Novo Amor - Seneca Lyrics

I could make it all feel far away.
I would race my age out of this place, separate.

"Pile your clothes for a better run", I was told.
Save your life as all you've ever known and ever owned.

I should bathe it out to feel sun,
I'll trade space to hit the ground and run,
Shout it proud!

"Pile your clothes for a better one", I was told.
Save your life as all you've ever known and ever owned.

Ain't it funny how we went nowhere?
Ain't it funny how we went nowhere?
Ain't it funny how we went, funny how we went nowhere?
Ain't it funny how we went nowhere?

Given the chance to break, would you be on your way out?
Who are you?
Given the chance to break, would you be on your way out?
Who are you?

Who are you?
Who are you?

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Novo Amor Seneca Comments
  1. C. J

    You're special to me if I send you his songs.

  2. Mr. Right Now

    I literalt burst into tears at the end of the song the part from birthplace , i love your voice brother thank you

  3. raydavidyoga

    I always listen to this song to calm myself down.

  4. cracked

    there are a few songs that makes you feel sad in a happy way, your songs my dear.

  5. Yago Akiyama

    Show de bola. BR

  6. leonardo Henrique

    Fiquei curioso por que o nome da banda é '' Novo amor '' Amei a referencia a minha Lingua

    Ian Fernando

    Sim mano quando conheci essa banda até pensei q fossem brasileiros pelo nome

    Turu-purun Turu-purun

    Parece q em uma entrevista foi mencionado q o nome é em galego (q se assemelha mto ao português), mas comecei a ouvir pelo nome tbm, ás músicas são incríveis.

    leonardo Henrique

    @Turu-purun Turu-purun Novo Amor is Portuguese for New Love. The artist confirmed in a tweet that the name had a "Portuguese/Latin" [sic] origin, without providing any further explanation.[14] He stated in an interview that he went through a break-up in 2012 before he started producing and that led to this name as he found his "New Love" in Music.

  7. EDWARD G.y

    A year ago I use to listen to Novo Amor when I felt alone in the army. Still in my heart and forever will be in my heart .

  8. idahossa


  9. nessa manzo

    Novo Amor's music is my safe haven. It's a cure. And a blessing.

  10. Visca Barca

    Love from bali, indonesia🇮🇩❤️

  11. Guirlande

    Pure beauty - Puts me in a state of thought about life. "Ain't it funny how we went nowhere" ...time to save my life as all I've ever known and ever owned.. time for a change <3 Given the chance to break, I would be on my way out in no time :)

  12. Ali Asif

    Your voice truly is magic🌟
    Please keep making songs.

  13. Ali Asif

    Thank you ..Novo Amor🙂....your voice fills me with everything I need to go through this life...
    May God bless you
    Please keep making songs

  14. Liriel Silva Rocha

    Acabei de conhecer as músicas e estou amando todas!
    Estou passando por um momento complicado em minha vida e as músicas estão me trazendo uma paz tão boa💙

    Gabriel Daymor

    Oque vc está passando? Chama no zap 38 992529343

    Gabriel Daymor

    Gosto de conversar

  15. Fatimah Assegaf

    I would be so proud if my son can make music like this ❤

  16. Lisa is super cutee

    btw...amn ur songs are great

  17. Lisa is super cutee

    it somewhat sounds like bts V..yall know our baby kim taehyung?

  18. Mr Banana


    untiled desx

    Kkk. Um br aqui. Foi linda aquela homenagem para o Alan <3

  19. Sol Gomes

    I had this whole album on a playlist to listen with my baby while we fall asleep. We broke up, love will come again but I won't never forget how much I wanted him to listen to one of my favorite bands. Novo Amor 💞

    Dave Maiella

    That's depressing

  20. Evandro Ramos

    I'm just living in a conflict based on: " should I show your songs to everyone or keep it just for me???" I'm so fucking deeply in love for your sensitivity. You guys are really helping me face the life and going trhoug some problems wich are causing me an hard anxiety. Thank you so much!

  21. Nikkie V

    This band is a dream I wouldn't want to wake up from.

  22. kwiltron

    just to tell u from the united states, novo amor means new love

  23. Faith lesiew

    Novo amor❤❤❤❤my all time favourite singer I LOVE YOU 💖

  24. john herman

    Gokil bgt novo amor

  25. Luke Seneca

    I love it

  26. Glaucia Lauton

    I listen to Novo Amor when I am anxious and then I feel good. Thank you for saving my life.

  27. Raissa Rainara

    Novo amor é meu antigo amor ❤️

  28. Lethokuhle Mntungwa

    Your music heals, it takes me places i haven't been before, it gives me hope to love again .. you make a world a better place

  29. Asto Asrep

    very beautiful song...

  30. ariel

    3:09 beautiful

  31. Fabio Roberto Scorza

    Ain't it funny how we went nowhere?

  32. petiteearthling

    this makes me feel so many things mhh

  33. Wilson Hoppe

    Anyone know the tuning for this song?

  34. ETmelody

    goshhh. i wonder who is your sound engineer but that guy is just the besttttttt.

  35. goodieblanker

    So beautiful 😍😍😍😭😭😭

  36. fouzanium

    Funny how the beginning sounds like Imagine Dragon's Bad Liar

  37. Rachel Thomas

    This came out on my birthday...
    I'm crying, but happy tears...
    Hope you have some happy tears, too.

  38. Jazmin Guadalupe Villa Contreras

    Yo soy mexicana y encerio pienso que su musica es perfecta en todos los sentidos 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  39. dy 94

    ain't it funny how we went nowhere?

  40. Abara Nihei

    Stoics :)

  41. Phoebe Seraphine

    Forget the Opera Ghost, you are the true angel of music. I exist in a celestial place when your music is playing.

  42. dy 94

    Seneca has the ending of Birthplace

  43. Fatimah Assegaf

    My favourite song from this album! Please come to Indonesia ❤️😍

  44. neLLa

    omg it's been 20 seconds and im obsessed

  45. Onésimo Batista

    I can't stop listening to this album

  46. Tracie N.

    their music make me feel like I am in my 20's and I'm living with the love of my life and we are just slow dancing in our living room

  47. Savs

    Novo amor e Bon Iver, melhores bandas do mundo

  48. Crucino

    Wonderful :D

  49. Ilman Yorke

    3:00 is the part of Birthplace I think..

  50. Lauren O

    I almost cried at the Birthplace ending it was such a beautiful surprise

  51. Sharad Reddy

    What does this song mean btw?

  52. Leontien H

    when i heard this one for the first time on my LP it really felt like my ears were born anew

    idk how else to describe it xD

  53. Sevinc Agayeva

    Bu da möhtəşəmdir,Novo Amor ,🙇

  54. ShadowSICK66

    I don't know I feel like the start and the end are still 2 different songs. I feel like the end is one slow long smooth song mixed with a short happy fast song

  55. Mahmudur rahman

    Its magical! 😍

  56. Cneq

    incredible like always, keep up the great work

  57. Bad habit

    His music is pureness and sacred.

  58. Festy Aryanti

    i love your birthplace music video. And when i play this song i immediately knows that this song is the part of the medley in the Birthplace that i love so much. The fun thing is, i am 22weeks pregnant now and my baby start to kicking my belly nonstop while i am listen to this song. I bet he likes the song too!

  59. Nohely Adame

    I was doing my homework...but I saw this and now I'm Novo Amor binge listening ❤️ thank you for sharing your talents!

  60. Dmitriy Sukhaninskiy

    2:45 !!!!!!

  61. Lorena Martins


  62. Mohammed Hesham

    I can imagine why youtube suggested Novo Amor to me, and i truly appreciate it.

  63. Manda Miner-Babb

    It's brilliant! It's so poignant, yet serene. There is this ebb and flow with your music that is just spot on. It tingles my senses and fills my heart with light.
    The brilliance of putting poems to sound, is just mind boggling. I love it!

  64. Gilles Suprin

    Looking forward to the concert in Amsterdam :)

  65. RJayK93

    This is the best song on the album! Absolutely love it!

  66. Bruno D. Malherbe

    That is one beautiful track, even better than others from the album if that's possible, the melody is so unique...

  67. Moj Abduallah

    I can’t find this on Apple Music

  68. yannti triie

    i would keep your music for my mind and for my self only, it make me think clearly and realize that there is a lot of beutiful thing in life.
    your song is absolutely beautiful.

    and i'll keep looking for your new song

    Abara Nihei


  69. AlterRektMLG

    new song good

  70. Campbell Reed


  71. Kaylee

    Your music means so much to me, Its like the world stops moving and all i can do is take it in. You're such a special artist and I really hope you can get so big that you can touch other people with your music in the same way its touched me. If its possible for something to soothe existence it would be your music, and it would make me happy to see you become so successful everyone could experience this feeling as well. I hope I can catch one of your shows one day! The ones where I live are all sold out unfortunately. I'm sure hearing you live would be such a beautiful experience.

  72. kulit lemon

    Please keep doing this,amor❤❤

  73. Carline Freire da silva

    Estou sem palavras. Cada dia apaixonada pelas suas músicas. Imaginem um encontro entre Novo Amor e Keaton Henson. Acho que eu estaria no Céu.

  74. Nuno Lemos

    "Where do people go to when they die?
    What made the beauty of the moon?
    And the beauty of the sea?
    Did that beauty make you?
    Did that beauty make me?
    Will that make me something?
    Will I be something?
    Am I something?

    And the answer comes: already am, always was, and I still have time to be" - Anis Mojgani

    Abara Nihei


  75. Mathieu M

    This new album is a blessing.... thanks.

  76. Bar'z Akbar

    sumpah mantul amat ini lagu...
    lebih enak lagi kalau didengerin di daerah gunung tuh

    Muchara Ravi

    Salam lestari bung.

  77. Marta Figueira

    "Ain't it funny how we went nowhere?".
    Maybe the lyrics say this because the album starts and finishes with "Birthplace", so it's like we've never left the same place. <3

  78. Sergio Eid

    Is it just me or you know how use instruments in your own way?

  79. zinda ilfana

    Beautiful as always

  80. Donna October

    your music is magical.

  81. Christiana Rock

    Your music is a blessing !!

  82. Nafisa Nasrullah

    It's so beautiful! You released this 2 days after my birthday, I consider this as a belated birthday gift and I really love it. THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOUUU

  83. Niha A

    This music is amazing as always but it always makes me sad too about all things I'll never do.
    life is so vast and lonely, it's a pity we spend so much of it going in circles around ourselves

  84. Rayzer Aldhy

    Birthplace ending, amazing...

  85. soffia chirino

    Quizás no lo leas y menos en español pero es una manera de expresar cuán fuerte es el sentimiento. Tú eres el primer artista que escucho todas sus canciones ( y eso que soy muy exigente), amo cada letra, cada melodía y amo la emoción que logras en cada canción. En verdad amo tu trabajo y espero poder verte en vivo ¡y cantar!
    Un saludo desde Chile para que veas que tu música traspasa el mundo entero ❤️

    Efraín Mercado

    @Soffia chirino me pasa exactamente lo mismo. Cada canción de Novo Amor logra traspasarme y llegar hasta una dimensión espiritual. Me da serenidad y calma.

  86. Carla Gárate


  87. Daniela Cardenas


  88. Salvador C


  89. RAINE

    God, this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard

  90. Calner Oo

    Novo Amor is my life. I love this so so much I’m so grateful for your work ❤️❤️❤️

  91. Benjamin Duncan

    my heart is healing right now, awesome instrument

  92. Kira Anima

    That momemt when you realize that the ending is in fact the ending from Birthplace official video (at 2:47). Perfect!

    Daniel Almeida

    YESSSS! I realized that too.


    ahaha literally got chills in the car and had a brain explosion while listening to this :)

    Paulo Henrique Lobo

    OMG! This is amazing amazing 😍

    Denisa Wardhana



    What video

  93. Mark S

    man i love your Music.
    lovely greetings from Germany.

  94. CrystalEyes

    You're so great, keep going. Change lives

  95. Novo Amor

    I could make it all feel far away.
    I would race my age out of this place,

    “Pile your clothes for a better run”, I was told.
    Save your life as all you’ve ever known and ever owned.

    I should bathe it out to feel sun,
    I’ll trade space to hit the ground and run,
    shout it proud!

    Pile your clothes for a better one”, I was told.
    Save your life as all you’ve ever known and ever owned.

    Ain’t it funny how we went nowhere?

    Given the chance to break, would you be on your way out?
    Who are you?

    Tom Blue


    Jason Keiter

    What is significant of these line pile your clothes for and better one?

    Clint Earhart

    Seriously you're my favorite fucking artist. LOVE this album!!!


    @Jason Keiter I think it means. Pack up your stuff and give something or someone else a better shot

    Jhøn Cléber

    Você é brasileiro ?¿?
    Fiquei curioso pelo nome do canal kkkkk Amø Đe Mais Suas Musicas.
    Obg !¡!