Nothing - Dig Lyrics

You can throw a sheet gently over me
I can make believe I'm a ghost
Lay here and pretend the rain on the roof
Is dirt pouring on my casket

Scratched your name into me
So I can not forget
Dug a hole inside me
Stayed till the end

You can throw a sheet gently over me
I can make believe I'm a ghost
I will not pretend I am happy
You are finally happy

Scratched your name into me
So I can not forget
Dug a hole inside me
Stayed till the end

Scratched your name into me
So I can not forget
Dug a hole inside me
Stayed till the end

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Nothing Dig Comments
  1. Billy Alarie

    comment on this if you went to "Bent Nail", played to the last cymbal hit, THEN pressed play on THIS bad boy at the same time.

  2. Diamondbirdy 01

    I came cuz of a homestuck fanfic, and im proud it did, this is great!

  3. Paulo Silva

    Muito bom. para ouvir em alto som.

  4. Влад Свищев

    What's the lyrics in the end? The phrase "... beside me" Stayed till the end


    I hear "lay awake beside me"


    Scratched your name into me/ so I can not forget/ Dug a hole inside/ Stayed here 'til the end

  5. CaptPostmod

    Sounds something like "Hum."

  6. Cheri Graham

    Randy from Lamb of God got me onto this

    Влад Свищев

    +Cheri Graham how?

    Cheri Graham

    He posted it on instagram a while ago raving about it, otherwise i would never have heard about these guys over here in Australia

  7. AJ Phoenix

    I got linked here from a... book of sorts. and I don't regret clicking the link.

  8. FrolicEpidemic


  9. marksartor

    An awesome sound/SONG

  10. speciocide

    Remind me of deftones but still there own style pretty fuckin rad

  11. Dave MacIntyre

    This is THE shit right here people.  The SHIT!

  12. kizamui

    Reminds me of early dinosaur junior

  13. Thomas Rotter

    This just reminds me that I wish HUM was still a band....... miss those guys!

    Jon B

    @Thomas Rotter Their touring with Failure on the east coast in September and West coast with Mineral same month.Get hype!

    Thomas Rotter

    @Jon B i wish i could see them but i am traveling alot where i think i am going to miss every show. I am pretty pissed actually......

    Jon B

    @Thomas Rotter  That sucks. You should def try to make it 2  at least one.The ticket was only 24$ for the SD show. I have a friend who heard the band is probably going to work on a new album after this tour =)

    Tom Rafter

    Holy shit I thought I typed this comment.

    Christian Cesaro

    +Thomas Rotter They're working on new material.

  14. co_li

    MY BLOODY VALENTINE :)!!! love u guys where were you? WoooWoooooo :) glad to have you back with new songs

  15. Meli Diaz

    I can't stop listening to this whole album. It's so good! Can't wait to see them in SF this month!

  16. Tom Burke

    holy balls!  Thank you google music for introducing me to this band.  Fucking awesome sound.

  17. Thomas Rotter

    They remind me a lot of HUM. Anyone else see that at all?


    yea, and a bit of deftones vibe as well

    Rowdy Roddy Pooper

    Definitely has that Hum fuzz.

  18. skeletonpower

    So goddamn good my ears are crying with joy.

  19. Ryan Wright

    Relapse records always delivers solid bands, these guys rock.

  20. mars laredo

    Heavy metal shoegazers....whoa!  These dudes are f**ckin' good!

  21. Mantis Taboggan

    Great stuff

  22. Josh Schulz

    So this is what I hear when I'm listening to Nothing. I really like it.

  23. royercrafter

    I love this


    Reminds me of doing bonghits while listening to HUM back in ´99.
    Sweet sounds. Very strong stuff. 

    Robert Kerr

    you too huh?

    Justin Schulte

    Man...I'm 35 and it's the exact same feeling. So fucking weird.

    Matt Vella

    I'm only 16 but I'm keeping the tradition alive. 70s and 90s is where its at.

    Rowdy Roddy Pooper

    You nailed it!


    thank you for reminding me i haven't listened to Downward is Heavenward in over 4 years.

  25. Lanaya Baker

    Noise...  In the best sense of the word.  

  26. EmuPantyRaid

    I cannot begin to express how much I enjoy this song and the band in general. 

  27. Jade L

    Quality stuff (: catchy as hell too

  28. ditimely

    I love that this genre is getting a reboot.  Old guy here, I have been listening to the dream pop/shoegaze genres since the mid 80s.  It almost completely went away in the mid to late 90s but now it is back in full force.  Slowdive, MBV, Swervedriver and Medicine have all gotten back together and are recording and touring.  Never thought I would see the day.  

    Laz C

    @ditimely thanks!


    You listen to Cranes? If not, check out Shining Road, Reverie few others from their Loved album; as well as their Forever album.


    @Zedfinite I do listen to the Cranes.  I knew I missed somebody from list.

    Graficando realidades

    Nice taste man, holy shit. Please listen The Radio Dept, they are very good dream pop band. The Daysleepers is a very good actual shoegaze band too. I higly recommend it

    Game Music Gems

    Siva the meeting places, cheatahs and the daysleepers are worth checking out.

  29. Joel Hanson

    This song is keeping me warm in cold, snowy Minnesota. Thanks for that!


    I feel you on that, In Wisconsin.


    i like it alot. it reminds me of humm

  31. ReneXXII

    This is so cool. I can't wait for the release. 

  32. Kevin Macarthy

    Its funny how some of you dipshits post on here like its your first time posting anything... EVER. Do some research, and know what shoe gaze is before making yourself look ignorant.

  33. Alexander Johansson

     ...1999 all over again.

  34. Danant Hain

    I'm in love with this after listening to it one time.

  35. Nick Cox


  36. TheBallpark25

    Guitars and drums remind me of Hum. And if you do not know Hum please look them up. Hum was around 1992-1999 - ish...

  37. OhYeahCh

    I love nothing & have endless pictures with the whole band ;&

  38. okaybye

    K thank you :)

  39. Toli

    whirr, ride, chapterhouse, swervedriver, fleeting joys, etc... i mean that comment was pretty dumb but there's a lot of bands that are in this style

  40. okaybye

    What other bands sound like this? I kind of like this sound so I'm curious

    Toad The Awesome Gamer

    My bloody valentine, ride, and chapterhouse, just to name a few. It's a whole genre, it's known as both Shoegaze and DreamPop

    xo boom

    @Toad The Awesome Gamer you name bands that don't even sound like nothing lool

  41. Theo Snell

    surprised these guys got a recording contract!


    Theo Snell neither comment gets a single like. Surprising you think your opinion has any validation considering your lack of ability to recognize good music. Fucking faggot.

  42. Theo Snell

    Betcha anything they run out of ideas and break up after this CD cause this crap is going nowhere and won't have a big following, better luck next time!!!

  43. con simit

    Very surprising :D to find this band on relapses page :) my expectations were to find some random brutal death band :D still not bad

  44. SackBoy105

    Ah! These chords sound like Dream Boat by -- can't remember who. ._.

  45. Paulo Aloisio

    their logo is a sigil, I like that...

  46. Drums Eat Everything

    Love this. Supported at (

  47. Dickensian Kenwold

    mbv/smashing pumpkins hybrid

  48. SackBoy105

    Who would dislike this? o:

  49. Metal Merchant Manifestivity

    Wow dude, I can't believe I am familiar with both of those bands. This totally sounds like what you described.

  50. Despair Bear

    Stop using the term hipster based on the sound of something or the clothes they wear. Just fucking listen, it's just people playing instruments.

  51. Despair Bear

    This sounds like if Wolves In The Throne Room made a ambient album with Noah (Panda Bear) haha

    Surprised these guys are on Relapse

  52. Spirit Breath

    I heard this before. The chords too. Man this is boring.

  53. Luis Pires

    Nice project.

  54. erik lucas Jeronymo

    something like "Dig - Mudvayne"

    and Nothingface haha

  55. Social Crash

    I like the music but voices are, how can I say? Special?

  56. Secret Admirer


  57. Ganja Farmer

    you want a sticker?!?! :p

  58. askingforafriend

    I liked it!

  59. Dead as Dreams

    Sounds kinda like Justin Broadrick and Kevin Shields had a baby together.

  60. LD60

    This is really awesome. Best random click to a video of a band I've never heard of in a long while.

  61. Tim Crouch

    Was expecting some funky bass-work from the title.