Ocean, Billy - The Colour Of Love Lyrics

If I had to paint a picture
To show the world how true love can really be
I would use the brightest colours
To create a vision of harmony

It would be a reality
Cause it's only what's inside of my heart
You would see I've always loved you
Right from the very start

Tell me what is the colour of love, what do you see
Is it warm, is it tender when you think of me
I see the colour of love when I'm thinking of you
As a picture perfect painting of a love forever true

The colours of the rainbow
Turn grey whenever you're so far away
It changes like the seasons
You're the reason it happens that way

What you see are colours of emotion
Reflecting what I feel deep inside
Now I'd like to take a look
At emotions that you hide

Tell me what is the colour of love, what do you see
Is it warm, is it tender when you think of me
I see the colour of love when I'm thinking of you
As a picture perfect painting of a love forever true

And oh, though many may try to keep us apart
Oh the colours that I see in you
Will shine a light to see us through
No matter what the world will do, I'll always love you

Tell me what is the colour of love, what do you see
Is it warm, is it tender when you think of me
I see the colour of love when I'm thinking of you
As a picture perfect painting of a love forever true

What is the colour of love, oh tell me, tell me
Oh I wanna know, I wanna know
I see the colour of love when I'm thinking of you
As a picture perfect paining of a love forever true

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Ocean, Billy The Colour Of Love Comments
  1. Frank Offei

    2020 hit like

  2. dan snyder

    Who else here 2020.

  3. Willith Objio bautista

    Encantador vídeo


    Música linda com esse cenário então😍

  5. equelizar lee

    Still awesome after all these years. Billy Ocean...what a singer.

  6. Gail Parker


  7. Roberto Javier Quevedo Mosquera

    You're the best brot. I love you.

  8. Amel Armeliana

    January 2020 and still listening to this masterpiece ❤❤❤

  9. Sabrina Sawh

    Fun fact.... that is Barbados!!!🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧😙💯

  10. k192447


  11. Charlene Joseph

    Really don’t make songs like this no more just stuck in this era

  12. Eric S. Pizarro

    The Caribbean islands are magic. I am from Puerto Rico and heard this along with all the songs from the Tear Down These Walls album as a kid. Like many I thought all English songs were from the US not knowing that the majority of the hits from the 80’s are from the UK, along with many of its former colonies.

  13. Mimie Mopeli

    The colour of love...oh my...what a classic

  14. John Kelly

    Always, always, when I need to connect, to a masterpiece of real music😁

  15. shihlin1

    Easily the best song from Billy's last album for BMG RCA in 1988. A sweeping song of emotions, it really shoulda been a huge hit that year, but according to Billboard, the song peaked at # 17. It's one of those classic songs that's timeless. Even listening to this song now, you cannot tell which year it was released.

    Billy gained fame from "Caribbean Queen" in 1984, a huge reggae hit that was his first #1 smash on the pop charts, but he was an excellent balladeer as evident on "Color of Love". His voice has a beautiful, warm, rounded tone. It's impossible to find a song like this today. It remains my fav Billy Ocean song.

  16. carlos antonio gomes da silva antonio49

    maravilhosa e magnifica cançao amo.

  17. DiphegerosMusic

    Love this song.I can’t possibly explain how much i love it.I will cry forever if this song won’t exist.I love both singing and instrumental.I just love it.I love all your songs.Nothing will ruin this song.I’ll be scared if it past away.This is a nice music video.I want it to always exist and you to never die.I am literally crying,i am super scared that it’s gonna pass away.I want someone to reply that it’ll always exist or i’ll cry for the rest of my life.I loved it all the time.I’m crying for 7 days.The voice is nice especially music,i will want you to live with me and sing it all day with music.I love it.I just wanna die when this dong disappears,i love it,i want this to be the most popular song,I will cry until it’ll be the most popular song and when at least 5 people reply that it will always exist.Help me billy ocean,please help and reply,i’ll cry if it won’t exist forever,all you gotta do is like all my videos,subscribe,make it #1 most popular and make it always exist


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  18. ketray Akoya

    December 2019

  19. Jinjin Minoza

    The essence of song before and the true color of nature.. 💋

  20. Toledo Navarrese

    Quite possibly the most beautiful song!

  21. Toledo Navarrese

    Who will be listing in 2020?☝️👍

  22. Conny Kamayanti

    I love classic song...my memory😍

  23. Shila Kayalo

    Whose listening December 2019

  24. Joel humberto Castro flores

    Que hermosa canción me gustaría dedicarle a esa niña hermosa llamada yenny pero creo que ni así me haría caso por que el amor es tan injusto conmigo....

  25. Coral Ochun


  26. Monique Kimm

    Can't get enough of this song,lovely!!

  27. B Classen

    If it's gotta be slow........the color love be my ultimate quite storm song.........it's my absolute favorite........thanks for the wonderful memories......btw there's a reason this music deserves props.......it was actual music you could understand........ijs

  28. Lewis Usher

    Where is Billy Ocean see you 🎶🌺❤️🇧🇿🇧🇿🇧🇿⚽️🖤💚🧡❤️🇯🇲

  29. Lewis Usher

    I see the color of love when I’m thinking of you 🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇧🇿🌈🌈🎶🎶⚽️❤️🇯🇲🌺🖤💚🧡❤️

  30. Abinadi Xaxagbe

    truly the king of blues

  31. Josh Clark Guillén

    Nada cómo estos clásicos Hit's 80 hoy 10/12/2019

  32. African Queen

    True love Billy Ocean

  33. omega abundance Smith

    What is the colors of ❤️💙💚💛💜🧡🖤🗣️I will always love you .

  34. Ben Young

    It is amazing how much our memory can hold sometimes. This brings a lot of memories. What life could be without music. Live it up people. Life is short.

  35. Andrew Opiyo

    Vituu haviishi utamu hivi...

  36. sue carrigan

    I hoped it would be the case, but I failed miserably xxxx

  37. Kevin Palmer

    Timeless priceless

  38. Griselda Berrio

    Hermosa canción .😍

  39. Rosana Cristina Teixeira

    Beautiful song.

  40. Irene Chiboola

    Wow this song still rocks in November 2019

  41. wanyonyi 777

    Listening from Kenya. 28th November 2019.

  42. ezel macasa

    the place same like philippines 🏝️🏝️🏝️

  43. Kirby Dee

    Back in the days where songs were gold. Songs today are rubbish.

  44. Sophia Gibson

    Classic, the color of love use to be red, but now it's black, there's no love anymore, pure hate, God help us.



  46. Stella Iyimoga

    Oh i love this song soooooo much

  47. Coral Ochun

    Es.un 🌈de amor

  48. jose rodriguez

    One of my favorite song of all time from this great musician Billy Ocean.

  49. 2 Tupac

    l'd listen to this music even in next year and years to come!!! pretty excellent and also rare nowadays√√√√√√

  50. Errol Green

    2019 and still going strong. love this song it brings back so many memories. 😂

  51. Martin James

    Am listening now

  52. Paulette Sims

    Billy Ocean from the Caribbean island of 🇹🇹 Trinidad and Tobago. What a beautiful song, one of my favorite!

  53. Julie Fournier

    My husband & I would Dance to this we saw him at the WARWICK MUSICAL TENT he was awesome the best concert ever

  54. Josh Clark Guillén

    Excelente Wow increible bellas palabras del alma

  55. Josh Clark Guillén

    Magistral espectacular cool general 31/10/2019

  56. Omar

    "What do you see/ is it warm/is it tender when you finger me" I'm confused 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. gillian hammond

    love from Accra Ghana🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  58. The COACH

    This era of music has some of the greatest memories

  59. Bennetta White

    , (😃😃😍😍The Beauty ,and the love ,of Life how wonderful.😊😊

  60. Shelly White


  61. Nelson Reis de aviz

    Mais uma para minha coleção de 1 lak em outubro de 2019

  62. Marlene Stergiou

    🇹🇹❤️🎼🔥🇹🇹❤️🎼🔥🇹🇹❤️🎼🔥Colour of love👍🏿👍🏾👍🏽👍🏻

  63. Ibrahim Ahmed

    Timeless song

  64. Di Bn

    Love is the rainbow of feelings.....

  65. Barbara Bella

    Tenho ate vontade de chorar com essa música , de tanta saudade ...



  67. sam brown

    I don't know this song as 1.4k thumbs down. You guys gotta be crazy. No women in thr video half naked maybe thats why the hate it.

  68. Leonard Parchment

    Great song 👍

  69. MsMsantrophe

    One of the best to ever do it!!!!!!

  70. Angie Mitchell

    His voice calms me So pretty love it .my fab male singer forever

  71. Coolkid Abbas

    I love this

  72. Kusasira Emma

    Caribbean king forever you will be

  73. Mukuka Chilalika

    Beautiful, kept repeating it on my iPod and I just had to come here.

  74. Kevin Fagan

    1.4k dislike are you kidding me people really done last there mind.

  75. brian sitati

    The music is so instrumental really soothing and relaxing.

  76. G VC

    Beautiful beautiful

  77. Mthetheleli Zama

    When music videos had a meaning, let alone the message from the song. 2019 South Africa

  78. Amelia Cowles

    How beautiful song and vocal is amazing

  79. winniem1989

    my favorite song from him

  80. Ced Chin

    A great ballad from a great singer. A music standard for the ages.


    Thank you Billy Ocean, for playing in my hallways and entering our hearts.


    NO matter, what the world will do,
    I'll always love YOU


    You're the reason

  84. Alex R

    Why can't we have music like this now?

  85. Mr. Eighty

    This dude has a magical tropical vibe in every song and video he sings.

  86. Monique Kimm

    My favourite I love I love any time

  87. kipngetch sk

    Worra amazing it is!!80's were the moment to live

  88. Philemon Maake

    That's great

  89. Sarah Edgecombe

    Still best singer ive seen live

  90. Danny Dunham

    Somebody tell me what's up with women. Finding love is such a hard won victory. Something's going on because women used to be nice to me, not these days. So any guy out there having trouble getting that honey it's not you, it's them. I don't know if it's something in the air or what.

  91. Xolani Nari

    Billy Ocean I like his voice king of soul music

  92. Danny Dunham

    I love Billy Ocean and I love this song. I have an ear for anything romantic. The first song I heard by him was Lover Boy. Color of Love is my favorite.

  93. Hamiisii M.

    i woke up thinking of this song

  94. Ebenezer Amankwah

    Mehn sometimes i think Billy Ocean has been overly underrated. What a guy! Such poise and voice. Goodness me!....

  95. Ren Ellis

    2019 and the song is still brand new

  96. Rosy Tube

    Love you always and forever ❤

  97. Martin James

    Now in 1/9/20219💋💋💋