Of Mice & Men - Let Live Lyrics

I was all for you
You fell over my love
I just can't afford it this time

Here's a story, just bare with me
Met a drug that changed my life
Something like a classic movie
Just one look, all stopped with time
Let her in through these very veins
Coursing through these tired bones
Numb my body, healed my heart
Soothes my mind, and eased my soul

These are the memories between us
Let it go, and let live again

I was all for you, you fell over my love
I just can't afford it this time
I was all for you, you fell over my love
I just can't afford it this time

You let me live, believing all your life
You let me live your lie, live your lie

You let me believe, and live your lie

Guess I should have seen this coming
Should have known it all along
You're a fake, see clear right through you
Left me dying, it's all your fault

These are the memories between us
Let it go, and let live again

I was all for you, you fell over my love
I just can't afford it this time
I was all for you, you fell over my love
I just can't afford it this time.

I gave you everything, and you just throw away
Know what I deserve, know that I should let, let you go

Let you go. This is me, letting you go…

I was all for you, you fell over my love
I just can't afford it this time
I was all for you, you fell over my love
Now I'm left with thoughts of suicide…

Let you go, you're killing me

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Of Mice & Men Let Live Comments
  1. Brook Tarr

    Who is here in 2020?? :D 🤩🤟🤙

  2. henrytapaha

    2020 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  3. Winter Panacea

    Reminds me of high school...

  4. Pickin Pickens

    It's really been about 8 years since I've listened to the whole thing. Damn.

  5. MixxiMischief

    2019 and almost 2020

  6. Lil Rayz

    3:30 wow I love his voice


    Eu n conheço mt sobre essa banda, mas esse vocalista da voz melódica é bom

  8. Jake

    Whos here in 2019

    Roger U

    You know it. Best Metalcore band of it's time.

    Sans FANBOY

    Meh and my emo self


    Me 👍🏼

    Ditte Tangkau

    ☃️ Just in time haha

  9. Brian D. B.

    looks like 530 people have to suck my d**k. Pay up. -2019

  10. Juanpa pada


  11. Ellle Lane

    Fuck I miss this I'm 19 I was listening to this when I was in year 7, it helped me through an abusive upbringing, who else still listening in 2019?

    Pickin Pickens

    Do you know secret and whisper? Es good

  12. Sopasboyz

    SteveTerreberry brought me here. yet his version is ten times better.

  13. Angel Alice

    I have had the first 3 lines stuck in my head for almost a week

  14. Miki Ryann

    Bass tone is bitchin dude

  15. roman d

    my favourite om&m breakdown at 2:43 ))

  16. Ryan Newcomb

    Damn, its really been 8 years since this song. Still good though

  17. Papa Floga-Chungus

    Still absolutely love those first two records. Some of the angriest shit to have ever been recorded I feel.

    Malachi Robinson

    Nah. You want something to listen to? Try Meshuggah

  18. Papa Floga-Chungus

    It's funny to me... once Shayley left the decline began. The Flood EP on the deluxe edition was solid, but so far from their roots. Then Restoring Force comes out... divisive record for the fanbase. Aaron joins the band on that one, gives the scene kids some shitty vocals to obsess over, and the record was ladent with the cash grab "message" that basically said we are all suicidal and you aren't the only one (which every band in the scene mirrored after that release). Then a few tours, more decline once the deluxe edition of RF came with that god-awful chevelle knockoff EP. Then Cold World... meh. Austin leaves, no one cares about the band anymore. Aaron takes the helm, the ultra-generic butt rock OM&M is born that we know today.

    And Shayley has Dayshell, which has not once strayed from it's niche... So if you aren't convinced that Shay wasn't the heart and soul of this band, you are dead wrong.

  19. Kelly Lupton


  20. Alsax1985

    So let go and let live again, all.

  21. John Mays

    Forgot how much I love this album..

  22. Liyah OLee

    Shayley voice mixed with Austin's always calms me down for some reason. Like if I'm having an anxiety attack I just put these songs on and sit/lay down and I just calm down

  23. DeannaGz

    Usually I don’t like screaming songs but this one tickles my toes haha

  24. Lil Rayz


  25. Lil Rayz

    The instrumental @ the end. Fav. song of theirs

  26. Skyler Henson


  27. Aj Bryant

    This brings back Middle and High School Memories 🤘🏼🤘🏼
    We miss U Austin

  28. OriginalDarkMew

    You ever think his throat hurts like hell after screaming for a whole concert?

  29. Mr. Man

    Wish Austin will be ok...

  30. Keith Roylance

    Damn the bass thumps hard on this record, what VST did they use?

  31. Cooper Drums

    Damn I love this song

  32. Zeke Fera

    Austin was the heart and core of this band and will always be you keep on fighting man and keep on rocking it miss you man

  33. Brizzle /\/\


  34. John Fisher


  35. D4rthM4l4k

    Play at x1.25.....thank me later....\m/

  36. Kyle Kuzami

    The good ol times when Austin was in the band

  37. xFilipeLopesx

    My brain erased this song from existence, now I just stumbled upon it after almost 8 years....this feels fucked up, am I in highschool again?

  38. Pyper Smoak

    Omg I haven't heard this song in so long, one of the first songs that turned me on to this band, and the love will never die.

  39. Garreth Robinson

    Stole my comment sarcastic haribite

  40. Garreth Robinson

    I miss Jay and Ben ...

  41. Joe Smo

    God damn we really took for granted of what a solid fucking album this is.

  42. Defiant

    3:20 is heaven 👌👌

  43. Vaughn Blaylock

    I have to say that as I go through their new stuff and their older stuff, I like the newer lead singer better.

    Reaper Dev

    Vaughn Blaylock Checkout Dayshell, it’s the old singer from here. I love the old music.

    Vaughn Blaylock

    Will do. Thanks!

  44. Aubrey Asking

    Who's here in 2018

  45. thatlilvoice

    i wish this lineup would be a thing again

  46. Raydog 97

    This song is in Drop C for anybody who plays guitar or bass.

  47. Marissa Godfrey

    Austin Carlile saved my life. I used to self harm really bad and I looked up to him like a big brother and he showed me that life is possible to over come and yeah there are so many shitty situations but it’s what you make of them that helps you over come all of the shit you’re going through

  48. Zenn ΛЛТł•MΛТТΞЯ

    3:22 to 3:45 perfect Chilling acoustic

  49. Stephen Hosking

    I have these Lyrics tattooed on my wrist. Everytime suicide creeps in my mind I look down at my wrist and remember to "Let it go, and let live again" anytime I suffer a heartbreaking situation or a tragedy, I look down at my wrist and remember to Let It go, And let live again. Thank you for being my inspiration and my push to keep going in life. I will forever be greatful.

  50. ᴘᴏᴛᴀᴛᴏ ᴄʜɪᴘ

    *realizes I'll never be able to hear this song live the way it is on the record.*


  51. Brittany Secundino

    I missed this song man, this use to be my favorite band 4 or 5 years ago 😩.

  52. carl james

    I came here because of stevie t. Nice song btw guys.

  53. Kristinaa Breann

    Old songs will forever be my favorite

  54. dia lover

    I haven’t heard this song in a minute 🤙🏾❤️❤️ #ommforever

  55. Tyler Woolard

    0:30-0:40 the guitars remind me of rose of sharyn by Killswitch Engage

  56. CasuallyDeep

    I always liked this song but after all the shit heroin put me through it made this song all the more special. A piece of me is in this song

  57. Bvb.black Black

    I recently lost someone very close to me who loved this band and he meant the world to me. He always tell us to make good choices and be good people. He was a really kind and caring person and I'll never forget him. I listen to this song a lot. Even before he died and now it makes me cry. May he rest in peace.

  58. Amaury Rosario

    24k likes and only 450 dislike. people gotta make more music like this.

  59. wtf isa

    saudades dessa época aaaaaaa 💓

  60. gus gus

    I saw you guys on a Jason A video today... Wow... Your message... Your look... Your testimony... Definition of cool... Keep shining your light guys!

  61. Sam The Slouch

    Not even 500 downvotes🤘🏾

  62. Alex Rodriguez

    I feel like the clean vocals is what sold this song

  63. Shanise Keetso


  64. David Jenson

    I like the clean vocals better. Some cool parts in this song. :)

  65. Bulletproof Love

    Back when I was 14, I never wanted to relate to this song one day.. 💔

  66. David that metal dude

    Nostalgia! Shit!

  67. nicolas quintana

    Me encanta

  68. Antonio Arteaga

    Wow take me back to freshman year lol

  69. Robbie Cardinal

    This is Of mice and men. fuck the new shit. No Austin, No Shayley.

  70. Avenged

    Such emotion, this is a gem. This song will always be my favourite

  71. Hearing Visions

    Shay 🤘

  72. Eduardo Vizcarra

    is a shit of music

  73. Phillip Diaz

    I'm back to this great song 8/04/17

  74. Jasmine

    This, OG Loko and The Great Hendowski were my FAVS. Talk about nostalgia

  75. Kalynn Jayy

    And suddenly I'm in middle school again lol

  76. myname istaken1996

    The beginning and the middle.

  77. Bulletproof Love

    I miss the times I could enjoy this song without relating to it

    Bulletproof Love

    So apparently I wrote the exact same comment 3 months ago? Nm I'm still heartbroken

  78. MetalheadMickeyMouse

    “ I was all for you, you fell over my love, now I'm left here with thoughts of Suicide "

  79. kxtten angel

    Prayers for Austin... <3

  80. stoenchu122

    I was all for you, you fell over my love, now I'm left with thoughts of suicide...

  81. Ben Rogers


  82. Mother Mushroom

    damnnnn brings me back to 7th grade graduating in next month time goes by hella fast

  83. Mr. Niceguy

    I've only listened 10 times in a row no biggie

  84. Ugandan Knuckles

    3:21 My favorite part of this song.

  85. Lean Sippin

    Emo's unite

  86. jose Santo710

    2017 :D

  87. Kwame Coleman

    The best album they release

  88. Cas Mulders

    this is SICK

  89. Sal Santana

    Wow I haven't listened to this since I was back in 11 grade now look at me I got an apt I'm about to get married, got a truck, looking back at was I used to listen to brings me back to my old days (:

  90. Sabrina & Rich

    Love this track !!! 💕

  91. LETHE

    it's been too damn long since I've heard this beauty! god, why do I stray??? this music is LIFE

  92. ShredTastic12345

    Cold World needed more guitar :/

  93. pan dulce

    fuckkkk, i miss this music

  94. Vatschi

    Waiting for Letlive to make a song called "Of mice and men". :D