Oliver Tree - Hurt Lyrics

My day will come
I gave too much
I sold my soul
I'm waiting for
My pay in full
I only want
Your dyin' love
I've seen enough

I tried but I don't think so
Maybe it was me who was fucking up
I gave all I could give but
It seems like it never really was enough

I feel left out
I don't see how
My whole life can
Change in one week
I don't mind my
Own reflection
I don't see how
You've been let down

Don't speak 'less you have to
Why you always seem in a bad mood
Your whole life you had an attitude
One day, is that so bad for you

I'm sorry if I hurt you
I'm sorry if it got that bad
I'm sorry I can't help you
Somebody shoulda had your back

I tried but I don't think so
Maybe it was me who was fucking up
I gave all I could give but
It seems like it never really was enough

I changed my
Whole life when
I learned to
Ignore them
I changed my
Whole life up
Maybe it was not enough

I don't think I'm allowed to
Make a deal with your selfish ways
They're acting vicious out there
There's lots of demons out here

I'm sorry if I hurt you
I'm sorry if it got that bad
I'm sorry I can't help you
Somebody shoulda had your back

I tried but I don't think so
Maybe it was me who was fucking up
I gave all I could give but
It seems like it never really was enough

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Oliver Tree Hurt Comments
  1. Swift

    He's such a meme but his music is dank.

  2. *•Strawberry Gacha•*

    i feel bad for oliver not being able to see in the white contacts well filming 😂

  3. ChillBeatz: Lofi Hip-Hop

    V E C T O R

  4. Tommy The Swammi

    Watching people enjoy Oliver tree is like watching Australian shovel spoon fulls of Vegemite... I’ll never understand it

  5. Надежда Борцова


  6. Woah Nellie

    Oliver has a giant scooter and died for our shins

    Woah Nellie

    *age restrictions suck*

  7. Enrique Cruz

    The other day and night

  8. pododo

    On 2x speed its pretty epic

  9. xXTelephonePoleXx

    People first watching this video: Omg this is so sad!! Who hurt him?!

    REAL fans: It's a about a scoo-

    Oliver: SO basically I couldn't wipe my ass for a summer because of a FUCKING PEBBLE.

  10. Adam Woolum

    JNCO coming back

  11. Chill Boi

    this is great content 😌

  12. Ivan Winald1

    *"1,000,000 Music"*

  13. creepy m.l.

    I love this song

  14. Thanos Brick

    People: this son is so sad!

    Oliver: SCÖÖT

  15. butman fly man

    Love this

  16. sunset lover

    Melanie Martinez and Oliver are dating,right?Im new so..

    P.S. I like them both UwU

  17. Rob Blox

    He look like chinese

  18. uchiha rafinha

    O pior é q eu tô viciado nessa musica mano kkkkkkkkkk mt bom


    One like, one pizza 🍕

  20. Aaliyah Uy

    Your the girls friend of Melanie martinez

  21. Gԋ0ƚԋιƈ G

    This is better than those crap rappers.

  22. astronaut boy

    10% you look 20 at the same time 14
    10% (random)
    80% you are vector from Despicable me


    astronaut boy th-that doesn't equal 100%..

    astronaut boy

    Oh shit your right

  23. jack blank

    Good video.

  24. ophelia

    love this guys vibes

  25. im_a_personcina_ shis :D

    How much I love this song😍

  26. N. Campbell Lucio

    this song would never existed if it wasn't for that pebble
    When his hat falls out at 0:49 you can see his real hair
    Girls : this song is so sad

    Oliver Tree: I feel on a rock and I couldn't wipe ass for a week

  27. demo hash


  28. Lady Wolf

    I like your hat

  29. Porsha Marshall

    This song is not that bad

  30. Porsha Marshall

    This shit is bad for kids

  31. lonelyman 148

    What if this song are in suicide squad 2?

  32. You Gay Fam

    He should wear a orange suit with a glass bunble helmet

  33. tieema 1809

    He look like just got drunk

  34. The Epic Waffle

    For a living meme, Oliver’s song bump so hard

  35. Braxton Walston

    Billie: makes vid for bad guy
    Tyler: oh thats cute..
    Oliver: hold my beer

  36. Tommy Johnson

    I like. You

  37. Mosely Greenhill

    2:16, this man died for our shins

  38. jesus

    He cryied while doing the jumping off the building bit but he has a asshole attitude but he works hard but still he could learn some respect

  39. La team NoisetKakao

    *s c o o t*

  40. Алексей Овсянников

    Вижу очень весело живётся людям в Украине!

  41. Questionable Topics

    Why does the song give me nostalgia to something, like an old song I used to like bruh

  42. Slytherox Master


  43. Devin Velderman

    Buddy showed me this song about a week ago and I'm literally pressing replay everytime the song ends 😂😂


    loop biitch. It's 1 AM on a Friday and i'm scrolling through comments. ;-; worth it, tho, these are hilarious.

  44. WMB Hothead

    I feel you oliver tree

  45. Ethan Buhrman

    It’s just talking about death

  46. Claudia Alejandrina Robledo Castro

    Alguien que hable español y sea fan de Oliver ❤️

  47. Dapper :I


  48. sarcastic. kyo

    The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning, huh

  49. Julie Webb


    No one is gonna acknowledge his big red jacket?

  50. it's yo boii frucking faggot

    my man really be looking like gru

  51. Vanessa Wike

    Oliver sucks

  52. Shiro

    „Hurt“s when u fall of the scooter

  53. Continuity Error

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is there a chronological order to these videos?


    No not really most are of shit that’s happened to him or just random crap

  54. Avakin FlamingoYT

    Oliver seems like a crack head in here no cap .-.

  55. CreepingDebt

    Prop Director: So how big do you want the scooter?

    Oliver: Yes

  56. Arslan Kurbanov


  57. HighDef 07

    sexy T-34-85

  58. InFamous Nugget

    1:24 He dabs

  59. VHRA

    it looks like oliver was from the 80s

  60. Ничего Личного.

    location type: Khrushchevka house

  61. doku ree

    How this music video's worth 1 million dollar??

  62. Savanna Smiles

    Cool song but ....WTF did I just watch????

  63. The Real Unknown Editor

    This isn't hurt?

  64. Drama boi

    Girls : this song is so sad
    Oliver Tree: I feel on a rock and I couldn't wipe ass for a week

  65. Triple 12 gaming

    Is this just me but the hat got bigger


    Это в Киеве снимали ?

  67. Stardust Luna

    If Doc Oc was a kid in the 90's

  68. CloneScape

    Are u uncle lucas?

  69. Glenn Quagmire

    You kick A** Olive Tree. I literally watch your videos on repeat when I get for my days. Your just so funny man. Creativity at its finest no doubt.

  70. Музаффар Бабажанов

    Aww... Russia?

  71. Emma Watson is my goddes

    Чисто за этот задний фон можно въебать лайк

  72. s3gund00 009


  73. Jack Daniels

    Видно что в России снимали))0

  74. im_a_personcina_ shis :D



    please go away 💞☺️✨

    im_a_personcina_ shis :D

    Nah, I don't care, maybe you go there you go😊


    @im_a_personcina_ shis :D you’re in the gacha community, you get to leave first 🥰✌️

    im_a_personcina_ shis :D

    @cupidswhore no thanks bitch😊🖕🏻

  75. Hecudo6po OW

    неужели в рашке сняли кайфовый клипак)

    Степашка Степашкович

    в украине

    Hecudo6po OW

    @Степашка Степашкович Toгда 2й на моей памяти хД Мо там еще снимала клип Камикадзе

  76. ALEX ASX

    Alex asx

  77. Skintels

    00:50 FREAK MY HAT!!!

  78. Nux the warboy

    I remember this when the song came out everyone loved it ❤️❤️❤️

  79. Blake music carter

    Take this as you will. Talks about selling his soul. Then dresses as a witch. Pops out a coffin with his eyes rolled back like a demon. Yellow bird fly out of his neck after it gets shot off (yellow bird is an old symbol for the devil) says "there’s lots of demons out here” while dressed in red as he plummets to his death... I’m not religious but.... dope video haha

  80. Donnydonkey

    I listen to this song on 1.25x speed


    Donnydonkey it sounds better thanks

  81. Peter Griffin

    14 year olds: who hurt him

    Oliver tree: a scooter

  82. Игорь Марцев 3D


  83. ilovepancakeswithjam

    FILMED IN, KYIV !!!!, UKRAINE !!!!.

  84. Kadi Your Creator

    I think it was that hair that made whoever he's taking about break up with him


    this song is about his scooter accident 😐

  85. Matusek18

    kto od Kushiego?

    Степашка Степашкович

    а почему ты на английском пишешь?

  86. Chris

    this video is fucking weird but great

  87. drapple chickron

    Ngl Oliver tree looks like vector from decpeciple me

  88. Josue Loa

    I Like lisent your music 🎶

  89. Loko époco

    1:00 a física tá meio diferente.

  90. hannah klotz

    Who’s Oliver? Some gay guy

    Čus Pic

    You are you? Some hater that did nothing in his life. (btw he has gf😳)

  91. Omarcillomg


  92. A Sleep Paralysis Demon

    He lookin *42 and 14* at the same goddamn time

  93. dumduk mj

    Who else came just to see him get decapitated

  94. MALA

    I like how the dog in the video got a little bowl haircut lol so cute