Of Mice & Men - I'm A Monster Lyrics

And I can't stress this enough,
How much this song is only about you
You'd like that now won't you?
So I'll keep it short
For every backstabbing lie and the whispers,
I'll shove this down your throat
You know there's nowhere to hide, no way out alive
I'll eat your heart, I'm a monster
No where to hide, no way out alive,
I'll eat your heart, I'm a monster
I'm so sick of your kind, get the fuck out of my life
I'm so sick of your kind, I'm a fucking monster, monster, I'm a monster
I swear, there's nowhere to hide
I swear I'll eat you alive.
I'm sick, so sick of your kind,
Get out, get out of my life
For every backstabbing lie and the whispers
I'll shove this down your...

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Of Mice & Men I'm A Monster Comments
  1. Tore Webber

    Holy shit how am I just hear this band🤦‍♂️..
    Legit the whole album is killer

  2. Torpedo Bear

    This song is weirdly relaxing

  3. bourbonfan1

    line up

  4. Raydog 97

    This song is in Drop C for anybody who plays guitar or bass.

    Fun Fact: Did you know that for a little bit in 2011 Of Mice & Men played half of this song live in a higher key (Drop C#) right before they played Those In Glass Houses?

    The reason why they played this song in a higher key was because at the time their live sets had mostly songs from the first album which are all in Drop C#. And the reason they only played half of the song live was because it wasn’t even released yet and they used it as a teaser I guess to give us a taste of what the album is going to sound like.

    Pickin Pickens

    Lyrics recorded in one take

  5. Nathan Edwards

    Austin just gave me chills everytime

  6. Brint Mann

    this album has such.... unique bass for this genre. you can actually hear it.

  7. Sick Boy


  8. Dj PandaLord sama

    Holy SHIT, this song is aggressive. O3o

  9. bezbool.

    0:24 <3

  10. Jimmy Gray

    Awesome song that the lead vocalist wrote which is about his past when he was going through a rough time with his wife and it helped me forget about the shitty past I've gone through with my stepdad, so I would like to tell Of Mice & Men thanks.

  11. Corey Dowd

    fuck I've been listening to Of Mice and Men again and like taking a little while to not listen to this type of music and then coming back to it. I swear there's more appreciation now.

  12. Brandon Auchterlonie

    hard to believe this is the same guy that fell in love with a stuffed squid

  13. Kalvyn Hernandez

    wish this song was longer

  14. franks right curtain

    Fun fact: Austin recorded this in one take after a phone call with Gielle, damnnnn

  15. Sombrero Bear

    wish this song was longer. I sometimes drive through the hood with this blasting. love seeing their faces of confusion.


    Mr. Swole loop

  16. JD Walker

    Those triplets in the breakdown make it 10x heavier

  17. TheKevinOwensShow


  18. Corey Dowd

    still one of my favorite bands

  19. Corey Dowd

    still one of my favorite bands

  20. how-oct-02

    Hahaha 69 dislikes

    Alexander James

    lol. 79 now.... that isn't even the slightest bit funny. :)

  21. f я o s т ı

    woah, of mice and men went almost deathcore

    Adrian Martinez

    Frosty TheLion It's amazing isn't it?

    f я o s т ı

    @Adrian Martinez almost amazing.

    Adrian Martinez

    @Frosty TheLion I'll take it✋😁

  22. Batool

    the fuck theyre saying?

    Memento Mori

    And I can't stress enough,
    How much this song is only about you
    You'd like that now won't you,
    So I'll keep it short.

    For every backstabbing lie and the whispers,
    I'll shove this down your throat
    You know there's no where to hide,
    No way out alive,
    I'll eat your heart,
    I'm a monster.

    No where to hide,
    No way out alive,
    I'll eat your heart,
    I'm a monster.

    I'm so sick of your kind,
    Get the fuck out of my life
    I'm so sick of your kind,
    I'm a, I'm a fucking monster!
    Monster! I'm a monster!

    I swear, there's no where to hide
    I swear, I'll eat you alive
    I'm sick, so sick of your kind,
    Get out, get out of my life!

    For every backstabbing lie and the whispers,
    I'll shove this down your. . .

  23. anderson Breezy


  24. Slijv

    ohhh yeaaaah i fucking lovee

  25. sponge fuckingsquarepants

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

  26. Pop Punk Not Pills

    My brother (dare I even mention this "band") used to listen to .. Blood On The Dance Floor. And there's a "song" called I'm a Monster. And this song is so good, but I cringe because I just remember that other freaking "song". Sorry.

    monte lavey

    *Sigh* That 'song' is probably about s ing Dahvie's d

  27. Bjorn .Andersson

    Did a cover of this song on my channel!

    Bjorn .Andersson

    +Bjorn .Andersson (hgfbjrn) /watch?v=A2ORw4MbHiI

  28. Zain Akuma

    I heard this song a lot but never knew the band

  29. Robert

    My headphones came unplugged during class today and this song was playing... Great song but holy shit that was awkward.

    First East Prussian Grenadier Battalion

    +arrowbow122 my head phones came unplugged when Chelsea grin was playing i think it was crewcabanger but no one seemed to notice except the guy next to me.

    Pop Punk Not Pills

    +hi im robert I think I'd have an anxiety attack if that ever happens to me. I panic whenever somebody else's phone goes off in class, thinking it's mine.
    I guess, to me, music is a personal thing, and I don't trust many people.


    +Armenian metal CREWCABANGER I LOVE THAT SONG <3

    First East Prussian Grenadier Battalion

    @Jazz Dingwall its kinda a crap song but i still love it for some odd reason


    I was at church.... i feel u, exept there song glass hearts was on... we where kicked out that very day...

  30. Jennifer Mora

    Those drums though at 0:56

  31. Nate Donias

    Man you can just hear the anger and emotion in this song that one phone call with his ex wife just set Austin off

  32. Yoshi Disprove

    I don't hear the emotion nor the passion put into this song. ( I use to be a die hard fan of OM&M ) but now they seem fake not the way they use to be and you wanna hear real passion and emotion listen to beartooth - disgusting that was actually one take.

    Yoshi Disprove

    +Noah Harned well I heard shit about Austin (Trust me I was a real die hard fan) I started listen Landon tewer and he made me change
    ps. listen to The plot in you digg your own grave

    Noah Harned

    @chris arias I'm not going to listen to a shitty song. I already know that Austin is considered a kind of an asshole. A lot of other bands have said that he's kind of a shitty person.

    Yoshi Disprove

    +Noah Harned LMAO The Plot In You ain't shitty but you don't wanna listen to them thats alright but you're ignorant and ofc course people like you don't want to hear the facts or want to change

    Yoshi Disprove

    +TheCreamyPikachu lmao ok weeaboo clearly you can't read


    +chris arias *facepalm*

  33. King Kurisu

    Fuck yes

  34. Richard A.

    workout playlist forsure


    ikr haha

  35. daniel rodriguez


  36. Alex Corral

    Don't care for this band, but I'm on my way to the gym and it's doing me good.

    sammmi _kayy

    @Alex Corral then why are you here? xD

    Alex Corral

    Was going through the suggestions. Anything else? 

    Poison Tribal

    +Vanessa Gomez You have to hear a band before deciding whether to like them or not.

  37. Deku Butler

    love dat bass tone on the whole album

  38. amberxoxo o

    holy shit this song is awesome

  39. mary ristick


  40. Sara Elisea

    I can't stop listening to this song <3

  41. Michael Austin

    Fucking Wicked Ass Song.

  42. billyjordanuk

    i would cheat on anyone for Austin. and im a guy whose heterosexual.


    Feel that


    c o o l, m a n

  43. Sam. [샘]

    i fucking love this song. and the fact that austin recorded it in one take with all his passion and emotions just makes it even more amazing.


    Lol this bitch is fucking mental


    @MLG Hybrid retarded furry alert


    yes it does

    i dont know why you're calling me a faggot when you're the one into fursuits and yiff

    Nick Van Scoter

    I am calling you a poser. so leave

    Noah Harned

    Haha posers don't exist anymore.

  44. wompswithweirdhair

    i seriously love this song, you can hear the anger in Austin's voice. Unfff, I love it!

  45. ojetsimon08

    Im stunned.

  46. Minerva B.

    Who the fuck would ever cheat on Austin?


    well Austin wasn't always a sweet heart or an angel or hero as most people see him now, so we can't be sure what really happened or why ;)

  47. Philly Joe

    this sounds like shit

    Raydog 97

    Philly Joe Yeah you do

  48. Styver Plays

    im so sick of your kind GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIVE!!!!!!
    OMG great song

  49. aisyastiyeh

    Head banging like my life depends on it Cx

    Winnie K

    You might like Melechesh then o_o

  50. Ryan Delaney

    1:22 Nutsack!


    slap'em all

  51. Nicole Cox

    Just watched an interview & Austin said they recorded this song in one take. He said he was on the phone with his ex wife screaming, threw his phone down on the ground & broke it, then ran in the studio & said, "I wanna record this now!" This is Austin actually mad-helps calm my anger because I know he was pissed while making this song. I love you guys! ♥

  52. Hey There Billy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    damn i like this album

  53. TheScrubDesigns

    The real Of Mice & Men. 

  54. Ben Threw-Hendowski

    I played when you cant sleep at night for my class for the end of the semester free day we had and every one loved so much they wanted to hear more from OM&M so I turned up my amp (I was using an electric guitar) and I played this song and everyone was silent except the other OM&M fan in the room (she clapped)

    Emo Penguin7

    and then you did it with her afterwards, yes? :D 

    Ben Threw-Hendowski

    @Sebastian Jagermanjensen no

    Amanda Turvey

    You're my hero

    Lusty Not Busty

    I freaking love your username; I commend you, fellow OM&M lover. *traces an ampersand on my heart* XD that should be the OM&M mating call.


    Ben Threw-Hendowski show off. Nah bro just kiddin. You're a fuckin legend and savior

  55. Actual Satan

    My absolute favorite OM&M song :)

  56. TheMetalrocker101

    Why only 2 minutes of awesomeness T_T


    Epicness only comes in small portions. Top with with the rest of the album and it becomes complete ;3 right?


    read the lyrics xD he said he'll keep it short

  57. Tim van Straten

    Best weight lifting song ever

  58. Casey Compton


  59. Leroy Jenkins.

    Making abortion jokes to which ever lyrics fit... lol im a disgusting human XD
    "Get out, Get out of my Life!" abortion
    "Nowhere to hide" abortion


    hey, what's funny to someone is opinionated, not measured on a scale of creativity. 

    Old Demosthenes

    @nickk005 Yeah, and sometimes the person is just plain unfunny.
    Like now, for instance.

    Dakota Word

    +Old Demosthenes i found it funny, fuck off

  60. Sarah Ratliff

    Makes my heart beat heavier

  61. WintaFresh

    Is it me or does the song product of a murderer sound like monster

    Irvinn Hexagrams

    it does cx


    Austin carlile 😍

  63. KalebNJake

    This song is amazing! But, I don't feel any depth. Feels like it isn't true studio quality.

  64. Valentino Khaksarian

    I was playin this in the car and started screaming out the window then 2 other ppl started too

  65. MrFluffypigeon

    I use to think that. I use to hate them tbh, then I gave them a chance and now they're fucking amazing. Blast these guys through your car subs and you won't regret it.

  66. Valentino Khaksarian

    Run Down the street screaming no way out alive ill eat ur heart I'm a monster is completely normal

  67. Abbey Herrmann

    Love it~~ makes me feel wide awake

  68. Josiah Schulz

    At least he wrote a song about it instead of doing what Tim Lambesis did haha

  69. Goldfish Sachs

    This song gets me so pumped, great track for the gym.

  70. T B

    This song feels so real... <3

  71. All14OfUs

    I love it!!

  72. Slipperyleopards

    this is EPIC!

  73. Nate Drake


  74. XxFinalFlashXx1

    Wow this sounds alot like me when angry l scream like this, this song just makes me agressive at times l like it.

  75. CrissxThexCat

    You can hear the anger in his voice, and that makes this song all the more powerful.

  76. erikcanute

    The story behind this song is so crazy. Austin had no idea what to do with the song, but one night he was on the phone with his wife who had an affair and was yelling and screaming and hurt. He threw his phone in the snow, whent to the studio, and recorded this masterpiece in one take.

  77. Taijah Rae

    Lol, that's "Of Monsters and Men" you're thinking of...and yes, they are a cute indie band haha. I love them (:

  78. Solano Style

    GO! pamparararararan pam!!

  79. The Black Dahlia Nigga

    This songs really one big breakdown :)

  80. Bella

    i think your talking about of monsters and men no this is way diffrent

  81. JellyJollyHolly

    Maybe you were thinking of the band "Of Monsters and Men" ? Cause they're indie and there's no way Of Mice&Men are :P

  82. Mariah Williams

    woa i thought of mice and men were a cute indie band. :o

  83. mikaylaa73


  84. Jocelin Rosales

    Love this awesome song.

  85. CrimsonShoty

    i wish youtube had a play ower and ower agen nonstop button...


    freakin aMAZING!!!!!

  87. I Eat Badgers

    Best, song, here. You can just hear how angry he is at that ex wife of his. If you didn't know this, is song was done in one take.

  88. David Hammons

    Hell yeah!

  89. LunamoonX13

    this band is awesome xD

  90. Aimee Amnesia

    Im so sick of your kind get the fuck out of my life! /.\

  91. Christian Jane

    rock on dudes!! this song is totally rad man

  92. Levon777614

    I'm only here for Shayley.. jus sayin.

  93. Dino Saurus

    And people say OHIOISONFIRE is an angry song!!

  94. TYGONE199

    So much hurt in one song...

  95. Gabii Smallz

    great song for cleaning ,brushing ur teeth ,tweking anything really xD

  96. jaegerbomb

    Damn, I just love the raw passion and anger he has in this song when he screams out every single lyric

  97. crystal garcia

    Music. Obviously.

  98. crystal garcia

    He said it in a interview, he was pissed of what his ex wife did to him and took it out on the mic.