OMG Girlz - Bad Boy Lyrics

Doo [x14]

Oh ooh I'm lookin' for a bad bad boy
Make me lose con-tro-ooh-ooh!
And when I find em yea like that's my boy
Girl you already know ooh ooh
He know how to treat a lady
And he'll never ever play me and he all
About making that do-ooh-ough and
I found you boy I'ma make you mine

Bad boy bad boy what you gonna do
Seem in the party checking on you ooh
Bad boy bad boy you know they're Jimmy Choos
I see you fresh to death from your head down to
Your shoes got the OMG Girlz complimenting
Your swagg and I got mines and you got yours
So we poppin' them tags bad boy bad boy
What you gonna do ooh really think that I
I should be with you ooh

Bad boy most wanted yes they so fresh
So you know I'm all on it me never follow
He don't make no apologies other chicks
Want him but all the boy want is me me
Lucky me uh sick he got the remedy personal
Of heart break jailbreak he got the key and broke
Up so the way that we will never be hahaha OMG
Sing the melody

[OMG Girlz:]
Bad boy (bad bo-o-oy) bad boy what you gonna
Do ooh (watching gonna do ooh ooh) see me in the party
Checking on you ooh bad boy bad boy (bad boy bad boy)
You know they're Jimmy Choos
I see you fresh to death from your head down to
Your shoes got the OMG Girlz complimenting
Your swagg and I got mines and you got yours
So we poppin' them tags bad boy (bad bo-o-oy)
What you gonna do ooh (watching gonna do ooh ooh)
Really think that I I should be with you ooh

Doo [x16]

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OMG Girlz Bad Boy Comments
  1. iamjustkay5

    Who knows the name of these pants

  2. iamjustkay5

    I’ve been a omg fan since I was a 6 or maybe even younger and I’m 19 now dame wow time flies

  3. Nessa The coolest

    I miss them 😪

  4. Kayana Townsley

    They kilt that shit!

  5. official_misfitxx

    00:59 she was rockstar right der haha.

  6. official_misfitxx

    They was gettin it specially babydoll.

  7. Deja Lugo

    This was mad cute

  8. kayla cobbs

    dont do babydoll....

  9. bubbly14369

    they're so pretty

  10. DanceFor LifeAlways

    i liked the part when the security guard picked up bahja and ran lol

  11. Kameron Borel

    babydoll killed it

  12. Zendaya Love

    man I love this

  13. Tyler Herbert

    You had good seats

  14. No Name

    They dont sing star part

  15. Lanisha Ratcliff

    Thiss my favorite songg

  16. Felicity Benson

    @bestie1207 it's called the south Dallas swag

  17. Miracle G

    Bre always kill it !

  18. Rachel Gregory

    they neva disappoint they did a great job

  19. Missy L

    Hello! IF you are between the ages 17-18 maybe 19 (depends on talent) who LIVES in Atlanta- Metro Atlanta and want to be in a girl group please email "[email protected]" with your Name,Age,Location,Grade,Height,Weight,Cell number,2 photos body/head and a audio clip or Youtube page link. Serious inquires only. ***Underage or out of state will NOT be answered."** Someone will contact you in 1-2 business days. Thanks!

    Savage. Tatyana

    Missy L hey

  20. Kasey Bakewell

    they escorted them because its called bad boy and the song has to do with the cops so its a part of the rutine

  21. nia powell

    Y dud they escort them out? Did somebody get sick or something?

  22. lorina love

    1:04 babydoll look mad

  23. Ashae Bruton

    star is mhy fav

  24. Amari Melson

    team omg for life! omg on errrrthanggg

  25. shauneice37

    its called the Swag Walk !

  26. Biggerdenworm

    WHat was the dance star was daoin at 0:47 ?Pwease >.<

  27. danadra white

    Lmfaoo Baby Doll Murdered Yallln

  28. Maya Hampton

    Babydoll bad af

  29. Kenzia Daniels

    #TeamBeauty all da way

  30. RatedOMG Girlz


  31. Slayyby EstiieTV

    She wasnt lip syncin idiot

  32. Leah Rena

    Can't wait 4 the album!!!

  33. Miracle Thompson

    Go babydoll

  34. Bertha Kitt

    How do you lip sync a rap wtf

  35. Attaliah Jean

    Babydoll o.O get it!!!!

  36. Kiara

    Babydoll be killin' my favorite omg girl

  37. Miracle Thompson

    Lol I love babydoll

  38. dariuis hardy

    babydoll scared me

  39. jamiya brooks


  40. jazmine davis

    babydoll do look mad 0:58

  41. Star Yasmin

    Star killed it Team Star!!!! all the way

  42. TheWiz Cross

    0:58 .. Babydoll Goes IN!!

  43. Ayanna Fayson

    luh y bbydoll

  44. chaneyce jackson

    BABYDOLL all day baby !

  45. chaneyce jackson

    man i luv when they do that hard hip shake on 1:08 they are so good team omg!

  46. Taryn Nicole

    Am i The Only One Who Thinks That Baby Doll Turns Into A Brand New Person When She On Stage .?

  47. Jada B.

    I aint trying to act like nobody thats probally the shit you do, and you going to go to hell you tellin me to die cause i treated yo weak ass really
    Immature much?

  48. Ahjanae Nichole

    i was there

  49. Jada B.

    LIke i said Bitch Bye your dismissed.

  50. Alexandria Waller

    Zonnique - Face
    Bahja - Voice
    Babydoll - Dance

  51. Lilia Lambert


  52. Jada B.

    Bitch Bye

  53. Briana Jones

    Babydoll a BOSS!!

  54. Reese ewing

    Im sorry but Babydoll look mad dumb at 0:58 Lmaoo

  55. Mthang Gold

    Babydoll was killinq dat junk doe

  56. XoXoLukeHemmings

    Babydoll was dodging lol

  57. Shilequa Ramsey

    hey go check out my songs tell me wht you think!

  58. Latasha Clark

    Babydoll dipped!!! She wasn't tryna get crried away by no popo!!!!

  59. mia c

    AYYYE go babydoll Thats my girl


    whoy move deh wif your shate

  61. diamond9ice

    babydoll went hard

  62. haley baby

    beuty looked tooo cute #team beauty all day

  63. aneesah ethridge

    lol ikr only beauty got picked up lol

  64. shauneice37

    lol You Already Know ! (:

  65. Steph P

    Babydoll is THE BEST dancer, they can't touch her in the dancing she has so much personality and charisma, if this group breaks up and lets Babydoll go solo.....all I gotta say is DANGER!!! Babydoll will be the Beyonce of rap!

  66. Mecca Gamble

    Babydoll go hard in ha dancing n beauty because last year scream tour she was tight this she let loss a lot but star she still need to let loss more n just go crazy like babydoll

  67. danceblue47

    I was there ! :D and babydoll went

  68. Nylah Jewel

    dey got some good songs!! imma get their album ; )

  69. Keilonah lowe

    No they not

  70. Essence S’Kiya

    Lmao yea they are

  71. Essence S’Kiya

    Lmao !! Yea they are

  72. Tiana. J.

    All of them do great but Babydoll be killing it ! Glad we from the same place.

  73. Ur #1 Hater

    Babydoll is always in the middle cuz she dance the best and always so her.

  74. Imani Reneé

    Well damn babydoll!!!!!! U DID DAT!!! Go head girl i see u!

  75. Imani Reneé

    Lol its funny how the men take them away

  76. Essence S’Kiya

    This my favorite song !

  77. pixie0957

    OH CRAP!!! TI the pow pow got star man!!!

  78. ariana bryant

    babydoll murders the fuckkin chreography god dammn

  79. Tori Danielle


  80. Kayaira Sledge

    Babydoll MURDERS the choreograhy!! The other ones are good too but they need to go hard like Babydoll.

  81. Mel C.

    Check me out doin the choreo to My Clique and this on my page!! :D

  82. Kashay P

    Follow me on INSTAGRAM ; missguidedthug

  83. Tachina Destinvil

    Bre aint fat, She thick iight?!

  84. Daija W.

    LOL Babydoll Broke when the security came

  85. Mani Johnson

    Babydoll ALWAYS be hype!

  86. Jus Bilikis

    Bre Bre lose weight dang

  87. Karma Dellone

    you can tell babydoll workout

  88. Tiana Jalicia

    Babydoll is so gorgeous and she is not big or fat. Yea she her stomach used to be a little big but now its not. She has the perfect shape. Thats what you call having a shape. NOT FAT #TeamBabydoll

  89. elijah bourne

    I love Babydoll!! TEAM Babydoll!

  90. Monique Norville

    Actually bre and star hv diff body types, star has hips and legs but no buttom, while babydoll has all three and she is a little thicker than them but she sexy and fierce with. In Trinidad babydoll's body is perfect.

  91. 3legant

    I don't why everyone's singling out bre cause zonnique got the same body type as her

  92. XoXoLukeHemmings

    Lol babydoll was zooming off stage when security got em

  93. CJGang

    All of them did very good #TeamBeauty #TeamStar and #TeamBabydoll and all their music is very good I ❤ Them

  94. Ismerie Petit

    Babydoll Belly Piercing Is All Up In Mah Face

  95. Jada B.

    stop that lying

  96. Jada B.

    babydoll is no where near big and those clothes and moves are perfect for her why u gotta be such a hater.. that's why no one agreed with u

  97. K. Meade

    she's not big, she's thick. Know the difference.