Novo Amor - I Make Sparks Lyrics

I make sparks
In awesome ways
The dripping tap
Consuming my head

Yeah you took off
With little conflict in your way
And I'm not good at winning fights anymore
I'm just a needle in the hay

I emptied out
The contents of my case and stayed a while
The heavy load I bore I wait a while
And bare the swelling of my curse

But I gave ground
A bit of shove so you would see
I won't be biting at my tongue anymore
I could be catching up on sleep

I made a b-line up to the gate
Met with your eyes and it was appalling
We took a rest sitting on our feet
These are the memories I keep

We made the law but it shook the ground
Keeping it working was everything
That would keep it from all going down

And you're set up
And I lie down
And you're set up
And I lie down

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