Ocean Wisdom - Revvin' Lyrics

[Ocean Wisdom:]
Manifested this one
Man come through in all black and just nick something
Limelight robber, the limelight teefer
Dem man are busy bunnin' on their reefer
They never got the memo
That a fellow from the south spitting ether
So either they deaf or they dumb, if neither
They're mocking it, they're rocking something silly for the feature
They're gimmicky they're relevant for now with no longevity
The remedy for that is how you body rhythm readily so woah
I ain't got to study how another brother flow
Listen to a legend make a better rapper grow
Better for competitors that are living with a pro
Swinging with a donny you're swinging with Ali G
Man's really in a hurry to build up another lead
Brilliant and lovely looking at the esteemed
Considering every challenge resulted in their defeat
They beat the beat, I eat the beat
Then beat the beat, I treat the beat right
I beat the beat boss, betray me and die
You be the bocat, your head between thigh
Runnin' a muck, a brudda be shuttin' down
She sucking on something and then she duckin' out
I done a show with the baddest man about
I'll turn a gunner into a daffodil
Dem man dere holding Ls
Dem man ain't holding Zs
And that's fact
Dem man are already tell I'm on too much for them try rev
Like "Why you tryna rev?"
About revvin' my face
On a Sunday
Till I hit man with a awkward leg
Awkward elbow, top of the head
Like boom baow, put him to bed
Like Joe Rogan said a man like me ain't seen that in a thousand fights
Man got clocked with a vibrant right
And a hesitant left, is a man still alive?
Watch how I jump on the tune with Dyl
I'm the real deal, dem man all hype
Got a man feeling all Dillian Whyte
No dilly, no dally, I flick out the light

Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
About revvin' my face on a Sunday
Till I hit man with a awkward leg
Awkward elbow
Top of the head
Like boom bow
Put him to bed
Why you try to rev?

[Dizzee Rascal:]
How you gonna come and try rev
How you gonna act like I'm not ahead
And you're stuck on the red
You're easily read
Like you're playing dead
I'm a rebel
I'm ready whenever my level is heavy
You're light as a feather I beg
Beg you know I'm a celeb
But I'm dreading I'll put you to bed
For some shit that you should have just thought but you said
'Cause you're a pleb
Only concern should be getting this bread
Are you pulling my leg
Gone in the head
Copper and lead
He drops and he bled
Go get a doctor and send for the med
You should have fled
Dearly departed
Look what you gone and you started
You bumbaclart
Should have been smart
But you were retarded instead
Use your brain
Don't lose your lane
Refrain from saying my name
And I'll do the same
And everything'll be right as rain
Don't go against the grain
'Cause I can get a little off the chain
Gassed up on my own no shame
Like I'm off the mains
They're looking at me like I'm at the wrong stop
And I got no ticket
I just hop the train
What have I got to gain
I already gained the fame
I already copped the Range
I come through like Dr Strange
Tell the lane miss me with the games
I don't entertain
Cocaine flow in your vein
But I bring the pain
Give me the long story short don't make me strain
So I can see you all clear and plain
I'm not a plain Jane
I got Jane insane
Hopping on the cane
She give me top then I rock it again
She give me Brighton dome
I'm up bright and early
With a brighter bone
Even when I'm in Rome
I feel right at home
The beat got me in a tighter zone
I could have jumped at your hype
But I like my own
And I'm kind of grown
I heard Ocean Wisdom said somebody better get that boy on the phone
Let him do what he does
Don't change one tone
Just leave him alone

[Ocean Wisdom:]
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
About revvin' my face on a Sunday
Till I hit man with a awkward leg
Awkward elbow
Top of the head
Like boom bow
Put him to bed
Why you try to rev?

Eighteen I was eight deep
With a break beat
Lately manna make P
From a G
Hopefully manna wrote down a couple notes on me
Oh did he not
He don't know about me
Okay, locally manna know of me
And then globally fandem'll roll for me
Hours on a beat
Okay mandem on a show for me
They're a nobody
With the way they facilitate what I do bait
And a anecdote for me
Would be high road for me
And I didn't ride out on a wasteman wave
That's a woah woah buddy
You should body down for me
I'll be showing you the ropes
When you trying to just rave
Why help bodies that are not that gully
When you could be summoning the best of the greats
No sales dummy
That is not that funny
When you got to rely on the O for the cake
Still fuck it then I fornicate the day away where I get up and I made a (pip?) and then I get to press it on her puss
Luckily the way they gravitate to what I'm doing got them reaching in their pockets, dedicated to the cause
'Cause they feel a man and follow man and run around the city
Like an animal I put them on their paws
'Cause the mandem want to draw
As they thought they was I'm on a Wu-Tang vibe on tour
Bill a spliff and let me talk
I ain't fiddlin with pork
Licking on her loin
Ripping something raw that's savagery
Man's been on it since Mark and Valerie
This bar cost man calories
Smash and attack
Eubank swag get a bang in the mouth
Junior swag hold 25 more
Wiz be a fan of just having it out
I run up a tab I told them the score

Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
About revvin' my face on a Sunday
Till I hit man with a awkward leg
Awkward elbow
Top of the head
Like boom bow
Put him to bed
Why you try to rev?

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Ocean Wisdom Revvin' Comments
  1. sam billington

    All of his songs are shit then you listen to this wtf

  2. Arturo Enamorado

    🔥🔥Saludos desde México perros🔥🔥

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    Me listening to this while in 30 mph speed limit doing a 100 mph 🌠😁😁😁

  4. Александар Н

    Joe Rogan and Ocean, it would be hell of podcast.

  5. Bren James

    Walking around with an awkward leg

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  7. Lost&Found Lost & Found

    The Force Is strong with them

  8. Mark Mark


  9. Mark Nembhard

    Is it me or Dizzee is just going from strength to strength still whilst Ocean is on the path to musical greatness himself

  10. Black Dust

    Ocean wisdom is the best rapper in the uk hands down

  11. DJ CHRIS H

    this beat is like xerxes goin alpine.

  12. M.V.P

    Big ups from straya kunts, much love.

  13. Rootz

    listening that track since one day with only small pauses.ha,genius.

  14. Rootz

    Ocean Wisdom Dizzee Rascal Toplevel.

  15. Rootz

    this is one of the phattest beats i ever listened to.

  16. DJ CHRIS H

    this is one of the phattest beats i ever listened to.


    Ruslan Rainbow /Ukraine, Kiev-Таmple/
    https://youtu.be/5uSBl1klvsM = AUDIO BOOK =

  18. Nion Maitre

    and the bib bang clows if windo the glock death ! 🍏


    movikitxav londonszz

  20. Lilnootsacks

    this mans music is the shit go and listen to - ting dun

  21. Spencer Jones

    slaps harder than 3/4 of mainstream american rappers

  22. ian douglas

    Did and wiz

  23. Terz

    it's 144 bpm in case anyone wanted to know

  24. Jonas Riemann

    Dope af

  25. Gareth Diamond

    this or blessed I say bessed

  26. Dylan Pratt

    Much love from down under 🔥🔥

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    The pure definition of a pile of SHIT

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    This album was perfect. No skipped songs.
    Gotta try the others soon.

  34. Jack Harper

    ocean mate contact your real pals , im disappointed with you

  35. Richie Hops

    Once a burglar broke into my house and I robbed him.. I was listening to this at the time.

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    what about gzuz lol

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    No big houses
    No girls
    No money
    No job
    This is my current situation please help me

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    I’m not a big fan of English rap all the accent and shit but this is next level more of this please

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    Holyshit from across the pond

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  47. Cain Tauri

    War can't fuel real peace that requires a piece of deceit incomplete heat on the beat repeat and cease defeat stacking for falling or to raise the deceased complacent to the aim of the speech "he's lame" may I preach teacher's learned Aether blames the ignorant weak Beasters , Easter's hoppin in your feature dare beseech the dope [that's lethal] please delivering these words first pull a certain curtain destined teaser to the keister flight bird it's heard I'm a keeper reaper rolling up like reefer's how did Adam and Eve drop? I want Jesus our redeemer and I haven't lost the plot despite smoking pot I won't stop coppin coppered gold no topping mopping dinners from the floor got me through the door got an old school soul new age aye? Then understand what I know who's the goat? Holy ghost to the throat can't copy this tome now I'm coming home -  sinners think like winners, tell me where you think they go ultimate goal? Intimate distillage would real Christians murder even more than a single village? Heathen vivid description I'm not judging I'm livin my lessons, silly rhymes got no sin in them but I call it cinnamon play pretend instead of baking breads tending to our beds I feel like a mess he thinks that he's losing it until he found it trying not to use it and around it goes excuses pardon my flow or useless ends I'll cut the loser trends choose my dues not supposed to boost on the juice, compliancy makes descent less likely my family or alike me is my bigger plan I don't forget to repent and don't confuse what I meant in deep lore is a sweet scent if I have faith in change does that make sense? Rhymes sent to implement consent in reverance I explained my attempt like confessions to reverands wanna talk exemption I think of a man knees bent no contempt integrity's evident he's got gumption but living without rent but the heart's felt without end aye let me say again page like the lion's den but Daniel like my pen zen trippin over ancient giants like I'm lying in the grave grammar might behave it's not my place to save can I ask upon your name or is it limping like cane? Man I'm not in the game you might think I'm insane but I know what you're portraying where in the bible is hatin like Satan okay then just back away I'm not patient I know you're waiting on content I won't taint it plain* shit ain't it *[pain switch]* [bitch] I don't quit I'm claiming lyrical knowledge to spit nowhere to hide if it's lit not bothered a bit when I'm live why my liars upset when I vibe it's a given when I'm livin I don't let cries slide please don't dissect my PRIDE you can't infect my respect I'm my own school prefect rappin for decent causes losses depend on who your boss is I believe that cynicysm is an inner prison is my message missin? It's logic, remission? He's killin it if you know you're not a puppet implausible nonsense then watch this; when you see options - do you make problems? Or solve em, dissolve flem miracles of old in quantum omen it's petroleum sometimes don't share the lighter lest a troll begin to spin my write up right up ride up learning right now the tide's up and in, still walking in the storm with confidence I could jump a fence I'm not Midas, adrenaline is just a test irrelevant, what's "adjusted best"? Detest I don't believe in ungrateful rest or my unfaithful jests you can see it in my chest - you know we're blessed and righteousness is well attested so pious is wretched who do you think is my brethren? It's heaven, the kingdom has come, I reprehended blended "sentences" with Genesis get this drift gist Revelations claims salvation as the beast's temptation but to piss on the sour bliss is undoubtedly ominous cause xmas is bound to leave our heads twisted inauspicious vision for the minister that isn't on the mission and investing implicit wizardry I like ocean waves are you feeling me? Straight off the dome like epiphanies sun degrees evaporating tsunamis and tidal waves we're not slaves to our mortal gain four rings forgot one attire who's on fire nice try umpire follower on some conscious life and giving aside from strife portray a sermon like a knife this my ghost type

    Cain Tauri

    May I just say this dope as display has made my day - I didn't mean the pain I had teen issues aye classmate playing on my mind like vibrant rights I'm live tho like a minor pro posture locked in spine I got a fire flow my brother's been making the dough from time ago so I thought he'd run up on me got my tiger frozen lighter goes lit writ tight lyric bitch hear it scared it like bare scriptures I would pull you from the fissures can you figure? Stacking like my nigga's loving the trigger? Bouncin round all heights like tigger guess his one lines might be bigger please don't snigger my spigot flowing wisdom I can't diminish an ocean wave wait for the rave I don't sport my blaze he's in a faster lane I don't gaze *behave* but I'm harpin again barely grazin blades with the pen try to rate me 1-10 and I'll give you my friend Ben he'll tell you when I'm seeing red don't forget the hate I render my blend's a dead end before the bend try and twist the reverand what a tenuous effort it's futile but I guess you want some credit? Forget it you clearly don't get it if you think you'll never regret it debit transfered lyrics to the beast who said it? Who sent it? Who read it? Bitch *[BOOM]** *explosion noises

    Cain Tauri

    Behave like my name pain switch [bitch] on the gain that's Kane not staying in his lane and leaving wizards to their fame I'm rain I'm switching up the game on a textual plane there's my frame now I ping it again listen for change warmachine won't guage the lyrical cage I belt around his brain insane flame you can tell it's the same [flow] he takes the blame though look at the angles look at my membrane [no] Amadeus adios audios where my audience? They opened my show to the local hoe fool he's a tool like I didn't know? Indecisive where's he go? Like he's a taxi I arrived with the dough think I'm taxing you blow I'm a crow doe didn't know? Like brooooo bet he does now aye thinks he's all "loud pray" but he's more like "proud prey" how I say? Still not gay but hot cake 'nuff said but jk

  48. Vedran Delost

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    THIS OCEAN IS ON FIRE 🌊 🔥 😤😤😤😤

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    17 seconds in is hard

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    This guy spits is off the chart love to see him wiv RA the rugged man

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    Ocean wisdom is such a sexy man 😍

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    Flow is solid , I fux with this beat too , UK doin it 😎

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    Liked every ocean songs ive heard so far, this one with my N raskit is really good. GG boys

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    When the only serious good hiphop is grime. Nice.

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    Cos ur a pleb


    @06kickflip lol such a fanboy response 🥊

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    Love how this guy's actual name is Ocean Wisdom, rather than a moniker. It's badass.

    And once again featuring Raskit. What a way to introduce me to Ocean's sick flow.

  66. Gaz Roach

    1 ILL UK COLAB! DAAAAM!!!! ☺

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    These rappers are all the same! Bitches, money, and guns. Pathetic

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    Lovely song


    Probably one of the most talented rappers I’ve ever heard it’s on a whole different level....what 😮

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    Killing it bro ya boy atp coming from Australia 🇦🇺

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    This guy is shit, shame on you dizzy. Kid needs to go back to his rock and read a book. 😂

    Jon Boy

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  88. holly clark

    Ocean wisdom's bars and vocal tone are so siq, truly. The asthetic of this video bums me out tho. It feels like people trying to be cool - I'm so tired of that. Also - who cares what I think... Thanks for the music.


    They are cool. Yeet

  89. JAX

    Please make a logic and ocean wisdom collab

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