Of Mice & Men - Still YDG'N Lyrics

You play these games, baby honestly?
It's such a shame, you think you control me
Control my life, and everything around
I've got my feet on solid ground

I'm gonna push you away, with every word that you say
I'm gonna push you away, away…

I've let you win too many times
If I gave you my life
it'd be my demise. I'll keep my pride

This is what I have become in my life
I won't be deterred by your guilt or your strife
These are the words back and forth in my mind
I won't be brought down by your games and your pride

Sinking apologies, knowing you're leaving me on my own
Sinking apologies, knowing you're leaving me, all alone

You won't bring me down. I've got my feet on solid ground
You won't bring me down. I've got my feet on solid ground

You said you'd stay, then left me alone
I can't believe you're fine with what you've done
Never again, I've watched you change with time
Your heart is filled with cold, your mouth is full of lies

If I gave you my life it'd be my demise
I'll keep my pride, I've let you win too many times

Sinking apologies, knowing you're leaving me on my own
Sinking apologies, knowing you're leaving me, all alone. All alone

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Of Mice & Men Still YDG'N Comments
  1. Between Now And Forever Official

    Still bangin'

  2. Fly Superable

    2020 still dont know what YDG means.
    "YouDisGrace" perhaps?


    I think it stands for "ya dig" not sure the back story tho lol

  3. Buck The Ripper

    stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllll YDG'N

  4. Pickin Pickens

    I've let you win too many times

  5. ReushK

    what a fucking song

  6. AmericanMetalhead100

    OM&M died when Austin Carlile left. A part of me is glad he found God, but the caveat is that we'll most likely never hear this kind of stuff from him again...

  7. Kyle Murray

    This song fucking SMACKS!

  8. Jimin Park

    Still 2019

  9. MTB Mike

    the beeps always annoyed me. i thought it was a problem with my speakers. Its in a couple songs as well.

  10. SexyHobosRus

    Remember when OM&M was good?

  11. La Luna

    I'm still d'gn

  12. Raydog 97

    Shay had a badass bass tone 🤘😝🤘

  13. JUST

    still on this motherfuckin record

  14. Cooper Drums



    This is so much better than the boook

  16. The Black Dahlia Nigga

    It’s about Austin’s ex wife

  17. Muhammad Bayu

    Sayang austin dah risegn ya

  18. Raydog 97

    This song is in Drop C for anybody who plays guitar or bass.

    Fun Fact: Did you know that when Of Mice & Men first started playing Still YDG’N live that they played it in Drop C# for a little while?

    Well the reason why they played it in a higher key was because Still YDG’N was the only song released from The Flood and at the time they mostly had songs from their first album in their live sets and the first album was all recorded in Drop C#. Purified and I’m A Monster we’re also uptuned as well when they first started playing those live. After The Flood was fully released they ended up playing Still YDG’N, Purified and I’m A Monster in their original key finally and downtuning songs the first album to the key of The Flood songs which is Drop C.


    Raydog 97 Comments like these make me happy. Cool information

    Raydog 97

    NightwingX012 Thanks man 🤘


    Thanks for the random fact, not being sarcastic I actually like knowing lil things like that. THE MORE YOU KNOW lol

  19. ONE

    What is mean ydg???

  20. Trent Wilson

    Who's still YDG'N


    Trent R Wilson Forever YDG'N

  21. Kyle S. Smith

    came here after listening to Still YDGn to hear what the real OM&M sounds like

  22. Logan Williams

    Came back to listen before “forever ydg’n”

  23. Logan Williams

    Came back to listen before “forever ydg’n”

  24. Abel

    This song has a part 3 coming on the new Album with Aaron on vocal! it's called "Forever YDG'n" so everyone who is gonna check this song after listening to part 3 of the Defy album, please like this comment

    Ian Waldrop

    Forever YDG'N is awesome!

    leo mendez

    YDG and Still YDG'N are the superiors compared to Forever YDG'N

  25. Shayley Bourget

    Shayley God

  26. KINGHS P97

    So they're doing another part of this

  27. Adele Wallner

    1:10 apologies yEaEaH

  28. Troll Man

    So what's the title mean

  29. Shayley Bourget

    When shayley sing i fall apart

  30. Mitchell Hanks

    tbh i liked restoring force and the flood a lot so i have no complaints

  31. yogi burr

    this song is SO fucking dirty.
    this is my OM&M

  32. Andu Needle

    their best album. should've kept it this way. restoring force is a pretty weak album in comparison with this

  33. Kennedy Crevoiserat

    One of my favorites by them. Its one you can always turn on and just jam to. Hope your doing well Austin you are one of my favorite vocalists and ive been a fan since attack attack

  34. PandaVault

    Rest In peace Of Mice & Men.. You will forever be my favorite band

    Remember Me

    I know Austin left but, that doesn't mean that Aaron, Phil, Alan, and Tino won't be successful. Have you heard Aaron scream on JE he's great I don't know if he'll scream in the future of this band. But as much as I love Austin I love the whole band just as much. I love Shay and Aaron equally they're both amazing. But don't give up on Of Mice & Men just because Shay and Austin has left. Who knows Aaron might make beautiful music. This will be a surprise to what Aaron has in store.

    Igor Benevides

    @Remember Me well, now you know. Yes, he can. How to survive is incredible

  35. L Jay

    I think this is the band's best album, I really miss Shay

  36. xXEzYmOnEyXx

    They peaked so soon........... such a shame.

  37. three dollar bill, yall

    Why so poor audio quality?

    Gishman The Fishman

    It was released 5 years ago. The audio files uploaded weren't as good as iTunes or CD files

  38. Felix Dominguez

    at 0:18 he's constipated

  39. Clyde Lancaster

    say can I borrow a cheese ittt hahaha


    Hahahaha dude I heard it as soon as I saw your comment.

    Clyde Lancaster

    haha its hilarious bro

    Arcata GB

    +hellzdeathmetal Same here. 10/10 would circumstances again.

  40. Nidia Quiriarte

    at some point it sounds like he's saying:"won't break my toe' (oml,haha)

  41. Jefferri Andrews

    So many songs on this album, goddamn!

  42. sadspacy

    Came out on my bday. Sweet.

  43. B DD

    Many people don't realize that this is somewhat of a breakup song, hahaha.

    John Slop

    +B DD thank you for sharing that :]


    could you explain?


    nevermind, just read over the lyrics

    B DD

    Oh my god, I didn't even realize that there were lyrics in the description. I am such a fucking idiot.

  44. Desolation of Taye


  45. Johni Autumn

    By far my favourite OMAM album

    Ralph b


    Arron Soupene

    hell yea they started it all for e,once i heard them i was like fuck im in love

  46. Victoria Hatzson

    such a killing song! one of the best of the album

  47. DefectiveFilmsStudio

    WTF happened to this band? They're 90s nu--metal trash now. Go back to this, plz?


    they still play some old songs live

  48. Joey Polish

    They're last good, so called "heavy" album in my humble opinion this iw aht i want to listen when i want to get hyped along with the album before this. New stuff is good but there are not as many breakdwons, i get they wanted to firther their musical talent which is fine, but i think is truly the last good heavy album by them

  49. Mele owo

    Know when to refil

  50. Mele owo

    Another refill

  51. Michael Lasseigne

    Just the start of the fuckin song is great 😩😩😩

  52. Shane Malone

    This my favorite band

  53. rockNroll

    +Tori Teem YDG = ya dig?

  54. LETHE

    ahhh now THIS is how i want to remember them always!

  55. Tori Teem

    What does YDG stand for 

    Joshua Ramos

    that's a good question 😂😂😂😐😐😐


    Still ya diggin?


    You Dig? Still Ya Diggin?

    Sundrely !

    Although it’s been answered, the fist song “YDG”, stands for YaDiG , and this song stands for Still YaDiGgiN?

  56. Yung Juicebox

    I miss this of mice and men ;-;


    We'll always miss austin Carlile..

    Hawk Eye

    im not , they already had Aaron Pauley to replace both of Shayley and Austrin Carlile

    Dream Eater

    @Hawk Eye Aaron can't compare to either. They'll never be as good.


    Hawk Eye nothing will be better then the both of them in this band.. I’ve looked at this band and the same as a lot of other bands even outside of this genre. Might be weird on this YouTube page but like motley if you take one of them out the music just don’t make sense to a lot people.

  57. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Hey you all should check out my band From The Pyre's live cover of this from our first show! Please Thanks and Subscribe

  58. Fu Ahole

    Haha I love how at 0:15 it's so intense, it's like he's loading that scream all the way down from his asshole, most pissed of scream sound I've heard I think :D

  59. Nates Covers

    my bass cover of this song is SHIT.


    ...i see what you did there

    Seyunta Dotson

    Bruh lmfao 👀

  60. Emma Bursey

    1:05 - Say, can I borrow a Cheeze-it?

    Laurel Ave

    lmfao haha

    Chris Holland

    Emma Bursey he actually said "Sinking Apologize Yeah" it's like a long note to that lyric. But i have to admit, it did sound like he was begging for a Cheeze-It.



    Raydog 97

    Emma Bursey This made my day 😂😂😂

    Raydog 97

    Emma Bursey I'm probably not going to hear the song the same after this but I don't care, I love Of Mice & Men and Cheeze-Its.

  61. YA Boi

    Intense headbang at 1:46

  62. Ricardo Fuentes

    Damn what a song ! :D That Breakdown at 1:45 :D this my favorite album ever from them and i thought restoring force was but this totally beats man i like this austin better and their vocalist shaley Aaron must of killed it all i mean he's good too but i like the hardcore gutiar and drums riff they used to have :D

  63. Cool band

  64. Screamode is cool but I like metal

    Le Ralle

    @Damian RAMOS this is metalcore not screamo

    Jay The Hypnotoad

    @Damian RAMOS Screamo isn't even a genre.

  65. Leandra Franco

    one of my favorite bands 😍👌

  66. Melia Baby

    Of mice and men is the best band ever

    Melia Baby

    +Kris Slayton first off i posted that comment over a year ago. My music taste has changed alot & I barely even listen to this band anymore. So fuck off :)

    Melia Baby

    +Kris Slayton boy, i listen to trap music. I can't even remember the last time I listened to this shit.

  67. suga. bb

    Tbh I like this album so much more than restoring force.

    Emo Penguin7

    @Justin Kovach x

    Justin Kovach

    Exactly. I mean yeah Pauley does a fine job with vocals and Bass. But shay stood out a little more in my opinion. 


    lol, i like restoring force better, but this one is my second fave out of all of theirs. :)

    Pond Gameplays

    @Justin Kovach yeah

    This Broken World

    Lets not forget how good their first album is.

  68. Willito Garrett

    This band, and the amity affliction are my favorite bands! ^.^ i grew up to hip hop and rap, but im a huge fan of metal core, metal, death metal etc

  69. Disaster Peace

    Simple riff to this song, but I fucking love it. This is OM&M's best album in my opinion. Restoring Force is great too but this one just had one hell of a punch.

  70. MarsisRedx

    shayley :c

  71. Gabi

    Who is the other singer's name?

  72. HereSinging

    I love Of Mice & Men

  73. Patrick Villano

    “These are the words back and forth in my mind, 
    I won’t be brought down by your games and your pride.” - Still YGD'n 

  74. Dalton Bennett

    I think we can all thank Alan Ashby for this song! (im pretty sure they said it was his idea to bring this song "back" if not please correct me!)


    and phil dont u think?

  75. Daniel Prince Travels

    Why dont they play second and seabring?

    Yessi Vlogs

    its to emotional for Austin, at least thats what i heard 

    Nell O'Rourke Stopka

    second and SEBRING.

    Highkey Allpressure

    @Nell O'Rourke Stopka lol seabring

    Libby Hudson

    bring me sea!

    Madeline Zaucha

    Cuz they dont have the same singer as they did then😏😏😏

  76. tristananvilcaster

    Can't wait to see live

    Billy Fishkins

    what videos havent u commented on lol

    Trey Flair

    So gay...I can barely say it with a straight face...



  77. Ana Motionless

    148 people thought the dislike button was the like button. Sucks for them.

    alice margereta

    156 people have sinking apologies

    everytime's the first time

    @alice margereta make that 161

  78. Patrick Gaughan

    I love this song.

  79. NoththePlagueBringer

    fuck google plus

  80. xA-r-K

    O.O The breakdown at 1:45 gives me chills, absolutely amazing :D. Keep it up guys

    Keagan Oberton

    Saaaammmeeee.... absolutely amazing! <3


    @Keagan Oberton Yep

  81. Luna Spellman

    Fuck yea

  82. Exeqted Gaming

    If they didnt add lyrics to their videos.. I'd be so lost. Amazing music oml too good.

  83. einarntz

    shh.. gggggggrrrrrrrro.. AHH

  84. Shaina Kirsch

    I hope ya'll realize that Alan wrote this entire song by himself. If you don't believe me, here's the interview that proves it. http://www.altpress.com/features/entry/track_by_track_of_mice_men  

    katie redding

    <3 that profile pic tho... SQUIDGY

    Shaina Kirsch

    Haha, thankies. :3

  85. Auriella Ortiz

    love this song!

  86. parafan1196

    Shayley sings the cleans

  87. sandpit turtle

    who is actually singing?, is it alan?

    Michael Gary Scott


  88. Rose casey

    plz dont be haters i grew up with this music well this and suicide silence but im not hating ur music well except for justin beiber i mean why did mitch lucker have to die he never spitted on his fans like jb did in my own words and every mitch fan FUCK YOU JUSTIN BEIBER

    Laurence Gagnon

    I hate jb's music, but there will always be shitty pop singer. However, I don't hope his death because he gave over 30 billion to different causes...

    Keagan Oberton

    RIP Mitch <3 keep stomping away! 11-1-12

    Chas D

    Damn...you *grew up* with this? They only released their first album 4 years ago!

    Rose casey

    No i mean this type of music lol like metal, screamo,and deathcore and so many others

  89. NickLFG

    Alan wrote the lyrics to the song. Austin said in a interview. New album comes out 1.28.14

  90. artistryxashh

    I'll forever have "you won't bring me down, I've got my feet on solid ground" inked on my skin <3


    Yep :) Love this song<3


    One of my favorites! :)

    Kris Curkovic

    shit that's awesome!

    Izaak Green

    well, did you do it?

  91. Grace. Stewartt

    My favorite song by them

  92. Matthew Froerer

    0:16 Me on the toilet /:

    Mathew Mrehh

    IM GONNA "FLUSH YOU AWAY" !!!!! LOLOLOL WITH EVERY PUSH THAT I TAAAKE!!!!!!! hahahah that's what you need to scream next shit! lolol

    Shylarlee Santiago

    Listening to this on the toilet now

    Fabulous Killjoy

    I’M DYING!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Between Now And Forever Official


    Between Now And Forever Official

    Mathew Mrehh that is so hilarious and i too was on the toilet hahaha

  93. Leroy Jenkins.

    The description of every relationship I've ever had.

  94. Jessica Coulas

    Its crazy how well I can relate to their lyrics...

  95. Sad Boi

    pfft ya ok


    Ok, as a lover of this band, this is not metal...they are however a form of metal, Metalcore, and they are also Post-Hardcore. (Not trying to be mean, I just want to differentiate. <3)

  97. Caleb Morgan

    The people that disliked this video must have accidentally disliked it

  98. ffluW yelaH

    I just snorted so violently that I actually think I damaged something. That was good.