Nothing More - It Seems Lyrics

Alone in the room, TV on
Like the white screen his life's gone
A moving shell, a wandering ghost
A shadow of a man who nobody knows
He hardly speaks when you say his name
He's just embarrassed to say
Anything to anyone
In his mind there's no way out

He said he wants to die
He wonders how anyone survives
Being overlooked and trite

As seasons change
And trees grow bare
His reflection's a stranger
Back it won't stare
It's like everybody else
Just too busy for his simple self

He walks 13 blocks to the city's cross
Puts dust on his knees
Prays for a god that doesn't leave
It's lonely here in hell
He prays to be somebody else
In his mind there's no way out

In the sand he sinks to his knees
Mobile world around, just out of reach
Tears rolling down his cheeks
He has to believe, believe in himself

Put up, hold out
Break down, scream loud
Wave fists, and shout
It's done
It's done
Now stand tall, prove all
Push on, now you see
It's your life, It's your fight
Live free, don't hide
You've got to believe

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Nothing More It Seems Comments
  1. Zachary Dewing

    Yall...i dont do this, but this song punched my heart. The past week of my life is embodied in the first chorus. I have never related to a song like this one.

  2. Dreaming On

    God.. this is me :'(

  3. LORD 300

    This song is like about my life im crying. It's touching

  4. Aiida Guzman


  5. Vas

    This song just hit me like a ton of breaks. Can't even describe how I feel. Many time I've been fighting battles in my mind, and this song just damn. I am baffled I don't know what I'm saying.

  6. G. Lu


  7. frustrated lad

    Just gonna keep laying on the floor and listening to this......

  8. shelby mccraigin

    Lyrics on point

  9. Mathew Roberts

    This song is holding me together, one bright shining light in a empty black hole.

  10. Bo Hawkins

    thank you.....this has always been one of my favorite songs off of the few not fleeting album. puts me in a melancholy reflective frame of mind where I like to go sometimes

  11. Anthony Lang

    Love this kinda indie sound. Sounds like Circa Survive

    Wesley Matthews

    mixed with a lil bit of fair to midland

    Dick Johnson

    Don’t EVER insult my favorite band ever again by comparing them to that fucking dumpster fire you fucking shit eating buzzard.

  12. Suzanne

    beautifully done. The lyrical video perfectly placed with this scene. 😍😍😍

  13. DJustin210

    Where did you get your background for this video?


    I believe on videvo

  14. Feed The Wolf

    if you guys had any idea who this song is truly about or the meaning behind it, it would mean so much more. but the artist chooses to only give you so much info so that different interpretations can be created


    I'm pretty sure it's about Jonny's struggle with depression.

    Michael Dunsavage

    Garrett Osiris do you know? It sounds like such a personal song.

    Laughin Coffin

    Its not just personal. He wants to give those who are struggling with depression the will to live on. Hes telling them to live. That even if it hurts, you need to keep moving on and reach out to others.

  15. Shawnya Chavez

    I love this song my boyfriend showed it to me and I fell in love

  16. Reen

    "It's your life
    It's your fight
    live free
    don't hide.."😍

  17. Reen

    so inspiring❤