Oceans - Scars Lyrics

Oh I hate this place
Faces I can't erase
I choke on every scream I try to invoke
Oh I hate this place
A cage of rife decay
Each hour's like a dagger, slitting my throat

I can't get away
Let me just slip away
All I do is drown my face in the blood
This world is not a place to live
Why is it so hard to forgive?

This world is not a place to live
This life is not for me to live

I'm not here to scratch your heart
When word is made flesh it leaves a scar
I'm not here to scratch your heart
I am here to rip your world apart

You always wanted my best
My best was never enough
How can I forge my own fate?
When all that you see
Is a picture you painted of me
Something I'll never be

Why do I hate myself sometimes?
And everything is pale
How can I love myself?
When every little scar is tearing me apart
No-one ever taught me how to live
How do I forget?
How do I forgive you?

Father? Why have you forsaken me?
Father? Why have you forsaken me?
Was I ever enough?
Can I get enough?
I hope that one day you could see
Father? Why have you forsaken me?

Never enough
Never enough
Never enough
Forever in love
Never enough
Never enough

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Oceans Scars Comments
  1. metal maniac

    Come to the Midwest...were true metal.

  2. ArmeniusLOD

    Am I the only one who gets a bit of a GNR vibe from this song?

  3. Scrath

    Heavy Dagoba/Swallow the Sun crossover feels over here! I love the atmosphere, the guitars, the change in tempo, the visuals, and most of all the vocals! Incredible!
    I just wanted to check you out since I saw you're on tour next year with LotL and Equi, AND NOW I WANT TO GO TO THE CONCERT JUST FOR YOU!

  4. Danzignacio mata

    jonathan davis on vocals and guit

  5. john sims

    They’re really good

  6. Usai

    I love it

  7. Alejandro Serrano

    Interesante band

  8. jarid del rio

    Algo bello

  9. Vitaliu Perviu


  10. Paul D

    Kinda boring..

  11. Shadi Abbas


  12. DisgustingLibtards

    Lyrics are some lit shit

  13. James Lauricia

    Dude these guys r awesome

  14. Martin Vizcarra

    Me gusta 😀👍

  15. bbrtki

    How to destroy your vocal chords,. lesson 1.

    DARKSTRAND Official

    They do this for quite some while now, I think they know what they are doing


    Mecânico chato, fica passando a mão suja de graxa nos caras

  17. Edo Brca

    sucks !

  18. bloodyleech

    Finally some good shit

  19. José Augusto dos Santos


  20. armandobravo4L

    *daddy issues intensify*

  21. ccchase420

    fucking intro rips holy shit

  22. k. t.

    👊 🤘 👊

  23. FBHI

    It's like KoRn with Slipknot and Shade Empire (Melodic Death Metal band) did a ménage!!!! Favorite song from a newcomer band in years!!

    OCEANS Official

    Thank you so much! Two of our favourites, big compliment. ;-)

    Rodney Sagor

    Ménage à trois 3:)

    Józef Kudrys

    Shade empire - melodic death?

  24. Christopher Goss

    This is incredible

  25. Jenar Mahesa

    Young Jonathan Davis seriously play guitar and doing vocal

    Angga Saputra

    Mantap gan

  26. Mr Happy

    Is this whole band full of people who were abused.. because those screams at the end seemed to realthe whole band holy shit lads 😨😥


    Mr Happy Most metal artist have such history, so there might be a possibility..

    DARKSTRAND Official

    They said it's not about being abused in their case if I remember correctly

  27. Robby D

    The unnecessary blast beats ruined a potentially decent song.

    M M

    and I believe it saved it

    Eric Reifinger

    I liked the blast beats


    you have no idea why and when someone should use blast beats ! don't shout your ignorance in public !

    Robby D

    Who knew that having an opinion was ignorant... For Fuck sakes, get over yourselves. Better yet, Fuck off and have a great day.


    @Robby D could have been worded a little differently, like you werent baiting with that comment get real

  28. Juan Carlos

    Exactly why forsaken

  29. Amine Abouzaid

    So simple but still a great song !