OMG Girlz - So Official Lyrics

[Intro: Beauty]
Yea yea ya oh oh

I'm feeling you in the worst way.
But this ain't like me
I'm tryna keep the player but the game on freeze.
I'm most wanted like a Louie!
Stay up in a newie and baby like youie!
I see you and I wanna know that!
So fly you a winner and you know that! Oh!
Think I might make you my boo.
I'm choosing, choosing you.

I'm digging your pretty boy swag
All the girls like you cause you bad.
Oh so fly crazy with it don't stop get it get it.
Shawty where you at?
Tryna holla cause you like like that (I like that)
Cause you the one boy (yeah)
You the one boy (yeah) uh-huh.

Shawty so so official with it swagged up you what's up.
I don't know what you do to me got me going crazy!
My girls be like just forget it I'm not with it
Boy they don't know what you do to me got me feeling things oh!

You be like (you be like) you're so official uh-huh you're official oh!
Yeah yea yea yea!
Shawty you be like so official uh-huh you're official yeah yeah yeah so so official yeah!

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OMG Girlz So Official Comments
  1. Sauce Goddess Myesha

    It’s 2019 and I still wished they finished this 😩💕

  2. LottahMoney Gang Tv

    2019 😌

  3. Amari G

    this is such an amazing so why didn't they finish it?!


    They don't own the music they could get sued

  4. Goddess.nails.89

    They need to fix this song!!!

  5. Peace & Faith




  7. Zyanna R

    They best song literally .

  8. cl minzy

    2019 💜💜

  9. YoungDaggerNaNaBishh 5

    2019❣️ still waiting🥵

  10. Diamond Parker

    i still fw this !

  11. Nay Montana

    If you still listening to this in 2018. I deadass fucks wit you 🗣️BOPP FOR LIFE

  12. Kea

    Still rides

  13. Tanesha Johnson

    Still here

  14. MizzLiyah 32

    Still 🎶 listening in 2k18 💜

  15. Tatiyona Mcneal

    nice song what happen to you and mindless behavior

  16. sandra yang

    Hi this mesha

  17. Just Curious

    I swear I'd make this my ringtone for my husband.

  18. Ausia & Kay TV

    It’s 2018 and this just brought back mad memories ! 😩💙

  19. toopretty dolls

    2018 still fw this

  20. Kay

    idc if they broke up, i need a full, remastered version of this.

    K C

    Kay stg

  21. Neijah Graham

    2018 🤘🏽

  22. t t

    I'm on a throwback binge 😂😂lmfaoooo

    auriana h

    Patiently Waiting samee😂

  23. Black As Night

    Still jamming to this in 2018

  24. Breanna Conway

    I love omg girlz

  25. Raeleashia Bradford

    I swear I use to be obsessed with this song this was my shit


    This was my shit 😏 i still listen to this

  27. Dionna

    2017 anyone?

  28. Lanora, The Explora

    2017 and I'm still waiting for the finished product 🙃

  29. Esther Alexander

    im still waiting

  30. Leilani Rosé

    Who still watching in 2k17

  31. Jarnelle Coleman

    This is still my shit in 2017 ❤

  32. Mojo Jones

    Zonnique was going in on this song!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾

  33. Jada Stephens

    love this

  34. SierraUniverse

    2017 and this still my shit 😂😂

  35. Jania Wilson

    I used to love this!

  36. Jasmine Hicks


  37. Alexus Davis

    it's 2017 and they still haven't released the whole song

  38. Chris maurice Brown fanpage

    still my favorite song 2017 Ayyyyy sad they broke up doe 😞😞😢😢😖

  39. It's Kalyn

    Mad they never finished it

  40. Shàntae Clarke

    Still listening in 2k17 ❣❣✨

  41. Caelonnie

    This they best song lol


    It really is and they never released it lol

  42. Ri0 PhillyBabystar

    THIS STILL LIT WHO LISTENING TO THIS 2016! miss omg girlz :'(

  43. Blackinthe Beauty

    Still my favorite song in 2016😂😂

  44. Breanna

    This used to be my song 😂

  45. Rayleisha Lane

    Still jamming 2k16 ❣

    Rosetta Holmesd ve r Jr hrgh g


  46. Ukachi Nkwocha

    All their songs they never released I never understood that


    its literally only 3 songs they didnt release

    Ukachi Nkwocha

    this song woulda be a hit maaan

    Tellyboi DaDon

    Ukachi Nkwocha Rashad Lacey

  47. Sharnene Barthelis

    This was my shit back then and it is still my shit till this day!!

  48. Maya

    OMG this used to be my shit in middle school 😂😂 me and my best friend used to stay singing this 😭😭

    Tiffany Parker

    I love this song so much

    Breanna Conway

    Maya hey

    Aaliyah Mcknight


  49. Haidera Ackerman


  50. Erykah McNairy

    I really wished they would of finished this song

  51. Tadriana James

    i love you 😘😘😘😘

  52. LOVE JNA

    this is my song i sing to it ALL. THE. TIME. still in 2016

  53. Pretty on fleek 1231 Jasmine

    I am so mad they did not get to finish the song

  54. Brittany Garcia

    It really sucks that they never got to finish this song cuz I love it so much

  55. Aniya james


  56. Angel Lewis

    I just listen to this song today and I already like it

  57. CrewLove

    I love this song still in 2016

  58. Tamryanna Denise

    still listening to it till this day 💯

  59. Tasha Tucker

    they never finished the song

  60. Terria Payton

    I love this song you go bahaj

  61. Bailee Mayfield

    I this song

  62. Red Waul

    this is my jam\

  63. Ashley Sims

    love this song

  64. Joyce Black

    this is still my jamm!!!

  65. The Jackson Sisters

    I love this song so much

  66. Breeah Lee

    I always listen to this I crush on somebody😬

  67. Kaneesha Rogers

    I love you guys

  68. Taylor Dade

    I like Thats music so much

  69. Kevin Bell sr

     my daugter  love this song!

  70. M W

    Think I might make u my boo, I'm choosing u💮💯

  71. Anthony Mitchell

    Fontana known what u do to me

  72. M Hazzard

    As many times as the OMG GIRLZ was talking bout releasing an album but never did!

  73. Girls Rule

    Im so UP seated with You!

    IM Going to Mack a stades about Yall

  74. T'erra Adrow

    I love listening to this song! 

  75. Jahnae Love

    go watch me on ustream ! xwolfmovement

  76. Brenda Dempsey

    I wish they uploaded the full song i heard the second part of the song it's amazing !!!

  77. Amari Saussy

    Sound old school

  78. Boss Ross

    i really like this song


    I love you guys!!!

  80. Kiante Smith

    Hi baby doll

  81. Kiante Smith

    Star is my favorite sing love you star aka angel

  82. lpsloverpuppy lol back up look l

    I love this songs:

  83. the Aleyah channel

    Daryyl is so official 

  84. Kea

    They seriously need to remake this or put it out cause I love this song !

  85. Beautiful Chy4much

    I love this song !!!!!!! They r my idol lmaoo

  86. sydney swann

    I like this song

  87. naisha styles


  88. Amariaa ‘Lisee

    I love them singing this song

  89. tamere217

    Beauty <3

  90. Lashanta Deshields

    i love you omg girlz so much :) wanna come see all yall but don't know when your concerts are :) keep doing yall thing :)

  91. Living In The Motions

    Fav song so touching

  92. Zoriah Miller

    Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!