Oberst, Conor - Barbary Coast (Later) Lyrics

There's a dance hall there
Where the sick folks go
Like the olden days on the Barbary Coast
There's a barefoot child playing in the rain
You can sell your wares even if they're hard
In the great bazaar or the parking lot
Cause it takes a while to know who to blame
I might have a taste cause the first one's free
And the checkout girl's got a thing for me
And they're both as sweet as the day is the long

I don't wanna feel stuck, baby
I just wanna get drunk before noon

I don't mind my head when there's room to dream
Feel like Paul Gauguin painting breadfruit trees
In some far off place where I don't belong
Tried to lose myself in the primitive
In Yosemite like John Muir did
But his eyes were blue and mine are red and raw
'Cause the modern world is a sight to see
It's a stimulant, it's pornography
It takes all my will not to turn it off

I don't want you to feel sad, baby
I take everything back, I swear I do

Cause once all the friends I had
Have used me up and left
I bet you hang around
I bet you'll hang around awhile

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Oberst, Conor Barbary Coast (Later) Comments
  1. Horizon 59

    What a beautiful song!

  2. Aguy Bear&horse

    Damn this song, I relate soo much

  3. It wasn’t meant To be

    My bad Conor

  4. It wasn’t meant To be

    You stabbed me in the back conor

  5. RadDicaL

    I know dat boi Diego

  6. Gary Boyer

    Part two of tomorrow's history and geography lesson at www.885fm.org and at 88.5 FM in SoCal. Part one will be Mark Knopfler's Sailing to Philadelphia. Test on Friday! Tune in for the lunch hour at 12 p.m. PST

  7. Cloud Craft Studios

    West Gate Lanes in Austin Texas Baby!

  8. Dan T

    You suck as much as I can make you feel you suck.

  9. Dan T

    I know.. Write a song about vampires and veneer them in.. Oh wait... You did.

  10. bethamyann

    Oh my god Conor that was fucking traumatizing. I’m literally crying at work right now wtf 😂😭😨

  11. Ryan H.

    I love when artists/bands will set a music video around someone else and then just casually cameo.

  12. Ben Holland

    Conor’s songs blow me away

  13. Alan Kancik

    Nice to listen at night

  14. Iknow Allthesadsongs

    I'm so incredible sad

  15. Emcee Boogieboots

    I am sort of getting a Cat Stevens and Rodriguez vibe here. I am digging it a bit, but have not heard the original. I had to check Conor out after numerous mentions on Questionable Content...

  16. Paul Jones

    February 15th is Conor's birthday :(

  17. R. Cachemaille

    Talent man

  18. viiibrations X

    I doubt Conor himself runs this channel or views the comments but I wish there were some way to let him know how much his music means to me. I started listening to Bright Eyes at 10 years old and am now 25. My first legitimate concert was Bright Eyes at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas, I still cherish my Ouija board tee shirt. Last time was 2014? at the AT&T center when a mad woman was disrupting him by yelling about Jesus lol. I love you Conor. Please please play this next year at the Granada theater again (I missed you last year). I know you don't much enjoy Texas but nothing would make me happier. 😊

  19. jnvrmind789


  20. yonkipop


  21. Stephen Will

    Thanks Conor another great album ,,,,,,,, your the man

  22. Rah Rah

    this whole album is so beautiful, but this song takes the cake. the video, too.

  23. Ryan Ortega

    The kids are great Actors.

  24. Matthew Mohri

    This was awesome that he shot this video at The Paper Tiger the first time he played in San Antonio. I had been here for 4yrs. since moving from Omaha. It was nice to see him play again.

  25. Janice Blackmer

    Great interview on Charlie Rose. Nice sound and lyrics; takes me back! JB


    Hay un dancehall allí
    Donde la gente enferma va
    Como los viejos tiempos en la Costa de Barbary
    Hay un niño descalzo jugando bajo la lluvia
    Usted puede vender sus mercancías incluso si son calientes
    En el gran extraño o el estacionamiento
    Porque toma un tiempo saber a quién culpar
    Podría tener un gusto porque el primero es gratis
    Y la chica de la caja tiene algo para mí
    Y ambos son tan dulces como el día es largo

    No quiero sentirme atrapada, nena.
    Solo quiero emborracharme antes del mediodía

    No me importa mi cabeza cuando hay espacio para soñar
    Paul Gauguin pintando árboles de pan
    En algún lugar lejano donde no pertenezco
    Traté de perderme en el primitivo
    En Yosemite como John Muir lo hizo
    Pero sus ojos eran azules y los míos son rojos y crudos
    Porque el mundo moderno es un espectáculo para ver
    Es un estimulante, es pornografía
    Se necesita toda mi voluntad para no apagarlo

    No quiero que te sientas triste bebé
    Recupero todo, lo juro

    Porque una vez que todos los amigos que tenía
    Me han utilizado para arriba y se han ido
    Apuesto a que te quedas
    Apuesto a que te quedarás un rato

  27. WestCoastIrk

    love this!!! :)

  28. 1961Blanchflower

    Great video to accompany a beautiful song.

  29. Chris Garrod

    "I don't mind my head when there's room to dream"... just beautiful lyrics and an amazing song from Conor

  30. jabba

    I love you conor

  31. Something Better88

    Fav Conor song

  32. SlowDown101

    Connor thank you for coming to The Paper Tiger and filming the live part of this video here at The Paper Tiger in San Antonio, Texas. I hope you liked playing here and will come back soon. You played a great show. It was strange seeing you here 640 miles+ away from Omaha where I normally saw you play since your days in Commander Venus at The Cog Factory. I was sort of hoping to say Hi and thank you personally but I figure the sold was a good way to thank you. I was the jack ass in the crowd saying "You've come a long way since The Cog Factory" I think I shouted out Commander Venus as well. Over all Thank You for coming to San Antonio. Having had lived in Omaha for 26yrs. and watching The Cog scene and Saddle Creek scene grow(I never really knew any of the people in The Saddle Creek Scene)it was hard to get into bands there but here in San Antonio it's pretty easy. It is frustrating b/c people(even young kids)don't really ever want to tour outside San Antonio, Texas, or The U.S. for that matter and we do have talent here besides Girl in a Coma. 4yrs. Ago I came down here to a city of 6 million plus and I figured that would have to be bands all over who were touring and on the cusp of making it big, I mean if Omaha could produce 311 and The Saddle Creek bands a city like San Antonio should be able to at the very least triple the output. Yet I was in a band for 3yrs. and we got air play all over the country on local college stations but the two other members always had something come up when we were trying to tour or something. So I hope you visiting encouraged more people here in San Antonio to get the courage to tour. Over all I hope you come back, or maybe you good fortune here might encourage Tim Kasher to book a date or maybe The Faint to come down both who are popular here as well. Peace, Safety, and Prosperity to you Conor and again thanks for giving San Antonio a chance.

  33. AstOnokGaming

    I've basically watched this video every day since it was released

  34. Jacob Brewer

    such a cute music video, with the boy and his father, even if he isn't there he learns to live life as an adventure everyday.

    Jacob Brewer

    also please come to utah, I would love to see you play

  35. UndergroundGuitar

    ......before noon too...........................

  36. Conner Sprycha

    great video

  37. Miss Morgue

    Andrew sent me here.

  38. Digital Ash TCG

    can't wait to see the show in September!

  39. Zack Mcleod Videos

    amazing song!!! beautiful video as well.

  40. SlipperyGecko


  41. Frank Espitia

    My brother comes out! They filmed the concert in San Antonio, Tx at the Paper Tiger. He's so happy!!

    Cyrus Canales

    Frank Espitia dude no way? Wow

    Cyrus Canales

    210 4 life <3

    Dan T

    Because you are tarded

  42. Digital Ash TCG

    Great track Conor! :)

  43. Mia Cooper

    Stand By Me :)))

  44. twelve around one

    This is probably my favorite music video he's done since the "Four Winds" video. Such an amazing artist and an inspiration to my life/music.

  45. Katiana Strelnikov

    The song is deep. And you know... good... the video is a bit disappointing and uninspired.

  46. musikfanat

    I want you all to hate me. This guy is horrible...

  47. Diego Gza

    great song , great lyrics, and awesome video! so moving it merges with the song effortlessly

  48. Ahsan Khurshid

    beautiful - glad to hear him in his actual Bright Eyes voice :)

    I don't mind my head when there's room to dream
    I don't want you to feel sad, baby
    I take everything back, I swear I do
    Cause once all the friends I had
    Have used me up and left
    I bet you hang around

  49. mattaki

    a hell of a video.

  50. Auden Ryan

    i love the video and i love that the day of this kids trip is on conor's birthday, i'm seeing him again in july and i'm so excited for that.

    Ran D_D

    Auden Ryan i just not realized the calendar date was on his birthday. I came to the comment section to see who else noticed haha. I'll never forget it because of that happy birthday to me feb 15 song.

  51. dirkthes2s

    I love this song so much in the Ruminations version. I can't really get used to this full band version even if I love some of the full band versions of the songs that were on Ruminations already.

  52. Kevin J.B. O'Connor

    My favorite Ruminations song. cool vibe/astonishing lyrics

  53. Lookpla Palalee

    เพลงใหม่ลุงหรอคะ รักกนะ

  54. Paul Bish

    Wow, beautiful, powerful song and such a moving video. Fantastic!

  55. Jasmine Gao

    im crying

    ipso iceso ROBERT

    Jasmine Gao don't worry I cry like every 20 seconds

  56. Jose Arellano

    damn such a good song!

  57. Denise Hall


  58. Lars Larson

    this song is sooooo amazing <3<3<3


  59. DanaLovesIt

    *pulls heartstrings*

    Denise Hall

    I know, I cried.

  60. Tibbe

    Wow, stunning!!!

  61. Steven Ronan

    what has this vid got anything relating to the actual song? plz can someone tell me.. luv conor but the vids?????

    Steven Ronan

    i think he should be a huge star, like kurt cobain or amy winehouse, but it's these crappy videos that could be stopping it. i love his music, genius. I don't understand why he isn't big yet?

    Jess T

    Steven Ronan i dont think he wants to get any "bigger" than he already is. his stalker type fans scare the crap out of him and i am perfectly fine with being the only one i know personally that listens to him on the regular.

    Steven Ronan

    Rachel your 2 comments were marked as spam... ??? i dont really like the digital urn stuff, love him acoustic.. lua is 1 of my faves.. i'm not into the drug type songs, i just identify with a lot of what he sings about...

    Daryn Dead

    that spamming ass Bitch

    Daryn Dead

    that spamming ass Bitch

  62. C Clausen

    RIP Diego

  63. Kane

    Why can't Conor come somewhere close to me like Birmingham (UK) D:

    Robert Smith

    Kane he was..In liverpool a few months back. And yes, him and the band rocked!! Also Big thief played, you should check them out.

  64. Jacob Gann

    "The modern world is a sight to see. It's a stimulant. It's pornography. It takes all my will not to turn it off"

    Dan T

    Talk about how you spend all your money on things.
    Grandiose Hippocrates. How the shedding skin dislikes reality and morphs it to stay substantial. You are foreskin conor. I don't have a foreskin conor. Flake off or fuck off.

    Tommy Coyle

    this is one of my favourite conor lines, except the last bit...for me anyway it takes all my will not to turn it ON

    Joseph Santiago

    That line just repeats in my head

  65. Tami Esson

    What an honor to have Andersen a part of something so beautiful! Thank you!

    Dan T

    Andersen?!! Omg get a fucking clue. Me too!! Lets trade left testicles.

  66. Jason• theFATES

    plz come back to NC but leave ego where it belongs, so very unbecoming of such a handsome articulate young man. Dont forget children are sponges.☆♡☆♡☆♡

    Rachel Trainor

    What do you find to be a bad influence about his songs? I grew up listening to him from the age of 13 onward. The only impression his music left on me was artistic inspiration, a feeling of being less alone, a love for poetry and lyricism, and catharsis. He tells his own stories about others, himself, and his view on the world through songs. Why would you want him to change that or expect him to?

    Rachel Trainor

    Or (This is an assumption - and I'm sorry if I'm wrong - but I know that NC is a red state) if you are a republican and have heard one of his political rants against Trump on YouTube and are offended and referring to those. That's nothing new. Conor is very liberal and always has been. He even toured with Obama to play at some of his campaign rallies. He has a song called "When the President talks to God" that speaks very negatively of George W. Bush from that time period. His punk band Desaparecidos is very political. I'm just saying if you're worried about a Trump rant (I know this is a BIG assumption about you), that is nothing new - almost expected. A lot of people including myself are extremely pissed about Trump - and if things don't calm down politically by the time I see Conor in September - I hope to hear a Trump rant...

  67. Andrew Gilbert

    well done conor now come to Montana and sing around campfires and dive bar all summer with me

  68. Dustin Burt

    I wonder is February 15th is also Diago's birthday.

  69. aznpride0506

    Thank you for always finding the right words to fit how I feel.

    Wons Phreely

    Absolutely, always so good. this one killed me a bit. Btw what d'you think of this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b85V2p4puw&index=2&t=0s&list=PLWehun4PmMf_00nsBZDretT5gHW_zhBeb

  70. krystal rose

    Gosh darn adorable

  71. Rachel Trainor


    Rachel Trainor

    Oh shit Father John Misty!

    Rachel Trainor

    Agreed. Let's start the rumor in another thread and then maybe SPIN magazine will write about it.

    c'est la vegan

    So funny that Spin mentioned your comment! You're basically famous now hehe

    Ashley Feawen

    $All eyes on the calendar; another year I claim, of total indifference..." :)

    Ryan Ortega

    That's awesome! And you're adorable!

  72. R. Pneumo

    Conor's new songs really know how to bloom.

    Trey K.

    R. Pneumo As do his old ones.

  73. Bri Nicole


  74. Jim Belanger

    Beautiful. Pls come to Ohio.

    Douglas Fugh

    Have you heard his latest "I'm not gonna do what you want me to"? (That's what it's been called because on the set list it just says "solo". . . Oh, this one IS a moving truck when it hits you. I recorded it last week in Iowa City. I should upload it!

    Douglas Fugh

    Were you in Omaha and/or Iowa City?

    Karen Fite

    He's coming to the Nelsonville Music Festival in southeast Ohio this June! :)

    Charles Love

    He'll be in Cincinnati in September. Going to try to make it myself