Novo Amor - Birthplace Lyrics

Be it at your best
It's still our nest
Unknown a better place

Narrow your breath
From every guess
I've drawn my birthplace

Oh, I don't need a friend
I won't let it in again

Be at my best
I fall, obsessed in all its memory
Dove out to our death, to be undressed
A love, in birth and reverie

I don't want a friend
I won't let it in again
I don't need a friend
I won't let it in again

Here, at my best
It's all at rest
'Cause I found a better place

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Novo Amor Birthplace Comments
  1. Fan Xie

    how did they deal with the garbage that they used as props after finsihed filming?

  2. Lonna Shin

    Waiting for u Echo. Ty so much 4 this.

  3. Mikelania Cristianna

    Aonde estão os brasileiros que acharam estranho uma banda de fora com o nome em português? Kkkk

  4. Wina Ined


  5. DesertSessions93

    Why does this remind me so much of tycho?

  6. Alevtina Mokretsova Ka-Boom

    The most necessary clip of our time

  7. Devi Aisyah

    Novo Amor is something

  8. Alicia Scott

    Thank you.

  9. Judith López

    No nos merecemos vivir en este planeta.

  10. Omar Mohamed

    So sad 😔

  11. Rewsoul

    Not a word said yet more powerful then the thousand words

  12. T Emily

    5:00 said: humans are going to go extinct because of their own ways + 5:20 and on said: and mother nature will be at peace without them

  13. Aji Darmawan

    Love it.. 🌊🌊🌊 the video make song a Life

  14. Christian Beale

    put this in the next tropical disney film or the souls of your next three children are mine

  15. Abhirama Arrasyid Dirgantara

    Anyone know what the lyric in 4:07 'till end?

  16. joanne

    So glad youtube recommended this vid. after seeing this, i just had to watch the making of this vid . Really appriciate how they managed to pull everything off. Respect.

  17. Luis Henrique

    Algum brasileiro?

  18. Stanodw

    I find the ocean kind of scary, but after seeing this video i just wanna live in it and protect it at all cost!

  19. ldyluv6988

    These are the artists that deserve Grammys🙌🏾

  20. ldyluv6988

    Beautiful video 🥰

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  22. Alder Myrthong

    Full of depth and meaning like the sea.

  23. Emilia Aparecida Dos Santos Nery

    Grande legado essa musica. Uma demonstracao de amor e carinho pelo meio ambiente.

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  24. Linda Söderkvist

    We must take care of our ocean and world

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  25. Maniss Dahal

    I could die to this music

  26. Sulistyo Aji

    Stop buang sampah sembarangan...

  27. cat holic

    this is sad 😭

  28. Yash Chaudhari

    The full version should be on Spotify!

    Dwight Ligan

    3:14 marks another song named "Seneca"

  29. Will Aguirre

    VSC and NA, collab when

  30. Faisal Mach

    unbelievably a masterpiece

  31. Mermaid Gurl

    The whole video was brilliant, but man, that whale scene and the music made me cry....

    We need to do better.

  32. Fiksi Mmo

    I'm sorry.

  33. snow wall

    This video is freaking amazing and deserves millions of views I don't get why twerking booties is such a trend now. I get so emotional 😢

  34. Danny Lew

    I cried

  35. Justin Marshy

    What was the budget for this video? Looks amazing.

  36. Emilia Hofer

    he just left the plastic there

  37. almyr Costa

    novo love

  38. Sônia Queiroz

    Beautiful song ❤❤❤

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  39. Paye ta Disquette

    one of the prettiest music/clip i have ever seen. it gives faith for humanity again.

  40. moon flower

    Wow. How much effort was put into the making of this video...and the message is SO important! Amazing song, amazing video, amazing message! This deverses to be seen by so many more people

  41. cracked

    whats wrong with the 247 dislikes???!!!!

  42. Eric Easton

    I wish it was arranged like this on the album. The two pieces play into each other so well here.

  43. Rubber

    Can I use this song for my video project ??? Pleaseee

  44. Maria Lacayo

    Unbelievably therapeutic.

  45. Reality BR

    Novo amor is a portuguese phrase, wich translating to english means "New love" but the artist not is brazilian, I do not unsdestand but ok :)

    Reality BR

    @bunnie 178 Mas não é vdd? skks

    bunnie 178

    @Reality BR sim ks

  46. Eli Tull

    I do not have the confidence to even attempt what this guys is doing

  47. Maguy Basset

    I am deeply in love with this song
    Thank you so much for having created it ♡

  48. Neto Daniel

    Cadê os brasileiros?

  49. Piano9 Produzioni

    Questo video è arte pura.

  50. Hussein Marah

    So expressive

  51. Iwgo Benevides


  52. diansyaa


  53. Wren Linnet

    Oh my god he is so hot.

  54. Merv Perry

    This is enormous and the message cannot be any clearer.

  55. Pritam Mondal

    Loved the idea and thought behind the video! Great initiative team! An indeed powerful one which everyone is already aware of but needs utmost attention right now.

  56. Ayu Kumala Dewi

    amazing video <3

  57. Reka Maharwati


  58. Nina K.

    Breathtaking beautiful. I am amazed! Thank you soooo much for this message!!!

  59. Road Baladi

    Welcome to Indonesia bruh

  60. Christie Time

    My school showed this in my school I feel bad for the man

  61. Libera

    I think this is the most emotional and best video that i i've ever seen in my whole life

  62. alfath dirk

    aquaman in the real world

  63. Anastasia

    No way! This is one of my favorite song! Just now i watch the video and I’m speechless.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. Bryce F

    my home too

  65. Jasmin Jäger

    THIS is so amazing! Such a big work of art and creation. Shows us that we really should care about our beautiful mother earth and opens the eyes. THANK YOU, from mother earth and me. I love your music so much.

  66. Lauren Wallace

    This is by far my favorite music video of all time! Absolutely amazing!

  67. Sze Wai Tsang

    Wish u well :)

  68. Todd Patterson

    I wish everyone on earth could see this film. I've seen this over and over again and I can't not cry about how much damage we've done to the planet and the ocean especially. The artistry involved in this film is staggering and the song is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

  69. Alessandra Larios

    Where are the landscapes from?

    Road Baladi

    Indonesia, Bali

  70. Isabel

    I'm crying 😭😭😭

  71. Mustafa Genc

    I ran out of breath watching this

  72. TenTop10

    Cutlass brought me here

  73. Abby Magnan

    Uhoh. Is Gail not good!?

  74. Alyssa Lafleche

    One of the most powerful videos I've ever seen ❤️ save our oceans 🌊save our world 🌎

  75. Kriz

    And sadly the Amazon rainforest is burning right now,💔




    @TenTop10 😭😭

    Flappy shet

    Burning forest, polluted oceans, animal extinctions all because of us humans. We are killing ourselves

  76. Roberto Jr

    Salvem nossa amazônia, não quero ser engolido pelo lixo que fizemos dela :c

  77. Thanatcha Chaimala

    it beautiful and sad at the same time

  78. Vini Septiani Lira

    I see selamat biskuit plastic

  79. The Lord Of The UnDead

    A masterpiece. The message, the song, the cinematography, the reality about humans killing the planet everything about this song is breathtaking. This should have been gone viral instead of all the craps that's been trending.

    This must be shared on a bigger scale to produce awareness for the longevity, safety and future of the planet and the water world.

    Thank you for this.

  80. wALB

    The band name "Novo Amor" in portuguese means "New Love" :)
    Greetings from Brazil <3

    MusicCharts TV

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  81. Abby Magnan

    And then everything became plastic . ahhh

  82. Abby Magnan

    Wow amazing cinematography

  83. たらを


  84. Catastrophe bangg

    The moment I came across this artist, I realized that I struck Gold........


    3:20 yoo wtf

  86. Eduardo Batista

    Uma das minhas músicas preferidas
    💚💚 Anchor 💜

  87. bubbles123

    omg I'm going to cry in the library, this video and song is so beautiful

  88. Fabi G

    How beautiful and devastating

  89. Caitlyn Dixon

    Anyone else start crying when they saw the whale?

  90. Annique Bester

    This is so powerful!!! the mix of emotions while watching this is unreal

  91. Francesc Masip

    Are you seen this?

  92. widya lestari

    Only 1.5 million viewers ?? This is so sick

  93. nazi walrus

    3:15 = seneca

  94. Novo Amor

    Be it at your best,
    it’s still our nest,
    unknown a better place.

    Narrow your breath,
    from every guess
    I’ve drawn my birthplace.

    Oh, I don’t need a friend.
    I won’t let it in again.

    Be at my best,
    I fall, obsessed in all its memory.
    Dove out to our death, to be undressed,
    a love, in birth and reverie.

    I don’t want a friend.
    I won’t let it in again.
    I don’t need a friend.
    I won’t let it in again.

    Here, at my best,
    it’s all at rest,
    ‘cause I found a better place.

    Isaac Miller

    @_specter_009 he is llllp no matter diiwi results on

    Naufal Luthfi

    @Ryan Selfaison the second song title is "seneca".

    Axel Grassi-Havnen

    Ryan Selfaison It’s from the track Seneca :)

    Wheatly The Moron Core

    @dy 94 no

    Achita Inu

    Thank you, for your music. It is so sensual