Novo Amor - Utican Lyrics

Hear that?
Oh my god, I'll fill the coffee over!
Tear out
All my love until my blood runs sober

Oh, let me down
My body's sinking, I can feel it now
Oh, hear me out
I've been thinking I won't stick around

See that?
Oh my god, I think we lost control!
Feel that?
Don't mind me, I won't be here for long

So please don't tell me now
I swore it for you once and it gets me down
So please don't tell me now

Oh, get me out!
My body's shaking, but I don't fear it now
I'll sing it out
Thank god you're shrinking, 'cause I won't be around
So I would take a bow!

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Novo Amor Utican Comments

    here because of imaginary ambition

  2. Oliver

    How to sarcastic sounds am i right?

  3. Conan

    You don't know how much I love you your music gave me a peace and make's me feel tranquility
    Actually I can't understand stand your song because I can't understand English but it is amazing keep up

  4. idahossa


  5. rubem lausen

    i love this music much. I love you much novo amor.

  6. Rodrigo Aguirre

    You don't say "Tear out", crearly says "Serral" from Starcraft 2

  7. Gabriel Sagaz

    Alguém do Brasil

  8. untiled desx

    Amazing, i love this.

  9. Lane Dunman

    damn I need that trumpet sheet music :)

  10. mini

    I love your music so much you have no idea

  11. guud moniiin


  12. NewWorldOrgone

    Social engineering is why are birthrates have collapsed. Great idea for a music video...

  13. bokeh .space


  14. Kevin Graham

    Sounds a bit like Bon Iver, no? (A great thing)

  15. Kevin Graham

    Philly. Tuesday night!

  16. Veronica Lopez

    El coche es el nuestro , una pasada de actores y un equipazo .
    La esperiencia mas bonita k se puede vivir

  17. Raiane silva

    Omg, his voice make wanna hug him. I am so in love r n

  18. Justin Chase

    If this isn’t the most beautiful thing...

  19. Rachel Thomas

    I know they won't see this, but still.
    Thank you for this... it's what I need to get my life going! ☺

  20. Adityo Dwijananto

    I really like the music instrument of this song. Can anyone explain what genre for this kind of music?

  21. Hayat grier

    I feel so free whenever I listen to this song 💙 like a breath of fresh air or a nice cup of tea

  22. Apurva Chhabra

    His songs are not just music that one can listen to, they are way more than that.

  23. Cass Iracheta

    These things are all super cringy but created an edit with this song, you guys should check it out. This song deserves a lot of recognition

  24. xmus jaxon flaxon waxon


  25. chewew mosqueda

    the best!

  26. Jordan Glasure

    Hello there, check out my cover of "Terraform."

  27. Daniela Cardenas


  28. Martín gaete

    I feel very badly sentimental 😣😣😣

  29. Ilman Yorke

    I cry when heard this song.. because I joging and looked tha Nature was not virgin..

  30. Feña Shoro

    Claro chile alguien?

  31. JooshMate

    Voice really reminds me of Asgeir. Amazing stuff, nice to find more similar music!

  32. Maria M.

    I have not heard about Novo Amor till last Sunday. (Truly sorry for that)
    Since then, I can't stop it. There's not a single music to prefer less. It's pure magic. Thank you.


    i like the song ,dislike the video :/

  34. Sawsane Essalehi

    Nice story

  35. hey

    what is the story behind this

  36. Kaeksi Sekar

    anyone want to write the interpretation of this song? :D

  37. Angeli Alcovindas

    Please come to the Philippines!

  38. Rj Alba

    Support LGBT🖤💞

  39. serendipity

    Honestly wish I could forget this music so I would listen to it again as if I was listening for the first time. Thank you so much for your musics, all of them are just incredible, and they give me hope. We’re in a critical political situation right now in brazil, and writing this as an 18 year old trans and bisexual guy, thank you so much for giving me hope.

  40. Jason Denning

    it would be so cool if you made videos of the process: the process of writing, recording, planning tours, merchandise...

  41. Chandler Bing

    How in this world novo amor has only 74 k subs & so many shit has millions? Am i living in parallel universe?

  42. Andrew Johnson

    Why am I crying.

  43. Levi McKinley

    Unpopular opinion: novo amor > bon iver. They’re both fantastic, but almost every single song NA produces could potentially make my top 100 songs of all time.

  44. Elizabeth Faith

    Please come and share your magic in Miami!!

  45. Bay Saphatt


  46. Hafiz 'Afifi

    You guys are one of the singers that I'd like to be kept secret. Because 1) you guys are fcking good 2) I hate seeing good underrated artists/bands fall under the mainstream category. But then again, you guys truly deserve the recognition

  47. Yoga Brian

    why did the dude wearing lipstic and women clothes? i dont get it .. beautiful song tho

    Ashik Mhamud Ontu

    He wore his dead mothers clothes

  48. Ivan Moreno

    Love it

  49. Nick Weinling

    I kinda get a Bon Iver vibe; I love it

  50. Eric Tabales

    This guy is on a whole new level. Keep up the great work mate 🔥

  51. Jorax

    Esa voz es la melodía que necesitaba D:

  52. Smal Piper

    Just discovered you, like quite literally less than an hour ago. Heard this song on the TV as background music and fell instantly in love with your voice.

  53. Spire Wolf

    I can't belive how underrated this is...

  54. Carlo Janea

    this is so beautiful. thanks novo amor!

  55. Vit Borek

    There is nothing better then lie down on the grass and play Novo Amor ... all the stress is suddenly gone

  56. Pedro Henrique Silva Nunes

    absolutely beautiful as always x

  57. antonio saldaña

    Fue una gran experiencia.. repetiría

  58. Salvador C

    Amo essa musica.

  59. Deepit James

    Beautiful 😍😍😍

  60. Ayush O' Lee

    No one can beat Novo Amor's Voice not even god. Greatest fan of Novo Amor. Love From Nepal

    R. Davidson

    Considering God is the One who gave him his voice, I'd imagine God's voice is infinity more beautiful than anything mankind could possibly imagine.

    "The Lord your God in your midst,
    The Mighty One, will save;
    He will rejoice over you with gladness,
    He will quiet you with His love,
    He will rejoice over you with singing.”
    (Zephaniah 3:17)

    May all repent, turn their lives to the One True Living God, Jesus Christ, and be saved. :)

    Ayush O' Lee

    Woohhhh!!! You took that too far. I was just praising his voice. I don't literally mean that. What you looking for defective replies in here??

  61. joh KaC

    So good!! Please tour to texas one day haha.

  62. Salvador C

    Que música linda ❤️


    my mom is letting me go to your concert and I’ve never been more excited in my life. It will be magical

  64. Paz Fichman

    Are there piano notes for the song?

  65. Benjamin Rees


  66. Terry Orina

    Beautiful music from a beautiful human being much love from Kenya 😊

  67. can’t see nothing thru these tears ْ

    a short story tells a lot of things ):

  68. anto eltit

    SooOoO GOooooOOd💛😭

  69. Saepul Bakhri

    Love from Indonesia❤

  70. Blake Daze

    You never fail to impress me

  71. Professora Franciele Nery

    Where is the location? Amazing

  72. Freja

    your music is just art

  73. s t a r s

    Why the band's name is "novo amor"?

  74. Jeremy Lyons

    This is such a beautiful and powerful song, and an even more empowering video! Great job Novo, job well done!!

  75. jawher9

    The song reminds me of Beirut's a sunday smile for some reason

  76. GLOBΛL

    So much love from Germany, Novo Amor is the only artist I've cried to yet 😭❤ His music triggers so many emotions, at least for me

  77. Arunai Chan


  78. Ashlyn Roos

    I cant even believe how underrated you are!! You're amazing!!!

  79. Michael Kipchumba

    I love this

  80. Jazmine Lo

    I've been emotionally and physically drained for quite a while now and just as this song played, it immediately gave me some energy, some drive to look forward for the next day. Wow, Novo Amor never fails to deliver. Beautiful.

  81. Shivam Chaudhary

    This is what real music is ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  82. Imron hakim



    Great casting. Powerful message. Amazing song. Just when I think this can't get any better, Novo Amor just does it.

  84. The One Militia

    Always like your song NOVO 👍

  85. Laura Broderick

    Novo Amor creates music that is life at its most profound. Thank you forever.

  86. missfridz


  87. N a d h i r W' h

    Amazing 💗

  88. Aden Putra

    im here bitches

  89. Rasmus Madsen

    You should totally request Mrsuicidesheep to share your awesome music! I'm 100% sure that he'll share it, it's fucking awesome! I've already played the song 20 times since my last comment 1 hour ago haha (20x3 min = 1h ahha)

  90. Rasmus Madsen

    Best song 2018!
    I can't wait till the live versions start rocking, you're fucking amazing! Just found you through this song - you got a lifetime fan (and more to come, I'm sharing it!) from Denmark :D <3

    Keep doing what you're doing!! GOOO

  91. Tania Kato

    Não importa quanto tempo passe.. Novo Amor sempre será novo, nunca velho.. 😂🤣🤣🤣. Eita piada horrível! Mai num guentei.. 🙈😂😂😂😂

  92. sean hawkins

    Found out about these guys from a TV commercial! There amazing

  93. thena marie


  94. Umbra Lupis

    This... is just astonishing. You have don nothing but continue to create music that touches not only the soul, but activate every molecule of skin to burst into chills for people all accross the globe. Continue your work: You have become a master of inspiration theough music! 💙💙💙

  95. Zwanky Musick

    If you like this you can listen again and see/hear a variety of music I call “Zwanky Musick” please just subscribe to my YouTube Channel called: ZwankyMusick.

  96. James Taleporos

    Anyone know the name of the main actor in this?

    eileen martin

    Ben Rees. He's a British Model @benmfrees

  97. Im Starboi

    i love your voice when im on the road 😍

  98. Novo Amor

    Hear that?
    Oh my god, I’ll fill the coffee over!
    Tear out
    all my love until my blood runs sober.

    Oh, let me down,
    my body’s sinking, I can feel it now.
    Oh, hear me out,
    I’ve been thinking I won’t stick around.

    See that?
    Oh my god, I think we lost control!
    Feel that?
    Don’t mind me, I won’t be here for long.

    So please don’t tell me now,
    I swore it for you once and it gets me down,
    so please don’t tell me now.

    Oh, get me out!
    My body’s shaking, but I don’t fear it now.
    I’ll sing it out, thank god you’re shrinking, ‘cause I won’t be around.
    So I would take a bow!

    Suélen Cardoso

    Que lindo !!! Por quê você escolheu o nome em português ?

    Rylee Hummus

    Novo Amor a

    Ahmad Abd-allah

    I'm never one to be starstruck, but I must admit, I'd very much like to meet you, idk, you just feel like home.

    Nada MagedNada

    Nightcore Unconditiolly Nada the you're jungoook jin