Oingo Boingo - Burn Me Up Lyrics

I would like to be a martyr
Over time, it's getting harder
Who do I have to go and kill
To get my face on a dollar bill

Every single time I look,
Someone else has beat me to it
Some poor bastard bites the dust
I really don't know who to trust
But there's one thing I can't deny:
I'd rather it was me they fried
Have a drink from an empty cup
Light a match and burn me up

I'm exhausted; I'm committed
I'm outsmarted; I'm outwitted
My head's filled with dynamite
It's coming out of my ears at night

I think I am being watched
Electric eyes that never turn off
Radar beams insinuating
Evil thoughts while I'm masturbating
And even my old Trinitron,
It's comin' through when nothing's on
Have a drink from an empty cup
Light a match and burn me up


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Oingo Boingo Burn Me Up Comments
  1. SoulDaddy33

    And you say he has hearing issues? Really.

    That does suck. Hope they can fix him.

  2. Nicolas Campbell

    Oingo Boingo sound like a punk band on this song I wonder why its never been on any of their albums it's great

  3. Nicolas Campbell

    This has got to be the most punk Oingo Boingo song

  4. taras

    Can't. stop.

  5. Scoop Maloop

    DAMN, I wish there was a remastered version of this. 

    "And they're full of beans...if ya know what I mean." ...No, no we don't. But that's why we love you.

    Lisa Parker


    Oingo Boingo Tapes

    Scoop Maloop There is a proper mix of this performance on the Farewell CD. The DVD audio wasnt so good. Amazing show, even though with this song.. I think you had to ‘be there’ haha

  6. Brent Bailey

    The only Oingo Boingo song that I know of that has a thrash metal influence to it.

  7. Jackie Milan

    I love Danny Elfman's smile. Good lord. *dies*

  8. raynsung

    dont you worry nutstothis, i will give this vid enough views to go to 1000!

  9. demogoblin2

    Duuude good lookin', uploading this. Fantastic DVD.