Oingo Boingo - Cinderella Undercover Lyrics

When I was young, my mind would always wander away
I couldn't talk; never had nothin' to say
But now I'm grown; nothing much seems to have changed
I think I'm going insane, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Is this a fairytale; are you the Seven Dwarves?
Did Snow White really die while fighting in the war?
They were the only friends I ever trusted
Now they're scattered and livin' in the city
Unlisted numbers, huh

Cinderella undercover
I say, better alive than dead

The war is coming, but there's nothing much that we can do
Stuck in a payphone, but the operator won't let me through
I close my eyes, but the memories burn in my brain
I think I'm going insane

I heard a rumor: They said it's gone nuclear
I stockpile cigarettes and double-bolt the door
A sanctuary for all my friends
We'll stay in bed until the world ends
So please don't wake me; I gotta get some sleep

Cinderella undercover
I say, better alive than dead
I think I'm going insane

Is this a fairytale? This can't be real
There's fighting all around
They're shooting in the fields
They say that values change when hunger or ambition strikes
Survival is essential at any cost or any price
The cartoon animals on Old McDonald's farm
Are nodding off in hotel rooms with needles in their arms
The Seven Dwarves
Well, there's only four alive today
Cinderella's working for the CIA

Cinderella, the fairytale's over
You should know; you got the scars to prove it
And your skin isn't as soft as it used to
But I don't care; come on, you said it, baby

Cinderella undercover
I say, better alive than—
Cinderella undercover
I say, better alive than dead

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Oingo Boingo Cinderella Undercover Comments
  1. louielucifer

    :-) :-) Awesome song!!!

  2. Nodium Amoko

    Love this song Cinderella is the best of the best

  3. AngieEnz84

    Love this song.

  4. redd

    Seriously, I’m the first comment?

    Calum Duffy