ODESZA - Corners Of The Earth Lyrics

Tonight we run
We run into the sun
We run into the corners of
The love we choose to make

Tonight we show
We show where we belong
The places I have never been
The places we are strong

Tonight we're golden
We fall towards each other
We fall to the edges of the earth
We burn tonight as one

Tonight we run
Through love we never knew
Our love to everyone
We love tonight for love

We're golden
We're golden
We're golden
We're golden

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ODESZA Corners Of The Earth Comments
  1. Аля Аля

    Такая простая композиция ,и в тоже время ..........👉💣💥

  2. Twelve K


  3. GRZ K

    This song is nothing but purity and a time where nothing matters and the world is in peace. Pure happiness exists because this song exists. Thank you on behalf of the human race.

  4. StevenX7

    Sea of Voices Vibes

  5. MrCubanD

    Outlander Fan

  6. ZEE TV

    Next level

  7. Michelle Clayton

    Who is here from Outlander new season trailer?



  8. Raiders Warriors

    Heard this for the first time last night.... Feels like it's the first time again with these headphones on..

  9. Anna Paula

    Vim por Outlander 😍

  10. __Iqueen. Netty

    Outlander fans coming to join the fan club 🍾

  11. Hiếu Bùi Mạnh

    Outlander's fan, here they come!

  12. Nazlı Özel

    Thanks Outlander :)

  13. Claire Love

    Outlander season 5 someone ? 😍 amazing song in a freaking beautiful TV show 😭❤

  14. Lauren

    Outlander fans are coming...

    Shannon Herley

    Yep right here 🙋🏻‍♀️

    Tammi Dodgers

    this song just makes me more hyped for season 5 every time i listen to it


    Jas and?

    Doris Galloway

    I'm here! #Outlander

  15. Alguien Dijo

    2 0 2 0

  16. jared

    . play 2:40 at 11:57:20 on december 31 oof

  17. John Tremendol

    sounds sooo much like M83 Outro

  18. Marble Dzingai #Royalty

    L E G A C I E S s1 episode 5 🙌🏽😻😍❤️🔥💯💯🤝

  19. Nocturnal NinetyTwo

    Flume collab please

  20. notjaredd

    Did they sample electric love by borns lol

    Double Guitars

    No just listened to it, and I don't think they did.

  21. Ajay M

    White in revery sent me here.

  22. Sacred

    What a beautiful song.

  23. Sinomin

    Is... is this... heaven?

  24. rxn

    I fucking love your music. There's such a powerful spirit of adventure in it. I have Intro, A Moment Apart, Just a Memory, Divide, Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings, La Ciudad and Corners of the Earth all in a row on my main playlist, because they're all gorgeous. Intro and A Moment Apart make me want to break free into the galaxy. Just a Memory tempers that glorious energy with some sadness and nostalgia. Divide responds with some incredibly satisfying lyrics and then a chorus that in my memory consists of a sort of soaring wail. Thin Floors adds even more emotion, La Ciudad brings up the energy and Corners resolves it all with a reflection of the same galaxybreaking desire as A Moment Apart. All in all a stunning album.

  25. Adriana Suances

    Pelos de punta ... 😍

  26. GGHD


  27. xkay

    L E G A C I E S

  28. Mike Litoris

    Fourward Bootleg anybody? :)

  29. Weverthon Castíllo

    The GoT S8 Countdown 😍😍

  30. Lay Z

    Who’s here after Legacies?

    Team #Originals

  31. jonathon clay

    No one else think of Pink Floyd when they hear this? Great music is still made. Even my father who is extremely old school likes this song.

  32. Mark Youneva

    I'm deeply in love. With what or whom I'm not entirely sure, but this track makes me feel the emotion nonetheless

  33. Axel

    For the throne 🔥

  34. primo

    Most underrated song in the album. Can't believe it has less than 1 mill views...

  35. AJ STUDD

    JR Alli

  36. Navindu Amarakoon

    Who's NOT here after any TV show?

  37. FaRoss Wright


  38. SonOfTerra92


  39. Axel

    Who is here from game of thrones

  40. Jessica F

    Odesza is the music churches were always meant to play.

  41. Colaris

    Reminds me of Interstellar. Dunno why.

  42. Morgane Alexandra

    OMG all of those GOT comments now... Please don't make Odesza something mainstream. Here in the comments section of Odesza from 2012, and now GOT thing.. :D >_<

  43. Colaris

    1.25 speed...surely.

  44. Hailey Shurtleff

    This song is so beautiful, it takes away all my worries anxiety and stress for a brief moment. It inspires me to live and be kind to others and just enjoy life while we still have it. This deserves many more views.

  45. Ryuki

    hello ODESZA fans, we are the GOT fans :D

  46. Queen Morrison

    All the way from Jamaica 🇯🇲 Im here after watching #Legacy

  47. Alicia Jones


  48. Gemini Westworld

    Got brought me here

  49. Çaval Fer

    It has a Blade Runner vibe :)

  50. KentrYT

    Hold the door! Hold the door!

  51. Kangala Wafula

    Who got this from BBC

  52. Shelina Cesario

    THANKS GOT for bringing me here

    Frost Byte

    Shelina Cesario enjoy the rest of the songs by ODESZA, you won’t regret it 😉

  53. Ella

    This song edited into the video before the game of thrones premier made me cry so much it was so beautiful

  54. B Saxon

    1. listen to this
    2. watch and mute this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6gjIkF4OFQ
    3. play

  55. lanes W

    This songxgameofthrones made me cry before the final premiere

  56. Britt Armenta

    When they played this on the Game of Thrones countdown, I cried. So beautiful.

  57. Gabriel Cominotti

    GOT: The Countdown brought me here

  58. Samuel Peña

    Who is here for game of throne opening sound 8x1?? 😍😭😍✋🏻

  59. Rhaella Blew

    Imagine going on the road trip with this song its feels like heaven

  60. DG DG

    Game Of Thrones' SEASON 8 premiere brought me here

  61. Tristan Tang

    Who's here after Game of Thrones?

  62. KekoOmega

    So great they used this song for the game of thrones countdown

  63. Followerofthe Way

    Odesza.. telling us the earth isn’t what we think it is one song and one album art at a time. Open your eyes to see and open your ears to truly hear.

  64. Amanda Gayle

    Ummmm was this the GOT song last night before the premiere?

    Paul Smith



    Bryden Carrigan

    Amanda Gayle Yes and it was AWESOME!!!


    you mean this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsWjC6HEhgc

  65. Jack McCormick

    game of thrones fans are coming


    Jack McCormick We Odesza fans welcome you :)

    Hiếu Bùi Mạnh

    Outlander's fan coming too! :v

    Dracar3ys Ghost

    This song was in game of thrones ? I thought that they only played music by Ramin D.

  66. HardLine


  67. Jesus Yessir


  68. Kayleana Marie

    Watching this live at red rocks will forever be one of the best experiences of my life! Seeing the love in the crowd and everyone just in the moment was so beautiful, every time I hear this it’s like I’m there all over again!

  69. brain washed

    Please play this at my funeral ⚰️

  70. TehWaver

    Dude I kid you not. I was in a plane last week going back to my homeland. I had one of those spots next to a window. I was just casually listening to music while waiting for the plane to take off. And I swear to God, as soon as the plane left the ground this song started playing. It was so magical holy shitttt. Just imagine those first 30 seconds playing while leaving the earth looking down on a huge world getting tinier every second :O SO SICK <3 I will never forget that.

  71. Arthur ZAK


    [Verse 1]
    Tonight, we run
    We run into the sun
    We run into the corners of
    The love we choose to make

    [Verse 2]
    Tonight, we show
    We show where we belong
    The places I have never been
    The places we are strong

    [Verse 3]
    Tonight, we’re golden
    We fall towards each other
    We fall to the edges of the earth
    We burn tonight as one

    [Verse 4]
    Tonight, we run
    Through love we never knew
    Our love to everyone
    We love tonight for love

    We're golden
    We're golden
    We're golden
    We're golden

  72. Shahrukh Arshad

    Man, this music should be nominated for oscars !!!! Such a wonderful masterpiece and have to say tha hans zimmer has a competition now.

  73. Faggoat

    How would I go about getting the vocals for this ?


    @d3 so how do people make remixs


    @d3 yeah I tried the inverter method before And it doesn't do anything really so that's kinda painful

  74. Farhaan Alam

    Oh my.....
    Oh my God.

  75. sarah salupo

    Legacies anyone? No just me... ok 👌🏻

  76. Rexmu

    Replay Buttons.
    0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
    Free because I am not a bitch that cares about likes.

  77. Rexmu


  78. La Veneno

    Legacies brought me here

  79. hope hartzell

    Can someone please make a lyric video of this song PLEASE!!!!

  80. Akash Anand

    Here after toni mahfud's instagram Story

  81. Alexander Devin

    can somebody please help me, if there are any song out there like this, with the same feel with this song, please tell me.

  82. Xander Arens

    Poor Dryad..

  83. Jeremy Abrams

    This track sneaks up on you and slaps you right in your shit

  84. Katie Grider Laughter

    I recorded a song from a movie that sounds a lot like this, but I don't think it's Odesza. Can anyone identify it...? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B38riiXoSApMSDJMWTFpX3AyR3M

  85. Nicolobama27 Nicolobama37


    Recordaré el 2018 y el 2017 con cariño ya no poder decir 2018

  86. Overdose

    You deserve more subscribers guys

  87. Justin Catagua

    I’d imagine this song playing while we land ship on a newly discovered planet suitable for human colonization🚀🌌Humanity would have come so far.

  88. Hëřø Jäý_Høøps

    Anyone here from legacies?

  89. Joel Ramirez

    The Pendon

  90. ICE BEEF

    Legacies anyone?

  91. Kevin Kaol

    Came here from Legacies,,,,, the tree scene with this music in the background was just beautiful

  92. Romano Steenkamp

    Legacies brought me here

  93. Zecks

    I didn't know about this song until Legacies, and I am forever grateful. Absolutely beautiful.

  94. spicypatty

    Yo wtf did you guys put in this song? Can't listen to it without getting some shivers. This some reverse brown note shit.

  95. Chris Cross

    RIP Driad

  96. La Veneno

    Beautiful I felt in love

  97. nirvana bae

    legacies ❤❤❤

  98. Viktorija sfhje

    I feel like this song will be played during the end of the world

  99. Chris Lowe

    the Earth only has corners if you change your coordinate system...
    maybe that's not the point

  100. ODESZA

    Pre-order the new album “A Moment Apart” out 8th September: http://odesza.co/a-moment-apart

    Kelsey Schreib

    totally different from what i'm used to but it's all around amazing!! would absolutely LOVE to see you guys back in Sacramento or San Fran soon! Lots of fans out here waiting:)


    They're playing at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley for 3 nights

    Timothy Walker

    When are you both coming to play in Australia, I need to attained it.