Of Mice & Men - Repeating Apologies Lyrics

I hope you know,
I swear, I've never done this before,
And I care, I'm so sorry.
Scarred you for life.
Please come back to me,
Down on my knees.
Repeating apologies.

Why do I deny the heart that's grown colder.
Too quick to criticize the lullaby.
Why do I deny the heart that's grown colder.
Too quick to criticize.

Sweet serenity, (I wish you sweet serenity!)
Sweet serenity, (Sweet serenity!)

Back on the mistakes I've made,
Please come home to me, I'll show you truth,
I'm all for you, I'll hold your hand.
Ease your mind, yeah we'll be okay.
Repeating apologies.

Why do I deny....

Stay here with me, let what I am,
Let it speak more, more than words.
They can't compete with,
It's always been you and me.

Why do I deny the heart that's grown colder.
Too quick to criticize the lullaby.
Why do I deny the heart that's grown colder.
Too quick to criticize.

Sweet serenity, (I wish you sweet serenity!)
Sweet serenity, (Sweet serenity!)

I hope you know, I hope you know,
I've never done this before,
Done this before, and I,
I hope you know,
I hope you know,
Baby you're not alone.
You're not alone.
(You've ruined me!)

I hope you know,
I swear I've never done this before.
And I care, I bet you're sorry you've lied to my face.
All these words that I say are the things
That I wanted to hear from you to me.

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Of Mice & Men Repeating Apologies Comments
  1. Pickin Pickens

    I hope you know, i hope you know
    I left you far before you left me



  3. jinhi9005

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    Kathie Dillon

    my pp hurt

  4. Yash

    Listened to this song few days on it's released date and here I am in 2019 listening to it again. Childhoods are never gone they are buried in songs.

  5. John Constantine

    1:38 🖤🖤🖤

  6. Sean Perez

    Yikes 2019 and we still bopping to this


    I really miss the old of mice and men anyone here here in 2019 ?

  8. Dan Brewer

    man i know its cliche to say i like their old music but damn by FAR my favorite of mice and men is the flood and their self titled album. Austin just had that sort of more aggressive melodic scream, it just sounds sharper in a good way, and it really worked beautifully with shayley's vocal style. i only listen to litterly 2 or 3 songs from their other albums. But im not whining, bands change, and honestly i wouldn't want them playing the same kind of music, not that they could since both singers obviously arent with them. But i appreciate that they changed even if the sound doesn't resonate with me like their older stuff.

  9. Dante De Vries

    "you've ruined me!" is how I feel when I had to break apart my love life for my ex girlfriend. I mean, I can't even figure out how and why we're still friends.

  10. Sex With Hot Pockets

    God I miss Shay's voice he was like a fucking angel

  11. Oscar Mercado

    I could listen to 2:39-3:11 forever

  12. Muhammad Bayu

    Rasanya seperti lebih hidup

  13. Tyler Huntington

    This is a good ass song. I had just recently bacame a fan for of mice and men and I wish I would have heard them sooner. Great band

  14. Loopy Awesome

    2:56 best part

  15. Michelle Sanchez

    I hope you know
    I swear, I've never done this before
    And I care, I'm so sorry
    Scarred you for life
    Please come back to me
    Down on my knees
    Repeating apologies

    Why do I deny the heart that's grown colder
    Too quick to criticize the lullaby
    Why do I deny the heart that's grown colder
    Too quick to criticize

    Sweet serenity, (I wish you sweet serenity!)
    Sweet serenity, (Sweet serenity!)

    Back on the mistakes I've made
    Please come home to me, I'll show you truth
    I'm all for you, I'll hold your hand
    Ease your mind, yeah we'll be okay
    Repeating apologies

    Why do I deny....

    Stay here with me, let what I am
    Let it speak more, more than words
    They can't compete with
    It's always been you and me

  16. chucklefizz

    Does anyone still appreciate this music? Back to this in 2019 reminiscing on good old tunes I listened to in junior high..

  17. Marissa Williams

    It makes me sad, that I wish this song was from him to me and that will never be.

  18. NightwingX012

    For my English class I have to read Of Mice and Men right now. Listening to this album seemed appropriate for the task at hand, ha ha.

  19. Ho Chi Mints

    Shayley and Austin = best combo

  20. Spencer Wakefield

    Costa Mesa that's what I'm talkin bout

  21. Raydog 97

    This song is in Drop C for anybody who plays guitar or bass.

  22. Brat Gf

    Yo but for real? I still jam the fuck out to my emo music.

  23. CRIMSON Official

    What happened to these guys? They used to be so perfect. Brings back some good times though. Miss them

    Chey Motionless

    Opium Official lead singer literally had to stop his career for health reasons. It got to the point to where he would pass out at shows because he would push himself for his fans. I will always love this band and support him because he was so dedicated even when he should've worried about himself.

    CRIMSON Official

    Chey Motionless I know all that. I just miss how good this band used to be

  24. Zachary Noordhof

    The breakdown drop the bass harder than the twin towers

  25. sotoeddie18

    Damn.... how long it’s been since I’ve listened to screamo, let alone this band. I remember I was barley a sophomore going through a hard break up. I thought it felt like it was the end of my life at the time... lol that’s the beauty of life. I remember playing MW2 and just not giving a fuck about life. You live and you learn. I’m 24 now, just sittin back reminiscing about life. Times like these I don’t ever want to forget. Peace and love everybody. God bless everyone.

  26. ace Brown

    hmm the intro reminds me of reclamation by delusions of grandeur except not all djenty, cool to see new technical bands take inspiration from older metalcore.

  27. beckiexoxo

    0:00 to 0:20 gives me so much nostalgia

  28. Liam Coddington

    Om&m, The color morale, like moths to flames and Memphis may fire fucking ruled the scene for me around the time this album dropped. What a damn good time.

  29. chris thompson

    I love this shit!

  30. Aidan Weitz

    At least scream and sing at a lower pitch, sound's like a typical gaycore emo band.

  31. Clary Bamford

    If you don't throw yourself to the bed and spaz out when it kicks in

  32. Kassidy Beth

    forgot how good these guys are

  33. Joshua Malcomb

    I love this song and I was just birthed

  34. Lee Shumpert


  35. Lee Shumpert

    a god damn motherfucking screaming demon

  36. Lee Shumpert

    a god damn motherfucking screaming demon

  37. BaumbChell

    Coming back to this album is really hitting me hard, reminds me of my high school days. This was the best album that they've ever made in my opinion, so many memories attached to all these songs on this album.

  38. Abel Gomez Jr

    this song is so freaking sick

  39. LoneShinobi

    Jesus this album was so good I personally think they went to shit now. I mean Aaron is good and all but it was of mice and men when it was shayley and Austin this was there sound now I feel like sadly they have lost it

  40. Kyler Hodson

    Love this

  41. Cyrus Underscore

    I'm so used to Aaron's voice, it's strange hearing a different clean vocalist lol

  42. Invisibily Unknown

    I get a feely feel every time i listen to this song, that voice, the lyrics, the guitar. This song makes me wanna cry (not sadness)

  43. Alexander James

    hey, you. yes you reading this comment. you are beautiful in every way. don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. love you <3 could you please reply with a heart to show your love and support for austin?

    Alexander James

    thanks <3

    OfMiceAndAlesanaOnThe DanceFloorTakingBackSunday

    Call_Me_Alex ♥♥♥

    Alexander James

    yay <3

  44. StormingRiot

    The more I listen to this song the more it just starts to feel more sarcastically directed toward myself. Anyone else have that feeling?

  45. Invisibily Unknown

    I forgot about this song omg!! 😭😍😍

  46. Ehh Itz Mehhh

    anarchic band 💀😘💘\m/

  47. Korie Shianne

    who's watching in 2016?

  48. PulseOfTheMaggots

    I love this song so much I named my account after it

  49. Dli611 Li

    My number one favorite song from of mice and men

  50. Kill Me

    Can we all take a second to respect and appreciate that the screamer, Austin, has a heart condition and STILL manages to scream like a motherfuckin demon

    Melissa Sabine

    Kill Me 😂😂😂😂😂

    Kyle Abbott

    You could def tell he was mitch's friend from suicide silence. Those 2 are 2 of the best ever in vocal range.

    Dj PandaLord sama

    Kill Me ikr?? That man has the best vocals in the rock community, across every genre.

    Dj PandaLord sama

    Michael King well, I'm 18, and I didn't mean it literally. I'm just crazy about their music. Ain't nothin' wrong with that. ;P

    Dante De Vries

    Mad respect for the man. Rock on Austin. 🤘

  51. Richard Tomic

    The fusion between clean and scream is absolutely godly...

  52. Richard Tomic

    Well I got into OM&M through restoring force and decided to check out their older albums...

    Grace Peck

    Aspartame xD

  53. tyler jordahl

    Chills every time

  54. Fauna Senju

    it sounds like they say sereninity, not serenity

  55. Alejandra Rodas

    oh yes looking back on this and reminiscing my "emo" days. RIP swoopy bangs

    Tyler Peters

    same xD

    Kill Me

    why RIP? I brought mine back at age 18 like a fuckin nerd

    Adrian Music

    i finnally had to get it out my face, so now i look like jesus and listen to this stuff XDDD

  56. m x

    ugh this song reminds me of soo much...i always cry when i hear it

  57. Damon Mohr

    i miss shayley but i do not like is new bands sound😓😧

  58. Casey Sarkisian

    Lol I wish I had the guts to call out my ex on this XD


    Pussy no balls.

  59. sarasthoughts

    Screamo's not really for me (I have really bad headaches everytime I listen to it, sucks to be me) but holy shit, if they did some "calmer" music I would LOVE to bingehear them. The music is wonderful, his singing voice spectacular. Thumb up.

    Åce The Åłien

    They have softer music.

    Coffee Pot

    Space Enough To Grow is the song for you man




    My understandings is also a good soft song


    Thank you guys ^-^

  60. Nick Lugo

    The first 20 seconds is just mesmerizing

  61. Elijah Lanning

    if you miss Shayley check his new band dayshell

    That's a Vibe

    They've been around for a few years

    N J

    lil foreskin jr. and still hardly get the recognition they deserve

    Clyde Lancaster

    they're new album Is one of the best things I've ever heard

  62. Subpar

    I wasn't into this music when Shay was in the band but wow I was missing out. Aaron is daddy tho

  63. Ruel Harvey

    I fucking love the chorus and back ups its so dreamy

  64. Ruel Harvey

    Lol true

  65. NeoEmoWarriorFish

    This actually got me through a very ugly breakup

    blazzer73553 B

    Booo hooo

  66. Michael Withers

    this songs like a drug I'm addicted to it and simply can't live without it call me an addict I call myself a teen with a taste

  67. Old Mais

    Shay or Aaron. Either way this band is and always will be amazing

  68. Abel Salazar

    remind me of my ex

  69. Arron Soupene

    thissongis my shit love om&m

  70. Emil Alm

    It started really good but too bad the 2nd guy has such a boyband voice

  71. loser

    Shay's voice in beautiful.

  72. Greg Sheremeta

    The best song on Earth.

    Let's just stop now.

  73. Adam Carter

    lol i feel like im the only fan thats been into them since 2010

  74. uncontrolednit3mar3

    repeating apologies, noooo repeating this song

  75. Salad Girl

    I honestly feel that the kids getting into this scene and Of Mice & Men won't appreciate the meaning of the music as much as those of us that have been around for a long time and waited for this album to come out. Sorry if I sound bitchy or if I offend anyone but I cant be the only one who feels like this....

  76. Cuzwhynot

    For the people saying of mice and men used to be good there still awesome after they got rid of shayley

  77. Bridget Harlow

    I would choose to live off Of Mice & Men's music than some shit like Justin Bieber shit or whatever

    Juan Martinez

    they are both very diffrent

    That's a Vibe

    Both different but both good.

    dat Emo kid 14

    this reminds me of my ex bf😢 but he lied to me

  78. Ryan Duart

    How dare this song not have 1 million views yet

  79. kaden robertson

    okey anyone else think this song would go better if the chorus sounded more like the chorus of product of a murderer

  80. Brandon

    All these kids JUST now getting into this music scene realizing how good Of Mice & Men and these other bands USED to be lol

    kodi official gaming channel

    oh and Brandon fullem if you want to run your mouth calling people kids and being a punk ill gladly give you my address how bout you go listen to some more Jeffrey star you little twat

    kodi official gaming channel

    then why do you continue to run you mouth Brandon it's because you do care you just a fake ass bitchmade mother fucker

    Mark Moore

    There's bands that you don't know either so saying people that are just now getting into it is ignorant. Who cares when people get into something. All that matters is that they were exposed to it.

    Chris Michael

    It still is good though

    Anna Anderson

    Brandon To be fair, there are still PLENTY of good bands out there. All you gotta do is listen 🙂

  81. NoBragginRights Forreal

    Best song by om&m in my opinion. Gets me pumped.

  82. james ghosal

    I just squirted when he gets to the "why do i deny" part. I'm very satisfied

  83. Bri Yingst

    Love mice and men !!!!😃😃😃😃😀😀😸❤💜💙


    Is it just me, or is the beginning of this song really similar to the beginning of Never Giving Up from Full Circle?

  85. connor Leason Harcott

    Shayley was something else, such a shame he left. Never really liked Aaron much, nothing overly unique or diverse about him, just a generic boy band vocalist. If Shayley never left I doubt OM&M would have taken the Nu Metal root either.

    Diego Rodriguez Sanchez

    same I mean Aaron has pure talent but he's like " oh well this boy can sing so well" but it is so much different to hear shay sing
    unique vibratto unique voice
    btw both are good singers but I prefer Shay

    Cosmo Harries

    you have to admit Aaron is doing great pulling off both clean and scream vocals tho

  86. Lauren Olivia

    holy shit,, they need shayley back in the band this album was fucking amazing

  87. Le Ralle

    WHY DID SHAYLEY LEAVE!!!!!!!HE WAS SO GOOD!!!!!But Aaron is good too

    Iliana lopez

    +Iliana lopez hopefully there will be a day when shay comes back. It's not too late

    vaggelis papadopoulos

    nope , Shaylay is in another band now :P

    Le Ralle

    @***** true

  88. manuel jimenez


  89. August Burns Red

    If 0:00 - 0:20 could stay on repeat forever that would be amazing. That part literally makes me feel as if I'm slowly flying through the clouds towards the sunset. It's so beautiful. I miss shay so much. How badass would it be if they age him a guest vocal spot on their next record for old times sake?

    Jordan Lawrence

    @Maxwell Edison I'm a little late but, I thought Shay left the band because he was spiraling into a depression. Not because he hated the band

    Jordan Lawrence

    Oh I didn't know that

    Jay The Hypnotoad

    @Maxwell Edison They must be okay because they made broken generation with Shay.


    +Kevin Wade i know right, this part gives me eargams, it's a shame shay isn't in the band anymore :/


    With Austin leaving the band that means no one in the band has any aggression towards Shalyley, it might be a good possibility.

  90. Odd Ryan

    This song just has so much emotion put into it

  91. mandyinseattle

    Damn it, the first 20 seconds are MESMERIZING.  Can I have more of that, please??!  That is amazingly beautiful.  Are there other songs in that vein?  Love the voice.

    mpk 666

    mandyinseattle Sounds like Flying Whales by Gojira

  92. Armando Rocha

    Of mice & men es la onda

  93. teenwitches

    Easily one of the best Of Mice songs

  94. Kordell Garland

    Of Mice and Men helped me get my maxing up lifting. Their songs get me so pumped.

  95. Chandre Gouws

    holy shit this is my favorite band i'm going crazy aggghhhhh you are freaking awesome !!!!!!!!!