One Direction - Hey Angel Lyrics

Hey angel
Do you know the reasons why
We look up to the sky?
Hey angel
Do you look at us and laugh
When we hold on to the past?
Hey angel

Oh I wish I could be more like you
Do you wish you could be more like me?
Oh I wish I could be more like you
Do you wish you could be more like me?

Hey angel
Tell me, do you ever try
To come to the other side?
Hey angel
Tell me, do you ever cry
When we waste away our lives?

Oh I wish I could be more like you
Do you wish you could be more like me?
Oh I wish I could be more like you
Oh I wish I could be more, I could be more, I could be more

Yeah I see you at the bar, at the edge of my bed
Backseat of my car, in the back of my head
I come alive when I hear your voice
It's a beautiful sound, it's a beautiful noise
Yeah I see you at the bar, at the edge of my bed
Backseat of my car, in the back of my head
I come alive when I hear your voice
It's a beautiful sound, it's a beautiful noise

Hey angel
Hey angel
Do you look up to the sky?
Do you look up to the sky?

Oh I wish I could be more like you
Do you wish you could be more like me?
Oh I wish I could be more like you
Do you wish you could be more like me?

Hey angel
Hey angel

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One Direction Hey Angel Comments
  1. PieceofLove B


    dont mind me just a replay button for the best part of this song🤍

  2. Trish T

    I can’t get enough of this album tho ❤️❤️

  3. Lace Carter

    Happy birthday Harry! Love you!

  4. Diana Yashaev

    *I come alive when I hear your voice* Like this voice 2:53 - 2:59, that reminds me of someone?

  5. tropical candyland

    1:48 omg harry

    25yearsofmakingmusic r

    Wonderful beautiful

  6. Niky sarah Ramroop


  7. Niky sarah Ramroop


  8. Niky sarah Ramroop

    Hey 👋 👼😃🍷🎊🎈💋👼👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩😍

  9. Niky sarah Ramroop

    Hey 👋👼🥰🤩❤️👼❤️🤩🥰👼👋

  10. Niky sarah Ramroop

    Hey 👋 one direction Hey angel 👼

  11. Vanessa Hardin

    Oh My God Harry is SUCH A SWEETHEART he wrote this song for the fans who didn't get to see another day he actually became very good friends with this fan and then she died of cancer it broke his heart i always think of her when i hear this song Harry doesn't think so but he really is an Angel!😍😍😊😊🥰😍♥️💙🧡🧡😇😇

  12. Jayant Gaur

    You are the real angel for us . no need to look up to the sky and we love you very much and this love is forever.

    25yearsofmakingmusic r


  13. Karina Menezes

    I came here because of Maddison Bush

  14. Virginia Figueroa


  15. Niky sarah Ramroop

    Hey 👋 angel 👼 one direction

  16. JUNO

    2020 presente 🤠✨🤠✨🤠✨🤠✨

  17. Francesca, Iyah

    This song is for those directioners who cant make it to the year 2016,, mostly to those directioners who commit suicide after zayn left the band :(( rest in peace to those lovely angels ❤️

    Turkish Serial

    Francesca, Iyah I dont understand about “those Directioners who cant make it to the year 2016” what is that mean? 🤔

  18. Emma Julio

    omg ocean eyes sounds like this isnt that wierd

  19. lucy rosales

    Like 2019:

  20. Juliana Celestine Dinglasan

    Please teel me Im not the only one who thought that niall sounds like harry

  21. Aingeal Jackson

    How the he'll have I bought every album and listened to them all over 100 times and this is the first time in hearing of this song!

  22. Stylinson X P L R

    When Harry's goes "HEYYYYYYYYYYY ANGeeeelllll" ugh I can't

  23. Angel LEUNG

    I'm so happy that my name is Angel

  24. Alexandra Elmazi

    Hey Angels

  25. Jacki Wilcox

    Uuuuuuuuuuuu hey angel 👼 oh is stupid or good

  26. Angela Agustin

    Yes Harry, you call me? 🤣😝

  27. Rafia Fatima

    They give us life...😢

  28. Rafia Fatima

    Lads are life😥😥

  29. Alannah Dunford

    Are the “ooh” parts not by Liam?

  30. Priscila Francisco

    2:41, i'ts Louis and Liam, right?

  31. Charlotte Anne xx

    Hell, this is damn good. This lyrics, their voices, this music is definition of perfect.

  32. Simina Colitoiu

    I think the uh uh parts belong to liam

  33. Fred Donkers

    Harry’s voice in here is so gorgeous omggg

  34. Kasey Mullins

    Harry was levitating on a bar stool way before Ariana ever did it 😅😂😂

  35. Ivan Allen Macabontoc

    Louis + Liam ? rate it guys over 10..

  36. lyric king

    Fake fans after 2016 wont find us here with this underrated song ;)

  37. Ximena Ambrose

    2019 anyone?

  38. Little Peach

    Do you want me to make a lyric-video of your favorite song?
    Every Friday I will make a lyric-video for a suggested song.
    You can make your suggestion by writing a comment with the hashtag #lyricsonfriday on any of my videos.
    I'm looking forward to your songs! 💜

    Seemi Kanwal

    Look what you made me do

    Rita P

    Silent Majority by nickelback

  39. Aima Abdullah

    The bridge just gets me every time

  40. Suga Dm

    I miss this song omfgggg

  41. devi yuniar


  42. Charlotte Anne xx

    My evening Routine

  43. J.I NY

    omg are they back together?

  44. AA Batteries

    It’s so sad because this song was written for their fans who couldn’t make it. But it’s such a good song because there voices are so perfect in the song. Great job! Love you!

  45. sindhu a r

    harry your voice

  46. iSam

    Harry and Niall's voices sound pretty similar in this number.. And 1:47 is just ♡.

  47. Nisantha Indrajith

    wow lilo part

  48. Niall's Girl

    I didn't loose anyone but I think I would loose myself really soon.

  49. sheniqua gayle

    1d perfect songs even I am Jamaican I listen to them songs all the time ?

  50. prasanthi nukula

    Wow......I love this song ....a lot best their voices 😭❤❤❤

  51. Ola Ola

    2:30 it's my favourite moment

  52. Haneesa

    Guys Harry didn't write this song
    Actually one direction didn't write this song, it was by some others

    farhana nadia

    But Harry added some lines to the song .I found this information on Google

  53. Haneesa

    It's 2:37 Am
    We have a couple of guest tomorrow and I'm supposed to be cleaning up, so I was folding my clothes and listening to 1D. I've already heard this song many times but now when I heard it everything suddenly clicked
    This song was written for those who couldn't make it to the present but the lyrics never really got to me until now
    "Tell me do you ever cry, when we waste away our lives"
    "Do you ever try to come to terms other side"

    OMG it all makes perfect sense now, you guys truly are incredible

  54. Nuzeee_ K

    That feeling I feel when ever I understand harry wrote this song for every directioner who couldn't make it to the next year 😭😭😭😭😭😭 omg its just.... I don't know I lobe my family so much. RIP all those beautiful souls.

  55. Haneesa

    2:30 - 2:53
    Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay Replay

    Ивана Стоянова

    Haneesa Literally me right now

  56. Isabella Benavides

    Siempre me ha gustado esta canción.

  57. vici 2005

    Rest in peace, Fizzy and Jay😭💔

  58. Saadia Babur

    Fiz💔😭 #ripangel

  59. Marusha Rowe

    Rip fizzy

  60. Veronica Stylinson

    Oh my God Louis' and Liam's rapping part sounds heaven

  61. Kalyani Kaza

    2:40-2:55 ....Louis did u just hit the high note??....

  62. Galaxy Donut LPS

    Harry can literally kill me by singing by one single note!


    Galaxy Donut LPS if you meant that "ooh" then that was sung by Liam

    Galaxy Donut LPS

    @Haneesa no I don't mean that "ooh" I'm just saying if he sings one single note I will kill me because he is amazing!


    @Galaxy Donut LPSoh ok

  63. lil boyo


    R S


    Hope Tomlinson

    Lilo's voices together. Oooof

    Archisha Srivastava

    @lil boyo I literally came here for this

    Josh Pickney

    Archisha Srivastava lmao same

  64. SuperKelps

    Anyone 2019?

  65. mirna vlajkovic

    Thank you💕

  66. mirna vlajkovic

    This is 2k18 im crying were still here😢😍

  67. manga belajar

    This song got me harry styles albums vibe, is it just me?

    Jaelyn Kriegl

    Well, Harry did write this song

    PieceofLove B

    its got a rock vibe and its edgier
    with more sincere songs and lyrics
    like harry

  68. Luyanda Hleza

    This line at 1:54 - 1:58 is just 💔

  69. Kenia Rebeca

    2019? 💕

  70. Angel Elena

    This was published on my b-day

  71. Diana Powlus

    I'm pretty sure this song is about the people who didn't make it until... like, now or around the present.

  72. Shantedra Williamson

    These guys are like chips, you cant just eat one XDD

  73. Angel Elena


  74. Zayn&1Direction Forever

    Hey angels😍
    Anyone listening this song....

    Everyday....???? 😇😇😇😇

    robiul islam

    Yes l am listening every day i love this song

    Nusrat Shimu

    I listen every day

  75. Nivea

    Replaying 1:47 over and over again. OML!

    Mrittika Murmu

    Nivea , and I was endlessly trying to catch Harry's that track, but was unable. I searched for Harry singing it live in the whole YouTube, but didn't get. That place is just awesome!

    Mrittika Murmu

    what a coincidence, I found the live one just next after commenting here, just like a lucky charm 😇

    Екатерина Кадкина

    Mrittika Murmu um how? They never sang it live

  76. Serena Susan

    This is so beautiful

  77. Saki Asahina

    Omg i lovethis songg

  78. Dini Ramadhania Illah

    1D : back for you
    Lou : back to you

    1D: you & i
    Niall : you & me

    1D: i would
    Zayn : like i would

    1D : hey angel
    Harry : only angel

    Aurelian Marques

    One Direction - Drag me down
    Liam Payne - Strip that down



    1d: Nobody can drag me down! (Drag me down)

    Louis: You drag me down (back for you)

    Mia Butler

    Haha looks like liam ain't coming back


    @Mia Butler's that funny?

    Sophia Ritchie

    they miss one d so they make song like there old ones maybe after Louis tour they will get back to you jk together i hope you get the back to you joke

  79. Liisa Sults

    1:47 omfg

  80. mrs. stylinmalikaynehoran

    I am cRYING

  81. A. Ikahu

    😇😇# 1D this is beautiful

  82. Angel Tomlinson

    How do you do the editing??

    The Thanos

    i love ur content good editing👏

    Angel Tomlinson

    @The Thanos who are you talking about

    The Thanos

    about Little peach

    Little Peach

    @The Thanos thank you very much!! love you too😘

    The Thanos


  83. Kkay lala

    If this song is about people who have died, why does 1D want to be more like them 😳😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭ILUVTHEM😭😭😭😭😭😭😭what'swrong😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  84. Harry Styles

    1D Marathon

    Jaelyn Kriegl

    Me everyday 😂

    nialler 4ever


  85. Harry Styles

    Dec 2018 :(

    mirna vlajkovic

    february 2019

    Anna Lynn

    June 2019! 💚

    Vanessa Diaz

    August 2019

    Daniyah Zahra Haris 1614889

    Dec 2019 damn a full year

    Ивана Стоянова

    February 2020 :(

  86. Hala Nawrani

    That rap tho 😍❣

    Little Peach

    liam nailed it!!

    Olivia Lawson

    @Little Peach Louis was in the second slide of it.

  87. antoinette topaz

    this song is a masterpiece

  88. Ashish Agrawal

    One of my favourite 1d songs

    Edit: thanks Little Peach

    Ashish Agrawal

    Thank you for the like

    Ashish Agrawal

    Do you like this song?

  89. fatimaaa ,

    Plot Twist: The UUUHHH parts are by Zayn

    Tejaswini nadig

    R/whooooosh people of the comment section

    Rishabh Sawant

    The uh uh parts are Harry. That's clearly his voice. Also, Zayn wasn't in the band at this point.

    Archisha Srivastava

    It's a joke people

    Granger Mudblood

    Yo, people need to chill out and take a joke. They KNOW that Z wasn't here in this.


    it's very "obvious" its by liam or harry

  90. Fuck You


  91. Eloise A Disney Nerd

    Rest in Peace Louis's mum

    Saki Asahina

    @Jenna Sotelo I just found out I cant help but think about how sad Louis must be. Stay strong baby ❤

    vedaswan 14

    Omg I didnt even know that. That's so sad😥. At least he has all the love and support of his fans who care about him very much. All the love to Louis.😘

    Milena Peti

    And Fizzy

    gummy bear jelly bean

    Rest in peace


    The tomlinsons went through too much😭😭

  92. TheSerenityofMind

    Liam does the first part (background ohh vocals), not Harry, and he does the background vocals throughout the rest of the song too.

  93. Muntaha Waheed

    For the first 2 minutes it was like only Larry is in one direction

  94. one mix

    Best song ever 💜💜💜

    Jesse Tuominen

    @Esma FIRAT i know that's the joke only

    Esma FIRAT

    @Jesse Tuominen sorry that's my fault

    Jesse Tuominen

    @Esma FIRAT no it's not

    Jesse Tuominen

    @Esma FIRAT I am just saying that Best song ever and it is hey angel 🤣

    Esma FIRAT

    @Jesse Tuominen okay

  95. J. D4N14


    Harry Styles

    J. D4N14 me rn

  96. mariam direction

    Oh i wish i could be more like you do you wish you could be more like me ? 🎤🎤🎤🎤😁