Nothingface - Let It Burn Lyrics

"Take this one in your face, motherfucker!"

We are the army of the anarchists
Viewed as America's cicatrix
We are the flawed, we are the scarred
We are the true America
Now what the fuck you gonna do
Now that the Devil's got a hold of you?
Lie like you always do
We've got two words that say it all
Fuck you

Let it all burn
Let it all burn
Embrace the brimstone
Let it all burn
Let it all burn
Let it burn

I'm so fucking sick of this
Our politics are too unclean
Stand back, make way for the new regime
The bombs, the guns, the blood, the death, the fun
We can't get enough
These men are gonna pay in blood
And blood will fill the streets

Let it all burn
Let it all burn
Embrace the brimstone
Let it all burn
Let it all burn
Let it burn

"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left."


Seething (Empire)
Screaming (Condemned)
Seething (Revolt)


"Maybe I should have killed, then I would have felt better, and really offered society something."

Let it all burn
Let it all burn
Embrace the brimstone
Let it all burn
Let it all burn
Let it burn


Burn it!

"That was lovely."

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Nothingface Let It Burn Comments
  1. Pete Lehner

    fucking gold. always

  2. JakeBo SnakeBo

    So fucking good. RIP

    Cristy Chumney

    this kicks ass.

  3. Bobby Davis

    RIP Matt Holt.

  4. Nicholas Della Valle

    Hell yeah just released a single called 'X'. Sounds just like let it burn. And yes I know Tom is in that band!

    Fringey Moose

    So they're pulling a slipknot. Nice. ._.

  5. Patchwork

    I miss Nothingface


    me too brother :,(

  6. Rando Sinner

    bla bla "real brutal metal" haha it is what it is - REAL good musik i think !! listen and shut up!! or left..

  7. HattingmaD

    Obviously you're one of those middle school kids who can't appreciate all metal genres. Yeah man, have fun being brutal with this trash. Try listening to Burning The Masses if you want real brutal metal that requires skill.

  8. joseph fueller

    We Need 2 Kick There Ass and Make Them Do A Proper Final Album and Tour Then If They Hate Eachother So Much They Dont Havta Continue But Atleast Give Your Fan'z 1 More Chance 2 See Tha Carnage Live Again LET IT ALL BURN RULEZ THA FUCKIN WORLD @allthekidsareright

  9. David Watson

    Check out my video Evil Dead 2 set to Nothingface Cant wait for violence the. Its the video that should have been!

  10. Saku19


    Yeah, they were. I think Slipknot started caring more about profit and exposure, Being on the Resident Evil soundtracks and being radio...they didn't sell out, they bought in.

  11. Tim Manson

    Fuck yeah for alternative metal like this. This shit is the kind of heavy i crave.

  12. matt vaughn

    @kornkiller03 i totally agree with u dude lol.

  13. AnonymGoat

    @VRG75 Yes even though i like Slipknots 3rd and 4th albums

  14. AnonymGoat

    @buggs83uk Youre a moron!

  15. AnonymGoat

    i like this one, but Slipknots more than any band out there. Why dont you explain why Slipknot sucks? their drummer is excellent in fact the fastest guy in the world, their guitarists are awesome, Corey Taylor burns through the air with his voice and 90% of their tracks are brutal or just amazing

    Nazgul 66-sic

    Christoffer Nordved Slipknot sucks. Joey isn't in the band anymore. and he was never the fastest drummer. he is good, but far from the best. and the guitar is VERY mediocre, at best. Corey is a pussy.

    Pete Lehner

    Christoffer Nordved he's not fast. it fits with their style of music. if you want to talk about the best drummers you better atleast mention danny carey. bustin out gongs and shit

  16. acid oblivion

    dont compare them with killswitch ..killswirtch are disgrace for metal

  17. Carjack Malone

    Check out the song "Violence"

  18. fsdetained

    listen to all of their songs except scission lol it's ok at first but it goes downhill real quick

  19. fsdetained

    again, long time fan of both too, are you deaf mudvayne30?

  20. Brad Swiklinski

    i didnt like skeletons at all but this sounds like old nothingface..for a moment id thought they sold out but this song at least changes eveything in my opinion..

  21. Superfrappe

    Not at ALL... and I am a long time fan of both bands. If you can't hear the difference between them... bummer for you.

  22. Mārcis Nārvils

    Mudvayne wannabes?

    Pete Lehner

    splendid696 wow, i hope this was a joke

  23. StylusLX

    5 stars just for the beginning :D awesome!

  24. rayk216

    Nothing face OWNS Mudvayne hands down

  25. Snatch_Caster

    mantano is either mexican or italian

  26. spoonman1973

    Nothingface is awesome and put on a wicked show live!!!

  27. Ahndrea Sprattling

    I love the beginning!

  28. Alfredo Ochoa

    Woow nothingface are really soo good!! YEAH!!!!

  29. seagal1001

    Looking forward to this album.

  30. drwinlied

    Yes, nothingface does, indeed, kick-ass. But to be so absorbed and blind as to not even be able to critique flaws and disagree with anything they do is just sad. Don't be a fucking lemming.

  31. drwinlied

    haha, dude. I'm all about letting bands evolve. However, if you know anything about music and you were into NF from the start, you'd be dissapointed too. And saying that skeletons is "flawless" is absurd. You can like whatever you want man, and i'm glad your into nf and all...but you should check out tom's blog on his myspace and get the oppinion of an actual band founder as well.

  32. drwinlied

    I'm still not into the way matt's hard vocals sound(lyrically and tone wise)...and sickles doesn't hold a candle to houck. idk, maybe i'm still bitter about how dissapointing skeletons was. Don't get me wrong-i'll still buy the new album, as it's bound to have one or two great tracks at the least-but i think the nf sound that i enjoyed the most is gone, and is never coming i guess that's my

  33. drwinlied

    yeah, that's true-but perhaps i just miss the time when they could have both styles in the same song for most of the album...and do it well. You can't honestly tell me that scission isn't the worst nf song ever. But i digress.

  34. drwinlied

    a lot of nf songs tend to take a few listens to win me over...yet, they've been one of my favorite bands since pacifier. Regardless of what this song is "supposed" to be, I really think Atrocity was their best album...and skeletons was their worst. Ironically enough, skeletons has one of the best nf songs to date...Murder is Masturbation.

  35. drwinlied

    Hey, you can like what you want...i'm just saying as far as nf songs go, this certainly isn't good...relatively speaking. But hey, they most definitely get good samples...

  36. drwinlied

    That song, not so good. NF used to have depth...then chris and bill left...meh...