harry's such a slob?
He needs to win X Factor 'cause he can't get a job

And, oh, Louis needs a boat
He dresses like he owns one
'Cause he's got no other clothes
They really need your vote

Vas Happenin' boys? Vas Happenin' boys?
(Vas Happenin' boys?)

Mick Jagger could be Harry's dad
Vas Happenin' mum? Vas Happenin' Mick?
When Liam sings he makes his face look sad
Vas Happenin' song? Vas Happenin' sad?

And Zayn's the master of echoes (echo, echo, echo)
And Niall was raised by leprechauns so he won't ever grow

And, oh, Louis needs that boat
He dresses like he owns one
And it's becoming a joke
They really need your vote

Vas Happenin' boys? Vas Happenin' boys?
Vas Happenin' boys? Vas Happenin' boys?
Vas Happenin' boys? Vas Happenin' boys?
(Billy bob bob billy)

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One Direction Vas Happenin' Boys Comments
  1. Dóra Falkenheim

    Its 2019. 10. 31. 0:00. And im crying

  2. Sania Mirza

    Those were the days man

  3. 1D Fan

    “Zayns the master of echoes” and Harry’s” mick jagger could be Harry’s dad” kills me

  4. 1D Fan

    “ Vas happenin mum vas happenin mick” kills me al the time

  5. neugodni mališa


  6. Rozalie Cvrkalová

    Vas happened boys?

  7. Tatiana Velasco

    *In 3rd period* *Vas happening boys? at 1:04

  8. melissa

    I can’t believe this was 8 years ago

  9. Luciana Tomlinson


  10. Luciana Tomlinson

    Ay mi corazoncito

  11. smita shrivastava

    Can anyone tell me why Louis needs that boat... No like harry looks like young Mick Jagger so the line says " Mick Jagger could be Harry's dad"... So what is the logic behind "Louis needs the boat"???

  12. aira maglangit

    miss these booooys~

  13. HannahTheDirectionerAnd Legend

    It has been 8 years and Louis doesn't have that boat

  14. Jiselle Bersabe

    Crying😭😭😭😭 and it's 2017

  15. Anjali K.

    Who is watching this in 2017? :(

  16. itspola 5418

    I shouldn't have watched it in September 2017🤦🏼‍♀️

  17. Marwa Adaief

    i want to be back to the carrot days :(

  18. Introverted Introvert

    Here after Harry's Mick Jagger sketch on SNL

  19. Corrine Margaret

    Is it too late to vote?😂

  20. 1D FANS


  21. NH Gamze

    Lou is so tinny XD

  22. directioner girl

    vas happenin plz come back 1D

  23. loxxx

    I miss these dorks

  24. OH yOu ArE naNa

    I remember watching this 6 years ago

  25. Chloe Lol

    Best part: Harry saying Vas happenin mom vas happenin mick

  26. Pretty Little Hipster

    He means what's happening Boys?

  27. phanic! at the disco•*

    I used to watch this when I was younger!

    Now playing m to older and I cringe cause now I like FOB, MCR , P!ATD , wow

    Tamar Kahana

    literally same

  28. Gemma

    Who's watching this in 2016

  29. Lily Woodland


  30. Meghan Bell

    I'm still watching this today kinda makes me sad but happy too 😂🤘🏼

  31. Noelle Norris

    I miss this so much

  32. Julie Busch Rasmussen

    Vás happenin

  33. R. Elshaer

    4 years have passed..and louis still does not have that boat...

    milla hewitt

    7 years now and counting

    Norah Porter

    8 years..

  34. lanihyh

    I miss the old 1D..

    lovely lovely

    Everyone does, honey.😭😭😭😭

  35. Jane Feng

    idk what the point of this is but I'm glad it exists

  36. Lotte

    still one of the best video's of them out there

  37. ashley rojas

    ajajajajja como olvidar eso XDD 

  38. Kaylee Pesina


  39. Kaylee Pesina

    Why must they grow up!!!! ;-;

    I love them ♥

  40. Mariel Pinto A.

    Jaja q hermosos !!

  41. Arturo Garcia

    Vas happenin boys

  42. Nickolas Da Rocha Machado

    Rudge Mesquita

  43. Belen Bruzos

    niall never grow ajajajaka

  44. Amy Bowles

    Niall: billy bob bob billy!!!!!

  45. Letty Arellano

    I love them

  46. Rachael Baltimore

    Learn how to spell

  47. caleb voiers


  48. Kennedy Sessink

    Oh my god niall fianlly grew !!!!!!!!!!!!! ::D

  49. Cherokee Pettway

    Vas happening boys ? Lol 3 3 :3 3 :3 3 :3 CD XDXdXdXd

  50. Regine

    Mick Jagger could be Harry's dad
    Vas Happenin' mum? Vas Happenin' Mick?
    Vas Happenin' boys? Vas Happenin' boys? Vas Happenin' boys? Vas Happenin' boooooys?

  51. giovanna Telles

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Vamos la meninos !!!

  52. Joy Slone

    vas happenin bob?! LOL

  53. niki evangelineli

    hahaha i love this song!!!! LOL <33333333333333

  54. Rn Shakya

    like if you are a true directioner and you love all of them. :D

  55. Eleanor Ong

    I love the part when Zayn sang echo echo echo

  56. Britney Smith

    Liam is the best you mother fudgers.

  57. صارة B.

    "The country of Europe in the city of London" :D !!!

  58. Kaiporowitz

    "Vas Happenin Boys" is the second-best name for the band.
    Or maybe it's obligatory that One Direction is the best
    That would make it the third-best

  59. Kaiporowitz

    It really is XD

  60. Jennifer Crawford

    Love this still

  61. Reidelle Tomlinson

    Vas happenin bob?

  62. kiara velez

    My name is billy Bob Bob billy

  63. Rachael Storrie

    Lets all share niall ♡♡♡

  64. Nia Bogdan

    Niall was raised by leprechauns so he ill never grow lol!! I love Niall

  65. Hannah Bruce

    I love how Louis dresses! :( (kidding I know it's a joke)

  66. lilly jones

    @MrsStylesgirl Harry has many fans and he hardly knows u exist so don't be selfish with a

  67. dennys garcia


  68. dennys garcia

    tu eres [email protected]

  69. midorimikan1

    This is such a stupid song.

  70. Eden Korsia


  71. Ashley

    It's Niall not nail. Hees not alive to be used! o:

  72. Chlo Gaff

    Omg cryin with laughter here :)

  73. Caris Willett

    harry aint a slob. ilovehim. <3

  74. Hanna Székely

    They are craizy!!!!!!!! :P

  75. s t a r s

    Liiiiiiiiaaaaaammmmm I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  76. Ben Howard

    Like if you love louis 'VAASSSS HAPPENIN BOYSSS?' in his high pitches voice

  77. Deja Roberts

    One day, one of us should buy Louis a boat

  78. Kelly Catherine

    Like if all you see is: FETUS, FETUS, FETUS, FETUS, OH YEAH, AND FETUSSSS !

  79. Nahomy

    Vas happenin directioners? Who is as excited as i am about the kiss You video?!!!!

  80. Nahomy

    "Zayn's the master of echoes." "Echo echo echo" LOL!!!! LOVE ZAYN!

  81. JayHatesYou

    Lol billybob bobbilly

  82. Nicole Aguirre


  83. Devi Ardyana

    hahahahaha .

  84. Viviane Oliveira

    Cara que idiota mas eu amo eles

  85. phanic! at the disco•*

    they toatly have my vote anytime!

  86. Radiah Ahmad

    LOL! XD! Niall at the end BILLY BOB BOB BILLY!

  87. Fenna C

    1:23 Hhahahah I love zayn

  88. Craic Tropical

    I moved to the country of Europe!

    lol did I not get the memo about Europe becoming a country? ^o^

  89. Kaiya Hilton

    It's Niall, not Nail. He's not something you use to hang a picture frame on the wall... smh

  90. Regita Rodriguez

    hahahha <3

  91. Olivia S

    Zayns the master of echoes. Echo echo echo. Lol

  92. claudia corr

    lol! cant stop laughing!!!!!!!!! =>

  93. Andreea Crs.

    * echo echo echo echo *

  94. Emily Freeland

    Like to help Louis get that boat :)

  95. lynnae Leininger

    i LLOOVVEE NIAL!!!!!! no wonder he is irish. he was raised by leprechauns!!!!!!!!!!