Oberst, Conor - Night At Lake Unknown Lyrics

It don't take much imagination
To see the picture frame
I don't need my concentration
To know when I'm in pain
When I lost myself I lost you by extension
I don't know who would stand to gain
These silly dreams aren't worth a mention
But they keep collecting in my brain

When on the hunt for fame and fortune
Picked up the trail just fine
Everywhere I go the doors fly open
But I want out once I'm inside
When I break my heart I know that yours gets broken
I just wish that kept me in line
But I can't live outside the moment
And it keeps leaving me behind
It just keeps leaving me behind

When I can't sleep my mind is a circle
I watch the ceiling fan
I close my eyes and feel the wind blow
My bed it turns into a raft
I drift away it's night at Lake Unknown I'm floating
I see it all for what it is
Most anything can be forgiven
With what is left we'll have to live
With what is left we'll have to live

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Oberst, Conor Night At Lake Unknown Comments
  1. Brook DeVries

    Vacation <3

  2. Lauren Anderson

    we can tell stories on the raft

  3. Jon Saunders

    who the fuck hates this?

  4. BretBaber

    On every album, typically his best songs are the acoustic ballads.
    Lenders In the Temple, White Shoes, Artifact #1, It's Cool We Can Still Be Friends, Motion Sickness, etc...  I think he'll just get better with age.

  5. jendali1

    gosh. he's good...

  6. dobbsiancant

    easily among his best song writing.very impressive.even,as rachel says,'awesome'.

    Brook DeVries

    She has good taste.

  7. rachel kennedy

    I think he time traveled to the sixties to write this and it is AWESOME!

    The Angry Voluntaryist

    @***** Sounds a lot like Weather Reports off the Noise Floor cd.