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Deebo, Deebo, Deebo, Deebo
Deebo, Deebo, Deebo, Deebo
Deebo, Deebo, Deebo, Deebo
Deebo, Deebo, Deebo, Deebo

Brighton's Deebo
Y'all know about me though
Concentrate on aikido
You're still getting hit with this knee though
Fuck a bat, I don't need though
Okay yeah I do
Man holla me like "where are you?"
Ca' on their own, they can't see dough
I know, my drawer and that's rhino
I ain't trying to buy rhino
That's some 2009-o
Me I'm looking at the cally packing and see the wacky pattern on the side bro
Break something for my aki, ca' he said he's happy patterning the drive home
Drive home and we shh shh
Skrr shh shh
Skrr, hn hn
Trying to switch gear, shit you doin'?
Cheeky prick - duh - let's disappear
Ca' man are not into all that
I got minimal privilege with all they man, they don't like me
Said they probably finna pull man on that high street
That's where they find me
Similar rhyme scheme, different swag
Them boy there aren't gonna buy that
If I try tell them that it's not bag
I got mandem getting all sidetracked
Come with that rhyme chat cause of that gas
Us man, they can't buy that
See if you're hype that ting
Right if you're in the can
Don't make no sense or dough
Know don't own pence nor pence no ho
Wonder why they wanna chat boss
When they don't pay rent and they don't own home
Kiddi K could he woah could he cope with flow
Culd he cope with the way that I mastered the boat?
You some likkle man on this shit
Don't try telling man where it goes (Wait)
Pick up a pen and a pad, or pick up a brick
Better be quick
Mandem are doing their rounds, they talking that shit
Are you a div?
They speaking your name, they should be respec'ing your name
I finna hop on a plane and fly to the States
And look em all dead in the face, like
Why they all bricking the chain?
The baton was passed, and everyone everywhere grabbing it
Other than you man are panicking
You couldn't fathom me rapping better than half of them man you consider high calibre
Oh Kiddi K could he come with the plan
And come batter some [?] hundred of militant man
In a minuscule minute, I manifest stamina
Energy needed to defeat a challenger
Look at the flow
Killer for sure
Do it with brawler man not getting involved
I'm in the know
Didn't you know?
All of my stock is expected to grow
Give him a kick, kick in the nose
Tip of the nose to the tip of the toe
Look at the flick of the whipping and know
Look at the Wiz
Spitting it well
I'm in the zone
I'm on a roll
All of my knowledge expected to swell
Couldn't you tell?
I'm on a rail
I been grinding but they wish that I failed
Was it a fail?
Look at the fall
I don't rate none of them man, not at all
Was it a tooling that I never fall?
Luckily pussy is not really rule
Not really known
I'm in the zone
Look at the intricacy of the poem
Calculate all of the options I had when I added the syllabic pattern I'm flowing
You a Boeing? Or a plane?
Some plain Jane in this game
What chicken nuggets, what again?
That's the fourth time this day
That's Cineworld with your girl
That's bowling with your bae
That's Nandos on her birthday
Some basic kind of braze
Let me recalibrate
Every day another race
Why they wanna watch a face in front of me?
I'm seeing lots of empty spaces
Gotta be a hyperbolic kind of capsule
When I close my eyes and think of what to say
It's kind of like I'm keeping time and then I open them and do it even better on the stage
Minimum wage, fuck out my face
Not when there's billionaires in the place
Not when there's man that are spending what you earn in twenty five years in less than a day
Are you a mug?
Give me the papes
I need a yacht
I need a rave
I need a clock
I'm running late
I wanna cop whatever I rate
I'm on the top
Look at the space
Me and my mates are getting the papes
More fickle the fassy, fickler the fade
And trickier the rapper, the sicker the spray

Deebo, Deebo, Deebo, Deebo
Deebo, Deebo, Deebo, Deebo
Deebo, Deebo, Deebo, Deebo
Deebo, Deebo, Deebo, Deebo

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