Of Mice & Men - Product Of A Murderer Lyrics

It consumes me, controls me, leaves me with nothing,
But you know that I love how it tastes, fear and the fate
I'll change face, to get what I crave
Fill my veins...

This gets me by
(you know it feels good, you know it feels so good)
The drugs that keep me high
(you know it feels good, but you know it all feels so fake)

Product of a murderer, you stole everything from me
This poison hurts, feels so empty
Fill my veins with this sin, shaking on the ground,
My head's going crazy from within

Cold sweats, shaking in my shame
Heart stops, dying where I lay

This gets me by
(you know it feels good, you know it feels so good)
The drugs that keep me high
(you know it feels good, you know it feels so good)
The drugs that keep me...
High, sense of reality, perception falls, feels so empty

Cold sweats, the pain, skin crawls, the shame, please save me
Please save me
This is the way I wanted to live, but you know I was scared of the world,
Praying it all would go away [x3]

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Of Mice & Men Product Of A Murderer Comments
  1. Noriaki Kakyoin

    That ending still has the feels attached

  2. Mackenzie Burt

    Oh my god this TOOOK ME THE FUCK BACK

  3. Richard Dantz

    I know this shit is dead but fuck man...

  4. Pickin Pickens

    It consumes me

  5. Roger U

    Probably favorite OM&M song of all time. Clean vocals are off the charts good.

  6. Miss Vega

    I'm coming back because I need real music to listen to.
    Dont you hate when people say, "what are they saying? Their just screaming. Oh and you do know they have tattoos which will make them ugly."....ahhh I wish I was 14 again. I grew up listening to Rock, Metal bands but Of Mice & Men really helped me when I was struggling with an abusive relationship and self harm. So thanks for everything. 6 years later, I'm still the same old me, enjoy my life as much as I can


    @Miss Vega I get that. But you know, everyone is cringey or weird as teenagers looking back. This decade has been bad for music and other cultural stuff and because of that me and my friends jokingly tell each other its still 2005 for all we know. It takes some of the pain away from the blandness we're in culturally lol. Sadly we'll never experience an era like 2004-2012 ever again, That was probably the last horrah for being a kid growing up.

    Miss Vega

    @JoshuaKhaos yeah kinda. I mean everyone is different but still. Everyone wants to go back at least once in their teen lives and rewrite it but sadly it's never going to happen

    Pickin Pickens

    Go listen to Chelsea Grin. I can understand Austin.

    Miss Vega

    @Pickin Pickens yeah I have just not a big big fan but I listen to them occasionally

    Pickin Pickens

    No job for a cowboy?

  7. Jack

    This gets me by , the drugs that keep me h I g h .

  8. Serj Reina

    Still my favorite album to this day

  9. Kade Ewing

    Yesss.. . 2019?

  10. Shayla xo

    Still the fucking jam!!!! 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  11. MTB Mike

    crazy i was using drugs heavily during this album and couldnt listen to it once i became clean. 8 years sober and it now holds a different meaning.

  12. Geo Algones

    2019 guys? come on! lol

  13. Keith Yagami

    2:30 makes you wanna cry. Made me remember my ex for some reason

  14. Xtreme Walfare

    Bring back memories flashback to my freshman year 🔥

  15. K'cia Manson

    Dear god ToT 2019

  16. Zeke

    Just imagine them making another song as powerful as this.

  17. RetroCNY

    Been clean for a bunch of years now, 8 or 9 I think. I was just starting to fight to dig myself out of the hole when this album came out and this song just nailed me in the gut, I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember hearing the song for the first time and literally thinking the dude wrote the song for me, and just me. It effected me to that degree. Crazy what music can do to you.

  18. Johnnie Zaragoza

    My cousins used to steal our stuff to pawn it and do drugs!

  19. Johan Martinez

    Uhh marica que temazooooo hijueputaaaaa

  20. ANN1H1LAT0R 69


  21. Jonny Paige

    Crazy how the lead singer is Edward Norton's son.

  22. Adam Burchett

    Cold sweats, shaking in my shame.
    Heart stops, dying where I lay.

  23. Matt Pendergrass

    Still relevant.

  24. Jules A

    This song hits so much harder after Kyle Pavone's death. His addiction was terrible, and it killed him in the end

  25. Genevieve Pospech

    i’m soaked

  26. Pyper Smoak

    Holy shit, I've only heard this song a few times before, never read the lyrics. Speaks to me so deeply having been there before. A year sober, and it reminded me of that place I never want to be again. I love this band.

  27. Nikki P

    This is Angela Nicole Stewart on my girlfriends phone and i want everyone to know this is the baddest most kickass band known to the human society!!! Product of a murderer, another you, o.g. loco......ALL OF THEM ARE TURN THAT SHIT ALL THE WAY UP TYPE SONGS!!!!!! I LOVE THEM FOREVER!!! AND LOVE TO FUCK TO THEIR MUSIC!!!

  28. Muhammad Bayu

    joss gandos kotos kotos

  29. Obsidian Wolf

    I keep getting these annoying ass fuckboy poptart ads

  30. MOBA Goat

    the best song still on 2018 , from malaysia to spain still walking the street echoing the sound of this one epic masterpiece

  31. Koritza Guzman

    Puro poder...

  32. daniel alexandre

    Para mim a musica começa aos 2:24 <3

    Pitra Agung

    Hermosa :v

  33. I'm throwing my life away on this app

    shay's little voice flick at the end oml

  34. Raydog 97

    This song is in Drop C for anybody who plays guitar or bass.

  35. Jonathan Law 95954

    Rockin roll

  36. MOBA Goat

    Still my fav song and album !

  37. bree hassings

    I miss this line up so much, these were the times❤️

  38. C&J Vlogs

    Conor Claxton, Czw

  39. Dj PandaLord sama

    I LOVE Aaron's vocals in this song!! >3< You could tell he could pull off screaming vocals back then.

  40. Alexis Blackwood

    One of their best songs! 😍

  41. Big Trout

    The only anti drug PSA I ever payed attention too

  42. randomassname

    Just heard this band/song for the first time.... i wasnt missing anything.

  43. the plug's plug

    if u have had to go through the struggles that being addicted to drugs or know enough about the constant life struggles then this song should hit close to home i know i can relate the whole song definitely when he starts singing about withdrawals that's something i will never 4get opiate withdrawals will show you a side of urself that you never knew and make u do things you swore that no matter what happened u would never do :/

  44. J Blades

    I wish they still made stuff like this

  45. MrChainsingh

    Love <3

  46. Jordan Adams

    1:32 "Christmas!!! Shaking Christmas tree!!!

  47. Super Tolosa


  48. Super Tolosa

    This is my shit

  49. Lewis Biscotti

    It consumes me, controls me, leaves me with nothing
    But you know that I love how it tastes, fear and the fate
    I'll change face to get what I crave, fill my veins

    This gets me by (you know it feels good, you know it feels so good)
    The drugs that keep me high (you know it feels good, but you know it all feels so fake)
    Product of a murderer, you stole everything from me 
    This poison hurts, feels so empty 
    Fill my veins with this sin
    Shaking on the ground
    My head's going crazy from within

    Cold sweats, shaking in my shame 
    Heart stops, dying where I lay

    This gets me by (you know it feels good, you know it feels so good)
    The drugs that keep me high (you know it feels good, but you know it all feels so fake)
    These drugs that keep me high

    Sense of reality, perception falls, feels so empty 
    Cold sweats, the pain, skin crawls, the shame 
    Please save me
    Please save me
    This is the way I wanted to live
    But you know, I was scared of the world
    Praying it all would go away

    This is the way I wanted to live
    But you know, I was scared of the world
    Praying it all would go away

    This is the way I wanted to live
    But you know, I was scared of the world
    Praying it all would go away

  50. Dwarfyman

    I listen to this after wasting hours on my porn addiction
    Fuck porn >:(

  51. Paul Cordes

    That ending though...damn

  52. Breadtilian

    Did a cover if anyone wants to check it out

  53. Spencer Whiteout

    so good. I miss this.

  54. Tideyedtie

    It's 2 in the morning and i cant sleep

  55. tacosR1 Gaming

    Best song in their ENTIRE library.

  56. Mino Hangi The Shinobi

    Can we just talk about that beautiful guitar riff at the beginning

  57. Jorge Valencia

    so good song!!

  58. Nek I

    This is why you dont buy kindereggs from a homeless man in a dark ally

  59. ReushK

    And this song is a perfect example.. someone defending their ignorance through anger and numbness, forcing themselves to believe that something else is giving them happiness when in reality, it does nothing but mask it. A fake reality he refuses to leave, and all this anger and ignorance is perfectly described bot musically and lyrically. the song goes from breakdowns, tritones and minor chords to a gorgeous minor progression and the scream vocals slowly fade away as shays beautiful cleans sing over now mellowly played chords instead of breakdowns, and then fades away. its so well written i amost wonder how more people didnt get this album noticed when it origionally came out.

  60. Reushk

    This album is and always will be the best, most well written work of a musical masterpiece the planet has ever come to know. I know theres Queen and the Beatles and Hybrid Theory and the legendary Pink Floyd, but i promise you. This album tops all of them, and i cant seem to find another album that can top it, even half a decade later.

  61. Bujar Bejta

    Clean vocals and lyrics are sooo abnormally placed, it's like breaking some lyric/melodic overall unwritten rules I LOVE IT

  62. Lexiiiiii Lou

    I love Shay's voice in this song so much!

  63. Valerie McDonnell


  64. ReushK

    Even as austins screams began to get worse, his soul was there. But the fact he took Shays lyrics and added so much to them, im really gonna miss him. just as much as i miss shay. The ending to this song is so fucking powerful

  65. John Dunn

    If you take out the "this is the way I wanted to live...." part, this song would be sooooooo fantastic. I realize they need their women fans too..but I miss when metal didnt have boybandish sounds to them..

  66. RNDM-R1DR

    My mom gave me the wierdest look when she heard the beginning of this because she hates this music haha

  67. Hansol

    Man.. I went through some shit. Cool to have these songs still to look back on certain phases of my life.

  68. Guedes Gamer


  69. Robert McLaughlin


  70. Isaiah Russell

    I love this fucking song

  71. RORSeries

    Man you could tell with each album it was getting harder for carlile to scream hope he does well with his health and future music he writes.

  72. Daniel Morales

    OM&M classics marathon after Austin's departure. :(


    Daniel Morales What departure??

    Daniel Morales

    @KristiieeNah Austin is no longer the vocalist of OM&M

  73. Alyssa Blackheart

    Rip of mice & men first shay and now austin you had a good run i love you..

  74. Calm Space ASMR

    2:24 - my favorite part! so beautiful!

    ᴘᴏᴛᴀᴛᴏ ᴄʜɪᴘ

    It makes my heart go chirp butterfly shit :")

    Ethan King

    Josh_ Wright dude you are spot on there ae... Jason is so underrated... ashe o'hara from tesseract and Spencer sotelo from periphery are up there... And Lukas magyar

    Anaconda 666



    my favorite outro of all time

  75. John Dunn

    Take out the girly vocals in the last 30 seconds, and youve got yourself a jam.

  76. Joseph Fosterr

    Sworn In 1.0

  77. Jay Chen

    does anyone else hear "facetime me" instead of "please save me"?

  78. Aydin Bonney

    this is the song that got me hooked on of mice and men

  79. Michael Alcala

    this is my 2 😃 song

  80. ruby kmb

    om&ms earlier stuff is the best for workout playlists

  81. J. Nicole

    yep still like it and all of the other songs I'm binging.

  82. Dima Demon

    очииииинь красивая песня я очинь радавался када слушал её она очееень харошац я люблю эту песнююююю ааа
    как же я радаюсь эта песня дабрааааа!!!1!1!!!

    Tyler Peters

    This song does not promote terrorism

  83. Pitra Agung

    2:24 always be the best part

  84. Scorpiolife69

    How did they go from this to Restoring Force and Cold World? The loss of Shay was the end of the OM&M I knew and loved.

    Nick Van Scoter

    @Tyler Peters Lol what the fuck did I do

    Jerry Jangostar

    Austin is ill now he can't scream like he could in the first two albums
    But still for me Cold World its a overall a good album

    Aydin Bonney

    still a good song tho

    Steven Garcia

    Aaron keeping that shit on his back. You just a hater. And he's doing better than shays bitch ass

    No Hardcore Dancing In The Trap

    Restoring Force was really good

  85. Davide Marconi

    best song in the flood

    Childish Doritos

    Their soft songs don't compare to ones like this

    Davide Marconi

    Celi Caban is the song sung by shayley, isn't it? eh... i prefer the mix of voices... because the clean vocals i think are not strong for a solo exhibition.

    Calm Space ASMR

    Davide Marconi The whole album is pretty solid!

    Calm Space ASMR

    Davide Marconi It is... Shayley was the vocalist at that time. I don’t keep up with the band anymore but back then he was.

    Anon Vee

    "You make me sick" best song in the restoring force

  86. Karina Rivera

    The ending always make me cry.

    Navina C

    I feel the same way. It's Shayley's voice. It stirs such emotion. He really added something different to OM&M when he was still with them.

    Bobby O

    Karina Rivera it does the same to me sometimes


    yes it is

  87. հokцƽ ρokus

    I think of the ending of this song more often than I'd like to admit...
    This song came at a crucial point in my life. You have to admire an artist that can reach many with one sweep.

    Jay Dawson

    Hokus Pokus ending of this song gets me to an im still living on drugs an i cry cause ah fuck it

    Zednanreh Nodnarb

    Hokus Pokus you aren't alone. I can definitely find at least a couple reasons to admire OM&M, and Austyn.


    shay was one hell of a songwriter. still is.

  88. Levi keepsitcrispy

    me before clicking on this song: ahh man product of a murder is my shit fuck

  89. Peter D

    Damn, I missed this era of the band :( 2012 vibes

    Keilah Lambert

    They were better. This kind of their stuff is boss.

  90. TheCameraMan34

    This is the way I wanted to live, but you know I was scared of the world, praying it all would go away.

  91. Dannikjoe

    shayley bourget <3

  92. Josie Perkins


    Death By Hemlock

    Don't quote me but i am pretty sure Shayley wrote it! He wrote most of their old stuff

    Tayler Stewart

    He wrote all of it. You can tell by the release of their latest song Real. Compare it to this song man

  93. Joseph Anthony

    Holly shit 10/10 would bang

  94. Hades

    omg shays voice is life

  95. Hades

    so....... I just now realized this song was about drugs?

    Kibas GFX

    +Falling In The Hørizøn wait you had to read lyrics lol you can hear it pretty clear. but eh not everyone hears the same

    Mai The Bunny

    @Kibas GFX I actually regret saying that because after a few more times of having it on on repeat I actually noticed I relate

    Nolan Castle

    I think its more about an addiction to love and going through the withdrawals from it


    Mostly but the ending was about shays depression and anxiety

    Haywire Needy

    Nolan Castle "This one hits home every time I hear it. To be 100 percent honest, this entire song is about addiction to any kind of substance, [such as] alcohol or drugs. Shayley and I heard this song as something dark, but we wanted to make more of it—hence the ending, which will come soon enough. People I know, people I love and myself have battled the life-threatening, hurtful, bitter and heartless enemy of addiction to substances. The addiction to something that will make you do things you shouldn't or would never think of: "I'll change face, to get what I crave." It's hard for people to realize that the simple craving of a human being for something more can ruin his or her life, relationships [or] dreams. We have lived this, we have experienced this, we have had "cold sweats, the pain, the skin crawling, the shame...." from the burden of addiction.

    The end of this song is where we wanted the "more" to come in—the hope, the light at the end of the tunnel. We really want people to know that they can overcome this. There is help for those in need, there is hope for those that are scared of this world and those that want to numb the very life that they are blessed with. There is something more; there is something worth living for. There is no reason to be another product of something that kills, steals and destroys—no reason to be another victim of a murderer, thief or liar like an addictive substance. There's hope, and we want to make that something that's beyond easily accessible for anyone who listens." -Austin Carlile

  96. troy mcneil

    Of Mice & Men is helpin me recover from my drug addiction. Without their music i would be lost.

    Ina R

    Glad to hear that, best of luck

    Fauna Senju

    so, hows the recover going? (:

    Matt K

    Yeah they helped me too. Circa Survive and OM&M.

    Cassie Colon

    OMG circa 😍😍😍😍

  97. None OtherAlive

    they need more like this (songs they used to make are 😍😍)