OMG Girlz - Can't Stop Loving You Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Bahja]
I could never get over you baby
When I first met you man it was so crazy
You thought I was feelin' myself, to me you so freakin' arrogant
I could never forget the loser, you really was hanging with
I'm tryna forget the people that told you I wasn't it

Never get over the look you give me like I could get it, if I was with it?
First time you kissed me, I could tell it was different
The feeling that I was gettin'
This feelin' that I been missing my whole life I ain't tryna let it go

I know that I be trippin, but I ain't never gave my heart to nobody
I thought I did but when you came I proved that I really didn't
Anything you do I find it in my heart to forgive it

[Chorus - Zonnique]
I can't stop loving you
Lo-Loving you
I'll never stop loving you
Lo-Loving you
Loving you-Lo-Loving you

And I can't get over you
All-All over you
Can't get over you-all all over you
All all over you-all all over you

[Verse 2 - Zonnique]
Everybody's talkin' bout what we doin'
If we ever gone make it? Is you really in love? And will he even be faithful?
I ain't trippin' about what they be talkin' about
If they ain't talkin' bout us then we ain't doing it right

Boy I'll never get over the look you give me like I could get it, if I was with it?
First time you kissed me, I could tell it was different
The feeling that I was gettin'
This feelin' that I been missing my whole life I ain't tryna let it go

I know that I be trippin, but I ain't never gave my heart to nobody
I thought I did, but when you came up proved that I really didn't
Anything you do I find it in my heart to forgive it


[Verse 3 - Bre]
My, my heart ripping I could never stop loving you
I ain't afraid to go and find forever if I can I find it in you
Its funny that forever seems to take forever to lose I'll choose
You consider all this a dream my Hollywood hallelujah
A metaphor goes written by the producer of the show
I want you to know babe
To know that I'm thankful
Ball and chain just saying don't mean my ankles
Uh, they say tomorrow isn't promised and genius is short of crazy
Till my heart beats lazy
Heart, heart beats lazy


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