Novo Amor - Freehand Lyrics

I couldn't wait for no man
Divided your face in freehand, because

There's context in our love

Riding away on horseback
Carving a name, the romance had gone

Rolled on your instep
Firing in ways that I won't
Hiding your waist and
Probably placed that I don't

Oh, there's contact

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Novo Amor Freehand Comments
  1. Grant Easterwood

    It’s about finally getting over or thinking you are over a relationship that meant everything to you and this person somehow comes back in your life and opens up all the memories and all the hurt and you are right back at step 1

  2. Letícia Santos

    Amo essa música. Ela me acalma! Obrigada.

  3. The pursuit of tastiness

    I needed to cry so I came here!

    Star Stuff

    Novo Amor always got your back. 🙂

  4. Haven Helton

    i cry to this song on a daily..

  5. Máquina mortífera brasil

    Oh God, come to basil plis
    We love u

  6. Miranti Paramadhini

    I found serenity thru your music💛

  7. Rick Sanchez

    if i could only show this to the world

  8. Herbivorous_Mari

    Beautiful. I love this song, Ed, your voice so much

  9. SuperApril34

    Beautiful! The live version is lovely as well and more haunting.

  10. Daniela Cardenas

    Esa voz... me parte el alma y la reconstruye al mismo tiempo 😭

  11. Thais Batista Bernardes

    Really, really thank you.

  12. Thais Batista Bernardes


  13. Mammal Man

    this gives me a feeling of completeness beyond any measure

  14. B MB

    Favorite song on the album.

  15. Sweet Books

    you don't know how much i missed your beautiful songs

  16. Geovane Pereira


    Sylvain S.