Notorious B.I.G. - Life After Death Intro Lyrics

... me and her sister had somethin goin on
(Aiyyo, would you listen to me motherfucker?)
I reach my peak, I can't speak
Call my nigga Cheek, tell him that my will is weak
(Aiyyo c'mon nigga, cut that)
I'm sick of niggaz lyin, I'm sick of bitches hawkin
(Aiyyo, yoyo Big, aiyyo chill)
Matter of fact, I'm sick of talkin [gunshot]

[Life After Death piano and music comes in]
(Aiyyo Big, aiyyo BIG!!)
[heartbeat slows, sound of ambulence sirens]
[piano plays on]

[sound of pulse monitor and breathing machine]
[Puff Daddy]
Damn... we was spose to rule the world baby
We was unstoppable!
The shit can't be over, no
The shit can't be over man
I know you hear me nigga
I know you hear me
You got too much livin to do
Too much unfinished business
It ain't over
Live your life

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Notorious B.I.G. Life After Death Intro Comments
  1. Jordan Harris

    Now this a real tearjerker

  2. Jibrin Idum

    Is this how some ppl can see something in da own way but cannot explain it

  3. Jason Vapor

    Notorious P,I,G

  4. Pretty Hernandez

    This is a real...situational song..luvin it..dollys feelings in newnan, ga..represent foe the yourself..

  5. No Azucar

    Biggie ain’t dead he just chilling the the Tyrrhenian Sea.

  6. Tyson Higgins

    and d roc helped

  7. Tyson Higgins

    do research, puff did it....puff a snake in the grass

  8. Gukuthegreat

    Good Song!!!!!!  Great Intro!!!!!!  I have Biggie Smalls - Life After Death [Intro]   on my favorites!!!!!

  9. Christan Merasty

    Trippy asf

  10. Damn Mixes

    Do not ask me about the autograph, ask me to explain the RAGE that's inside of me - Dennis Scott 😂😂

  11. Francis M.H. White

    Puffy is such a snake 🐍 int the grass.

  12. L_LKoolKid

    Crazy how this really came into fruition

  13. Julie Ann Paige

    this west coast girl loves some Notorious B.I.G ♥️

  14. Brian James


  15. marvinfinite

    Rip Big the goat 🐐 gone to soon...

  16. Thomas Barreto

    R.I.P walace

  17. Rain Thot

    Am I the only one who came here because of Jojo?

  18. oyu8

    "Some don't realize the power of lyrics/ 'cause when you rap about death/ you're talking to spirits" DJ Quik

  19. Brick Tamland

    Biggie was the best person in the business to go out.

    Sweetest heart. ❤️

  20. Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei lá!

    22 anos sem Notorius B.I.G

  21. cguns98

  22. #Amani Rogers

    Shit RIP biggie all out to you

  23. Gleamiarts

    Fun fact: this sampled the song My Life by Noriko Miyamoto

  24. Devin Nowicki

    He is the best

  25. BigShadow Focus

    Happy Birthday To the Goat! RIP Big!!!

  26. Keion Robinson

    RIP to the greatest.

  27. julio ocasio


  28. undone

    Rest in Peace Biggie

  29. undone

    when Biggie spit alone he was at his best when others wanted in the corruptions began

  30. Fireurchin Productions

    When you die but your stand becomes invincible

  31. King Da Goat

    Wow 25 years later still a classic

  32. piyapat aiyamart

    Name: carne
    Stand: -notorious b.i.g.-
    *N O T O R I O U S C . H . A . S . E .*

  33. janeyloubylou

    Biggy biggy can't you see sometimes your

  34. Michael Johnson

    Damn big poppa. March 9,1997 22 years ago we lost a legend. No auto tune no mumbling no catchy dance moves goddamn I miss real hip-hop. Rest in peace notorious b.i.g

  35. Muneca Pedraza

    RIP 👑

  36. Pupusa Tamales

    Never will be forgotten

  37. Easthighland Kash

    Best intro to ANY album

  38. Rholandis Smith


  39. jean François Tessier



    Never liked this into to Erie


    R. I. P. Notorious B. I. G. (1972-1997) and XXXTentacion (1998-2018)

  42. CxJ X

    Wasn’t this after he died?

  43. darren preston

    Bigs best album

  44. Dae_ Toes

    Im still late wish i was born 20 years ago

  45. dgkeverton

    Bless !

  46. 7even 5th

    like as I think back soon as this album dropped the game opened up into other levels ,it's a million storylines that go with the time this was recorded and released , truly epic. thanks big for your inspiration when we think of real hip hop we have to think of you.

  47. Ceirra Thompson

    Had to come back and remind myself this is one of the longest and greatest albums of all time💜 thanks biggie

  48. Ninja 419

    This track is hard for me to hear. I miss Biggie so much. RIP. I have faith that you're in a better place though.

  49. K E K

    This man knew how he was going to die that's some real shit

  50. Crappy Scenery

    This is so sad, Alexa play Somebody’s Gotta Die

  51. youdontknowme

    Greatest album of all time

  52. AA/AD J

    Life After Death is one of the greatest double disc hip hop album ever

  53. abdelali harche-rass

    1997/2018 R.I.P

  54. Rap Music


  55. d i p pブラップスニフ

    I'm flying over my universe

  56. smh

    Noriko Miyamoto - MY LIFE

    Nightmare Blade

    @Jinzoo Gaman Compare the part at 0:26 of this song with 0:46 of Noiriko's. They sound pretty similar.

    Jinzoo Gaman

    Nightmare Blade I did it like 10 times. It’s kind similar, and I fuckin love the idea that Biggie rapped over a sample of this song (which is a big classic for me) but I’m sure it’s not. Unless someone rearranged it, but it’s not a sample (and I know well Noriko’ song cause I chopped and sampled it few years ago ;) )

    The Dynast Queen

    Months later I'm still trying to hear it but can't. It's kind of similar but not exact so...I don't know. #IWannaBelieve


    I'm not hearing it.


    who the fuck is that genius nigga who found that song for the sample, i hope to god he's a rich genius nigga by now

  57. Hashem Jaber

    And there legacy continue #RipX #RIpBig #Rip2pac

  58. Hashem Jaber

    He just hit 300K sub

  59. Omar Bouarir

    06/27/2018 ... Still Alive.

  60. chip buddy

    who came from unsolved tv show?

  61. Rap Music

    Shit can’t be over
    R.I.P. James Ivey
    March 17, 1975
    May 5, 2018

  62. Diego Galdino

    Forever notorius biggie. Rip

  63. ebonyknowledge

    ...matter fact im sick of talkin...

  64. AA/AD J

    The music is so good. Songs for people for Life After Death especially for Biggie.

  65. Michael Emmanuel

    2 0 1 8

  66. Kpdz

    R.I.P. Big s

  67. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Rip Big 🤴🙏🏾👼🏽 97-19

  68. Fif G

    Happy birthday big

  69. Bizmarck

    His life lives on as long as his music

  70. poetmm

    Intro became a reality damn RIP

    Stefan Stan

    @sam wisley lmao dud


    Dude..The Intro where you heard the gunshot... He acted like he killed himself. Smh

    domitilio allee

    Puff made the Intro afther Big died


    Wards Land but it could’ve been recorded before the album came out. But what you’re saying is right I’m pretty sure

    Chief Red Bear

    @domitilio allee nope

  71. Big LeBAUSki

    Nice sample in the background!

  72. HanneleTäti

    "i know you can hear me nigga"😭

  73. c ronaldo _GOD

    Well if you don't know now you know

  74. y8ng profit

    I luv this intro for sum reason

    Bravo DaRapper

    y8ng profit.. Its give me that feeling like you walk in heaven and be like damn I'm in heaven


    samples Noriko Miyamoto - MY LIFE check it out

    Phat Belly papi

    smh yep just came from her video

  75. Pate 1

    r.i.p my nigga..

  76. Gonzalo Albornoz

    Esto es una obra de arte la puta madre. Gracias por tanto Biggie. Fuiste y serás el rey toda la vida

    Becco Plácido

    El mejor

  77. Yamcha the wolf

    Best intro of any hip hop album.


    Naw pac me against the world intro i craazy


    Jacob Denise

    This & "Dark Fantasy" by Kanye are my top two.

    Karma Coma

    Wolf this wolf that.....

    Karma Coma

    @Tim Whitford Daemon

  78. Daevon Woodard

    man look im 14 and i strongly dislike all dis new stuff man its ass

  79. 1apreme

    SHOUT out lil yachty what's good

    Rap Music

    Lil Yachty is ass

  80. simon says

    when puff and big were gonna start runnin shit ....Big got smoked


    puffy eulogy is eerie considering the outcome

  82. rodney scott


  83. Patricia Garrett


  84. Yatcheet

    why did you shoot pac

    Erin Akduman

    Swaggiebeats lol?


    @Erin Akduman sub to me

    Erin Akduman

    Fuck off fam


    @Erin Akduman if we're fam sub to me

  85. Quentin Lovejoy

    Damn... quite the start to an album!

  86. Kyllian Fruchart

    R.I.P BIG le MEILLEUR rapeur de tout les temps

  87. Compton's Finest

    I love mafioso and sad jazz rap music...I might become a rapper and rap shit about mafias when my best selling album would come out.

  88. Craig Stirling

    RIP biggie

  89. Gosha

    Rest in peace

  90. Blade


    Narin Hay

    Blade I approve this message

  91. S.A.

    Best "Film Noir" album ever.

    Cris Sayago

    Best description of the album I ever heard.