Now, Now - The Pull Lyrics

Find a thread to pull and we can watch it unravel
The lines we both have sewn to form the fabric of a fragile home
We'll spend a month apart
At least I know when you'll be coming home
But this is just the start
We'll find out who we are
A hint of light in the dark
But only enough to keep from giving up
If I could go back to the start
To break the pattern forming between us

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Now, Now The Pull Comments
  1. Zach Hyman

    2020 I’m still here

  2. CogPuppet

    The whole threads album is so comforting in a way and is what everyone needs in their lives.

  3. unimportant shit


  4. 홍원정

    진짜 좋다..

  5. Mike bonilla

    So Haunting <3

  6. PeepsILoveEllie

    cannot describe how much their songs mean to me. just like that. they have a quality that resonates.. and so much feeling, so so much feeling.. I feel like this is music for people who've got sorta black hearts but who never stop fighting nonetheless c: <3

  7. How_V3ryAwful.

    Hearing this fucks me up dude.

  8. sedrick louis

    Why is this song so addicting.

  9. Thalia A

    just a little bit longer please

    La Ans

    Thalia Macias tbf Thread is the long version

  10. Julie Anne

    My favorite part was 0:00- 1:49. :)

  11. Nikki Cantle

    I love thiiis album soooo bloody much! Omfgg.

  12. 34Tedo

    Their songs need to be longer!

  13. 34Tedo

    Thumbs up if you are listening in 2013!!

  14. xchiaroscura

    Ah! So good

  15. Wern C.

    You probably already know this, since this comment is 3 months old, but if you're looking for a longer song, 'Thread' is basically the longer version of this.

    colton b

    wow ur comment was 7 years ago

  16. HelloMyBlossom

    I love how on the album this song kinda carries on into the second song of the album.....possibly the best CD I've purchased all year

  17. VadaMyrtle

    This song is WAY too short

  18. Nathan Rice

    Best song off their new album.

  19. Ryan Snyder

    we'll find out who we are

  20. Jason