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Scientists are nihilists with good imaginations

I am satisfied, hiding in our friend's apartment
Only leaving once a day to buy some groceries
Daylight, I'm so absent minded, nighttime meeting new anxieties
So am I erasing myself? Hope I'm not erasing myself

I guess it would be nice to give my heart to a god
But which one, which one do I choose?
All the churches filled with losers, psycho or confused
I just want to hold the divine in mind
And forget all of the beauties wasted

Let's fall back to earth and do something pleasant
We fell back to earth like gravity's bitches
Physics makes us all its bitches

I guess it would be nice to help in your escape
From patterns your parents designed
All the party people dancing for the indie star
But he's the worst faker by far
But in the set, I forget all of the beauties wasted

I guess it would be nice
Show me that things can be nice
I guess it would be nice
Youre trapped
Show me that things can be nice

You've got my back in the city
You've got my back, 'cause I don't want to panic
You've got my back in the city
You've got my back, 'cause I don't want to panic

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Of Montreal Gronlandic Edit Comments
  1. Polyvinyl Records

    of Montreal's new album UR FUN is shipping now ahead of next week's release date !!! 🎁💝https://plyvnyl.co/urfun

  2. brendo thedude

    They are amazing live. Holy shit.

  3. InkAndPaint Dept.

    *physics makes us all it's bitches*

  4. Matthew Vincent Archer

    I am very thankful this song was made. Holy shit.

  5. dexterter

    Thank you so much Spotify suggestions!!!! This is why I love Spotify more than any other music streaming service. They get me!!

  6. Steve Thomas

    Dude, I'll have one of whatever your are taking!

  7. Jennifer Shoulders

    Reminds me of this from sesame st


  8. hannah

    i swear to god this is the best song to listen to when high

    Lucas Rezende

    Been there doing that af

  9. Nicolette Gonzalez

    and foooOOOooOOrgeEeet

  10. hunterswine


  11. its rory!

    the harmonics kill me every time <3

  12. Felix Mack

    So is this what drugs do?
    This is actually amazing though and it’s a inspiration. I found thing song when I was listening to music trying to sleep and then it went to “recommend” and I found this, in happy.

  13. Lilsterss

    I still love this song.

  14. Naysha Sedano


  15. Ella Tuesday Tennant

    flight of the conchords??

  16. Denkkiデンキー

    eu vi esse clipe num canal de TV daqui de Brasília mano to traumatizado MT bom

  17. Nashla Suárez

    Viva mexico putos 🇲🇽❤️

  18. mgh griezm


  19. Rpodnee

    The epitome of hipster indie music.

  20. Fairy Acids

    I’m 14 jamming to bands no one my age knows well hellooo

  21. jesus

    bohemian rhapsody for crackheads

  22. Jotaro Kujo

    Stave it off, one two three, and now you can count to three...

  23. André Vedor


  24. Marty Wacker

    Physics makes us all its bitches is quite the tongue twister

  25. The Full Mental Alchemist

    Who here is listening to this in their current time and place?

  26. TurtleKake ٠

    What did my eyes just witness...?

  27. Rob Fraser

    Man, it's very rare I call a song shite, but this is shite. And I listen to Ween ffs, so i'm not sure why this doesn't tickle my berries.

  28. PopTartNeko


  29. Snekkerdoodles

    I listened to this shit as a kid but without any music videos, and honestly this is exactly the image I put to the song

  30. Frenzy and The 6

    What is this

  31. Eduardo Magalhaes

    Brazilian fã

  32. Iury França

    who needs marijuana or LSD?

  33. Bob Machine

    Physics makes us all its bitches

  34. Jon Cowell

    Physics makes us all its bitches

  35. Brendan Makar

    So indie bruh

  36. Grle Ariya

    2019 lol

  37. Iris Celeste Villa

    2019, anyone?

  38. miss love

    amo los colores 😍😍😍

  39. OnLyLaGcAnSaVeU PS4

    Ahh we meet again after many years apart

  40. 전문가손을 넣는

    reminds me of sparks

  41. World Trade and Stock Unlimited Ltd.

    2007 was an amazing year for music.

  42. Ben Zandpour

    Legalize shrooms! 😀

  43. Julio

    If you like music that comes straight from the heart, come check out this channel!
    I know Spam is terrible, but us musicians have to stick together )

  44. Akram Safirul

    Found this playing randomly on spotify while im working on assignment lol

  45. dr ortiz

    fresh Montana brought my ass here

  46. Sean Kavanaugh

    Dennis Reynolds at 3:10

  47. Erick Fuentes

    Soy el unico que la busco por el video de la galleta de la foltuna? :v

    Bryam Gustavo Ortega

    Cual es ese video?

  48. Tayane Cristine

    música mais estranha que eu já escutei kkkkkk porém, amo

  49. KoasterKing 205

    The church is filled with losers! XD

  50. Bryam Gustavo Ortega

    Un porrito y esta canción...... Uffff!!

  51. Vica Rugerio

    Vengo por la galleta de la suerte xD


    Yo también jaja

  52. Marco Reyes

    Música vrgaaaaaa

  53. danyqueen

    Esta canción es buenísima y apenas me voy enterando de su existencia.

  54. sariel singer

    big shit musicaly really boring

  55. plexi les paul

    And you call this music?

  56. Oddball Renegade


  57. FiverHaze

    Can anyone tell me who the people are in the line up @1:19

    Pau Lizana Manuel

    They are in order:
    José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, expresident of Spain
    Pilar Rahola, Catalan journalist
    José Montilla, Catalan Expresident
    Josep Cunit, Catalan Journalist

  58. barkbarkbarkbarkable

    Physics makes us all it's Bitches !

  59. 我你

    Time to pretend music video on a budget

  60. Jeronimo Grimaldi

    This is the only song that's worth by the band.

  61. Azael Yescas Martinez

    Está rola esta genial como ninguna ✌👍👍👍👍👍

  62. Fabian cruz lopez

    Esta cancion me encataaa

  63. Cole St. Clair

    Listen to Niagara Moon pls, he is fantastic and he is so underrated

  64. Wood Gecko

    sounds like beatles... and pulled it off too... impossible...

  65. Robert Hansen

    Which god, there are som many I don't chose one.

  66. Rami Zureikat

    This is the shittiest thing I've ever heard (and watched)

  67. Academics At Work Jax

    All I listened to summer of 2010. Awesome album.

  68. Caos Stein

    Mds q música viajada. Ri na parte do "ah ah ah ah ah ah ah" e me assustei no gritinho dele.

  69. Kamimash

    feels like Phoenix

  70. Brisa Tatiana

    2018 anyone?

  71. Verónica Medina

    Escuchando esta rola bien high

  72. Christos Polydorou

    We are not worthy

  73. David Serafín

    Nrmal coming soon....

  74. Pau Lizana Manuel

    Well, I know I am 10 years late, but there's a moment in the song where important Catalan politicians and journalists from that year appear (Pilar Rahola, José Montilla)... Does anyone knows something about this?

  75. Elías R. Polo


  76. cachetona

    Oh high school memories !

  77. Jenka8u

    I'm actually glad I'm not watching this on LSD...just a little cannabis oil.
    Otherwise I think I'd be freaked.

  78. Moviesmusicme

    Maybe just listen to this song without fucking drugs.
    It’s still incredible and so is all their music.

  79. nestor aguilera debauche

    geniL CHE

  80. Reos

    Listening on October 10, 2017 haha

  81. RubyCake16

    This video will grab your soul and not let it go

  82. Margarita Martinez. Martinez


  83. Pedro Valencia

    This is a good song to listen to when you're high!!!

  84. Miguel Lee

    This song speaks to my soul

  85. Aylin

    Queen and Alt-J dropped acid & made a drug baby 🥀

  86. SpinTic

    First time I saw this music video I was stoned af and it was a great experience

  87. Richard Fukuda

    Looks like somebody took a ton of carbolic acid, discovered ms paint for the first time and threw it all together into Flash. I love it.

    Kham Zap

    I really hope you aren't taking carbolic acid to get high? Best you'll get is a nasty chemical burn

  88. Sebastiaan Hoftijzer

    The whitest boy alive dipped in color

  89. Deanna

    This is the best music video ever.

  90. Craig Keeling

    ahead of its time

  91. Christopher R.R.

    yeah this whole song is quotable. duh. this is of Montreal .... witches

  92. Cooper von Bruhns

    Uploaded in 2007??? How am I just now finding this amazing song?!

    Nelson Teixeira Photography

    I only found this a few days ago...

    Fergus O'Brien

    This week! Love it

    Lil Gang

    I knooooow! I just did it

  93. Zippy

    Looks like a flash from 2001.

  94. Sebastian Whitcomb

    I'm fairly religious and i fuck with this so much lmfao that weird?

  95. Caroline Moore

    This is what I want right now.