OMG Girlz - Gucci This Lyrics

I'm so official ya'll
You can check my record.
My dress code is elevated,
No one can do it better.
What kind of chick you know rock Louis from head to toe?
I'm Incredible.
So ATL what you know about me?
Frankie B jeans Jimmy Choos on my feet.
I walk up in the store they already know my name.
Now go into the back and give me one of errthang.

Gucci this, Gucci that
Gucci everything [x3]
Louis this, Louis that
Louis errthang [x3]
Give me this, give me that
Give me errthang [x3]
Killing this, killing that
Killing errthang [x2]

On my pretty hustle with the fashion,
The way I put my fists together.
Fendi bag compliment the Prada shoes and patten leather.
What kind of chick you know rocks Gucci from head to toe?
I'm impeccable!
See you might have the same outfit.
If you ain't got my swagg you can't rock it like this.
I'm a fashionista when it comes to doing this.
My taste is so exclusive and it's so expensive!

Gucci this, Gucci that
Gucci everything [x3]
Louis this, Louis that
Louis errthang [x3]
Give me this, give me that
Give me errthang [x3]
Killing this, killing that
Killing everything [x2]
That's on errthang

When I walk into the store, I know what I want.
Want one of everything I don't care what it cost.
The hats, the scarfs, the shirt, the pants.
Unlock the case of the sunglasses.
Gotta, gotta make sure my bag matches.
My accessories gotta be flashy
Especially cause I'm classy
Babydoll, and my swagg sassy.
OMG we so live,
This is how we arrive.
My sneaker game is dynamite.
The young diva leggoh we ride
Beauty, Star and you got me my Betsy Johnson jewelry.
Three of the cutest things you ever seen!
OMG on errthang.

[Chorus: Star lead]
Gucci this, Gucci that
Gucci errthang [x3]
Louis this, Louis that
Louis errthang [x3]
Give me this, give me that
Give me errthang [x3]
Killing this, killing that
Killing everything [x2]
That's on errthang!
[Fading on errthang]

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OMG Girlz Gucci This Comments
  1. Londa Monnee

    Still watching this going into 2020 !
    Oh yeah , subscribe to my channel ✨

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    how does this not have more views!! like what!??

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    Who else here cuz of Lady Gaga tweet

  9. Putherina

    “ Im sort of obsessed with these little cuties, I just want comb their hair and tie bows in it all day!!!” - Lady Gaga

  10. Ziggster TV

    Bruu this used to be my song 😂😭‼️‼️

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    2020 anyone

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    Omg girlz biggest fan💗💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    The shit they was singing about... they didn’t have😂😂 I ain’t see no gucci, no Louis, no Prada like what😂😂💀

  14. Bobby Brown

    Why did they break up??

  15. Queen T

    2019 anyone

  16. Amya's world

    So I came to listen to this because me and my sister was just singing cause i said my newphews said they was gonna buy me some Gucci stuff

  17. Sky Queen

    honestly the way i acted back then i was star

  18. Danii Brooks

    Can't wait to lie to my kids and tell them this was destiny's child and mindless behaviour was B2K 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Lakayla Winston


  20. AllAbout Angel

    Is I’m the only one who act like I’m one of the omg girls and dance and sing tights sone

  21. Angie Woodruff

    Babydoll is always last

  22. California Girl

    This came out when I was 15 lol I don’t miss that year 2012; it was a crazy ass volatile, drama filled year for me.

  23. California Girl

    Haha I remember this silly ass song . 🥴 It’s been ages lmaooooo 🤣🤣😬

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  40. Princess Yonna ♡

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    Boooaaaahhh I use to be dancing in front of the tv trying so hard to keep up with them 😭😩🤧

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    Mannn these were the times😭😂

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    2019 they so called “city girls”🤣

    Katrina Baker

    Facts 🔥🔥🔥

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    forever a bop

  45. spiffy.

    My childhood 🥺

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