Oliver Tree - Cash Machine Lyrics

Shiny like a limousine
You're spending like a cash machine
Smile, show your golden teeth
That's how you cover up your cavities

You're glowing like a diamond ring
I saw you bought some other things
You're spending like a cash machine
To cover up your insecurities
Don't front, no need

When is it enough?
How bad do you need that stuff?
What's it all for?
Why's it seem like you still want more?

When is it enough?
Turns out you don't need that stuff
What's it all for?
Why's it seem like you still want more?

Shiny like a limousine
You're spending like a cash machine
Smile, show your golden teeth
That's how you cover up your cavities
You're not fooling us all

Someone tell me something
Shut up and take my money
I've got pockets full of gold
No, I don't know nothing

Stop acting funny
I've seen greedy people hungry
Up in swarms, I've seen them running
Coming for more

When is it enough?
How bad do you need that stuff?
What's it all for?
Why's it seem like you still want more?

When is it enough?
Turns out you don't need that stuff
What's it all for?
Why's it seem like you still want more?

Shiny like a limousine
You're spending like a cash machine
Smile, show your golden teeth
That's how you cover up your cavities
You're not fooling us all

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Oliver Tree Cash Machine Comments
  1. Gaming Extremists

    Gta Online players can relate

  2. Foxxy Melanie

    Respect ✊

  3. Ooopshie

    When you realize the Album is just around the corner..
    Hell yeah.

  4. Me Zap Rosdower

    Those jetski stunts are nuts

  5. Clueless Valkyrie88

    Cash Machine. If the Sultan of Brunei was a song

  6. Johny o.o

    Dam..... Rowley from dairy of a wimpy kid had a glow up

  7. Big Tone

    Best Oliver tree song

  8. Wot um Okay

    I love how spending like a cash machine sounds like spinning like a wash machine

  9. YourMamaSo HairyFakeAccount

    I need a Joji and Oliver Tree collab right now!!!!!!!!

  10. ghostofpol

    Kinda sucks that this song is so basic... Sounds like it was randomly pulled out of the old pop song bin

  11. Cookiesisgood23

    Deluxos be hitting different tho

  12. Jk Jack

    I got an ad for gta 5 watching this 😂

  13. Jk Jack


    Me in gta online:

  14. Jk Jack

    How much did your deluxo cost?

  15. KeairlBouryp

    OMG. I didn't know vector from despicable me stopped his crime career and now is rapping!

  16. Devon Clem

    This music video makes me think of GTA online

  17. d d

    It's super funny how no one's even given me a negative reply by now

  18. d d

    Greedy people acting hungry coming for more thank you for your soft-disclosure but it still does not absolve you of your responsibilities for what you have signed on to I'm telling you right now Oliver or whatever your real name is this is not going to work out well for you you might as well Abandon Ship while you still got a chance😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

  19. ConariusKillgore17

    Girls: billie eilish is my inspiration


  20. Wolf’s Bayne

    I wonder if this is the same never-ending limo Joji is running inside of in “Run”

  21. Гончаров Гончаров

    He was on the fucking DeLorean!!!

  22. Danilu Brawl


  23. wheatleyafton

    im sorry but is that the riff from nirvana - in bloom or am i insane

  24. Ondreyy

    new gta V update looking kinda cool

  25. Tyler Ghost

    That is a great song very well produced and written love the mix of guitar and edm

  26. Gerard Fucking Way

    this is music?

  27. Thomas Beaston

    Them Mfers jacked his ride

  28. Black Belt Panda

    This is gru with a bowl cut

  29. Denny Hu

    he looks like he's gonna shake nemo in a plastic bag really hard

  30. MonReese

    Post Malone would sound so much better singing this

  31. Pdot Pedro

    Am I the only one that finds him weird but fire 🔥

  32. YEAH JOW!

    The KARMA baby

  33. Mechanic Mike

    I love the concept of this man.

  34. Juu

    im sick of this bowl head cyka coming up on my recommended

  35. Asger LT

    Music starts at 00:14

  36. dani cali

    lol he's completely mad. love it. and he must be an effing nightmare to work with. however, saying that, he's also a cash cow, so they let him do what he wants. good for him. and if it was true that he was pretending to be the video director from Ukraine when they were shooting "hurt" so he could get the budget increased, then brilliant. if you haven't seen the making of "hurt", it's a must see.

  37. Ricky B

    My cousin Andrew had that haircut when we were kids. 🤣😂

  38. Wave Commotion

    Still waiting for him doing a collab with Melanie Martinez 😊🛴🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

  39. Zandra tahy

    He looks like that meme I'm gay

  40. Mell

    i WaNT mElAniE anD OLiVER TO cOLlABBbbB

  41. TheEboySkater

    This sounds like “Rape me” By nirvana

    Ivy Anelim

    im pretty sure they both just have a similar chord progression,, but i thought so too the first time i heard it

  42. Jotaro Kujo

    This is such a GTAV video
    Ex: Water jetpack

  43. Chrissyblou Lam

    More predicive programming from The iluminatti Global Elites. Looks like they are making fun of the wealthy Chinese trying to escape The Coronavirus Outbreak, hence the men chasing him in hazmat suits. The little legs with the red shoes is telling too. Anyone who's been following Pizzaagate . knows what that means. Then we see in the end, he's swimming through Coronavirus with a mask on his face, right before the virus explodes. Nice play illuminatti but we see through your symbolism.🔺👠💥

  44. Dinis Amante

    Why does Oliver tree look like vector .pls help!!??

  45. that weeb that likes nirvana

    1:19 big mood

  46. Rixxq minivan

    What if you can’t cover your cavities if your not a cash machine..?

  47. Ice Bear

    Top three favorite artists
    Oliver Tree

  48. Sp3ktrum

    Can't wait to see you at Splendour, Finally some real good artists coming to Byron Bay :)

  49. SugaryxSweet CryBaby

    I honestly love that I knew Melendez from insta because I would never knew who this man was just now

  50. Ismael Acevedo

    he's vector from Despicable Me

    trey murbach

    check his ig... he knows.

  51. jacko

    this will be a bomb fifa song

  52. Cecelia Barbera

    he looks so happy in this video

  53. YeahImAGamer

    pink guy but remaid by oliver tree

  54. Atheistic Illusion

    “Sounds like the end of the world.”

  55. Sensible Tiger0

    Am I the only one smelling that teen spirit?

  56. BryaNTCrafTy

    Whats it all for?

    Oliver tree: a video

  57. Vincenzo Fazzino

    oliver tree: you dont need much to be happy
    also oliver tree: fucking flies with a water jetpack

  58. IV_Spazzy

    No one:
    Me after buying the deluxo in gta 0:43

  59. Sleeping Always

    *when you do that glitch on gtaV that gets you a ton of money*

  60. El's Eggos

    when did vector and mr. o'hare have a son???

  61. Slappy D.

    Is it odd I like his haircut 😬😆

  62. imasnnake

    Dissing the people that flex money, jewelry, expensive clothes

  63. Dinga ling

    Sharing is caring

  64. Deaven Wink

    I watch this daily

  65. tazy scrat

    Where is my mind ? Anyone ? Pixies ?

  66. Misha Stovbun

    Your clips are amazing

  67. Vladislav Sharapov

    Слава Украине!

  68. King Blu

    Clicking dislike on a oliver tree video is a sin.

  69. Sierra_ BL0X

    Mel's Boyfriend💖 🤗❤

  70. San Saitama

    might just be me but, meleanie martinez and oliver should collab.

  71. Mike0o0 Animates


  72. Joshoa Ahn

    Reminds me of a certain song made by a pink man

  73. Felix games movies and more

    Am i the only one that feels bad for the people at 1:09?

  74. The bearded hamster

    I hate to admit it but he's actually a good singer

  75. JEEZ

    Why do the best songs always come out on my birthday!? 😂💗

  76. Henry Morgan

    When your wife takes your credit card

  77. PixelWolke

    Not enough views at all considering that this is a fucking awesome song

  78. ARLIE

    I thought It was a deluxo lol

  79. magangg

    No one:
    GTA online n***as be like:
    1:19 - 1:33

  80. Shawn Damkani

    You are a great addition to H.O.P.E
    Humanity On Planet Earth , when i heard you say fuck money i knew you understand how money allows for fear & corruption.
    💚 your vibe

  81. Kenniff Kanniff

    Guitar tabs anyone?

  82. Gary Gammons

    He looks like vector

  83. faktmocop týpek

    keš mešín bý lajk bruh

  84. Mista Blue

    I like listening to artists when they have something to say. I love Oliver (no homo) because of the fact that he has experience and knows what he wants to do with his life. I've had a much nicer time ever since I started listening to his music mid 2019

  85. 2:40 me when I’m taking a sh*t


    Billie Elish: my videos are so creative
    Oliver Tree: h0ld my sc00ter boy 😈🛴

  87. Randy Butternubs

    I hope Oliver Tree makes more songs like this one with a 90s hip hop like beat. I love this style. Especially combined with that guitar. Also, this song plays in my head whenever I use money to kill someone in a videogame. Like the predatory lending in Borderlands 3 or the Sen throw in Sekiro.

  88. Sp1r1tz 4 l1fe

    why is this guy not on my radio ;((((

  89. EsDestroyer

    Relatable but nto really cuase poor

  90. Roy Romero

    He met u in hi school

  91. Roy Romero

    Oliver can u make a song about roy


    Muito boa minha namorada me recomendou adorei

  93. Alex The Rat

    Melanie and Oliver are the best song writers with the best freaky music videos.

  94. SpaceToaster100

    He’s got that gta 5 deluxo

  95. Avery Havice

    Yellow guy went😠

    Oliver went😠🖕🏻

  96. MellowJelly

    collab with melanie soon :D ?

  97. superbadgerdoom

    Never stop.

  98. Filippo ok

    En serio! Este artista me encanta

  99. anna tomhave