Notorious B.I.G. - I'm With Whateva Lyrics

[Intro: Jim Jones]
R.I.P Big
We some niggaz that's gonna make you proud of this game
Smell me? (Jones, Capo)
Cash Money (Santana)
Dipset (Lil Weezy)
Let's Ride

Cause real g's know the feeling (It's Murda)
It's hard body, no remorse for the killing (Watch It)
Cause real g's know the feeling (It's Murda)
It's hard body, no remorse for the killing (Weezy)

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Mad trees and bitches in dungarees
The city under seas, kitchen 100 degrees
I love that summer breeze, I'll stand in it until it freeze
I'm from another breed, them sss, southern g's
I sip phemetrazine, I lean, I stand tall
I'm mean, I'm mad raw, I'm coming like fastball
Steee-rike, Yup, so get it right
Nigga, one of my sniplets'll end your whole life
You ain't nothing but a riblet to a nigga with a knife
In a fork, I'm a pig myself, I eat schwork
So be smart and play your own part
If you don't love yourself, I'll make you see your own heart
And we don't like the narcs, stay away from the cell
Hey, I'ma shoot it out if I'm facing the ail
Yea, so tell your girl to come and make me rich
Weezy Baby nigga, 9 to 5, 10 to 6

[Chorus: Juelz Santana]
All night, I can't sleep, I toss and turn
Got my hand on my pistol, when will these motherfuckers learn?
(Watch it) I ain't going out without a fight
I'm with whatever and I ain't going out without a fight
I'm with whatever and I ain't going out without a fight
I'm with whatever, It'd be your life before my life
At night, I can't sleep, I toss and turn
Got my hand on my pistol, when will these motherfuckers learn?

[Verse 2: Juelz Santana]
It's showdown time, throwdown time
Same d-off, four pound time
Clack Clack, go get yours, I'll go get mine
Check it man, I'm wit whatever
Goodness gracious the paper
Where the cash at? Where the stash at?
I'll blow that ass back for fronting on a nigga like me
You got nothing on a nigga like me, you'll see
I'm on the grind from sun up to sun down
If I'm lying, may lightning come down and strike me right now
I'll turn a dollar to a twenty to a fifty to a hundred
Keep it coming til I'm full on my stomach
I'm stuck in my ways, I'm stuck puffing my hase
Hand on my pistol, front of it sprays
I'm stuck living the life of a ghetto nigga
Trying to get rid of the life, alright?


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Notorious B.I.G. I'm With Whateva Comments
  1. A. Rashad

    This album was harder than I expected it to be back in the day.

  2. Rodney king

    This version is not on the Duet Album with Biggie's nasty verse! 👑🐐

  3. Brody Locke

    185 dislikes? ya'll oblivious.

  4. Axel Aboudou

    Halloween song !!

  5. Alexjandro Avetis

    Real Gangster music

  6. Andrew MERCHAN

    I'm with Kelly

  7. Cyborg Saint

    One of my favorite Wayne verses of all time. This was when he was in tip top shape

  8. Michael Sisneros

    I got techniecs drippin' out my butt cheeks, sleep on my stomach so I don't fuck up my sheets!

  9. BrianThaBeast 21

    Lil Wayne’s and Santana’s parts on the deep cover beat is crazy!

  10. Eddie Lee

    If u could feel the pain I'm going threw. The visions in my head u would be in a over dose . I'm really proud of my self

  11. gil randall

    Still right now this is 🔥🔥 this will always get play

  12. Power100

    Free Santana! RIP BIGGIE!

  13. Dutchmaster412

    Wayne kills this

  14. Bluestar 742

    Only Biggie can say "I got techniques dripping out my butt cheeks, I sleep on my stomach so I don't fuck up my sheets" and it's still banging in 2019.

  15. Ali Hamza

    R.i.p bigg

  16. breeze winter

    Mad trees and bitches in dungarees...
    Excellent description 💯


    He says "mad trees & bitches under the leaves..." makes more sense right?

  17. Johnathan Aber

    How does this not have a million views....thats whats wrong with hip hop....point blank period.

  18. Tony Brown

    Hard beat Wayne weird on pills!! Ju well on drugs and lost his teeth and know doing a lot of jail time!! Kim with all that azz around for me lol!! Love this song!!!

  19. Hezekiah Binion

    Biggie smalls first then lil Wayne then Lz

  20. Lorenzo Grant

    R.I.P Danny Thompson JAN.17 HppyBday wknd



  22. Stugots666x

    This is the most savage Halloween beat/theme I ever heard. If today's generation heard this real rap instead of the corny shit today they would hide under their bed crying and texting mommy on Facebook




    Damn Str8!


    Tr Killionaire is in The game 😎

  23. Collective Pitch 86

    Best Part is from B.I.G. ONLY

  24. matthew mann

    Wayne surprisingly did his thing here

  25. Kevin Smith

    Biggie was a fucking beast..


    Biggie lyrics is what make this track even this track

  27. Darth Troller

    Biggie killed everyone on this track, but damn Weezy in his prime was a beast

    Nicole Owens

    Darth Troller wayne kilt this

  28. Eric Coleman

    Lol Wayne verse best

  29. Renzo Flores

    [Verse 3: Notorious B.I.G (not in album version)]
    As I grab the Glock, put it to your head piece
    One in the chamber, the safety is off, released
    Straight at your dome, holmes, I wanna seecabbage
    Biggie Smalls the savage
    Doing your brain cells much damage
    Teflon is the material, for the imperial
    Mic gripper, girl stripper, the Henny sipper
    I drop lyrics off and on like a light switch
    Quick to grab the right bitch and make her drop with you
    .45 Glocks and Tecs are expected when I wreck shit
    Respect is collected, so check it
    I got techniques dripping out my butt cheeks
    Sleep on my stomach so I don't fuck up my sheets
    My shit is deep, deeper than my grave, G
    I'm ready to die, and nobody can save me
    Fuck the world, fuck my moms and my girl
    My life is played out like a Jheri curl
    I'm ready to die

  30. Danny Hancock

    He had me at "AS I GRAB THE GLOCK!"

  31. Wu-TangClan_ 3693

    Halloween theme! Hell yeah!


    Michael Myers this track was produced by you 😂

    Tee Lee

    Everytime someone in Hip Hop samples the Halloween theme it's an instant classic
    Listen to: Project Pat - On nigga

  32. joshua patterson

    Weezy is 👑 🎤


    2018 and this track still bangs . listen to JR writers version .

    Dwayne Bullock

    LAMOND HAUGHTON. 2019 still going

  34. philliesfan 34

    After the Carter 2 album he fell off. And the no ceilings mixtapes. He got all the hype for the carter 3 and the album was terrible. My opinion

  35. peyoyo

    Wheezy fucken baby better believe young money dipset you better believe that gun got me walking like I got irregular knees I'm all over the bread like sesame seeds
    Bitch I'm too clean they ain't messing with me I'm just trying to see my decimals peak

  36. The Original American

    This 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Keramu Thompson

    Big up to lil wayne murder dis song no lie

  38. Lorenzo Gramt

    Hday Danny Thompson

  39. jaysalmaci

    Any track Santana goes on he kills it he’s a fucken beast!!!

  40. Symphony Goddess

    I got this album, but why they didn't just put the whole song in. It's not finished they just made it too short

  41. Sanche Khan

    Beat is cold

  42. Malia Obama

    Biggie verse though 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 you can put him on any beat any track his flow is remarkable he adapts to any kind of beat🤴🏿

    Dee E

    Hevaen And Vaehworld
    You do know that verse came from an old song right?


    lmao they made the beat to fit his verse

    Malia Obama

    Chigozie Ofodile you did see me say the beat is different lol I know his verse is the same🙄🤦🏽‍♀️biggie is my favorite rapper I know everything about him that’s one person you will never be able to school me about boo😜

    A. Rashad

    Biggie Smalls is the illest.

    Rocky Williams

    Big been said that rhyme wasnt no hidden track just recycled rap over a new beat

  43. Infiniteiii

    Santana on the hook!!!

  44. Burt Gummer

    Everyone's hating on wayne when he killed... juelz verse was lame af

  45. MrLilfee

    mesmerized by dis trakk...

  46. Eric Sakoor

    first weezy verse ive ever heard

    J .T. R.

    Eric Sakoor u can't be serious

    Eric Sakoor

    J .T. R. Yup lol, man's were 12 when I heard this, in 2005

    J .T. R.

    Eric Sakoor guess that explains it lol

    Eric Sakoor

    yeee aha

  47. They Hold No Quarter

    i got techniques drippin out my buttcheeks ....sleep on my stomach so i dont fuck up my sheets... GREAT ODENS RAVEN

    J .T. R.

    Guy Andy just read this as he said it...ill

  48. Jay Marshall

    here in 2017 who with me

  49. Aram K

    where da casssh at? where da stasssh at? i'll throw that ass back!!

  50. brick city

    juelz what in on this beat fuck Wayne kissing birdman u bitch ass nigga

    Burt Gummer

    Juelz verse was lame af

  51. Rangers 54

    When Michael Myers goes gangster

  52. TheDivine2007

    this sounds like some jeep music...

  53. indudharam x

    none of these pussy so called rappers can fuck with biggie, not even on the same level


    that' s on crip real talk

  54. George Wilson

    what happened to lil wanye back then he had a shot for the crown being the king of hip hop but now its stuck between Jay and Emi.

    Operations X Gaming

    J he said stuck between😂 only thing he's stuck in is woman's clothes fuck sake

    S R

    Eminem been garbage since the eminem snow

  55. thefatalveli1

    ELZ went inn

  56. 32 32

    I think Freddy Krueger did this beat

    Kendrick Hall

    Horace Frazier Stevie j

    J .T. R.

    Michael Myers

    Dee E

    Michael Myers bro

    Blue Marvel

    Michael Myers

    Brandon Sylvester

    jason murdered this beat

  57. 32 32

    juelz killed it


    32 Frazier he always does

    Dee E

    Omg he's so fucking WACK!!!! Wayne is also but he and biggie murdered Juelz on here bruh

    The Antichrist

    32 32 TF you talking about his verse is garbage worse part of this joint

  58. Leunamme Notwen

    midway through the song I peep the Halloween sample Lmfao Michael Myers bump this before he murder

  59. Jafar S.

    Have to repeat the song when Wayne's verse is over.


    +Jafar S. youre not alone. i have to repeat the song when weezy verse is over too

    Brian Givens

    in deed dats wat I just did 💯


    Jafar S. Santana had best verse on here

    Dee E

    I downloaded it and used an app cut out Juelz verse so it just goes from Wayne to biggie lmao

    Dee E

    Somebody needa slap you momma for saying that blasphemy boy what's wrong wit u?

  60. lonnie brand

    truest shit eva

  61. lonnie brand

    truest shit eva

  62. Axel

    Biggie is a savage

  63. Zackk y

    wayne is a killer all he does is murder be smart and play your own part if you don't love yourself i'll make you see your own heart ????????? first time i ever heard wayne was on this song and i still fuck with it

  64. frank velez

    Don't like Wayne at all but he was right on this track. "IIGHT" I said .

  65. Lil Tunechi

    Fuck y'all haters All about weezy

  66. crystal

    wayne haters eat a dick

  67. RealistKilla

    The question here is not about lil wayne being on the song or not, but what the actual fuck is the deal with Biggies verse not being on the album version of this song? The actual album version ends before biggies verse is supposed to start. Can anyone actually explain this complete fuckery to me? And where can i get a version that has Biggies verse on it?


    The strength of this song was one of the reasons I bought the album, only to find that BIGs verse wasn't on the album.

    The beat isn't a BIG beat so why was it on at all?


    Completely fucking retarded. I would want my money back tbh.


    RealistKilla I heard this song years ago... played it on Google Play like twice thinking I was losing my mind!


    fucking ridiculous isn't it lol. I did the same thing.

  68. Chri s

    lil wayne is unworthy

  69. Oz Diamond

    they bit geto boys lyrics

  70. Niccolò Aquili

    Never put 2pac's name near Lil Wayne please..not even in a sentence


    UHHHHH you just did it though. 2pac and Lil Wayne are only separated by two words.


    @Eaglesrule26 You talkin to me?

    J .T. R.

    Lil Tunechi u stupid

    J .T. R.

    Wayne is trash

    Daniel Cookson

    Wayne has lyrical meaningful songs like Tupac but y’all only consume his mainstream stuff.

  71. Rico

    Lil Wayne is so shit lol. He ultimately destroyed this track


    I haven't no,what's good?

    Jafar S.

    @Chris Demeo listen to his verse on "M'$" by ASAP Rocky, "Deep" by Big Sean, "Smuckers" by Tyler The Creater.

    Also listen to HollyWeezy, Believe Me, D'usse, Gotti, and his latest album FWA (Free Weezy Album).

    Dan Trixit

    +Jafar S. +Chris Demeo This dude knows what he is talking about.

    Nick S

    Summer breeze i stand in it until i freeze, get the fuck out

    Daniel Cookson

    Eat a dick

  72. Chris Marte

    Damn juelz is so trash

    Shemor Mitchell

    Chris Marte Bo you Tripping you just ain't hood so you won't understand


    He destroyed this track wtf u talking about 🤣😂🤣

    Nick S

    Chris Marte back then he was doing i cant feel my face

  73. Stefan Marshall

    if only weezy was still this good :(

    Dylan Wilson

    He wasn't really saying anything and strung it all together with one syllable rhymes.

    Boi with the kicks

    @Dylan Wilson I know this is old but he had 2 to 4 syllable rhyme scheme throughout most the somg. And idk if you weren't paying attention but he was saying a lot, mainly bragging like always and switching topics.

    I love that SUMMER BREEZE, I'll stand in it 'til it FREEZE
    I'm from ANOTHRR BREED, them s-s-SOUTHERN Gs
    I'm MEAN, I'm MAD RAW, I'm coming like FASTBALL
    Steee-RIKE, yup, so get it RIGHT
    Nigga, one of my SNIPLETS'll end your whole LIFE
    You ain't nothing but a RIBLET to a nigga with a KIFE
    And a FORK, I'm a pig myself, I eat PORK
    So be SMART and play your own PART
    If you don't love yourself, I'll make you see your own HEART
    And we don't like the NARCS, STAY AWAY from the CELL
    Hey, I'mma shoot it out if I'm FACING the L
    Yeah, so tell your girl to come and make me RICH
    Weezy Baby, nigga, nine to five, ten to SIX

  74. Function Rise

    Cuz he can rap

  75. Function Rise

    Can u listen to his lyrics instead of sayin he suck cuz he is lil wayne

  76. John Mcgawley

    ChaosCF couldnt of said it better

  77. sg94

    the album version doesn't have a Biggie verse wtf

    Brandon Russell

    @sumguy1994 no, sorry i don't fuck men, ask your dad though i'm sure he does.


    shut the fuck up and go back to watching your gay ass animes you queer


    it's hard for me to argue with somebody who still watches cartoons


    @sumguy1994 What the actual fuck is the deal with Biggies verse not being on the
    album version of this song? The actual album version ends before biggies
    verse is supposed to start. Can anyone actually explain this complete
    fuckery to me? And where can i get a version that has Biggies verse on
    it? Also that guy arguing with you is fucking retarded and somehow took what you said as an insult to biggie?

  78. Daniel

    Who thought it would be a good idea to put the best rapper, and the worst "rapper" in the same song?

    Justin Longo

    Weezy the best


    fuck off

    RastaGMC Sierra

    weezy has been and aleays will be the best rapper alive

    Swag Yolo

    Aaron Gordon I bet you think young thug is flame now too. 3 years later lmao

  79. TheKidAdge

    The Michael Myers sample goes too hard on this

    Gina Staley


    Rich Vos

    you can not hear the halloween theme song if you don't know what it is here is a link to hear it

    Scotty Knox

    Very similar but it's not quite the Halloween theme

    DP Playzz

    TheKidAdge riighhhht


    TheKidAdge that beat is sick!!!

  80. Kenansson

    Can someone make instrumental of this song please ??

  81. MrSnook08


    Terry Moore

    Jones is garbage, hes a back up dancer at best

    Blazin Haze

    this song is dope, ur crazy

    James Knight

    +stepoff bich. C's up till my tru casket drop CRRIIIPPPP!!!!


    @James Knight fuck crabz 


    @James Knight you aint no gangster  

  82. m12weezy

    But he was spittin his best shit AFTER Gillie left Cash Money, not to mention Waynes music was always better than Gillies so yeah doesn't add up...

  83. Johnson Marcus

    Still Hard Af'..!

  84. candice moore

    that shit go hard

  85. L Kay

    Gillie never wrote for him, he only wrote three songs for C1, thats all....then this nigga started to snitch and bitch coz he ain't making money no more...

    anyway, look where Wayne is now, and where that rat is..

    Weezy is on top, and that bitch is working at Mcdonalds lol

  86. MrCreativityHD

    lil wayne sold out after the carter 3

  87. Blockburnerx9

    Fucking losers,...bein all hard, runnin Wayne down, while you sit inside on your PC...sickening fucks,....go do what Wayne did,....get out that chair, go outside and get paid,.....fucking snakes!

  88. IAmThAWyTe

    Juelz is a beast

    Dee E

    Not a beast*

  89. Kingofheavyweights

    Was listneing to this and holy shit Weezy was the shit back in the day now he is a black justin beiber. DA FUCK!!?!?

  90. HE9JSD

    you ar a gansta now

  91. Caleb Malone

    The only person wayne ever shot was himself

  92. Andrew Maynard

    really gillie? weak. i admit that weezy is alot different now then in 2007. i think he does what he wants now. take a look at eminem every cd sounds different lyrics and voice. same with weezy

  93. simon says

    naaahh ma doo , weezy write his own shitt

  94. Awesomenizzleness

    nigga fuck up

  95. Awesomenizzleness

    No offence but wayne got more successful when he ditched gillie

  96. switcheezy

    he sold his soul....

  97. NeoSlayer93

    Gillie never wrote for him.