Nothing More - Christ Copyright Lyrics

Don't form thoughts, trust politicians
Forfeit soul, pursue religion
Lose free will to gain protection
Sink the ship with good intention

See our minds become conditioned
As we swear by these traditions
Lose our hearts and breed division
Oh my God, why can't we wake up?

They're selling heaven tonight
Sign the dotted line
They got your Christ on copyright

To think you know who goes to heaven
Is just one big misconception
Like God hates fags and communism
Create fear to feed the system

They're selling heaven tonight
Sign the dotted line
They got your Christ on copyright

We are not machines

If they scream loud
They might muscle the crowd
But we won't bow down
No, we won't bow down

They're selling heaven tonight
Sign the dotted line
They got your Christ on copyright

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Nothing More Christ Copyright Comments
  1. Brandon Lara

    Jesus was restriction by something ;/ ×wink× he has indoctrinated

  2. Marwan Saad

    In some countries they mix politic with religion and politician take religion as cover to them to do whatever they like not only in christianity in Islam 2 see what's happening in iraq now Revolution against the iraqi government because the corruption and unfair living situation iraqi politician took islam and religion as cover but iraqi people they wokeup and know what kind of game Iraqi government playing now alot off people get killed by un iraqi Riot police and Militias from iran in the protest but they keep going because they sick of lies and unfairness.this song its true about everything.

  3. crypto maniac

    Wake up

  4. Dante 悪魔

    Hail. Satan.

  5. Justen Kace

    Lame. So very POPULAR....quit trying to fit into the mold. I must say you do it pretty well....and have a good message...just the music is so lame.

  6. Wandamian Crucifixplate

    i wonder how many people realize modern christianity was founded because a certain person named martin luther witnessed the catholic priests at the time selling admission into heaven. selling deeds of forgiveness for actual profit. when he saw this he became so disillusioned by the system that he deemed it nefarious and broke off to create what you now know as protestants... everything from episcopalians to lutherans to methodists all branched from this idea that grace is not something you can earn or buy, its given. its part of the overall schism... so this song isnt wrong. but its definitely not anti christian either. i appreciate this viewpoint cause it is less critical of christianity and more critical of those who try to use it as a means of control, power, or wealth.

  7. 2xkiller

    I wonder if they do psychic readings? Because this song was a literal premonition for society in today's era in History.

  8. The Crimson Daisy

    Please tell me that before this video I'm not the only one who thought they were saying "We are the shit" instead of "We are not machines"

  9. Gage Westerhouse

    I realize this was a dig on religious conservatism, but I'd say it's more applicable to the far-left at this point.

    Wandamian Crucifixplate

    this song is not about religious conservatism, leftism, or anything remotely political. its about people using religion as a means of garnering power, control, and wealth over the people. Its about all the variations within christianity and the elements that choose to use it for evil purposes. To boil things down to right and left is two dimensional at best and really not the most educated way to go about viewing the world.

    Gage Westerhouse

    @Wandamian Crucifixplate to boil it down to Christianity specifically is ignorant.

  10. KingJacobElijah hajilEbocaJgniK

    Jesus died for us. He bowed down and rose again. I believe in Him forever.

  11. Forlorn Endeavor

    I dont know how or when this ended up in my liked videos but apparently my past self stumbled upon a banger

  12. Snared

    3:15 featuring Zach de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine, lol

  13. CJ Haugaard

    Amazing song, there's so much division in the world steming from politics and religion, and a lot of it is because people take offense to disagreement and become partisan and oppose one another to the point of hating people with opposing viewpoints.

    Newsflash, most politicians have their own interests at heart and are saying what they want you to hear just to get your vote.

    Communism is still a bad system tho.

  14. John Blacksad

    Simply wonderful lyrics...
    Powerful and committed
    Nothing more to say...
    Salute from France

  15. Mothafuckin Anarchist

    It's a fucking My Chemical Romance Rage Against the Machine Parkway Drivr bastard child and I fucking love it!

  16. Smile Factory

    Christ is actually copyrighted technically. In the bible it says that selling any holy image for profit is a sin. The writers of the bible copy righted holy images from the start technically:)

  17. split haven

    As a christian I agree with this song. There are so many 'christians' who want to bind all of us to legalism and make us see the world the way they want us to. the Law of moses no longer binds us. So why the hell are we being led to believe we cant Get to paradise wothout it? Jesus died to free us from the wrath of the law. So that we may know the grace of our father. All we gotta do is love oir neighbors like we love ourselves. Is that really so hard?

  18. Gamers Council

    To be fair god does hate communism 😏😂

    Gabe Schafer

    God does not hate anything or anyone

  19. Keirsten Blasco

    i litteraly one dis liked one of there songs "Fat kid"

  20. scifiaudious2

    I like what he talks about but some are just alright

  21. Bad Listener

    Does anyone else sleep to Nothing More?

  22. Connie Mitchell

    Awesome group! Can’t get enough of this music!

  23. Luciano Nogueira

    In the logic of this music, then communism must love Christianity, because the opposite is only misinterpretation. Interesting! Is that right, dear Watson? And that Christ does not like you to work and develop fruit for yourself and others, since many are transforming Christ into a manufactured product of political action or any industrial product with copyrights. Interesting. Hard to swallow, but okay. PS.: At least, it's speaking about Christ. It's a start.

  24. jj bug

    Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.  James 1:27

  25. Music Lover4 life

    Really deep ....

  26. TheDash mapping

    When you are atheist and non-aligned...

  27. Ryan Venancio

    Ya'll should let me know what you think of my drum cover of this song

  28. Snood Snood

    I thought for sure the chant was "We are not our sins!", invoking the love the sinner hate the sin teaching that's too often ignored.

  29. Mackenzi Moran

    Omg just discovered this band... this song was made 4 years ago?! I'm in love 😍

  30. Clyde Anderson

    Saw them perform in Dallas several hours ago, THEY WERE FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

  31. Idk Idk

    Who's that creepy woman?

  32. Maddy Emrick

    This is one of the most creative lyric videos I have ever seen. Nothing More is such an amazing band.

    This song perfectly ties together the bad bullshit religion feeds people along with the government controlling hand in hand with religion. It makes very good points. I, myself don't have a religion, but this makes a lot of sense.

  33. LS Matt

    What I find so ironic about this is that based on the second verse, these guys lean very left and are basically using the song to trash conservatives like most celebrities do, yet they live in their mansions and live lavish lifestyles. I have yet to see a celebrity give away all their wealth in support of the message they preach. Why is it that the rich are in such support of socialism/communism yet won't participate in the exact thing they want everyone else to do? I've lost all respect for Nothing More. If you preach something, then live it. Don't tell everyone else to do it and use your music to influence an entire generation to do something you aren't willing to do yourself.

  34. Mike Motii

    ? I’m confused by this. The word Christian means being born from Christ like being born in America makes you American. Aside from the fact that Christianity was never originated as a religious label, where does the idea that Christ cannot be copywrite? There is only one who is the Christ. Even movies get copyrighted...

  35. tom box

    People still debating meaning of song in 2018 😂

  36. Hello There

    Frontman Jonny Hawkins told Loudwire that the song is a critique of the way certain people in society try to force their beliefs on others. "As a band, we get a sick feeling in our stomach, an ache in our head, and a pump of blood to our fists when we witness religious and political leaders telling people how to live, as if they have some kind of monopoly on the truth," he said. "This song is about how the truth is within us all, not in a man or in society."

  37. Juaquin Sarmiento

    Won't bow down 999😈

  38. The Defenestrator

    As a Christian I support this song's message absolutely. This is what has become of western Christianity. A corporate religion. I don't go to church anymore, full of cannibalistic hate and fear preaching. The people who need the most help are treated like a threat and outcasted, including myself. I asked questions they didn't like, believing in a God who loves more and more equally than what they preached. Less fear, more peace, less aggression, more passion, less anger, more rest.

    It should be clearer where there's an issue when I grow closer to God by not going to church, and making a point of it.

    The Time Is Nigh

    There is zero truth to Judaism or Christianity. The "God" of those books is more evil than anyone of us. In Isaiah he says that he is the creator of evil. "God" killed over 2,000,000 people...
    Jesus was not against slavery or the killing of homosexuals, he was a practicing and law abiding Jew

  39. Terry Lynn

    375 people are Jesus Freaks.

  40. ᴾᴱᴿᴾᴱᵀᵁᴬᴸᴰᴿᴱᴬᴹᴱᴿ

    2:47 I see that Illuminati.

  41. Jeanne D'Aboville

    Frontman Jonny Hawkins told Loudwire that the song is a critique of the way certain people in society try to force their beliefs on others. "As a band, we get a sick feeling in our stomach, an ache in our head, and a pump of blood to our fists when we witness religious and political leaders telling people how to live, as if they have some kind of monopoly on the truth," he said. "This song is about how the truth is within us all, not in a man or in society."

    Cant remember what site it was.

  42. pierre comtois

  43. pierre comtois

    yeah where i can claim my copyrigth ?

  44. Наталья Бышовец

    accidentally heard instead of "we are not machines" "we all have the sins"

  45. twinfyre

    It almost sounds like they're saying "We are not our sins" instead of we are not machines. Which I guess also works.

  46. Mason Destroys Gaming

    The best song ever

  47. Zy Rab

    Sounding like rage against the machine, and singing "we are not machines!" So cheeky, I like this band now


    please upvote this....
    The song is not anti-christian, and not about people who think their form of chstianity is correct. its about the government conditioning the minds of the people. creating long held traditions of materialism and greed like christmas. turning holidays into marketing schemes. creating fear to feed the system. using people and their beliefs for power, profits, and most of all division. gay, straight, trans, black, white, asian, jewish, christian, musim, democrat, republican, liberal, conservative. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

  49. RHperc

    "Oh my God why can't we wake up" .......perhaps a nod to humanity?

  50. Michael Masokas

    As a Christian, I find it sad that there is a lot of truth to this song. Unfortunately, man distorts everything, including the gospel. It is a simple message: we are forgiven through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All he calls us to do is to love God and to love others. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ.

    The Time Is Nigh

    There is zero truth to Judaism or Christianity. The "God" of those books is more evil than anyone of us. In Isaiah he says that he is the creator of evil. "God" killed over 2,000,000 people...
    Jesus was not against slavery or the killing of homosexuals, he was a practicing and law abiding Jew

  51. willis4734

    Wow so true we will give you the heaven you been looking for and wanting but first sign the dotted line. Give us your soul and become a puppet for us


  52. Alyssa Dunn

    Jonny grew up in a Christian household. He went to a Christian rock concert and looked at his dad and was like "that's what I wanna do." so stop acting like he's being "sacrileges" when you hear this song.

  53. Ryder Lesch

    2:45 I wonder if they purposely made that eye have a triangular shape kinda like the illuminati

  54. Mac Matheson

    If you think this song relates to one political candidate, but not the rest... you are the problem.

  55. Tiffany Lord

    Lmfao is that joel olsteen ahahahaha

  56. the witness

    Christ on copyright, that is same thing as having our sole/soul stamped onto the birth certificates, right? we are owned and this band is trying to tell you. Awesome music

  57. Iam NoOne

    "Create Fear to Feed the Sysmtem". Arise and awaken you fools. You have free will, Its time to choose to use it.

  58. Jakiah Gainfort

    Did anyone else think it was ”some dirty lie” instead of “sign the dotted line”?

  59. Luci the Artist

    Man these people sound as twisted and evil as the christian god himself

  60. ItsMick

    I wonder if you can get a copyright strike from this if you use it in a video

  61. Jakk Olpheim

    what does music do to your soul and conscience?

  62. Panda Potatoes

    ._. All people in the comments trying to magic a point.

    Literally just listen to the fucken song jesus christ, if you wanna start a debate or discussion go on reddit and make a forum post.

  63. John Francis

    it's ironic. we all think we speak for God....

  64. MurphyJL17

    For people trying to figure out the message behind this song... they explain it on their Facebook page on one of the 'Facebook lives'... it's about specific types of churches who profit and take advantage of vulnerable people using their 'version' of Christianity, typically the types that are very charismatic and out of the ordinary with their methods

  65. Yousha Zaidi

    Damn. (y)

  66. Gunnar Huber

    If you like the Social Commentary, check out Downplay "We'll Be Kings"

  67. Kristie Martinez

    It's been so great watching these guys grow. From a small concert with Evans Blue 5 or 6 years ago when I first saw them. To hearing them on the radio and in some stores now? They blew up. And with good reason. By far one of the best live performances Ive ever seen. They hooked me instantly. <3

  68. Curtis Applegate

    Great song, so refreshing to see such deep lyrics.

  69. Benjamin R.

    I'm not Christian, but.. I love this Band and this Song!

    Stay immortal and prays Jashin, Fucker!

  70. Dragon Kunia

    intro sounds like dmc

  71. Benjamin Fisher

    I swear to god, if I get one more 30 second add for The Mummy, I'm gonna blow my fucking brains out!!

  72. L P

    having been burned by the church and witnessed many denominations.. this song gives me goosebumps because it's too true

  73. Joel Karr

    ohhhhh, so all this time I thought the lyrics were

    "there's no heaven tonight, so have the time of your lives"

    wow, lol still love Nothing More 🤘

  74. Andy P

    seen this band saturday was insane

  75. Zee Captain

    The video is very satisfying to watch for some reason

  76. XchloeX

    Yet another amazing song by nothing more. A strong message within all of their songs. One of the best bands out there.

  77. Everest D

    The enemy of Religion is Science.
    The enemy of Science is... aliens? ancient people?

  78. Everest D

    I think my replay button is broken...

  79. chsftball57

    My favorite song by them!!

  80. Eric Beckwith II

    I LOVE this song, but something has gone awry. Before I listened this/watched this video today, 04/01/2017 (April Fool's Day), I saw an ad PROMOTING Donald Trump. Ummmmmmm excuse me? It was promoting the fact that 298,000 jobs had been "returned" the USA and promoting the fact he was trying to "force" through the new pipeline in North Dakota. The fact that his "Mexico Wall" idea will destroy many livestock farmers and southern trade in general, plus the fact that the pipeline being built will destroy sacred Native American ground. Really? "Make America Great Again"? Read a history book. Why the fuck is there a pro-Trump ad being played prior to this video? Anyone else get this?

  81. Sean Kuntz

    No one cares what you worship, just enjoy the music. <3

  82. Paul Westfall

    All hail the void. Your gods are dead and we shall be swallowed WHOOOOLE!!!

  83. Your real dad

    To be honest, I love that someone's willing to call out all this bullshit without attacking religion itself. I don't know if the intended message was directed towards religion in a hostile, but from how I've interpreted this song, it's attacking all these corporate bigwigs tryna sell religion as a product. As a Christian myself, I'm fed up with both the ends of the bullshit spectrum (one being "God hates you and you can't get out of hell unless you cut your hair and listen to/say what we tell you" and the other end being "I see you're in a burning house, but that's your business and I'm not gonna offer any help") being pushed by politicians and televangelists.

  84. SinnersProduction

    this song is fucking amazing

  85. Preston Phipps

    if you disliked this go fuck yourself :)

  86. Courtney Kreag

    describes the current state of this place called america

  87. Victor Vendetta

    they scream LOUD!!!!

  88. frank ruiz

    fuck the people who hate on this song cause this beauty and perfection speaks the truth ☺

    Preston Phipps

    frank ruiz AGREED!

  89. Tortillini Man

    Leafy is Beefy
    I drink Martinis
    YouTube is cringy
    Tila Tequila stroked my Wee Wee

  90. Tortillini Man

    this is harder to sing than Chop Suey

    Tortillini Man

    Musishoon Film a cover and share it m8. Let's test this shit


    Fagwhoadvertises. lmao I'm not a vocalist

    bo jackson

    Musishoon you are everything, and you are nothing.

    poison jay

    Kort Curbain TRUE


    @bo jackson nothing more ;)

  91. FranksThePal

    Can't believe I saw them in concert and didn't know who they were, best concert ever thank you for opening up for Chevelle and Disturbed!

  92. danubS

    The Bass <3

  93. The Artist J

    Jesus became a sacrifice for sin. For the whole world. Disobedience to God requires punishment, and Jesus willingly took the punishment. On that cross Jesus was punished as liar, Jesus became thief, Jesus became a murderer, Jesus became pedophile, Jesus took the blame for every single filthy and wicked thing that man has ever done. The Father poured out the cup of  His holy hatred toward sin upon Jesus, and Jesus drank it all until He could turn the cup over and not one drop come out. Know that every time we sin, when we are disobedient to God, we just stored up more wrath that the Father had to pour out on Jesus when he was on that cross. It's also the reason that He says “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” because when we don't accept Jesus work on the cross your mocking the price He had to pay for your sin that you built up, and He will bring the Judgement that's required for not accepting it. Whenever someone sins their sinning against Jesus. That's why when Stephen was stoned in acts 7 he said “lay not this sin against their charge.” Because they weren't stoning Stephen, they were stoning Jesus, because He had already paid for that very sin. How great will that judgement be when Jesus returns and brings the Justice for not acknowledging His work? It's like if you were in a court and decided to take all the blame of a friend, and as your standing before the judge you're watching your friend continue to commit crimes. How angry would you be, knowing that you were taking the punishment for this? As the book of Enoch says and quoted in Jude “Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.” Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and His work on the cross. Walk in repentance, without shame, knowing that Jesus paid it all for you and shows mercy to those who acknowledge Him. Trust in His salvation which He died and rose again to give you, just so you could walk in relationship with the Father and be called His sons!

    Mea Thinks

    The Artist Bros holy shit you're brainwashed.

  94. Christine TM

    All comments = accuracy