One Direction - That's What Makes Us 1D Lyrics

Harry does fall a lot on stage
And he likes women of a certain a-a-age (OP's)

We were once five
And now we're four

I fell over playing golf
And it was sore-or-or (oh no Niall)

Everyone in the world has seen us (maybe)
But now we're taking a break

Louis forgets all his words when we're singing
When Liam's phone bleeps it's Simon ringing
Everyone has a 1D doll
Now you know
Now you know
That's what makes us 1D!

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One Direction That's What Makes Us 1D Comments
  1. Valentina's Stars

    Why do I always keep replaying when Liam says HARRY DOES FALL.. OT ON STAGE AND HE LIKES WOMAN ON A CERTAIN A A A AGE.

  2. Sassy Styles

    Oh no niall

  3. Iwaa G

    2020? I miss them 😩

  4. Ami Morris

    Oh Niall, he falls while playing golf. He took a chonce

  5. annie visnaw

    this is my new ringtone

  6. Shagufta Masood

    Its literally the best thing I have ever heard

  7. Abrar Mohammed

    2020 anyone

  8. Jane Rough

    2020? never let this die :D such a moodbooster

  9. Erin Davies

    2020 anyone?❤️

  10. all good 1D channel names are taken

    Literally cant find this anywhere else
    Niall cant control his laughter XD

  11. Nightblood

    Thank you SO MUCH i literally couldn't find this anywhere on youtube

  12. Suresh Kumar

    Really miss you 5 idiots 😘😘😭😭😭😭😭

  13. xXGacha MustardXx


  14. xXGacha MustardXx

    I’m obsessed

  15. Aint My fault

    "NOw We'RE tAKiNg a breAk"

    Ok boomer

  16. Victoria Alvarez

    I can’t let this go

  17. Amelie Sophie.

    One of them said ,,Oh no, Niall“. I can’t.😅😅😅

  18. Chloe Jordan

    0:03, he falls on n stage a lot

  19. Chloe Jordan

    Love this

  20. Aranni Saising

    nov 2019

  21. Aakriti Mishra

    6 people in this world are not human

  22. NiallHoransPoHtAtOeS

    Is no one gonna talk about how they say Simon's name?

    It's cute!


  23. Smita Suryawanshi

    Niall was laughing even while singing

  24. Freya Kate

    2019 😂

  25. Emelys Spieleparadies

    At: he likes woman of a certain a-a-age, his face was like: I don't like any woman's... I like Louis ❤️

  26. Yvette E

    I love this so much 😂😂😂😂

  27. vanilla bean 666

    And harry prefers louis

  28. vanilla bean 666

    I love the way Louis said four

  29. Shancy Jojy

    One direction
    Come back

  30. Shancy Jojy

    So cute

  31. Isabel Neil

    thank you for this :]]

  32. -_________-

    Do ypu think Liam and Louis say "oh no Niall" on purpose?

  33. Giannah Neil

    Loved thissss

  34. tetet 2k19

    I don't have 1D doll😢

  35. Debamita Das

    Happy 9 years liars

  36. just paige xox

    " maybe " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Jana Pavlović

    well... 9 years of 1D and they are still taking break of 18 months.

  38. asfi eline

    I miss Naills laugh sooo much!!

  39. Jadyn Newsome

    How do I make this my ringtone 💀


    "We were once five, and now we're four"


  41. Mikayla Van B

    Why have I not seen this until now 😂

  42. Shakespeare is Here

    Niall laughing 😂😂💕

  43. Shakespeare is Here

    I Love This😂😂👏🏻👏🏻❤️

  44. Miriam

    I love it 😂❣️

  45. Angel of Rock

    *Where is the original video from Capital FM?*

  46. nela sawicka

    “and he likes women of a certain a a age” look at harry’s face i can watch it all the time

  47. Sunflower vol.6

    Harry's "excuse me Liam face" will not change in hundred years..

  48. Sunflower vol.6

    Liam always has to do something to annoy Harry like the fetus days..and that's really cute..😍😚😚

  49. Sunflower vol.6

    I just love this for a reason.

  50. Sara Pupelli

    Harry like Louis

  51. Corie Robles

    The best one direction song

  52. Ella Eder


  53. Talia Crooke

    I have this memorized

  54. • shōriness •

    i had to press loop because the replay button broke

  55. Sara gillar ost

    oh no niall

  56. Shane Gwyneth Reyes

    Stuck between laugh or cry

  57. girly 004

    What's the original song?

    Mimi Mulan

    What makes you beautiful

    girly 004

    @Mimi Mulan thank you

  58. Tara Lyn

    0:22 harry's voice crack
    0:28 liam's voice sounds exactly like the guy who imitates him in AAOOD 1, 2 & 3

  59. Kpop Trash

    Lyrics for anyone who wants them even though that’s the whole purpose of this video

    Harry does fall
    A lot on stage
    And he likes women of a certain a-a-age (ops)

    We were once five
    And now we’re four

    I fell over playing golf
    And it was so-o-ore
    (Ooooh) (oh no Niall)

    Everyone in the world has seen us—
    But now we’re taking a break

    Louis forgets all his words when we’re singing
    When Liam’s phone bleeps it’s Simon Ringing
    Everyone has a 1D doll
    Now you know—oh oh—now you know—oh oh
    That’s what makes us 1D

    Ami Morris


    Valentina's Stars

    @Ami Morris IKR? But i have friends who likes BTS so pls don't be rude. Trust me I feel the same way too. But keep comments respectful.

  60. Cat Nolen

    Can someone send me the link to the actual video cause I can't find it anywhere

    Tienne Wilkin

    I couldn't find it either this is the best I can get

  61. Zapomniana Forever

    Kocham tą piosenkę 😍😂😍😂😂

  62. Kat Kra

    I love Liam and Nialls Part xD

  63. Sunflower vol.6

    2019? Anyone?
    Its So funny..😂😂


    2020 YEAH BABY

    Evie Allan

    2020 here we go

  64. Niall's Girl

    One dislikes from Zayn.

    No hate just a true thought 😋 now it's two so it must be from Zayn other accounts 😂😂

    DE NI

    Devilish Angel now 3 acc xd

    Niall's Girl

    @DE NI yaah I just noticed I need to edit my comment will do it soon.

    salwa as

    Oh wow he has 6 accounts now 😅

  65. Tracey Milne

    im selling replay buttons
    just in case
    they cost one like

  66. Lina Frenzel

    I love this song! Everyone!

  67. Katie Styles-Horan

    OMG at 0:15, I died when Liam said "oh no Niall."😂

    rashida gabaji

    That was can identify with the accent..... it's definitely louis....

    Katie Styles-Horan

    @rashida gabaji It doesn't sound like Louis though?? I hear Liam.😂 and you can see Liam holding the microphone to his mouth when the screen comes back to them.

    rashida gabaji

    @Katie Styles-Horan yeah.... ur right!!! Sorry

    Katie Styles-Horan

    @rashida gabaji It's okay.😂

    rashida gabaji

    @Katie Styles-Horan where r u from

  68. Sinio Pampanga

    Harry does fall alot on stage and he likes woman of a curtain a a age we were once five and now we four i falled playing golf and it was sore or or every have seen us but now were taking a break louis forget all his when we singing and every has 1D doll you knnoowww that what make us 1D

    Zoey Massengale

    No, it is
    Harry does fall alot on stage and he likes women of a certain a-a-age (ops)we were once five but now we're four, I fell over playing golf and it was sore-o-or ( oh no Niall) everyone in the world has seen (maybe) but, now we're taking a break, Louis for gets all his words when we're singing, when Liam's phone bleeps it Simon ringing, everyone has a 1D doll and now you oh, oh, now you know that's what makes us 1D!

    Zoey Massengale

    U for got liams part

  69. Bish Dilly

    Miss u 1D.. 😢😢😢

  70. Emilia Łuczak

    harry fall on stage xddd it was the best of this video

  71. Freckless Felix

    I only listen to real music

    Zoey Massengale

    Then your a loser

  72. fuckin' perfect

    Harry- but now were takings break 2020💔

    Captain America #directioner

    Wait they're planning to come back in 2020?
    Sorry I just became a Directioner so o don't know 😅

    Nialler Horan

    @Captain America #directioner Yes

  73. billie smith

    I play this everybight before I go to sleep like okay they will get back together and then i sleep wake up and play it again😂😂😭😭❤❤

    billie smith

    Oksy so I rememberd this song so I went to play it and im a liar I haven't played this in months😂😂

    Neelu Kumar

    i love 1D hope they will come back in 2020 please come back we miss you please its a request please😘😘💕💕😭😭😭😭😭😭

  74. Muntaha Waheed

    Harry doesn't even like women..

  75. billie smith

    I think I broke the replay button 😭😭

    Tienne Wilkin

    Me too 😂😭😭😭😭😭

  76. Evita Glam

    Favorite song😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  77. Katelyn G

    How is there a dislikeeee????

  78. Sara W

    Harry doesn't like women of any age 😂. He loves Louis


    Mayra no

    foteini 19


    Draco Malfoy

    Yess larry stylinson

  79. RandomGFX

    "Louis forget all his when we're singing "


    "Louis forget his words when we're singing " I like it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻

  80. RandomGFX

    Liam is so hot 😳

  81. Hyuga :3

    My new ringtone

    Kat Kra

    I find the song by download apps...

    Ella Eder

    How do I make this my ringtone

    Ella Eder

    This is a very serious question

    Chloe Jordan

    Hyuga :3, SAME

  82. IceeeTalia

    Liam-true😂 Louis-sad😢 Niall-WTH🤣 Harry-cute💖

  83. Aannisa Sarah Rahmawati

    Niall so cute.. ❤

  84. Leah Baldwin

    Louis is hot as lol

    miraculous seventyeight

    Leah Baldwin yup i agree lol

    lesbian leah

    Ikr ❤️

    Shakespeare is Here


  85. LifeWithJasmine_xo

    Harry in this is cute!!!! 😍❤️

  86. Virgin Mary

    Harry's voice cracks in "but now where taking a brake"


    <3 so good ! XDXDXD