Novo Amor - Terraform Lyrics

Finally made to go.
Fighting a stranglehold.

Tear me from it,
Fears were manifold,
Terraform it,
I was an embryo.

It might be a little while, but
Maybe we'll realign soon.
Made to reassign, but
Find me a little time too!

Half euphoric,
Fixing the ratios,
Teleport me,
I've been pushing the envelope.

All ironic,
Given the way she slowed.
You're iconic,
Given the way you froze.

Call me out,
Stay platonic,
I'll find a chaperone…

…wait around,
Forget mnemonics,
I'll regret it years ago.

Spare me all the ceremony,
Dialling in all your pheromones,
To cite a life in histrionics!
The way you left was apropos.

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Novo Amor Terraform Comments
  1. Rubens Lucena

    Que vídeo maravilhoso <3

  2. Medisaaafr 7

    Bapaak 😭

  3. Muhammad Ikhsan

    love so much Novo Amor, im from indonesia

  4. Edwin Setiawan

    son proudly said: "yes, that is my father"

  5. Fauzi Alifdian

    I dont know why i m cry when i watch this video

  6. risa charisatin nisa'

    My Indonesiaaa

  7. widari zn

    Suddenly crying, again and always beautiful song ❤️

  8. KhapiidWOW

    December, from Indonesia 💙

  9. Tugus Reno

    Film located in ijen crater, east java - indonesia. I miss coming home
    . I missing my country now 😭😭

  10. Ekor Doyoung

    me: who can dislike this video?!
    indonesian goverment:

  11. Conan

    انا حقا حقا لا اعرف ما اقول انا جدا جدا منبهر من كل هذا الجمال اريد الذهاب الي عذا المكان و ان اجرب هذا الشعور هذا الهدوء هذا السلام و لو للحظة فقط اشعر انه كل شي سيختفي كل هذا الزلام سينقلع عند وقوفي في ذلك المكان لا يمه الاي درجة ساكون فقير ان عشت هناك لكن انا مستعد لبيع حياتي مقابل ان اشعر بذلك الصمت و الراحة هناك لقد ابدعت حقا حقا شكرا جزيلا
    Thank you soo soo much that is soo fascinating and charming 😍

  12. Amber Miller

    realign. <3|| the 5 fam.

    I love you.

  13. musa muhamad

    Aku merinding ... sambil kebayang perjuangan ortu

  14. Andi Irwansyah

    Beautiful song 🤙🤙

  15. fauzychaniago photos

    your the best brother

  16. Irawan Pandu

    Banyuwangi, Indonesia

  17. Amira Rahmani

    2019 and i still here

  18. lemonadeserenade

    Inspired by this video, I actually met up with Bas and his family (they're very nice and welcoming!) and made a short documentary film about harsh reality of Ijen miners featuring Bas, feel free to watch the video on my channel :)

  19. putut ragiel

    What this is ijen indonesia?

  20. Galvin W.

    this is too underrated

  21. Muhammad Bintang M. Wirasatria

    kueren banget

  22. ᴀʟᴇᴋ

    sofro demais com Novo Amor pelo amor de god

  23. Карл Хеншель

    You the best!!! you music im like driving in my car

  24. only cii

    Rebahan ku bawang 😭

  25. Edo Wilfridus

    thank you so much Novo Amor and Ed Tullet for making this great video.. greetings from Indonesia..

  26. Fahim Faruk

    These are the sacrifices men around the world make. They deserve gratitude and respect.

  27. pitot1988

    Name of the documentary?

  28. Anne Carvalho

    Eu queria chorar, agora eu só quero um lenço. 😢

  29. Qurrota A'yun

    Kawah Ijen, Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur, Indonesia 😍♥

  30. Jay Luna

    nice song love it...!!!!

  31. Wren Linnet

    Man what a fucked up job

  32. Mousy

    I Cried .
    I Hope everyone can live a Peaceful life and spread love and happiness .
    i hope rich will look upon the Poor and everyone will have a fair life to live.

  33. Olga Cs

    We often forget what's important in life.

  34. Vine Nerd

    Shit I wrote novo amor heiress at the top of my test in my English class without realizing because she plays songs at the beginning of class and I knew novo amor means new love and I freaked out. I wrote the freaking song down and i didnt realize and I've been scared she thinks i like-like her but i know now i was just being smart and wrote down the title to a really good song. 😤🤯😵😱

  35. salma bukhari

    I just saw this heart wrenching video . And I pray for the health and well being of these sulphur extractors.
    Thankyou novo amor

  36. Mmathabo Masenya

    its 4.16 South African time, and I just came across you. Absolutely, truly already in love with your music. Thank you for what you did here and sharing beautiful music and being informative! ASE!

  37. Naryaaa Rani


  38. Jason Enrico

    is this indonesia....?

  39. SengkatelBlog

    Selalu ada alasan untuk tetap kuat... 😢

  40. Mighty Bear

    That's why you should appreciate the things that you have. We might know other people's​ struggles but we will never understand until we've lived in their shoes for a while. So don't ever be ungrateful.

  41. nararya nalakanta

    1:24 abyss

  42. Sri Putri Ramadhani

    Heartbreaking this is such a good damn mv i love listening it and watching it, good Nova onwe day u become a good singer in this world ❤❤❤

  43. chryst mey wulandari

    gak nyangka salah satu video dia di indonesia, kawah ijen pula😭

  44. Anita Maya

    my Indonesia 😢😢

  45. Jasmin Jäger

    Wow, that's SO amazing that help will come. Such beautiful beings, you all... I am so touched.

  46. Rori Eyer

    the video is so sad every time i watch it i realize how much we take for grated and it crazy we as ppl get so caught up in what we are doing that we don't realize how thankfull we should be especially ppl with clean water a house a good job clothes etc. the thins that some ppl have to do just to survive is just crazily sad.

  47. jeanne rose

    Rewatching this after watching “The Story..” made this EVEN MORE SPECIAL. And emotionally wrecking

  48. Naama Al-Alwani

    I hear Novo Amor songs while working!
    Thank you for this relaxing songs and lyrics ♥

  49. jeanne rose

    You’re one of the BEST examples on how to use our talents to good use.

    Man I teared up on this vid💔


  50. trisna pribadi

    Best clip video that i ever seen.

  51. Adrinta prahatia putri

    So deep! Love, from indonesia.

  52. Pondok Pesantren Al-Muslimun Cianjur

    I Love Indonesia

  53. Alfin Taufani

    What is Terraform ?

  54. Arif Saiful Muharom

    this is Indonesia, very impressive beautiful struggle

  55. nadila mariska


  56. Akadi Menyenk

    Kawah Ijen Indonesia 👏

  57. Ammar Rauf

    So deep! I lived in indonesia but I never knew about that dangerous job, I hope I'll go there so i can help him and the others to have a better job.

  58. Nandita Nandita Rahma

    Missing my daddy so baddddd😭😭😭😭😭

    From ur little girls

  59. Hei Bulan

    Auto kesini gara gara liat vlog teh aqia. Ijeeen kamu indah! ❤

  60. Sinjo Indri

    Because Aqia i watching this video, so wonderfull kawah ijen 👍

  61. H D


  62. Soffya Ranti

    Novo amor makes me crying :"

  63. Picky Picqho

    Kawah ijen indonesia 😍😍

  64. Erlina Sw

    Nangis darahhhhhhh dong:(((

  65. syarifah azza putri

    Abis liat video kak aqia ditunjukin video yg keren bgt. Ampe nangis gini gue😭😭😭

  66. Widya Ani

    saya kesini gegara mbak Kroya a.k.a teh aqia:')

  67. FA fa

    Siapa yg kesini gara" vidio istri bung fiersa :v

  68. Hanan AA

    kesini gara gara Bung

  69. Hokitraveler

    Omg.. Guys... You made me cried! I've been to Kawah Ijen more than 7 times and knew about those people story. Thanks for this video. Sending love from Indonesia.

  70. Danhi Kupluk

    Doeloe pernah coba ngangkat itu, gila beratnya minta ampun, kata mas2 ijen itu kurang lebih 70kg..mas2 ijen stronger2.. Salut

  71. charis afifudin

    I'm Indonesia....thanks my friend,,,

  72. charis afifudin

    In Indonesia....right?

  73. Shinta Devi

    terimakasih for bring me here, mas dihan!:)

  74. Jawan Udau

    This song was heal my soul. The visual storytelling is great, Ali voice was amazing

  75. Suzie Bouret

    Amazing! Tellement  touchant,  intense, poignant! Triste et magnifique! Travail incroyable, musique et photographie superbe. Merci.....

  76. Sol Gomes

    I love every single song by Novo Amor so much. It gives me hope and makes me feel so peaceful... thank you 💕

  77. Nanda Parimba


  78. Siti Nur


  79. Ghazian Luthfan

    I've heard Novo Amor music since 2017. But this one is fucking awesome! Thanks Novo Amor and Ed Tullet also the filmmaker who made this masterpiece. This MV makes me cry. It reminds me to my parents who always struggling for me.

    best regards from Indonesia. 🙏🏻✨

  80. Widia Achmad

    Bangga jadi anak Indonesia.. Bangga sama culture & keindahan alamnya, tp benci sama sistem didalamnya;(

  81. Gaming Solution

    For those i Love i will Sacrifice,

  82. supandi dewantoro

    I'm craving it these kind of music for such a long time! Thanks bro... Your music made me fly away to the moon without taking any drugs! I'm blessed!

  83. Hendra Pranata

    Terimakasih nuvo armor saya tidak mengerti bahasa inggris tapi bisa menyerap makna dari lirik dan vidionya, ini sebagai tamparan keras untuk kita yg selalu meminta ini dan itu semoga orang tua kita di beri kesehatan umur yang Panjang dimudakan segala rezeki dan urusannya dan di hindarkan dari siksa kubur dan api neraka semoga anak mu ini bisa membalas jasa dan pengorbanan mu walau sebenarnya tak akan bisa terbalas, maafkan kami selalu menyusahkan semoga kami bisa membuat mu bahagia

  84. JesseRedbull

    bas sounds like a dutch name



  86. Ceprut Holic

    cinematicnya ntapp syekalee

  87. Edward Daniel

    Very underrated

  88. Magdoleen Awad

    I am in love wtih this artist, where have I been? Please come to Dallas!

  89. jake Khiangte

    This song means so much to me.

  90. E Mahendra

    Salam dari indonesia enak banget lagunya

  91. Naufal Hamidi

    adzan magrib dan adzan subuh rcti

  92. ferdi wae

    The best official video in myself


    Amazing creation

  94. widy fh


  95. Nabin Nobin

    How beautiful ♡

  96. Brian Woodruff

    Love this song soo much. Tears.

  97. Sandys creation

    Wooow what a great videos with a great perspective

  98. Aurellia P Prameswari

    😭😭😭😭 This video makes me weep. And also this video is amazing

  99. Ed Tullett


    finally made to go.
    fighting a stranglehold.

    Tear me from it,
    fears were manifold,
    terraform it,
    I was an embryo.

    It might be a little while, but
    maybe we’ll realign soon.
    Made to reassign, but
    find me a little time too!

    Half euphoric,
    fixing the ratios,
    teleport me,
    I’ve been pushing the envelope.

    All ironic,
    given the way she slowed.
    You’re iconic,
    given the way you froze.

    Call me out,
    stay platonic,
    I’ll find a chaperone…

    …wait around,
    forget mnemonics,
    I’ll regret it years ago.

    Spare me all the ceremony,
    dialling in all your pheromones,
    to cite a life in histrionics!
    The way you left was apropos.

    alfi syahrin

    Ed Tullett 😚😚😚

    Nasser Al

    I love you guys

    joyce shook

    Ed Tullett very touching

    Nom monster

    Wow. He even posts his own lyrics. That’s hot

    Eleanor Z

    This is an absolute beautiful poetry :)