Notorious B.I.G. - Unbelieveable Lyrics

[Verse One:]

Live from Bedford-Stuyverson, the livest one
Representin BK to the fullest
Gats I pull it, bastards duckin when Big be buckin
Chickenheads be cluckin in my bathroom fuckin
It ain't nuttin, they know Big be handlin
With the Mac in the ac door paneling
Damagin' MC's, oxygen they can't breathe
Mad tricks up the sleeve, wear boxers so my dick can breathe
Breeze through in the Q-45 by my side, lyrical high
And those that rushes my cluthes get put on crutches
Get smoked like dutches from the master
Hate to blast ya, but I have ta, you see I smoke a lot
Your life is played out like Kwame, and them fuckin polka dots
Who rock the spot? Biggie!
You know how the weed go, unbelievable

[Verse Two:]

B-I-G, G-I-E, AKA, B.I.G.
Get it? Biggie
Also known as the bon appetit
Rappers can't sleep need sleepin Big keep creepin
Bulelts heat-seekin, casualties need treatin
Dumb rappers need teachin
Lesson A - don't fuck with B-I, that's that, oh I, thought he was wack
Oh come come now, why y'all so dumb now
Hunt me or be hunted, I got three hundred and fifty-seven ways
To summer sautee, I'm the winner all day
Lights get dimmer down Biggie's hallway
My forte causes caucausians to say
He sounds demented, car-weed scented
If I said it, I meant it
Bite my tongue for no-one
Call me evil, or unbelievable

[Verse Three:]

Buck shots out the sun roof of Lexus Coupe's
Leave no witnesses, what you think this is
Ain't no amateurs here, I damage and tear
MC's fear me, they too near not to hear me
Clearly, I'm the triple beam dream
One thousand grams of uncut to the gut
It seems fucked up, the way I touched up the grill
Tryin to play gorilla, when you ain't no killer
The gat's by your liver, your upper lip quiver
Get ready to die, tell God I said hi
And throw down some ice, for the nicest MC
Niggaz know the steelo, unbelievable

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Notorious B.I.G. Unbelieveable Comments
  1. Nasty Wiz

    this should be reported for violent content cuz he fckn killed it

  2. Eric Love

    Waaaay before his time... word play was. Ridiculous

  3. bigvalbowski100

    Sampling your own track is the illest

    Mr Holmes

    What track ?


    @Mr Holmes The What ft Method Man also on Ready to Die

  4. Cyress Carlton

    Those that have this a thumbs down commit suicide!!!

  5. Bedrije Xhafa

    It's super song

  6. John Doe

    That instrumental you can feel the grittiness of 90s NYC, it was the end of those old days before modern NYC

  7. worng Im ImaJos PlaynHolmes

    *2020* B.I.G. is bigger than ever.

    Deivyson Darlan

    Salve to Brazilian

  8. worng Im ImaJos PlaynHolmes

    Yo is it the blunt or, did baby biggie just blink at me? 🥴

    The whiterun guard

    Lol samee

  9. Joe Rossetti

    This track is so out of control

    worng Im ImaJos PlaynHolmes

    Fucking rediculous 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Steelo Smoove

    “Biggie Smalls Is illest” 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤


    Biggie aka The Flow King 👑 RIP

  12. Rizwan Anwar

    Holy shit this is so timeless. Such a gangster track, real gs put their lighters up for the notorious.

  13. Jose G

    *looks at mirror * "biggie smalls, biggie smalls, biggie smalls"

    worng Im ImaJos PlaynHolmes


  14. Gerardo Medina


  15. Stanley Q

    East Coast Hip Hop Heads, like this comment.

  16. stevieh0001

    Best lyricist rapper ever👍🏻

  17. Luka MG

    First verse is one of my favorite ever!

  18. Igor Coelho

    Did you came here because of the Nets jersey? Thumbs up

  19. MJBThePeacekeeper

    An old rhyme I did to this beat called "Inconceivable". Fuck who criticizes....

    1st verse:

    Rapping is something I rarely initiate
    as usual some people will hate or appreciate
    the rhymes I kick can inform or educate
    serenade or something jazzy I'll randomly create
    an incognito emcee who's one of a kind
    with valuable songs people are anxious to find
    my rapping subject matter can be very interesting
    and some of my side thoughts are worth listening
    unlike other rappers and their peon nursery rhymes
    expressing irrelevant shit pretty much all the time
    I ain't got to go in detail about that alot
    just review my previous single "Who's Hot and Who's Not"
    I like to get people thinking when I recite lyrics
    take the time and ponder over them whenever you hear it
    obviously superficial minds don't wanna pay attention
    cuz' they know they can never adapt in my dimension
    I could cause feeble rappers great pain
    if they explore my rhymes they'll get a huge migrane
    their frontal lobes throbbin' and cerebellums liquidated
    the strongest asprin won't make 'em feel alleviated
    cerebral palsey might be the worst repercussion
    overall they can't fuck with me; end of discussion
    not saying I'm unbeatable or unbelievable
    I just got a style that's whimsical and inconceivable

    2nd verse:

    Inconceivable you ask what's the definition
    technically it's something you don't regularly vision
    something that ain't normally in your cognition
    ideas that might puzzle your instinctive intuition
    for instance when I rapped about mathematics
    dropped various numerics with the right tactics
    gave a brief synopsis of the basic and advanced
    and did leave a few minds in a little of a trance
    some rather not suffer being confused
    don't wanna deal with math is the option they choose
    that rap I did was so unprecedented
    but y'all probably think it was useless and demented
    what about my alter egos that were triplicated
    even though battling oneself already been originated
    two of them had a peaceful and humble characteristic
    the other was cocky and egotistic
    truly all of their verses were beyond simplistic
    but that whole battle was just so terrific
    it was more than a battle more or less it was a story
    nobody's ever written something like that before me
    on the mic I'm devastating, frustrating
    underestimated, accelerated, but never abominated
    spitting these rhymes I know I'll be underrated
    but the industry will always make things complicated
    radio rap is a problem and I'm the answer
    I can get the crowd pumped like a performance enhancer
    I'm not saying I'm unbeatable or unbelievable
    I just got a style that's whimsical and inconceivable

  20. Unknown G

    i just realised the baby blinks look at his eyes at 2:25

  21. jean François Tessier

    B,I,G,,,,THE KING,,,his very happy today, he all ready prépare to set up suga When is arrive there, Because THERE,,""" the King arrive before him, and eminem, and your mom, go whit that suga fuka, 2, 2,

  22. Mafiamonkey 101

    “Bandaging mc’s, oxygen they can’t breathe, mad tricks up the sleeve” biggie flow is too untouchable

    worng Im ImaJos PlaynHolmes

    Would you say it's"unbelievable" 😆 Im high af

    Mafiamonkey 101

    worng Im ImaJos PlaynHolmes biggie smalls for mayor the RAP slayer the Hooker layer, aka the pu$$y stroker, MC PROVOKER! Nobody got props like biggie smalls got props, nobody drops. Nobody drops Words. From the top. Of the head. His METAPHORS is sharp like cheddar CHEESE, blowing MC’s out with ease, homie please! I like to max in Maximus and Acuras your girls buttcheeks I’m smacking HUH! MCs have a hard time believin’ I’m marked for death, hard to kill like Steven

  23. Melih Gürbüz

    Year 2019 R.I.P Big You Are A Legendary 😣

  24. Johnnie Murray

    Heard this on on my way home from my summer Job in 94 and for like 2 weeks i did not knew this was the dude that did juicy. I was like damn this song dope. I knew preemo did the beat but i was like damn this dude rapping nice as fuck. Biggie the Greatest.

  25. Ares

    You ready to die? Tell god I said hi

  26. PetyO SavOv

    R.I.P Biggie 1972-

  27. 9ofOne

    Definitely my favorite song by Biggie

  28. Tee Woodz

    Man if BIG would have stayed alive a little longer I can only imagine the masterpieces he would have created


    Tee Woodz he already created em, Dun

  29. Rushdi Ishmail

    Great track.👌🏾

  30. Rosemary Bowers




  32. vishal shah

    Biggie smalls is tha illest.. son..

  33. April Towler

    rest in peace rip

  34. Paulina Abascal

    I love the song, even when I'm in the kitchen.

  35. Youssof Nader

    West Coast!!!!!!

  36. Robert Borrero

    I am from Puerto Rico and my favorite singer is Biggie Smalls the best of all rappers for me the best rapper with the best style was

  37. Louizzza

    "Dumb rappers need teachin' "

    This is clearly why this era have mumble rappers.


    stfu lmaooooooooo

    Stanley Q

    Louizzza True.


    U juss dont listen to the right music then

  38. Tupac Shakur !

    RIP to the two goats biggie and pac !!

  39. SUBARNA .AfterMaths


  40. The_High_Boss

    Upvote if this is bumpin in 2019 💯🥳

    Sir Lukas

    nah, chief

    Hrishant Aswani

    Hello there random redditor

    Cyress Carlton

    Dam right

    Cedric Swift

    Facts still go hard. Timeless

  41. Simon-pierre Drolet


  42. Cinematic Studios

    The Man right here! Foreal dog!

  43. Giovanni DjJoHistoryProduction Aidala


  44. brayan genek

    baby babbyyyy bigiee

  45. Arthur Williams

    HOT throwback!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 R.I.P. BIG LEGEND 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  46. KOSH 522


  47. Akashic Archives

    I don't don't care what anyone say's BIGGIE is and ALWAYS be my favourite.✊✌️

  48. Peep Peep

    Saqartvelodan aris vinme 🖤


    Lights get dimmer down biggie’s hole way ......... Bite my tongue for no one, call me evil or unbelievable., biggie small is the illest .

  50. BROOKLYN Rodriguez

    For ever Alive, B.I.G the Mesias of Rap

  51. PicàrdiaVEVO

    this my favourite biggie joint

  52. goldenage94


  53. Atoyia M Blackshear


  54. Atoyia M Blackshear


  55. Wendy Raymond

    Such dope lyricism. .love it x

  56. Accurate Skills

    We will always ❤ Big Poppa. Notorious B.I.G. 👑 rest in ✌

    Caterina Carlone


  57. happy child

    I moiss uu Big 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. McNear

    Back in the day, at the Tunnel, when this song came on, the beat knockin crazy in there....

    Skylar Belser

    McNear sounded like it was lit man!🔥😆💪🏾

  59. HoYin Cheng

    Waiting for so long

  60. Evantz Bernadin

    Biggie is THE BEST

  61. play safe69

    Big, Pac, Eazy, they are still alive and they will always be! Love from Romania.

    play safe69

    @Alberto Alberto voiam sa te intreb de unde stii ca-s roman dar am vazut dupa c-am scris la sfarsit. Pace si bucurii! Numa' mizerii se asculta la noi. Afara de Parazitii si inca vreo cativa!

    alex axel

    Ma bucur ca vad romani, se pare ca mai avem si noi gusturi bune, nu abi si manele si 5gang

    play safe69

    @alex axel n-am ascultat asa ceva. Tin cu old school.

    alex axel

    @play safe69 si eu ascult oldschool, doar ca pur si simplu auzi abi pe strada sau pe story-uri pe insta

  62. preacher bd


  63. Kapaweate

    unbelievable this hasn't blown up yet

  64. Sebastian Satalaya

    R.I.P The Notorious B.I.G
    1972 - 1997

  65. CrustyMilk

    they re uploading everything?

  66. Hendrik M

    Unbelievable 🔥🔥

  67. Ahmad Slifer

    Biggie unbelievable ✌🏻👍🏻

  68. felixtgk

    This is amazing , unbelievable !!

  69. Kaata FR

    BIG > PAC

    Asbest Official

    Muzan ❤❤

  70. Matrix

    Яеζτ ιπ ρεαсе

  71. O G


  72. Thomas

    Biggie Smalls!! 😍😍🔥🔥

  73. real life experience poohhollow channel

    Rest in peace biggie smalls 💕🔊🗣

  74. CA_ Joell

    Wena biggie culeao

  75. 18Copas-0Descensos

    B.i.g. Leggend

  76. Alex Fesas

    Biggie smalls is the illest!

  77. Jorj

    Lit asf

  78. Sandesh Karki

    B.I.G 🔥🙏

  79. Ahmed Dini

    B.I.G. G.I.E. aka B.I.G. get it Biggie
    Also known as the bon appetit rappers can't sleep need sleeping

    Ahmed Dini

    @DaMarcoMuzik I think "Get it" here means " Do you understand who I am, I am B.I.G. the hip-hop legend " and not " Do you understand the punchline"


    best music 💪🏿

  81. mc.atr

    R.I.P B.I.G
    goat 🙌🏾

  82. FaL


    We want biggie back

    Caterina Carlone


  83. 이주아

    Leghed 🌟

  84. Chiliket

    I’m at school taking a shit

  85. Alyias Naziel

    First viewer

  86. Θανάσης ath

    🙏🙏🙏rest in peace we love you till infinity 😥❤❤

  87. Ænønymøußシ