Notorious B.I.G. - Respect Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Nineteen-seventy somethin', nigga I don't sweat the date
My moms is late so I had to plan my escape
out the skins, in this world of fly girls
Tanqueray and Hennessy until I cold hurl
Ten months in this gut, what the fuck
I wish moms'd hurry up so I could get buck
wild, juvenile rippin' mics and shit
New York New York, ready for the likes of this, uh
Then came the worst date, May 21st
2:19, that's when my momma water burst
No spouse in the house so she rode for self
to the hospital, to see if she could get a little help
Umbilical cord's wrapped around my neck
I'm seein' my death and I ain't even took my first step
I made it out, I'm bringin' mad joy
The doctor looked and said, "He's gonna be a Bad Boy"

[Verse 2]

Now I'm thirteen, smokin' blunts, makin' cream
On the drug scene, fuck a football team
Riskin' ruptured spleens by the age of sixteen
Hearin' the coach scream at my lifetime dream, I mean
I wanna blow up, stack my dough up
So school I didn't show up, it fucked my flow up
Mom said that I should grow up and check myself
before I wreck myself, disrespect myself
Put the drugs on the shelf? Nah, couldn't see it
Scarface, King of New York, I wanna be it
Rap was secondary, money was necessary
Until I got incarcerated--kinda scary
C74-Mark 8 set me straight
Not able to move behind the great steel gate
Time to contemplate, damn, where did I fail?
All the money I stacked was all the money for bail

[Verse 3]

Ninety-four, now I explore new horizons
Mama smile when she see me, that's surprisin'
Honeys is tantalizin', they freak all night
Peep duckin' cops on the creep all night
As I open my eyes and realizin' I changed
Not the same deranged child stuck up in the game
And to my niggas livin' street life
Learn to treat life to the best, put stress to rest
Still tote your vest man, niggas be trippin'
In the streets without a gat? Nah, nigga you're slippin'
If I'm pimpin on The F with weed on my breath
Original hustler with the muffler on the Tec
Respect to the Mac's and the Ac's
To the freaks in the Jeeps, lick shots to my peeps

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Notorious B.I.G. Respect Comments
  1. G-Dub 85

    The goat 🐐

  2. Anthony Hebert

    No doubt one of the best beats period

  3. StrawHat Wookie

    duets did a mood job blending this though.

  4. Cris_bfg

    first nigga in 2020 and i can confirm this shit is still fire

  5. Jeff Q

    Big up! Reminds of my street days. Stay in school punks


    BIG might be the only rapper to admit that prison is a scary place u don’t wanna be!! The G.O.A.T

  7. Dylan F

    All the money I stacked was all the money for bail 🔥🔥

  8. Shonny’s Lab

    This is one of the dopest songs I’ve heard to date. Flow, lyrics, beat, reggae Ad-Libs. This is straight fire.

  9. L I O N * _ *

    RIP juice world

  10. SCP-939

    Top 3 rap album ever along with Mathers LP and Illmatic

  11. gladys sang

    he was being sucked while recording this

  12. The Wolf Of Walnut

    Have, had CD for years. Just discovered this gem.

  13. Briley Gabriel

    Still totes ya vest man/ niggas be flippin/ In the streets without ya gat?/ Na night ya slippin/ If I'm tripping on the F/ with weed on my breath/original hustler/with the muffler/on the tech/Respect/To the Macs in the Accs/To the Freaks in the Jeeps/ Lick shots for my peeps! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The illest flow ever!!!

  14. jean François Tessier

    NO RESPECT TO Emenem and 2puk

  15. Mark High


  16. Matty Boonga

    Forever Crisp!

  17. Thornie Holden

    This song is fire like warning, mad izm, & ten crack commandment.

  18. Black Risem

    #TrackMasters!!! 🔥🔥👌🏽

  19. Quantam Kid24

    I can imagine NWO going out to this shit, its so fuckin badass

  20. Deidrick Boyd

    Respect 2 all da gunmon dem....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!! Everybody respects the gun!!!

  21. Shaquill Branch

    mmmmmmmm slurp slurp, Nigga Biggie got his shit mopped 😂😂

  22. Kimahri Holmes

    She was suckn big fr🤣

  23. Mr. Shooter McGavin

    19 who drive Accords & Fieros disliked this: YOU BLEW IT, GO TO LUNCH 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Rempuia Ralte Lùtmáng

    Lyrics please

  25. Thorxe

    This song still hits in 2019. This, my friends, is hip-hop at its absolute finest. Lyrics are absolutely amazing.

    DaReal Keisha

    Yes gives me chills!

  26. Ramon Hart

    🔥 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  27. joystick casa

    Cool song but he bit 2pacs heavy in the game on this one. This is why Pac said he had to switch almost all of his Me Against the World project because Biggie ran with almost the whole concept of the album

    christopher burroughs

    Stop with the beef they are both dead now so that stuff is over

  28. Antoni Tabliashvili

    One of my favourite Biggie's song

  29. Pravesh Singh kathait

    Superb ... all the best from India 🇮🇳

  30. nahuel robledo

    El King de NY. Mis repuestos para el más grande desde Argentina 🇦🇷

  31. نادر اليافعي

    The best in th the world 🌎 🔥🔥🔥this is the real rap


    The beat , the flow ,and his way of story telling was remarkable. BIGGIE 👑

  33. Sendoa_44

    RIP KING 🗽👑

  34. LIl StAnX x

    Vr city on the beatttt yoo

  35. Sergio

    Que buen tema jaja desde Argentina tal vez el primero, like los argentos

  36. Tarek1215

    Nuff respect to the King! R.I.P. Biggie! Think Big in 2019! Bad Boy 4 Life!


    Respect for Loonie!


    @Kamaishi lol

  38. Ivan Reynoso

    Pray for biggie

  39. bu hesabı yemin ederim ki 2015te kullanıyodum

    fuck its awesome

  40. Animal Toopia

    from which album?

  41. Capone Collin

    Respect ✊ to all d gunman dem Kingston Jamaica 🇯🇲 and new York USA 🇺🇸 I’m a bad boy

  42. Unbroken Flower


  43. Slayer 1986

    “Learn to treat life to the best, put stress to rest
    Still tote your vest man, niggas be trippin'
    In the streets without a gat? Nah, nigga you're slippin'
    If I'm trippin' on The F with weed on my breath
    Original hustler with the muffler on the TEC
    Respect to the Mack's and the Ac's
    To the freaks in the Jeeps, lick shots to my peeps”
    🔥daumm 😎🔥

  44. Atoyia M Blackshear


  45. Wendy Raymond

    Forever in our hearts x

  46. Gian


  47. anthony Taylor

    Classic !!

  48. anonimo030

    R.I.P. TUPAC
    R.I.P. GURU
    R.I.P. EAZY E
    R.I.P. NIP
    R.I.P. BIG L
    R.I.P. BIG PUN


    @Kazz Gamez How did we degenerate from gangta rap to some skinny guys talking about suicide and lean 🥴

    Kazz Gamez

    @Markushhh Exactly, your whole generation of hip hop talks about that shit, out generation talks about drugs and depression, its called change

    Kazz Gamez

    @Markushhh At least they aint lying bout shit, if theyre depressed they rap about it, if they on drugs they rap about it


    @Kazz Gamez so pac and biggie etc. lying about their music? Are you stupid? 😂😂😂


    @Kazz Gamez the only legends of this generation are nipsey, kendrick and cole, that is it. Your "legends" are legends cuz of their death

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    RIP bix

  50. FENOM'N official

    <3333333333 thank you diddy !

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    I made it out I'm brining mad joy,the doctor looked and said he's gonna be a bad boy

  52. Samuel Henrique


    llucasalmeida llucasalmeida

    Brasília Brasil e nois tamo junto

    Alysson Leôncio

    Aqui ne rap raiz na veia modinha é meu🥚 r3i do flow biggie💪🏿

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    Stop getting me excited for Biggie to come back from Cuba and drop new music

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    saem wit pac

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    Propz from Hoorn The Netherlands!!

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    love the music biggie is a god and will always be here with us

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    R.I.P Big. Much respect to Diana King. ❤️💯

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    1972 - 1997

    Bernardo Asap


    Sebastian Satalaya

    @Bernardo Asap AMÉN

    Bernardo Asap

    @Sebastian Satalaya amém amigo 🙏 saludos from Brazil

    Sebastian Satalaya

    @Bernardo Asap yo de Perú
    Amigo ✋🙋🙋

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    nahuel robledo

    @Sebastian Satalaya de nada bro, que termines bien el día :)))

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    Orleans kno da deal... Jay Electronica. Respect!!

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    25th birthday celebration

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    Best son, repose en paix mon frère.

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