Oberst, Conor - Lonely At The Top Lyrics

It's lonely at the top of that upside down mountain
Watch the sunrise from a windowless room
If the paramedics stop the soul goes on without them
In a wicker basket tied to a balloon

There are no boundaries to love
The heart can't comprehend the panorama

I took it on the chin from some secondhand feeling
Sorrow handed down to me it felt brand new
Tiny violins or some summer insects listening
Another season leaving us too soon
Freedom is the opposite of love
You'll never keep it through the paranoia

Standing on the edge of a million landscapes emptying
The water from the glacier fills my shoes
Laying in your bed my dreams are sex and violence
I chase the rapist chasing after you

There is no dignity in love
Trade every scrap to get some absolution

Till then I'm walking out the door
Till then I'm running through the airport
Till then I'm waiting around for no one

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Oberst, Conor Lonely At The Top Comments
  1. David Moss

    To me it sounds like he's just on the edge of breaking down.

  2. Lars Niklasson

    How does this not have more views??

    Zach G

    cause it's lonely at the top

    Ben Holland

    Lars Niklasson people are just robots to the system, there not free mentally 🙏


    @Ben Holland there you go again, don't fool yourself, or you're just like the "people" you talk about. These thoughts you claim to be righteous are just making yourself a robot slave to your own ego, you have to be able to relate and sympathize with eveyone, and don't underestimate human intelligence.

  3. raphael vitton

    his bitch was causing him grief

  4. Abraham haile

    lonely time is for me