Novo Amor - From Gold Lyrics

I'll hold, so near and cold
You've exhumed my love
And I'm sold, and our story will grow old
But you'll make dust from gold

And I'll know that your heart was once like mine
Watch the flaws unwind
And I'll throw my love to the ground
And I'll tear you out

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Novo Amor From Gold Comments
  1. Srta. Skywalker

  2. Karlie D

    Does anyone know the lyrics to this cause I can’t find them and I want to sing it to my parents

  3. Ilham Tri

    Suka keren pokoknya

  4. Alek

    eu sempre volto aqui...

  5. Alek

    eu te amo tanto Ali lacey...

  6. Elevator Girl

    When he sings "but you'll make dust from gold" I always understand "but you're made best from gold". 😅

  7. Raiany Santos

    Aaaa o nome da banda é em português ❤

  8. Yeboi Omegalul

    Look up Ouse- Utopia everyone

  9. *-* lost in my world


  10. Michael Sy

    2019 here

  11. Leo Qerreti

    Novo Amor is a "Escape "

  12. Hunter Indigo

    This song is on my fall/winter playlist 💕

  13. Jevan Binanggal

    Listening novo amor song and close your eyes its feel like you in the other place and forget about world things for a while

  14. Lasagna Jesus

    Nigga that cresendo goes hard, god bless WolfGang

  15. Um ninguém

    m a r a v i l h a

  16. Rodrigo Mendes

    I’m walking in my city, with my phone and listening your songs, I’m happy and sad at the same time, OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH ME

  17. Fatima Grace Fabillar

    His songs are capable of making you feel mixed emotions simultaneously. *sigh
    feeling nostalgic right now

  18. Ardiasa Rahman

    I feel my mood is back 😭 Love you so much Novo amor❤


    Man amo suas músicas

  20. Dhiyo Andika

    2013??? But why hd?

  21. Sadeba Irakau

    When you find the one song that makes you feel everything all at once!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  22. rubem lausen


  23. Chantelle Lindsay

    It seems I must hear you more and more. I have not been able to get through a day without you. I long to know you and watch you as you shine.

  24. kushagra sharma

    This is the best thing i have ever heard...

  25. Lasagna Jesus

    All of you are getting these deep ass comments but damn this shit is good like damn this makes me deadass happy.

  26. مَريم

    I fond of your songs.. i love you
    So thankful that’s you’re making a very good songs ⭐️🖤💛

  27. Ahmad Abd-allah

    I don't know about you guys but I'd really like to meet him, and get to know the real person behind that heavenly voice, something about his voice feels like home.

  28. Thảo Gấu

    I like this sound

  29. beforend v

    Where the hell is the guy who write the lyrics in com

  30. Angelina Fontana

    every single song produced by you gives me non stop chills

  31. Aditya santosh

    I am not on earth.

  32. Nelson Heartly

    This song is amazing. In love

  33. DAJ

    Best music of the year award goes to novo amor ❤️🎶😊😊🎧

  34. Veru Chovancová

    Omg ..I love thiss sooo much 😍

  35. GuSuBu Tribe

    Every song... Every Damned Song... My art thanks you... Nothing carries my hands like the embrace of Novo Amor's gift to the world... THANK YOU

  36. Justine Padilla

    here because of god friended me :))

  37. Fluffy The Fluff

    Not only a beautiful song that make me feel like I am floating in the ocean and relaxed
    But the concept art of music video or album covers it is just make my heart found peace

  38. Fauzul Mubin

    Aku suka banget

  39. Chase Dietz

  40. Dylan Krause

    kinda like bon iver

  41. Rudy Hernandez

    I remember when he barely was having 2K views on his videos. Proud of you man ! You did that ! Always end up coming back to your music, reminds me so much of I used to be and sometimes I come to remind myself where I came from. I don’t expect anyone to understand me, just my perspective of myself

  42. Tasheyana Richards

    Across the line

  43. Saf Kassim

    Love this soooo much!!!

  44. emil salim19


  45. palmtri

    Someone here because of Gin$eng?

  46. MacPelpuo Weather

    Best sounds ever ...

  47. Blackline

    your heart was once like mine

  48. NinjaSamantha

    I found you two years ago, and knowing that you're releasing more and more. Getting discovered by others makes me entirely way to happy.

  49. mystogen 26

    This song is just a strong emotion for me i can't express somehow...

  50. Kate Whiteman

    I love love love love love this so so so much

  51. Brenda Ann

    I love every song, Belle, Thank you.

  52. Caylle Mercado

    Finally found this song after 3 years of searching. Im fucking serious.

  53. Julia Maria Moreira

    Essa música é perfeita!! Quando tempo.

  54. Fork Koala

    thanks to the random omegle person for recommending this band to me

  55. Agung Snap

    Love this song like in the paradise 😄

  56. Rifqi je ef

    Beautiful song.. this song bring me to another place on my imagination. And this song bring me back to the past.

  57. Alek

    Te amo muito

  58. peko peko

    90% you will end up marrying your best friend....

  59. VX Thang

    God friended me reminds me Novo Amor so I'm here❤️

  60. Sabrina melo

    New lover is NOVO AMOR em português,I'M BRASILEIRAAAAAAA,CADE OS BRS?!?!?

    Julia Maria Moreira

    Euu, amo muito essa música, me dá uma paz

    Pedro Stars

    Só tem eu de home aqui né? Sksksk bom mais quero dizer que vcs tem um maravilhoso gosto musical assim como eu

    Danilo Silva

    Aquiii brrr presente... música fodaa Linda de mais

    Manuela Oliveira

    A paz que essa música traz é inexplicável, são vários pensamentos e uma sensação ótima!

    Milena Silva


  61. popo

    国を超えて耳に心地の良い音楽( ˶´⚰︎`˵ )

  62. Amgad Mohamed

    I don't know who the singer is but I adore this music and always listened to it

  63. Chantal GANGUET

    discrétion et talent Magnifique Bravo

  64. Fajri Fadillah

    Did you like ocean?

  65. Mike Lewis

    Does anyone have the tabs to this?

  66. Lan.mp4

    I randomly remembered this song one day and it took an hour to find it. Went through Majestic Casual but they took it down before I could remember the name. Looked through SuicideSheep's channel. Went on Spotify to look for similar songs and I ended up on Shazam when I found it back in 2015. I wanted to comment this so I have a record of my effort to find this song. I did it!

  67. Renan Quaresma

    <3 <3 <3

  68. Santiago Alfonso

    what is the name of this gender

  69. Dejavu Holigh

    Apakah lagu ini bisa dijadikan back song dan terbebas dari claim hak cipta?

  70. MasterDroid HD

    Estas canciones son como para estar en la naturaleza me gustan mucho sus canciones saludos :)

  71. gomez tana

    I can’t even understand how people be disliking this type ART.

  72. Porkins_XD

    Wait did he suicide?

  73. ivy balleta

    Gosh I'm in love with your songs Novo Amor.lots of love from Kenya 😍😍

  74. Micheliimi

    Me lembra Bon Iver... ❤️

  75. Aden Putra

    this give u chills even if u in the middle of chaos

  76. Emile vP

    This was my wedding song may 2018. best band ever

  77. Alfar Redha

    Let me download this song, please♡

  78. plantsimgirl

    i have literally spent two hours just listenting to your music. thank you for making magic

  79. FaiqFikrianjayy !!!!

    i'am from indonesian,And i like this song

  80. Bad habit

    Novo amor he is not from this planet.

  81. fem baeten

    does anyone know how to play this on the guitar?

  82. Aurea Estayo

    More songs pleasseeee

  83. Natalie Garcia

    2018 and I am still here! I really love all your songs.

  84. August Hippie

    I am here because of Bryce and Hailey.

  85. Deize gamesplei


  86. War Zone

    eu nunca escutei musicas que passam sensações tão boas quanto a de vocês. espero que vocês tenham uma excelente carreira, vocês merecem!
    #ComeToBrazil 💓

  87. The Daily Pothead

    2020 anyone?

  88. -Nodoka-

    Le mélange délicatement, mélancoliquement complémentaire de la musique et de la vidéo me plonge dans un état contemplatif profond. Je viens tout juste de découvrir ce groupe et je ne suis pas déçue du voyage!!

  89. Crome

    Just found out for 'Novo Amor' and listened to few of your tracks and i love it so much! keep spreading positive energy <3

  90. chandra bagus

    The best song i've ever hear

  91. Raen Nelson

    Cheers mate

  92. maskros

    favorite novo amor song ❤️

  93. Noverdies Adisarma

    Thank you novo amor, you just made my day today

  94. Jetlines Music

    so beautiful <3 Obsessed with your music x

  95. iGSpeed

    Who came here after searching up for Ponyboy Curtis And Johnny Cade Answers?