Now, Now - Dead Oaks Lyrics

I can't feel your bones but I can see them
And I can't call you up without a reason
I can take a thousand miles
And I can drive for hours to your house in the summer
But I could stay for longer if you wanted me to

Oh oh oh oh oh I've been up
And oh oh I don't sleep enough
And oh oh I know we don't talk as much
But I can hear you still
Oh oh oh oh oh I've been up
And oh oh I don't sleep enough
And oh oh I know we don't talk as much
But I can hear you still

Oh oh oh oh oh I've been up
And oh oh I don't sleep enough
And oh oh I know we don't talk as much
But I can hear your

Voice on the phone
When you're up all alone
In your room
Cause I am up too

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  1. Rohan Chohdri

    sounds good at 0.75 speed too.

  2. Matt Dwyer

    2019....I can take a thousand miles

  3. Nelmer The Hobbit

    Am i the only person who found this on recommended? Its so relatable too.

  4. marianna mendoza

    i am here from miiasaurous

  5. Audienceless Honesty

    I had this friend. We met in college, at a time when I disliked everyone else, and he challenged me and caught my interest and made me want to be where I was. We were two people who were spending our time in odd ways, went on walks through streams or built bridges over them (both good stories, believe me), made art all night and occasionally talked to ourselves. He was receptive to my evident frustration with our surroundings, but believed in me too much to let me off the hook. I tried to find the good in my situation and started writing a television series, for the burning bright people who felt squandered and unhappy, for connection over verbal competition and late night phone calls. I never told him he inspired some of it, because of the incrimination. Our dynamic was subtle, and private, in the middle of a room full of people. We would stay up on these long nights, talking to each other for six hours or more at a time, every month or two in freshman year, then increasingly often, most weekends or more, through the first half of sophomore year.

    I noticed early on that he was quiet around sex in a way similar to me. I had been molested once by a family friend, another thing that was making me touchy and angry in freshman year, frustrated by how my mind mishandled this experience and made me more dysfunctional. Men who got loud and boisterous around the topic of sex made me scared. I broke up with my partner after freshman year and started being more honest with this friend when we got back to school, although we never talked about my sexual issues in concrete terms. We never talked about why we acted the way we did around each other, either. We talked about almost everything else that had ever crossed our minds instead.

    Occasionally we got close enough to flirting, which made me feel guilty, with his longtime girlfriend. His health deteriorated as he started swimming in circles and questioning his relationship with her. I wanted him to be happy, but had to be careful about my horse in his love life's race. However, just as this started to spiral, I met someone else at our college and three weeks later started dating him, just before winter break of sophomore year. This, of course, kicked up my anxieties. I tried to confide in my friend about my nervousness and just embarrassed myself. Hanging out was harder, with finals, and a new demand on my time, and what hung in the air. My new partner helped me deal with and start to overcome my issues with physical and emotional intimacy. Winter break came. We all went home.

    When we came back, my friend was still more unhappy, and spiny, and we sparred with our conversations like always, but it felt less warm. We rarely spent time alone. He was around everyone a lot less. Two days before Valentine's Day we went downtown so I could buy my partner a trinket, and then wandered around talking. Sitting in a diner booth, he confided in me that he had sex very very young. It had screwed him up for years, a great contributor to his problems with being close to people. I tried to listen and support him but felt nauseous and numb and jittered. It shook me that this whole time we were both shaped by sexual trauma, that there was a sickening cause for the reasons I felt safe around him. I didn't tell him what happened to me, because it felt less serious, and I didn't want to make it about me. But I still babbled for minutes about nothing and shifted the focus anyway. I never got around to saying the right thing. Afterwards I wanted more than ever to try to keep our friendship, but I don't know if he was ready for the confusing way I reacted, and with his increasing isolationism and my guilt, we didn't talk so much for the rest of the year. Summer break came. We went home.

    The revelation wracked my thoughts for months, and I realized with certainty that we would never have been able to have a relationship with our respective issues. It was partially empathy, partially guilt, partially blaming myself for my obliviousness, and partially because it answered a thousand questions I had never thought to ask. I felt guilty that I had had feelings for him, afraid of being what made him uncomfortable at any point. I felt more platonically close to him than I ever had, ready to work together and support each other, but realized I didn't know how to start any of that now, and was too coward to break the ice.

    Now I just stay up and think about him, two hundred miles away awake in his room, and hope he's okay. And this song provokes the memory of it all.

    Catharine Neko

    Audienceless Honesty this should be made into a book


    This story really made my day, seriously.
    Thank you.
    And good luck with your friend.

    Andre Araya

    Please do something about it

    A Very Stoned Bear

    I clicked "Read more" and it turned into a book.

    J Stone

    Audienceless Honesty thank you for sharing this. Have you made any contact with your friend, if I may ask?

  6. sinkanesle

    I can't feel your bones but I can see them
    And I can't call you up without a reason

    I can take a thousand miles and I can drive for hours to your house in the
    But I could stay for longer if you wanted me to
    Oh oh oh oh oh
    I've been up and oh oh I don't sleep enough
    And oh oh I know we don't talk as much but I can hear you still
    Oh oh oh oh oh
    I've been up and oh oh I don't sleep enough
    And oh oh I know we don't talk as much but I can hear you still
    Oh oh oh oh oh
    I've been up and oh oh I don't sleep enough
    And oh oh I know we don't talk as much but I can hear your voice
    On the phone when you're up all alone in your room
    Because I am up too

  7. PeepsILoveEllie


  8. JAFFA

    Nice song, I would've done it longer tho

  9. Skeet Skeet

    Thank you girl from vine.

  10. Carter Howard

    nat p sent me here

  11. Faboi

    i love this band just found them out so this is swags

  12. MetryxAZ

    cutest voice I've ever heard <3

  13. Jessie Coll

    This song has been on repeat for an hour, when am I going to hate it?

  14. 激怒Black Salve - Sten

    Probably the most perfect song I've ever listened to


    +The L.A. Notes Listen to Porcupine Tree

  15. Michael Bonilla

    I miss someone named Melissa every time I Hear this song

    Melissa Escarria

    My name is Melissa XD 


    @Malicia Innata Hey Melissa, Michael misses you every time he hears this song.

    Melissa Escarria


    Roy Arnett

    I miss my sister... this was the last song she made me listen to before she passed away :'(


    @Roy Arnett This is late, but I hope you're doing good man.

  16. Chris De La Fuente

    My 50 year old mexican dad sent me here

  17. Azealia Daily

    Azealia Banks sent me here

  18. beohlai

    Azealia sent me here

    Azealia Daily

    lol me too

    Marcelo Seles

    Why? She likes them :O


    @Seles Maah yup!

    Marcelo Seles

    I love Banks I am Falling in love for that Band.. Brazil Here!

  19. Carina

    lol I don't get it looking at your page you have meditation videos and all that jazz you don't seem like the type to think ignorant things

  20. FilmSpin

    Replay for all you :) 0:00

  21. skepticskaterr

    i'm an alien and i like this kind of music, now shut up

  22. Braun Knew

    Ehem im not white, im mexican

  23. L0VELayy

    Short but magic!

  24. inadeepsleep

    is this really white boy music? i felt it was depressed white girl music

  25. Tibo Kiefer

    wow!!!! beautiful song

  26. WoahWoahCalmDown

    but long and memorable is pretty great, too

  27. OpenEyes00

    im pretty sure some amazingly beautiful and intelligent women listen to this as well.. but i doubt you'll ever get to know one.

  28. She the Monster

    sick song!

  29. Orissa Keane

    the only thing to come from windows 8

  30. Jason Monroe

    catchy as ****!

  31. allthegoodonesweretaken

    Better to be short and memorable than long and forgettable.

  32. Chloe Marie


  33. walied XIV

    right :)

  34. smoothy c

    i always wonder how many songs are out there in the world i havent found
    this makes one less.

  35. geor la

    microsoft window 8 brought me here!! yeah, thats right :)

  36. Kratolias

    hahah lol i tried to find this song like crazy and that was the only lyris i remembered as well

  37. Brittany Weis

    most people did...

  38. Narojaves

    Don't mean to sound like a Hipster (actually I do) but I knew about this song before Windows 8 and all those shenanigans.

  39. zakTDE

    and I cant feel your bones but I cant see them.

  40. TasteTheRainbow

    please make a full length version? :(

  41. TasteTheRainbow

    is there a longer version anywhere ??? :(

  42. Hazardvb

    Awesome song, wish it was longer!!

  43. FirstName LastName

    I found this song on a Windows 8 ad..... IT TOOK SO DAMN LONG TO FIND THIS!!!! especially when the only lyrics I remember is '???.... I can hear your voice on the phone...???'

  44. Margot Dower

    no, like it was on too much and i was trying to watch saturday night live. and i'm worryingly lazy, so this was definitely more fun. :D

  45. Margot Dower

    woah my god. i heard this song in that stupid microsoft/windows ad and i loved it, been meaning to google it for weeks. then i randomly find it by total chance. BEST MUSIC MOMENT EVERR.

  46. Prism Schism

    not white. pshh Seah Kelly. That sounds pretty fucking white. But you must be fat or a "phat" dj or some shit.

  47. Sandra Ritty

    I love this song...but i wish it was a little bit longer !!

  48. xchiaroscura

    Tegan and Sara + Eisley

  49. Raul Martinez

    The life is... Short

  50. CopperFriday

    ... That's what she said..

  51. i hate youtube sometimes

    at least the w8 ad was that worth...

  52. Oliver Barry

    What's an awesome song... Should have been longer though, I'm tired if hitting the repeat button! Haha

  53. jamatwar

    I wish this song was a little bit longer. :(

  54. Katee1497

    Precisely though

  55. Joe Campbell

    oh yeah i forgot, my skin colour and height regulates what music i listen to... idiot.


    I need to buy this album

  57. Thomas Davies


  58. Alexander Edgar

    Less is More!:-)

  59. HelloMyBlossom

    but I'm a girl and I like this music :/

  60. Tom G

    thats what she said

  61. Celia Valles

    story of my life

  62. Ret schi


  63. Sean Kelly

    lanky white boy music

  64. Emanuel Declay

    What an amazing song :)

  65. Favorite Channel

    Subbed sub back?

  66. Liyana Amira

    lovee this

  67. 4TheCacti

    LOLOLOL no.

  68. mikethompson12345

    That's what she said...

  69. ashley mcdonald

    Ive fallen in love with this band. its an unhealthy obsession

  70. Billy Tallas

    intro to the most amazing video ever....

  71. japikiry

    short, sweet and perfect...loveeee it :D

  72. 7trace

    It came out in March!

  73. Abigail ras

    when does it come out?

  74. marcus crews

    why ask why I won't call you
    if you want me to
    I don't sleep enough

  75. Flights of Fancy

    Short and sweet :)

  76. Kantasan

    too short ;/

  77. Savanna Spaulding

    It's the same. But it's different. Good different.

  78. IM/SooN - Mez

    the fack. its hard NOT to like this >:

  79. HighOnAmmo

    some things in life are so much more lovely when they are short and sweet =)

  80. Sofy Montoya

    Saw the Friday night Open for The Naked and Famous, they were so AMAZING!!! Definitely worth seeing in Concert! Please buy their CD!!1

  81. saddad420

    shut up.... Hailey Willams cant even compare to this....

  82. Joelleenicorn

    thank you Hayley Williams for introducing them to me <3

  83. Jenna Lemieux

    any one help me? I cannot fin the song colony by now now on youtube:(

  84. Jenna Lemieux


  85. Damian Shawver

    Finally, Just what I've been looking for. Thank you.

  86. 7trace

    i seriously cannot wait for the new album to come out!!! AHHH

  87. slas

    why is it sooooooooooooooo short ????????? :(