Olivia Newton-John - Sordid Lives (Reprise) Lyrics

When the Lord dips us in the gene pool
We get more than Granny's green eyes
We get our Mama's warmth
Our Daddy's cool
And that thang between our thighs
And that's the start of all these troubles
In our sordid lives

Ain't it a bitch sortin' out our sordid lives?
It's a bitch when you come to realize
Crack yourself a box of Cracker Jack
You could get a really shitty prize
It's a bitch sortin' out our sorry little sordid lives

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Olivia Newton-John Sordid Lives (Reprise) Comments
  1. Tina Stanley

    A masterpiece

  2. Jason Carter

    This film is so stinking funny - this coming from a gentleman from Georgia.

  3. Cupcake Swirl

    Love this.

  4. Jimmysblu

    know who's... too say who's a sinner an who ain't
    ain't it a bitch sporting out our sorted life's

  5. Patti Williams

    Love this song, going to have to watch the movie, and I'll be hearing this song all day lol.

  6. william reed

    my new theme song

  7. john malone

    One the best shows out there on DVD!

  8. Bill Tara

    Funny and unexpected

  9. Ultraaman Lustral

    ELINE! My fav TNG episode by a mile. Wow, small world. Just got your autograph for Christmas last year.

    Margot J. Rose

    Crazy- just saw this my friend you know how it is out here; like outer space 🚀!

  10. Rich B

    thoroughly entertaining

  11. Kevin Miller

    see the series

  12. Kevin Miller

    me too

  13. Kevin Miller

    love both i watch them on netflix wish it was longer series

  14. Margot J. Rose

    here's some trivia for y'all; the song "Sordid Lives" is written by Margot Rose & Beverly Nero.

  15. BillyAlabama

    There could not be a better explanation!

  16. AZUREE100

    Lavanda IS THE ONE I LOVE-----She is amazine

  17. Linzilezzi

    @KovacevaMicka watch the tv show of it and you really see she isn't but still just as lovely

  18. Pravljični kanal

    omfg until youtubing the song i didn't recognize the singer as olivia newton-john. damnit, that's not the sandy i used to know :D

  19. Kyle Robinson

    I love, love, love that movie!

    Blue Frog

    Kyle Robinson Did you see the series and then the new movie? They are amazing!

    I prefer the Ty from the series and was sad the movies didn't keep the same cast..

  20. Margot J. Rose

    Margot Rose and Beverly Nero are the songwriters- check them out elsewhere.

  21. akasarahsmom

    I love all the different versions of the theme that ONJ did for the series... I want a soundtrack, but they need to put ALL the versions of the opening theme on it! :)

  22. zoeeee_

    i love this song!

  23. 1dbad

    I didn't know 'til I looked it up,but on April 6th,1998 she died in her sleep of a blood clot.

  24. Valkyrie Jessica Brown

    what was Tammy's cause of death?

  25. Bob DiLossi


  26. Jenn

    i'm playing bitsy :)

  27. stefano marceddu

    From the film 'Sordid Lives'.

  28. Bruce Vandekamp

    GREAT MOVIE! look for it.

  29. devilshomie

    what's the movie about?

  30. Diane Dallenbach

    This is one of the funniest (and touching) movies I've ever seen! A classic!!

  31. Bruce Lyn

    Check out Sordid Lives the series coming to Logo 6/2008