Of Montreal - Family Nouveau Lyrics

It's crazy to think
How I was living like a prisoner
But now I am free
Not tied to a past I never wanted anyway

Life before I met you
Was just a bunch of yesterdays
But now I worry I've invested too much
Because when you're away from me
Everything just gets so ugly

Giving you my heart was not a mistake - I don't regret it
And though it shook up my friends
I hope that they know that I still love them all the same
I just had to move on
And start my grown-up life with you
You and me and our little Alabee

My god, it happened to me
I really have my own family

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Of Montreal Family Nouveau Comments
  1. Jonathan Adams

    This band will be regarded as one of the truly greatest bands of all time. David Bowie and Of Montreal are both very different but looking back 50 years from now both of these artists will be remembered and held ona pedestal in a similar light. And they are just getting better too. I just saw them in Ithaca NY and left feeling that these guys are in their creative peak. Kevin Barnes is definitely multiple people in one body. Probably the pterodactyls

  2. Jacqui805

    Damn.  I wish I saw them when these guys were all together.

  3. Andrew Gorgeous-son

    Kinda sad, i didn't get a chance to see them with this line up, saw this band live for the first time in 2013

    Andrew Gorgeous-son

    Feel i should note they were still fucking fantastic

  4. soyboysoyboy

    I'm perplexed about two things. Why did James throw the keyboard at 25:12 and what was said to the cameraman at 32:50 ?

    Mak Morrisey

    what was said at 32:50: "heard what he said. no disputing it"

  5. MoonBlossom

    God, I really love this band so much. How they sound like really early rock at times, but have so many modern sounds implemented. Of Montreal is truly legendary.

  6. Lee Zenkin

    Why all the phucking push ups?

  7. Eilish Henderson

    "at least it will be an interesting disaster" ohohoho i love these guys so much

  8. EegaaD

    Karaoke in Glasgow was hilarious

  9. UltimatePsych

    well, i was supposed to be doing a philosophy paper, but this was more fun! Randomness. Loved watching it, i loved watching kevin and david together, i also have an awesome brother so it was cool to see them getting along. yay, now back to la escuela.

  10. Ed Preti

    10:04 is worth the movie

  11. ForbiddenVegetable

    How can he seem so gay, but not be so? The defiance of logic bewilders me.

  12. pereiraelcristian


  13. HelenWheelsWheels

    most perfect thing ever

  14. Fawn Quixote

    yay! finally...

  15. Louis Dackombe

    made my birthday <3

  16. Adel Weisz

    you have a beautiful voice, you should sing.


  17. Logan Walters

    sweet jesus i needed this.. also ITS ABOUT TIME!

  18. Erin Corbett

    You weren't kidding about the push-ups.

  19. vito aiolfi

    "Caught in bed with another man…If you didn't cheat, why were you naked?"

  20. Andrew Saunders

    This is so cool

  21. Coolmanweezer123

    Of Montreal I love so much. The sounds of The Gay Parade and Early Four Track Recordings still echo the nostalgia of my freshmen year in high school. I know you don't typically play any OMM1 in your sets, but im seeing you in Chicago soon for the third time and I would be eternally grateful if you could play the old classic "Big Titted Sluts". Please Of Montreal do it for me. Truly your biggest fan, Sean Romanowski

  22. Luke Shields

    God I needed this

  23. Kevin Nacht

    This made my day

  24. editrrix

    Lovely, though I'd still love to see Nina and David's animated take on the oM mythology in all its incarnations.