Notorious B.I.G. - Get Your Grind On Lyrics

But I would've loved to hear
A Big Pun and B.I.G. collabo
That shit would've been incredible

[Big Pun talking]
Aye yaknahmsayin, it was just happen
We have our day, you know?
I seen him, I seen him, I seen him at the pearly gates, yaknahmean?
We keep it, keep it, keep it going from there

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uhh, I dream filthy
My moms and pops mixed me with Jamaican Rum and Whiskey
Huh, what a set up
Shoulda pushed 'em dead off, wipe the sweat off
Uhh, cause in this world I'm dead off, squeeze lead off
Benz sped off, ain't no shook hands in Brook-land
Army fatigue break up teams, the enemies
Look man, you wanna see me locked up, shot up
Moms crotched up over the casket, screamin BASTARD
Cryin, know my friends is lyin
Y'all know who killed 'em filled 'em with the lugars from they Rugers
or they Desert, dyin ain't the shit but it's pleasant
Kinda quiet, watch my niggaz bring the riot
Giving cats the opposite of diets
You gain thirty pounds when you die no lie, lazy eye
I was high when they hit me, took a few cats with me
Shit, I need the company (uh-huh)
Apoligies in order, to T'Yanna my daughter
If it was up to me you would be with me, sorta like
Daddy Dearest, my vision be the clearest
Silencers so you can't hear it
Competition still fear it, shit don't ask me
I went from ashy to nasty to classy, and still

[Chorus: Freeway]
Nigga still gotta get his grind on
Come get introduced to my home
I grew up in the crime zone
Soon as you grown, you on your own, you keep your strap
You keep your chrome cause the streets is chilly
Now get your grind on
Come get introduced to my home
A nigga grew up in the pro-jects, end up gettin mo' stressed
Mo' money, mo' drama you know a nigga keep his armor
Cause the streets are killin
Now get your grind on
Come get introduced to my home

[Big Punisher]
Yo, yo
The penalty is death, especially when I'm mentally stressed
My enemies hang with me 'til I eventually flip
I never reject an offer to battle
Slap a coffin on the saddle
and rattle like a wooden horse to el barrio
Niggaz talk but they babble cause they ain't sayin nuttin
If ain't blazin somethin with the mac I'm in the shack bakin muffins
Fake the funk and get your rump roast
One dose of the toast'll make you jump if you come close
Pun spoke, ain't no more debatin; my Squad been waitin
for the perfect time to give you what you all been waitin
An orgi-nation of veterans built
with genuine skills to pay the heat, gas, and the rest of the bills
Invest in the real, don't get left in the hills
My tech and my steel turn your whole crew into vega-ta-bills
We blessed with the will to never surrender
cause my every agenda's in and out, unseen like I entered the ninja
It's my world


[Fat Joe]
I got that new F-N, call it that faggot nigga gun
Couple of hollow tips make you faggot niggaz run
Crack pull up, everybody clear out
Anybody pumpin that rock is gettin aired out
I'm in that caddy with my bitch in the pack
Your mommy got a body but she itchin to clap
And I know you pitchin purple but we switchin the packs
Listen, don't make me hurt you I'm just givin the facts
On that I 9-5 swirvin to a town near you
My niggaz watch out for that Black Surburbans
And no it's not the Feds, man papi's home
And papi got it good, he could put you on
Listen, I done made abandoned blocks look hot
Nine to ten Benzes, a couple of drops
Couple of rubber bands from the corrupt cops
Just to see my niggaz eat and shit and huggin the blocks
Crack a chestize 'em, right besides 'em
In front of a hundred million viewers, shouldn't surprise 'em
We from the Bronx where the may-ors lift up
And niggaz get shot in broad day cause we don't give a...
Fuck little niggaz on bike and just shoot you
All for a pair of some Nikes, the shits brutal
I done seen fiends O.D., shot the wrong pack
Then they call the shit the bomb smack
Word to Crack, the god body, the hard body, the realest ever
The John Gotti, this rap shit, will it kill me? Never

[Notorious B.I.G.]
This goes out to cats, fingers in they ass again
Fifty dollar half-a-men, daydreamin
Fuck around get wet like semen, your whole team-and
be Mor-gan than Freeman
I took the cream and, moved to new places new faces
Fuck the screwfaces, cause when I flip
I make the papers, dangerous, we Goodfellas
Niggaz can't bang with us, try to do me
My crew be unruly (what)
To old school cats that call gats toolies
Call blacks moolies, think it's cool to smoke woolies
And fuck without rubbers (what) specialize
in killin wives and grandmothers, who ya trustin, shit
When Frank start bustin, Frank start somethin
Killin ya gently, God meant me, to push a Bentley
Me and Sean Combs takin broads home
On the phone with the chip, with these Cristal chicks
Bout to make our own porno flicks, my life's the shit

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Notorious B.I.G. Get Your Grind On Comments
  1. Mr. Nunuisance

    If Big and Pun was a alive the would make track called Hefty.

  2. Kaydie Cooper

    Big was cool but pun was better I don’t get why nobody say so far as industry cats but then again pun was always underrated

  3. goon

    Da mix im cutn up 2

  4. Front 48

    Fat joe killed it. Very underrated artist. RIP BIG and Big Pun !

  5. Jordan Harris

    Biggie and pun had a lot in common. Both of them were fat, both of their real names were christopher, both were born and raised in nyc, both died young in their 20s, both deaths were unexpected, both cheated on their wives, both were homeless for a while, both were discovered by other rappers who would become their close friends, and both had two albums, one debut and one posthumous.

    Update: both also have a son named after themselves

  6. Diallo Reese

    Fat joe snapped his ass off

    Lee Lambert

    I been telling niggas he had the best verse

  7. madeballin

    big killed it

  8. KillaMoth

    If biggie wasn’t killed he would’ve had a chance to collaborate with big pun

  9. michael richardson

    I am in love with this song

  10. jean François Tessier


  11. Nhlanhla Onlife TV

    Y'all sleeping on Joe's Verse!!!!!

  12. Nicholas Cox

    Perfection at its best...fatcsz

  13. Mist__ _

    I’m sorry Big Pun is the greatest when it comes to flow, in my top 5 lyricists too.

  14. mnd

    Loved this since when this album was released. Fucking dope shit!

  15. trudon

    Rip biggie and pun two of the goats

  16. Tone Deaf

    they are all fat

  17. Derrace Simmons

    I ain't heard this track in YEARS, still love it.

  18. Ben O'Neill

    This album was ruined with the beats, they are all whack, you can tell biggy didn't pick them. The best to ever do it in my opinion

    Ben O'Neill

    The hooks are shit too, verses are harddd though


    He wasn't even alive when this came out this was like 8 years after he died

    Ben O'Neill

    Obviously that's my point without his touch it was a bad album

  19. David Monroe

    Big Pun> Biggie

  20. Dr.Mansa Bansu,PhD

    Freeway was one of THE BEST!!

  21. ANKH MAN

    And you can tell bog pun loved biggie music he fucked wit big n vice versa

  22. Tony Brown

    Pun and Big should have made a Album so I can listen to it in 2019!!!

  23. 575 Finest

    Fat joe had the best verse !!

  24. Jeff Trinkle

    and big STILL had the best verse

  25. dema valore

    beat should of sped up for pun

  26. SJ Morales

    Real Hip Hop

  27. M.B. Mdaka

    Fat Joe, Big Pun, Notorious B.I.G then Big L

  28. Mike Urbina

    I'm in that caddy with my bitch in the back yeah mommy's got a body but she's itchin to clap joey crack killed his verse best of fat joe I heard

  29. Abraham Ortiz

    Biggie and pun 🙌 and joe was smooth here too

  30. Robert Brady

    Fee for by her he FB by hi guys by the x CV b get bb hi bb bb bb be cc very to be cc b c cc

  31. Real Love xo

    Biggie & Joe !

  32. Tim Zahler

    Big pun killed first hip hop show was big pun n fat joe openin up for wu tang all of them too even ol dirty in Boston at a club only 15 it was 🔥

  33. Bhongo Nkumanda

    Just imagine an East Coast hip hop relay with a verse from Biggie, Nas, Jay Z, Big Pun, Big L, Method Man, Fat Joe, DMX & Red Man.

    Shawn Mackey

    Take jay z out and put kool g rap in

    virgo Blue'78

    That part

    Ricky Fowler


  34. larry legenda

    People give props to dead people easily, which is some "ya spouse is cheating on you" sucka shit. Fuck yall....

  35. Bhongo Nkumanda

    Dope hook, and dope verses. All 3 rappers brought it.

    You can hear Kool G Rap's influence on all these cats

  36. rico wetem

    that b.i.g. verse.....

  37. Dr Phil

    One of my favourite Biggie albums

  38. Ranga Mavhunga

    dyin ain't the shit but it's pleasant
    Kinda quiet, I swear he knew he was going to die 😢

  39. Adrian H

    Holy shit, Pun went in...

  40. Terminal

    WHAT COULD'VE/ SHOULD'VE BEEN ): ): ): RIP Biggie Smalls & Big Pun!

  41. Stephen Howard jr

    I can't stop tearing up .. Rip Big Pun

  42. Bam Bambino

    Classick! Not a Biggie fan but he A8! That Pun verse tho....Jurassick! Not a Fat Joe fan either but I think this just might be the best verse I ever heard from him on the cool! Let me see.... Nope I cant think of any other song that Joe went this hard on,not hating but I did say that Im not a fan! Freeway, however had no damn business on here....he's like a skateboarder in a drag race....just out of place!

  43. RichYungMusic IG is ssrichbk

    some of Fat Joe best rapping was on this track.

  44. ultrabueno 2pac


  45. Izzy Smallz

    F the 52 ppl who thumbs this down

  46. Darrell Holmes

    Biggie was a monster on the mic

  47. Alex Ortiz

    Big pun....🔥🔥🔥

  48. complex lifestyle

    Dang why couldn't we have had this before they passed


    They never met each other I don't think

  49. matthew mann

    Putting Pun on a track with you is a suicidal move

    Dikke Lul

    Biggie did his thing and sounded better

    Robert Brady

    @Dikke Lul Dr dh in djshnzjz he noon hz no ddocjo xh his ndj b no Noah's

    Dikke Lul

    @Robert Brady we got ourselfs a gimp

    King Tarantino

    Well Once upon Time BIG had suicidal thoughts. Guess thats why he included Pun😂💯

    Vernon Rodgers

    He knew what he was doing he relaxed his verse on purpose the only person who pushed big to be better is jay

  50. Allen Saunders Jr.

    All u young nigga's saying that shit shit wack are some dumb 2010 & up rap heads this shit fire b.

  51. Zach Imblack

    Is this real

  52. DuecePiece

    Everybody went in no doubt about it but those Big Pun bars blew my wig straight the fuck back

  53. GanjaManSE16

    Dying ain't the shit but it's pleasant...kinda quiet
    🎤🎤🎤 king

  54. O G

    B.I.G forever #1.

  55. Matt Leamond

    Your high ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇


    All good rappers.

  57. Imfrombmf thomas

    listening to this especially bigs part doesn't it sound like a hidden message like he's still alive somewhere

  58. HotGritz910

    Pun is a monster! Top 10 ever!

  59. Life Negotiator

    simply the definition of hip hop flow

  60. Masentaja

    damn there is much weight in this one💪💪 All so great mcs💗

  61. simon says

    Pun and BIG performed together once in Harlem

  62. Kyriakos Angelis

    who blast this tune on them 12 inch's cruising?? with 5 joints to last for your3 hr drive

  63. Anthony Rodriguez

    it's crazy he knew he was gonna die

  64. D1RTY HARRY 357

    notorious was the greatest .. we could only imagine if he was with us today

  65. Panthro

    "My mom and pops, mixed me with Jamaican rum and whiskey" ---Notorious B.I.G
    lololoo haaannnnn

  66. Hasan Usta

    big pun the Illest

  67. JoshYT Official

    big pun & notorious big are the greatest of all time. Pac can't fuck with Pun or BIG PERIOD. Even Nas looked up to Pun. Name one rapper to ever exist to hop on a pun or big beat and do it justice.

    bill genius

    Joshua Rivera 100% Pun never gets the respect he deserves every track he was on he shined the most!

    JoshYT Official

    bill genius and he was in the game during the east coast west coast beef and was still loved and respected by many west coast rappers including Pac, Xzibit, and Mack 10. Pun made history, hes way too over looked by this generation

  68. jeffreyappel1

    Big pun, big L, 2pac, biggie... bring the real rappers back

    David Fox

    @kIDNEYKid 1999rapper I meant right...he doesn't suck I look at him as a legend but Dre did and cube did write for him but still a legend

    kIDNEYKid 1999

    @David Fox I don't consider him a legend. That's where our opinion differs.

    David Fox

    @kIDNEYKid 1999 well your wrong buddy sorry to say

    kIDNEYKid 1999

    @David Fox opinions can't be wrong, you fucking fruitcake.


    Proof too.

  69. Know is Trite

    They did a really good job with this

  70. Phillip Stokes

    I den seen fiends od shot the wrong pack then they call the shit tha bomb smack

  71. Lex Bronx

    Wow....A wish come true.The B.I.G Punisher &The Notorious B.I.G...

  72. Jonathan T

    "Dyin ain't the shit, but its' pleasant...kinda quiet.

  73. GeneralGoon

    I hate the hook on this song so much.


    I like it tbh

    Zachry Guy

    Would have been nice with no hook at all just raps

    Bhongo Nkumanda

    I actually like the hook

  74. Daniel Miller

    They should of put big l on this track instead of fat Joe would of gone so much harder


    Brian Bonilla or they could throw L biggest biter ever Eminem on it n it would've still been better


    I think they wanted at least 1 recently recorded verse.


    *fat joe snapped bruh*

    Sibusiso Kofi


    cleon kamara

    Daniel Miller put respect on joes name but yeah big l would of been raw on this track

  75. Moeletse Leqela

    a good comparison of BIG and Big Pun for those who doubt Big Pun

  76. Traven Smith

    if biggie was alive he'd probably just do a song with big pun cuz the rest of the features on this song not even in biggie lane

  77. robert heard

    Biggs verse is old that's just redone

    H Branch

    wow lmao your years late on that bro


    +cody powell old yes. tho there's still unreleased stuff some on this album

    cody powell

    Obviously, but technically all of his verses are old because hes been dead for 20 years and does not make anymore music. That was the point I was trying to make.

    Fukcîng Bolgna

    Uhhhhhh no fucking shit, every verse of his on this album is u dumbass

    kIDNEYKid 1999

    Bunch of toxic dixk wipes in this comment thread. He means this verse is pulled from another track.

  78. AceIsBack

    It's Big puns verse for me...(im shaking my head with smile)

  79. Olympiakosiraklio

    he says"be mo'gun than freeman"?

    Ninja Channel

    +Olympiakosiraklio Be "more gone than Freeman" A play on the name Morgan Freeman, where "more gone" means really, really dead.


    thanks a lot bro one love 4:20

  80. dennis Vance

    are people really listening to bigs flow wow

  81. Doug Anthony

    Listen, 4 aLL the oLd heads.. this is a cla$$ic!! to say OLd is funny,... time waits 4 no man. straight lyrical I miss those days. for the youth now I'll will pray because the garbage rap out today is.........

  82. Imfrombmf thomas

    fuck Joe they should've let free rip this joint one tyme.....

  83. Sababa Hummus

    turn your whole crew in to vege-teb-les

  84. Stephon Wilson

    big pun went in

  85. Deonte Merritt

    my favorite track on the album

  86. MaIumaVEVO

    RIP Big Pun. Hope your having good rap battles with Biggie Tupac and BigL in heaven.

    Kharisma's So Kharismatic

    And Eazy E

    kIDNEYKid 1999

    @Kharisma's So Kharismatic eazy would have his ass clapped twice against these cats


    They must have the homie Proof too


    @Fais Abdullah you're one of the virgins muslim dudes fuck when they go to heaven you peen

    ReJay YT

    @Fais Abdullah Moslems don't go to heaven either. No one does. because it doesn't exist. and neither does your fake god

  87. NUKE

    talking about next level hip hop..

  88. Frederick Mariscal

    check out futuristic- music saved my life

  89. Frederick Mariscal

    Nas, Pun, and Big L would have changed the game.

    Cole Lamar

    @Frederick Mariscal
    That's not what you initially said but okay....Pun and Nas were on 'John Blaze'.

    Ninja Channel

    +Frederick Mariscal They did.

    simon says

    Pun and BIG performed together once in Harlem

    Kermit The Frog

    Frederick Mariscal lamar is gay no offense, he doesnt go near these guys, hes just one of the best now, but doesnt mean hes anywhere near these guys

    kIDNEYKid 1999

    @Cole Lamar and, funny enough, Big L is in the music video

  90. Frederick Mariscal

    Pun was lyrical and his delivery was like no other.

    fit mother trucker

    G.O.A.T. big pun

  91. Frederick Mariscal

    Big Pun one of the illest, his verse was nasty!!

    TheChronicDocumentary DreGame

    +Frederick Mariscal Yeah Pun was beast and so was Big. Two dope ass East Coast legends.

    Frederick Mariscal

    +TheChronicDocumentary DreGame Pun was just smooth with his delivery, his verse was crazy.


    Ride it like a wooden horse to the battle

    Shawn Lewis

    Bc ggghhujhh g gunfight with h.

  92. jose garcia

    every rapper that has the name big in itare great rappers and get killed every rapper who has lil in it are wack and still alive

    Maliek Jackson

    Big Sean is still around


    +dreadghoul23 lil flip?

    Toxic Behavior

    what about rappers that call themselves young lmao

    Parker Knight

    jose garcia lil easy e

    Zach Imblack

    jose garcia no big sean is lit especially his new album

  93. The Infamous Trini_Don

    Fat Joe was I'll on this. I miss Joey Crack

    Trapp Mizz

    The Infamous Trini_Don crack went off

    J Rod

    I miss him really bringing foreign whips to north philly c and Somerset remember that!!

  94. Justforkicks

    Anybody who say any of those dudes was Wack in this don't know shit about hip hop. Straight Fire.

    simon says

    Pun and BIG performed together once in Harlem

    YT Yung Sins

    Justforkicks what about tupac


    Justforkicks biggie and pun went tf off. Granted it wasnt on same track and they both always went in, Joe was a bad verse imo they should've got a big l verse

    Gunjyguy Lyrics/hip hop

    Joes not great, cant be compared to biggie or pun

    kIDNEYKid 1999

    @real talk with Jonathan Wilson Jonathan Wilson my man, youre talkin mad shit on my generation. Sadly, i agree with ya. Most of us have been brain washed by mainstream bullshit

  95. Delberth Ribeiro

    Pesado big pun ft notorious big