Omarion - Love & Other Drugs Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Omarion:]
I thought you was everything I needed
Everything I wanted
Thought I found love, true love
Baby, girl you have my heart
I knew it from the start

[Hook - Omarion:]
Cause it feels like love
Swear I didn't feel like running tonight
But I thought we made love
Suddenly woke up, feels like
Swear I saw you in my bed I know that perfume
Girl you messing with my head I be all confused
Tell me what's the difference between love and other drugs
Because in the end it all comes crashing down
Tell me what's the difference between love and other drugs
Baby girl you're just as dangerous
You keep me falling, keep me falling
Like I'm free falling, got me feeling like I'm falling
(Keep me falling)

[Verse 2 - Omarion:]
High off love, feeling like I'm crashing
Into that ocean
Baby you got me surfing
And I can do it
You're the only one for me
Don't you leave me lonely
Baby I never do you that way

[Hook - Omarion]

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Omarion Love & Other Drugs Comments
  1. anthonygetdat

    Shit still smack

  2. Dee TK

    Still in 2019..

  3. Danielle Peart

    I fucks with Omarion man

  4. V Mack

    The vibes the fucking vibes this song gives!!!whew!!!!

  5. Love


  6. joe Phillips

    Love this song!

  7. Pso Phly

    hmmmm.... there really isn't a difference between the two i say. Great song!


    nicee song 

  9. JusSmakk’n Cafe

    I mess with Omarion the longgggg way! Idc.

  10. Keyisha Williams

    Ooo his voice is sexi :)

  11. Keyisha Williams

    Ooo his voice is sexi :)

  12. Keith Evans

    This song is like crack



  13. Yaya Abdikadir

    Can any one help me the Instrumental of this song plz plz 

  14. Benjamin Forrester

    feeling this song, bring back memories.

  15. TrackStarAA1

    Love this song!  Seemed like it was a little short though.

  16. Khalayah Morrison

    I luvve this song!!!

  17. Stefan Garland

    I love this song

  18. Mark Ramos

    Thanks this was dope!!!!! #CP2 #Omarion

  19. k10 k12

    I'm from Brazil and I was wondering what is the best type of music that are best for dancing style omarion here we do not have many options and no access to these types of music please if someone could help me with something I appreciate!! !